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A couple of weeks ago, we asked if Kahr is packing their bags for Pennsylvania. The evidence seemed pretty good. Now, with a post today on their web site, the soon-to-be-formerly New York headquartered gun maker acknowledged that yes, they intend to relocated their HQ to Blooming Grove Township, PA. So it’s hasta la vista, baby to the Empire State. A casualty, you’d have to believe, of the SAFE Act. Kahr says their current manufacturing plant in Worcester, MA (along with one in Pillager, MN) will continue as is. Time will tell, though. The People’s Bay State Republic is only marginally more gun-friendly than Andy Cuomo’s domain. Those 620 acres in Pennsy won’t only be used for a shooting range. Well, not all of them . . .

Pearl River, NY – Kahr Firearms Group is engaged in discussions with a development group representing Blooming Grove Township of Pike County Pennsylvania, to open a new manufacturing site and relocate the Kahr corporate office from New York to Pennsylvania. Kahr’s corporate offices are currently located in Rockland County in Pearl River, New York.

Kahr’s plans include the purchase of 620 acres of commercial real estate from the Pike County Industrial Park Development Group/Business Development Corporation. The first step in the multi-phased plan will begin with site preparation and office construction as early as late this year. This will be followed by the relocation of company corporate offices and the research and development department. In the second phase, manufacturing operations will be expanded to the Pike County location to meet the increasing demand for its Kahr Arms, Thompson, Auto-Ordnance, and Magnum Research product lines.

The Kahr Group of manufacturing plants, operating at full capacity, will continue production in their current locations in Worcester, MA and Pillager, MN.

“We are grateful for the warm welcome and the business opportunity extended by the Pike County Industrial Park Development Group/Business Development Corporation to expand our company and relocate its headquarters office,” stated VP of Sales and Marketing, Frank Harris. “The Pennsylvania group has demonstrated tremendous support of our operations and Kahr looks to move forward with the project without delay. It’s good for our business and also for other businesses in the area as we build a long-term mutually beneficial relationship with the community. We anticipate generating significant numbers of revenue and jobs for the local Northeastern Pennsylvania economy with the construction of facilities, expansion of manufacturing, and need for local vendors.”

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    • I think the their Auto Ordnance manufacturing is largely done at their Worcester, MA facility.

  1. Jesus, if you’re going to ‘move’, then frigging *MOVE*!
    Go to Virginia, or Texas, or Nebraska, or Alabama, or Louisiana.

    • Moving to Pike County makes sense for Kahr.
      If they close up the old Auto Ordinance facility that’s close to 100 years old and 90 miles from Pike County. It will be a lot better for the current employees that live in Ulster County NY.
      I used to live 15 minutes or so from there and its just a short drive on I-84 to the new facility.
      Pike County is the Scranton area more or less.
      Commuting distance if they don’t want to move.

      • Since I cant edit myself.
        More correctly Pike County is the Milford area a small rural town just west of the city of Port Jervis NY. About 60 miles from Scranton.

        My bad………..

    • You mean “may issue” Alabama, or “no open carry” Texas? Let’s not forget “DC Suburb” Virginia…. 🙂

      Yes, Pennsylvania is potentially vulnerable, especially if the Dems managed to get control of the governor’s mansion and the legislature simultaneously…. still, it also may benefit to have the deep pockets of Kahr have a vested interest in the fight.

      • Virginia resident here, and while there are a few counties in northern VA that are “DC suburbs” the state is not completely controlled by those traitors, er… federal employees yet. And VA is still pretty gun-friendly. One of the LGS nearest me was personally targeted by NYC’s Minor Bloomberg during his gun-running “sting” ops.

        Virginia has open-carry, state preemption, no purchase or ammo permits, and is shall-issue CWP that issues to non-residents mostly over the internet and through the mail (look it up, only residents for reciprocity states though). Localities are allowed to require that you register your fully-automatic weapons with the local sheriff, but other than the NFA mess that’s the only restriction on the big guns.

    • PA is a pretty gun-friendly state, aside from Philadelphia. Very easy carry laws and you can basically carry whatever you want. No AWBs, no extra background checks, none of that crap.

        • In PA? Not that I know of…Citizens are required only to go through a FFL holder to legally sell handguns-the police are not directly involved in the transaction(s).

  2. If they ever have issues with MA, the border to Vermont isn’t that far away. I am looking at a small CCW gun as my fullsize guns are just too big to carry right now. The Kahr felt like a nice gun and was easy to operate.

    • Kahr makes some good quality guns that are reliable and easy to carry. The trigger isn’t what I like (I’d prefer a crisp break as opposed to a smooth revolver type trigger) but I have to admit that for what it is, it’s decent enough for me to choose that for my back up/pocket carry pistol.

      • Be nice to get some 2a minded voters added to our Pa. tally. Don’t judge the state by Philadelphia, but don’t underestimate the socialists there either.

  3. My thank you to Kahr, I just bought a PM-9.

    Couldn’t think of a better atta-boy.


  4. Actually you are right in a way. I think that PA has an illegal digital gun registration database. I think the state police digitize or enter all of the state forms into a computer. I have noticed that when someone gets a PFA against them the police show up asking about specific guns pretty much immediately. Traces have been known to skip the FFL in PA as well.

  5. I disnt realize that they own MRI, I don’t know what to make of Khar…. I really don’t like the Moonie connection. They market as a “All American” company but there owned by the Tongil group, a South Korean company that is owned and funds the Unification Church.

  6. Thank You Kahr. I was interested in your PM40 but very turned off by your affiliation with New York and their style of politics. I held it in my hand and wrestled with my heart, but had to walk away. But now things have changed and that PM40 is calling my name.

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