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The May issue of Motor Trend magazine was all about supercars. The cover featured several of the megamachines with the captions, “The World’s Supercar Arsenal Reloaded” and “Assault Weapons for the Street and Track.” Of course, with gun control nannies looking anywhere and everywhere for something about which to whine, some of their readers took offense. One reader invoked images of Newtown and the Boston bombing to take them to task for their horrific choice of words. But instead of telling them to get a life and get over it, they invoked the classic non-apology apology for “any distress May’s cover may have caused.” Let’s hope their readers never make the mistake of looking at back issues that featured a Chevy Beretta, Dodge Caliber, Mitsubishi Colt, or Dodge Magnum. Having to apologize for those could very well send them into full Paula Deen mode. And at the risk of being considered insensitive . . .

Mayor Mikey is, as always, a bit touchy, too. After seeing his beloved “stop and frisk” policy curbed by a pair of bills passed by the city council, he went on the defensive and said his critics (naturally) had it all wrong. His army isn’t harassing stopping too many blacks and Latinos – just the opposite. On his Friday morning radio talk show he stated, “I think we disproportionately stop whites too much and minorities too little… It’s exactly the reverse of what they say. I don’t know where they went to school but they certainly didn’t take a math course. Or a logic course.” And based on the way he bastardizes the Constitution for his own agenda, I’d say Hizzonner certainly didn’t take a civics course. Or an American history course.

But that’s OK. In spite of what went on in NYC last weekend, Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly is basking in a murder rate that has “dropped significantly during the first half of the year.” He claims this is due to their “antigang strategy meant to suppress retaliatory violence among neighborhood gangs” and “their efforts at identifying and monitoring abusive husbands whose behavior seemed poised to turn lethal.” And stop and frisk also played a big role because of the “long half-life” of its “deterrent effect.” He claims “that criminals may decide to leave their guns at home because they have been stopped in the past, even if the odds of a stop have decreased in recent months.” I guess, based on this past weekend’s activities, that half-life idea was kind of half-baked?

In other LEO happenings, the police chief of Bangor, Maine “was cleaning his newly issued weapon Monday afternoon and apparently shot himself in the hand.” The gun, a .45-caliber Glock, is “new for the department” and “there are different mechanisms in this gun that is for sure.” His injury was to his pinky, “which is still intact.” And now his “message is going to be train, train, train… We’re always reporting [about] people outside accidentally shooting themselves. It can happen to a police officer too. Gun safety is extremely important. That is the message he wants to relay.”

Maybe he should relay that message to the unidentified New York State Trooper who left his loaded .357 Glock in a restroom at Grass Point State Park. A maintenance worker found the weapon and it eventually ended up with the park’s po-po. Shortly thereafter, a call came in from someone who identified himself as an “off-duty state trooper” looking for his gun. “After explaining the situation and presenting his pistol permit to the park police responders, [he] had his weapon returned to him.” The New York State Police say they’re “aware of the incident” and “it was being investigated” but – surprise! – won’t give out the trooper’s name or any other juicy details.

Bernard Zapor was the ATF agent in charge of the St Paul, Minnesota Field Division.  While there, he ran “Operation Fearless,” a sting operation in which $35K of merchandise was stolen from their fake storefront; three government guns — including a machine gun — were stolen from an agent’s SUV; a document that listed names, vehicles and phone numbers of the undercover agents involved was left behind when they cleared out; a person already in prison was charged with selling drugs to them; and most anything else that could go wrong, went wrong. With a stellar record like that, he’s just been named as director of the ATF’s Phoenix, Arizona office, home of “Operation Fast and Furious.” You may have heard of it. There he’ll be reunited with Fred Milanowski, another key figure in “Operation Fearless.” Cue the next ATF debacle in 3…2…1…

Finally, a British couple cleaning a pond in the yard of their newly-rented house discovered someone dumped a large amount of ammunition in there sometime in the past – 7500 rounds, according to the police. Now they’re totally freaked out: “It’s really unnerved us. I’m terrified that next time I’m mowing the lawn I’ll run over a bullet…We were planning to be in this house for years – now we want to move out as soon as we can… I don’t want to stay in a house where that kind of thing has been found in the garden. I’m gutted… Of course for our family and friends this is a great story, but for us, it’s ruined our home.” Ah, that famous British stiff upper lip. What the hell ever happened to Keep Calm and Carry On?

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  1. 7500 rounds of ammo? In these days of ammo shortages the person that dumped that stuff should get a stiff prison term for wastage. And both these homeowners, man an woman, are wearing wet knickers.

    • Maybe by “dump” it’s “stashed for later”?

      I guess if you wrapped up the ammo real good, put it in some waterproof containers, and dropped it in the pond, it wouldn’t get seized…

      • The ammo was most likely dumped by the military during WW2. There are a disturbing number of stories about brand-new equipment being thrown in pits and buried because the unit was ordered to move and didn’t have the baggage train to move it, etc.

      • Were that me, I’d dry it off and sell it. I’d make a small fortune. Oh wait, it’s Britain.

      • Sure wasn’t military. From the photo it appears to be almost all .22 LR. Which, of course, the article identifies incorrectly: “they discovered 2.2mm rifle rounds”… wow… um… ‘.22 caliber’ is what you are looking for. Not 2.2mm. About what I’ve come to expect. I’m shocked they didn’t do the classic “.9mm” one.

        BTW it also says “machine gun rounds” but they could be for any rifle… they look like 7.62×39 in the photos but it’s hard to be sure. Certainly they aren’t linked.

  2. 7500 free rounds of ammo seems like a great selling point to me. Someone really needs to tell those morons ammo is pretty safe unless it’s in a gun aimed at you.

  3. I’m told that rounds behave a lot like small firecrackers when they’re not chambered, not much to worry about unless they’re _really_ big…

  4. Obviously that British couple have confused “ammunition” with “anti-personnel land mines”.

  5. From the Daily Mail:

    “He said he saw a flash of metal and thought it was a piece of gold, but upon closer inspection he found that it was actually a bullet.”

    It was gold! Have you seen ammo prices?

    They also said 7,500 was “more rounds of ammunition … than at the local arms store.” Ouch. I thought we had it bad.

  6. I wish the house I just moved into had an ammo cache like that. I would have been very happy.

  7. The Littlest Mayor made an ENORMOUS gaffe – an unmitigatedly racist one -and the press mostly yawned.

  8. If I was the editor of Motor Trend, my comment would be as follows: “I realize you’re supposed to have consideration for other peoples’ feelings and consideration for other peoples’ opinions, and usually I do. But not this time. Your reasoning is flawed and your complaint is stupid.”

    Can someone please explain to me what a 2.2mm rifle round is? Is it supposed to be .22LR and they just got it wrong four different times? That’s what the photo looks like, I think.

    The couple dialled 101 and two officers arrived, quickly realised the seriousness of the situation, and called in CID officers who alerted the fire brigade to drain the ponds because the underwater search unit was not available.

    The underwater search unit. Really. For a pair of 6×12 foot ponds, maybe 2.5 feet deep. Better get the scuba gear.

    I love the comments at that article:
    * “We shall fight them on the beaches… unless they bring ammo and toss it on the ground, they we will wet our panties and surrender. My God, what happened to the British? They once ruled the world.”
    * “How in the hell did you Brits go from the most powerful nation on earth to a nation of panty-waist men who are afraid to touch a bullet? Wow….”
    * “Wow… That’s all I have to say. Do the Brits not realize how far they have fallen. Becoming a skittish little girl because you found a couple of rounds in your pond did you??? … You keep your manners and Ill keep my freedom (the thing my forefathers fought yours to keep)”
    * “How the mighty have fallen. From “fighting them on the beaches” to now trembling in fear over discovering as much ammo as some Americans shoot in a single day while out with the family plinking. They need to hook up the corpse of Winston Churchill to a generator, he could power half the country at the rate his body must be spinning over in his grave…”
    * “Is this what the UK has become? … I guess the problems isn’t so much that you have given up your guns, its that the country has become completely emasculated.”

    • I highly doubt it, but they might have discovered a cache of 2mm Kolibri. They probably are just referring to .223 or .22lr and can type faster than they think.

      • I thought you were being a smartass…until I looked it up. That is one of the funniest firearms related items I have ever seen. A true mouse gun.

    • They let pantywaist progressive liberals get elected into Parliament, that’s what happened. And, of course, there’s the typically aristocratic point of view that says “We can’t allow those peasants to be armed. Why, armed peasants might be plotting to overthrow the monarchy, just like they did under Cromwell!”

  9. I saw that letter in the most recent Motor Trend just now while on the throne. Made a normally relaxing ritual slightly less so. Just as stinky, however.

    • Do you think the putz would have been happier if they had referred to the cars as “urban assault vehicles”? (Which is what they are.)

  10. Funny… Alec Baldwin can make some rude, nasty, bigoted remarks and never felt any pain for it… Yet Paula Deen’s past gets dug up and her N-word incident made public (made while she had a gun pointed at her head, no less) and she gets crucified for it. Also if Hussein cared enough for someone who helped him get into and stay in office, he could have “pardoned” her on the spot by telling the world how good of a woman she was. Guess it shows Hussein don’t care about the puppets, shills, or misguided that helped him get where he is today.

    • Its interesting because Zero can kill scores of children with drones and still have more than half of the country rabidly following him.

      Its a sad time in our society. I hope it rots.

    • Yes but a young male horse will soon be known only as a young horse when the politically correct successfully scratch “Colt” and any reference to gender from our language.

      • It’s PC to say Afro-American, Asian-American, etc…. yet it isn’t any different than it was before, just a new label that still can potentially be used to categorize and demonize groups of individuals. Just as the Jews were in Nazi Germany. Biggest difference right now is, no group (outside of those in prison, have a felony on record, or considered mentally ill) has been fully disarmed, yet… (If the Antis get their way, that will be EVERYONE but the ruling class and their loyal minions)

        Yet, I digress, because it does seem there is a push for gender neutral words in PC speak least we omit a gender in what we address.

  11. Strange….i thought operation fearless occurred in milwaukee wisconsin as jsonline reports?

    • It was. Zapor was director of the St. Paul MN field division, as stated. While in that position he ran Operation Fearless.

  12. Re: the Glock: “there are different mechanisms in this gun that is for sure.” I’m sure the Bangor police chief was confused by the amazingly complex mechanisms and controls on the Glock. They should have chosen a simpler gun.

    • They could be the first law enforcement agency in the United States outfitting their department with the new Double Tap derringer! Then, Maine could pass a 2 round magazine limit! Oh My God! I’m on a roll…

      • Sounds like a GREAT idea for all Fed coppers nationwide. Only improvement would be something like requirement to keep all (both) rounds in their pocket.

  13. A different mechanism? You don’t say…. like a trigger maybe? Come on don’t make excuses. You broke all 4 rules

  14. “What the hell ever happened to Keep Calm and Carry On?”

    I believe it was replaced by: When in danger or in doubt, run in circles, Scream and Shout!

  15. well, the Brits are one defective gene removed from being French. I kid. Kind of….

  16. “Different mechanisms in this gun for sure.” I don’t know what they were carrying before the new .45s but that doesn’t excuse the fact he tried to clean it with a round in the chamber.

    The fact that the Brits are afraid of inanimate objects makes me wonder how they ever had an empire, these are probably the luckiest people in the world right now and their spoiling it. I know if I found 7500 rounds of ammo (preferably 5.56) behind my house id pass out from the excitement.

  17. It’s a sad state of affairs, but it’s one we’re not as far removed from as we’d like to think. Those brave men and women who looked complete annihilation in the eye 70+ years ago are almost all dead and gone. Most of the members of the Home Guard, who would’ve understood the importance of ammo stashes, and, you know, not being a pussy, were older even during the war, so they’ve been long gone. They fought hard, they held the line, and were so shaken by the experience, they sheltered their kids from even having to consider a world so close to destruction.
    Now those kids are ill-adjusted, pants-pissing parents of their own, who didn’t recognize their sheltering for what it was, and passed it on to a whole new generation who has no comprehension of what self-preservation really takes.

    Had it not been for things like Vietnam and the Gulf War, I doubt we’d be any different.

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