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You saw our recent post announcing the new Heizer DOUBLETAP over-under .45 ACP pistol. Sure, it may prove to be a wrist-breaker, but it may also be the only thing thiner than the ATF’s ethics handbook. At only .665″, the DOUBLETAP is narrower than a P3AT which should make it highly pocketable. As in all things, price is everything. No word yet as to how much that hunk of titanium will run you.

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  1. want. although the effectiveness is contingent upon you actually hitting your target your first chance, because I dont think it would be that quick to reload. even so, i still want one, if for nothing more than the novelty

  2. .45 ACP ballistics from super-short barrels are less than spectacular, but this gun looks so f*cking cool that I probably wouldn’t care. If they could add a third barrel underneath, it would have 3/5 the firepower of a snubnose and the extra weight would reduce the recoil a bit. Still, ouch!

    • Its not that bad, dependent alot on what type of ammo you are using. QuickLOAD predicts:

      185gr Speer GoldDot JHP and 7.8gr of Win231 will give:
      2.5″ Barrel – 883fps 320ft/lbs
      5.0″ Barrel – 1103fps 500ft/lbs

      230gr Speer GoldDot JHP and 6gr of Win231 will give:
      2.5″ Barrel – 760fps 295ft/lbs
      5.0″ Barrel – 915fps 427ft/lbs

      Its still alot more energy than a 380 Auto with a much bigger hole.

  3. Since there’s no slide to jam, this would be a fine last ditch contact weapon. That being the case, a bruised palm is the last of the shooter’s worries, and practice is almost irrelevant.

  4. Since most real world gun fights occur within a few feet of the BG, this gun would be great for a quick shootout. I love 45’s so I’m going to add one to my collection ASAP, and the recoil won’t be a problem because I shoot 600 & 700 grain rounds from my 500’s every week.

  5. ‘…it may also be the only thing thiner than the ATF’s ethics handbook.’ Nah, the ‘book’ is a single piece of paper with one line ‘do anything to get the bust’.

  6. It doesn’t show here but, the barrels are ported and will bleed off power, plus making a lot of flash and bang. Hmmm, a handheld flash bang grenade. Let me think about that for a while.

  7. The sound of this weapon alone would scare the hell out of any bad guy. They might laugh at the size of the weapon at first.

    • It’s quite possible the ATF’s ethics handbook is thicker, as it has a comprehensive section on how to plead the fifth in the event of a Congressional inquiry.

  8. Bigger the bullet, bigger the hole. Looks like a keeper to me. And anyway, an ElsiePea/Kahr backup would be kinda neat… just my thought.

  9. I like the Bond Arms 45/410, not as thin but I like a little more to hold on to. Not because of the recoil but just the grip. It appears the Bond Arms is heavier so I guess you have one up on that. I do like the looks of the Heizer. I would carry it as a back up for my back up!


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