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The case of the man who [allegedly] shot Congresswoman Giffords and murdered six people is working its way through the federal court system. The main behind-the-scenes battleground: whether or not the feds can force Jared Lee Loughner to take psychotropic drugs to calm his ass down so he doesn’t go pyscho on fellow inmates. Well, that’s what the government claims. Loughner’s defense team reckons Uncle Sam is trying to make Loughner sane enough to destroy his insanity defense. TTAG’s been following the back-and-forth motion action at the Arizona District Court. And now the final judgement on Loughner’s happy pills has been revealed. Or not . . .

These exhibits, which relate to the Bureau of Prison’s finding that the defendant should receive anti-psychotic medication because he is a danger to others, contain sensitive medical information. The Court finds publication of these exhibits would compromise the defendant’s fair trial and privacy rights.

Looks like we’ll have to wait until trial to see if the prison system medicated Loughner’s defense away. Meanwhile, if the [alleged] spree killer’s such a danger to others, why don’t they just isolate him from fellow inmates?

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  1. If they were drugging him for the purposes of torture, interrogation, or just simply to make him into a vegetable then yeah this would be an issue. But if the drugs are to make his ass less crazy than who gives a fuck? Oh no, he won’t be able to claim insanity.

  2. “But if the drugs are to make his ass less crazy than who gives a fuck?”

    The drugs won’t make his ass less crazy because none of them are administered by suppository. But if they were, I’m sure that there’s someone in the joint who would be happy to play doctor with little Jared.

  3. So they make him less crazy — he wasn’t under any obligation to take them when he committed the act he’s imprisoned for. So he can still be considered crazy back then, no matter what drugs they’ve made him take while in the pokey.

    • Well, yes and no.

      There are really two separate insanity determinations: Before he can even be tried, it has to be determined that he is sane enough to understand what is happening and be able to mount an effective defense. Apparently the recent finding is that he was not and that’s why he hasn’t been bound over for trial.

      If and when he is determined to be sane enough to stand trial, he is then free to mount an insanity defense, which usually means that he has to show that he was so insane at the time of the shooting that he was incapable of knowing right from wrong, or that he was so insane that he was incapable of knowing what he was doing.

      So his current sanity effects the first determination, whereas his sanity at the time of the crime affects the latter.

  4. I guess they don’t have a sanitarium for the criminally insane. I honestly don’t know if we have the sort in the federal system. The thing is, he’s pretrial. Most states end up with his type in state prison, in protective custody or the like, with the other chuckle heads who drool a lot.

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