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Now we know what Al Bundy came up with, post Married With Children. In all fairness, I’ve not yet tried this holster for myself. But there are waaaaay too many jokes I can make about this to pass up the opportunity to riff on it. Especially when I’ve only had four hours of sleep. Call it the “Codpiece Carry.” “Cock(ed) and Glock(ed).” “My Throbbing Python of Love.” “I’d Like to Show You Something I’m Really Proud of, But You Better Stand Waaaay Back.” I mean, it may be the single best place to carry your weapon (or depending on your point of view, your OTHER weapon), but um…I just have this feeling that if I were to be someplace where I had to draw, the other people watching would be thinking something like “we’re all in danger of getting shot by a robber, and this guy thinks that NOW is the time to expose himself?

Watch the video. Trust me – it’s not the lack of sleep. The thing is (unintentionally) hilarious. Especially when the demo guy tells us he’s about to take off his pants to demonstrate how to wear it. I mean, it may be the best holster ever, but I’m just not sure that I can wrap my head around carrying my piece where my…um…piece stays. (Insert, “this is my rifle, this is my gun” joke here.) Enjoy. I think.

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  1. I know a couple of people who use these for summer concealed carry with shorts and a T-shirt. They seem to like them and say it doesn't take long to get used to. It does require some practice to draw smoothly from it though.

  2. A – What happens at the urinal? "Watch that stance, Larry, this thing is loaded."

    B – I notice this guy has no gut. I suppose you'd have to learn to suck it up before trying to draw quickly.

  3. Donal,

    "B" is why I'll probably never use one of these. It's not that I have a big gut, more of a

    "stylish pot", but I know it would be trouble getting a draw from a seated position.


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