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I know: it’s a stupid question. Who’d even think to ask it? That would be Virginia State Senator Joel Lourie [above], talking to “We talk about the things that people like to poke fun at South Carolina about and this is one of those reasons.” According to the Columbia Democrat, people ask him: ” ‘Have y’all lost your mind? Why would we want to give people a tax break just to buy guns?’ Crime’s going up. What are we doing? We’re providing tax breaks for people to buy guns.” Sounds like a plan to me. But not to an elected member of the tax and spend party. OK, one of the tax and spend parties . . .

Sen. Joel Lourie, D-Columbia, took issue with the Senate taking a vote to keep a sales-tax-free weekend for gun purchases after Thanksgiving when the state is laying off teachers and seeing a surge in violence.

Lourie said he realizes eliminating a sales tax break for guns may hurt some legislators’ NRA ratings, but the timing of a tax-free weekend for arms doesn’t make sense to him. The state loses $250,000 in tax collections on the tax-free weekend, which was created several years ago.

Just to put that in some perspective, SC just passed a $6b fiscal budget, increasing spending on education.

Among the final issues to resolve was how to use $210 million that state economists added to the state’s projected revenues last month.

The Senate split the money almost evenly between K-12 education and tax relief for businesses.

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  1. I think he meant to say “the gun tax loophole”

    Once again, you have another asshat “representative” who needs to understand that its not a revenue problem, its a spending problem.

  2. If the state really does not need the money why not lower the sales tax a bit for all businesses instead of playing favorites? This and the annual “school supplies” sales tax holiday are just gimmicks which allow the politicians to pander to specific segments of the population and retail trade organizations.

  3. Visit Louisiana some time… there is a “Hurricane Prep tax Holiday” the last weekend in May for hurricane prep supplies, the “Back to school Tax Holiday” the first weekend in August that pretty much covers everything, and the “Second Amendment Weekend Sales Tax Holiday” the first weekend in Sept. Of course particulars vary for each one…

  4. Once again we have a poster that does not understand it is both a spending and revenue problem. Do not believe me? Run this though experiment. All roads are toll roads, cost 10 cents a mile, bridges are 25 cents. How much would it cost you to drive to work, school even the local gun range? For me, 35 cent daily for work (work only 3.5 miles away/no bridge), $2.00 for school and around $8.00 for the gun range (Good drive with a number of bridges).

    I will agree that there are overpaid workers and bad contract out there and people with the “good enough for Government” attitude. But to say that the current problems are ONLY a spending problems ignores the reality that we have local/state and yes even federal governments for a reason. I, for one, do not want to live in an America were the only law is the rule of the gun and the will to use it. Are there bad union contracts? Yes. But there are also thing like NO BID contract that go the connected companies that suck BILLIONS from the government tit with open ended contract and contracts’ that shield them when the do piss poor work and kill American solders’ and others.

    I know that some of you are going to say, but taxes are too high! I am going to call the Bull$%%$ card. Tax are at there lowest level since after Korea. Some are going to say, but companies have to pay 35%, which if that was what they ACTUAL paid, I would agree with. But to, use a large company, as an example GE paid 0% in tax last year. Yet how much did they get in goods and services from state, local and federal levels. How many miles did they rack up in their company cars and tracks? Multiply this by every company in America.

    Solution? A flat tax. 1 page, no exemption just total income from all sources times some percentage. Results divide between Local, Federal and state. While this would put a lot of tax lawyer and the IRS out of business it would mean that every company and person paid their share for the fruits of freedom they get from this glorious nation

    I hope to get some reasoned replies’ and not sound bites from either side. I feel your 5th grader or 80 year mother should be able to figure out your taxes and the tax code. If you do not think tax code matters, look up the 1031 exemption which relates to capital gains and loss.

    And for those that say how does this related to guns? The funding for your local, state and Federal cops comes from taxes.

  5. I assumed that 250K was a dollar amount some bureaucrat pulled out of his (or her) ass just to prove a point. So I did a little math. Since SC has a bizarro meandering sales tax, I picked 7.25% to do my ciphering. Gross sales of $3,448,276.00 are required to generate that two-fifty tax revenue at seven and a quarter percent. If everyone buys a mid-range gun at say $750.00 or so, that works out to about 4,598 guns purchased.

    Is that a lot of guns to be bought over a firearms tax-holiday weekend in one state? It seems to me like business would be pretty darn brisk but I really have no idea.


  6. I’m not sure what you’re saying about South Carolina, but I was under the impression it was one of the most backwards, stunted States in the U.S.

      • Aw, what’s this? So mikeb is making uninformed, rumor generated opinion of my home state, what a shock, based on his usual uninformed opinions…

        • Lest ye liberals ever forget, we started the Civil War, we wouldn’t take much to start it again. We’re fighters by nature, that’s why we have Parris Island and the world’s largest US Army base, Fort Jackson.

          • Still no answer? I guess you and magoo hopped into the iratemobile to go fight some gun ownership somewhere…

          • Cujo, Your taking credit for having Parris Island on behalf of South Carolina is so ridiculous I can’t stop laughing. Even better is your remark about the Civil War and the possibility of South Carolina starting another one.

            How have your last coupla governors ranked in your unbiased opinion? How about the general attitudes towards gays and blacks and women?

            What’s the educational ranking of SC compared to other states?

            Face it, your state is a disgrace and if I were you I’d move to New Jersey.

  7. I thought I’d get your attention. Again you talk about a state you have probably never been in and formed your opinions from tv and the movies. As for how we treat blacks, gays and women-this is the traditional South. We work side by side and treat each other with respect. Sure, we don’t like liberals-but who could blame us? As for politicians, I don’t like any of them. I would say that we aren’t ignorant enough to reelect an Austrian muscle head who bankrupted our state. As for education, I turned out fine, and perhaps we aren’t as practiced at skewing figures to look better. I learned as a man in my twenties not to judge places and people I know nothing about. I am not a big fan of politicians, but I think Strom Thurmond ended up being a great statesman, and before you bring up the 60’s with him, I do believe that was common throughout the country at that time. If you haven’t seen the prestige of The Citadel, felt the warmth of our people and the sun at our beaches, like the Isle of Palms, or seen our history at The Battery and Fort Sumter, or the hospitality at an old Baptist church, then you know nothing of South Carolina.

  8. If SC is such a terrible and backwards place, then why do we have so many Northeners moving down here. You have to love it when Northeners act like racism and or prejudice only exists in the South. Do you research, as SC is one of the fastest growing states. Here we don’t believe in Unions, we believe in each man and women succeeding on their own merits.

  9. SC. Kicking ass for over 200 years. When this country needed motivation for independence; who led the way? SC. When this country began to tear itself apart over States Rights and northern aggression; who led the way? SC. Are there issues within the state? Absolutely & usually caused by ‘transplants’ or ‘native’ South Carolinians that feel they are ‘entitled’. South Carolina, my heart & my home and I defend her fiercely. You would do well to keep your negative opinions of SC to yourself; perhaps taking a closer look at the state of affairs within your own state of residence. Besides, even if you make a valid negative point about SC, we’re still likely to whip your a*s*s* … Take care and do enjoy your day …

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