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This is TTAG’s weekly roundup of legal and legislative news affecting guns, the gun business and gun owners’ rights. For a deeper dive into the topics discussed here, check out this week in gun rights at FPC

gun cleaning
Dan Z for TTAG

State Court to Determine Whether Individuals Can Clean Guns While Having a Beer

Have you ever sat down and had a beer while you were cleaning a gun in your own home? According to tyrants public servants in Ohio, this could constitute “using weapons while intoxicated” and should land you in jail.

After a man’s wife reported him to the police for doing the same with an unloaded shotgun, Ohio police charged him with a first degree misdemeanor. Now, the state supreme court is hearing the case, with oral arguments scheduled for 9 am next Tuesday.

There are a couple of things wrong with this statute and the way it has been applied here. First, it’s nobody’s business whether you’re intoxicated at home. If you’re not posing a risk to yourself or others, the police shouldn’t be bothering you.

The appellant for this case wasn’t pointing the barrel of his shotgun at anybody. He didn’t make any threats. Sure, he may have been slurring a bit, but the firearm was unloaded and being cleaned. This is simply a classic case of a statute written far too broadly, and I hope the court sees just how absurd it is to effectively criminalize touching a gun in the comfort of your home after having a sip.

Steak Knife
Dan Z for TTAG

Common-Sense Knife Control? Grocery Chain Sued for Selling Knife Used in Murder

In Florida, a 17-year old bought a steak knife from a grocery store, using it to stab someone to death later that day. A Florida law makes it illegal to sell weapons to persons under the age of 18, and lawyers representing the victim’s estate claim that the grocery store is directly responsible for the victim’s death.

While I can’t fault the attorneys for arguing zealously for their clients, it’s still important to take a moment to appreciate just how problematic this position really is.

The Florida statute for furnishing a weapon to a minor is a great example of legal interpretation gone wrong. It doesn’t define what a weapon IS, but includes “an ordinary pocket knife” as an exception. The legislature clearly weren’t thinking of kitchen utensils when they were writing the law, just as they probably didn’t picture baseball bats and lacrosse sticks either.

Broad constructions of laws are dangerous because they impute fault on people and businesses that had nothing to do with crimes that are committed, just as in the Remington Arms case. Blame for the actions of criminals should be placed squarely on the criminals responsible for the actual harm they’ve caused.

second amendment sanctuary
By Terrorist96Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, Link

NAACP Chapter Ironically Opposes Second Amendment Sanctuary Resolution

Earlier this week the Brunswick County chapter of the NAACP wrote a strongly-worded objection to the county’s recent Second Amendment Sanctuary resolution. While reading the letter, it became painfully clear that the drafters were ignorant of a number of facts.

First, despite what Moms Demand might tell you, muskets weren’t the only firearms around in the colonial era. Repeating arms have existed for centuries. In a display of casual racism, the organization said that it was okay to own firearms back then because “Indians still attacked occasionally.”

In a fit of terrible irony, the writers mentioned how laws permitted slavery while failing to consider that many colonial and early American gun control laws were used to oppress free slaves, preventing them from staging armed insurrections. And finally, toward the end of the letter, the writers use a quote from Martin Luther King, Jr. (who had applied for and was denied a concealed carry permit) to urge the county commissioners to disregard their constituents’ desires, implying that a lack of gun restrictions is equivalent to a lack of freedom.

Fascinating. A simple look at the lives of Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman, and other great Americans makes it clear enough that black Americans have a particularly acute need to stay armed.

Virginia delegate mark levine
By Levine For Congress, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Virginia Delegate is Triggered Following Failure of AWB Bill

Following a temporary yet very welcome defeat of the Virginia Democrats’ “assault weapons” ban, with credit due to VCDL and excellent grassroots activism in Virginia, Delegate Mark Levine said that he was afraid mass murder would be committed with the firearms that would’ve been subject to the ban. The weird thing is that Virginia has only had two mass shootings in the last 37 years, and neither of the perpetrators used a rifle.

But Delegate Levine doesn’t let things like the truth get in the way of policymaking. If you take a quick look at his apparently hand-coded webpage you’ll see “How the GOP Makes it Easy to Commit Mass Murder”, which is littered with legal and factual inaccuracy.

To address a few: From a legal perspective, no, you can’t just buy an item that would convert a semi automatic rifle to an automatic rifle. The ATF has been prosecuting people for purchasing automatic conversion kits.

Second, so-called “assault rifles” weren’t illegal before 2004. Owners merely had to ensure their furniture and attachments were compliant with the federal weapons ban. Third, bump-stocks were unconstitutionally banned by Donald Trump, the Republican President.

And last but not least, Levine makes the hilarious claim that the AR-15 is a descendent of Nazi technology, despite the rifle having been invented by Eugene Stoner, who I feel pretty confident was not a Nazi.

mark levine virginia assault weapon
VA Del. Levine demonstrating what a hunting gun is. Source: screen capture from YouTube video.

Maybe Delegate Levine’s time would be better spent requesting a refund from the Yale Law School and then perusing a history book while he waits for the next legislative session.

Germany Shooting Hanau
Police guard the scenery in front of a restaurant in central Hanau. German police say several people were shot to death in the city of Hanau. (AP Photo/Michael Probst)

European Gun Laws Fail to Prevent Shooting in Germany

Gun regulation in Germany is extensive. For example, to obtain a firearms ownership license (a non-carry license), applicants must be 18 and demonstrate trustworthiness, personal adequacy, expert knowledge, and necessity. Self-defense doesn’t satisfy the necessity criteria.

Germany is also compliant with the European Firearms Directive, which limits access to a variety of firearms and firearms components. Still, despite a blanket disregard for the rights of German people, Wednesday night eight people were regrettably killed and five were injured in two shootings in Hanau.

This event is one of many pieces of evidence that demonstrate, once again, for all of us here in the US that laws cannot stop violent people. Luckily, violent crime is at an all time low here. We should be happy with that and treat people with respect and dignity. That means not criminalizing nonviolent conduct.

How Bloomberg School Researchers Manipulated Data to Impact Gun Laws

Last Wednesday, the Bloomberg School of Public Health issued a press release summarizing the results of its study on gun laws in relation to reducing the incidence of mass shootings. First, I would like to say that mass shootings are black swan events; the annual chance of being murdered in a mass shooting has been about 1 in 11.6 million from 1966 through 2019.

Because they are so rare, it is unsurprising that researchers working for a center funded by Mike Bloomberg realized they didn’t have enough data to conduct proper research. So instead of making inquiries with state police agencies to supplement the data they obtained from the FBI’s universal crime report, they resorted to using partisan research organizations like the Gun Violence Archive.

Interestingly, the researchers also noted that “assault weapon” proscriptions, when separated from “high capacity” magazine bans, have no impact on mass shootings. While all of the concerns above apply with the same force in the other direction, I’m at least somewhat pleasantly surprised they were willing to admit that lack of relationship.

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  1. “. . . includes ‘an ordinary pocket knife’ as an exception.”

    The problem here is one of irrational classification. We all try to classify things; is it black or white? Is it up or down; east or west. And then discover that something doesn’t quite fit our classifications; and so, we vigorously force the troublesome case into our religiously held scheme of classification!

    Legislators are compelled by the necessity of their task to make classifications. They ought to do so with some sense of rationality; yet, they too are human and fail. And when they are irrational, our first course is judicial wisdom (failing that, jury-of-peers wisdom).

    If the prosecutor holds (as he must) that the steak knife IS a “weapon” then he opens the door to a 2A claim of a “right to arms”. The law is unconstitutional on its face. The claim can be made that the perpetrator was of militia age; and, certainly of an age to cook and eat a steak without parental supervision. The steak knife was an object ordinarily used for peaceful purposes as is exemplified by the exception for pocket knives. So, whether it is a weapon-or-not, it is an object to which he had a right.

    He had an unenumerated right to buy, keep and use an object ordinarily used for peaceful purposes (as is a pocket knife or baseball bat). He had a right to arms; and the steak knife as weapon/arm is an object ordinarily used for peaceful purposes.

    If the legislature wished to keep “weapons” out of the hands of minors then they had a duty to make explicit which weapons were forbidden to minors and which objects ordinarily sold to minors were excepted. Steak-knives, but butter-knives excepted. Baseball bats, but croquet bats excepted, and so forth. Without such explicit enumeration a merchant could not reasonably know what is forbidden and what is excepted.

  2. I have a problem with the maps you show in the story that have colors on the states. My question is what do the colors mean!!

  3. ‘While I can’t fault the attorneys for arguing zealously for their clients…’

    Like hell you can’t. This is the kind of thing that inevitably gets lawyers lined up against the wall when the revolution comes.

    • An old joke about lawyers.

      What’s the difference between a disaster and a tragedy?

      A disaster is when a bus load of lawyers runs off the road and falls down a cliff. A tragedy is there was an empty seat on the bus.

      • What’s the difference between a Lawyer and a Catfish? One’s a Scum Sucking Bottom Dweller, and the other one’s a fish.

      • Q: You’re in a room with a murderer, a rapist, and a lawyer, and you only have two bullets. Who do you shoot?
        A: The lawyer twice

      • SWEET!

        I’d recommend a Wolff or Wilson Combat spring kit – 10# on the hammer spring, 8# on the trigger return spring, if you go with a 9# hammer spring you could get a few light primer strikes (stock is 14# and 12# respectively – I think). Best $10 you could possibly spend on a GP. Watch a You Tube video and do it your self in ~40 minutes.

        Those Altamont grips are 1000% better than the Houges IMHO. If you want you can pick up some reasonably priced checkered grip panels here –


        • 10 day waiting period so I can’t get my mitts on it just yet. I’ll take it for a spin and decide if it needs anything to improve it. I’ve never had a problem with Ruger products and already own several.

          Wolff springs is the company I used when the recoil spring on my Mak went floppy. Works well and is very affordable.

        • The lighter springs will take about a pound off the trigger pull both in SA and DA. It’s still a double action revolver, so as long as there’s virtually zero chance of light primer strikes, I’d say the lighter the better. That and a little dry/live fire practice will smooth up the action a bit.

        • Agree on the Altamont grips for the GP100. Mine both needed a little hard cork sliver glued in to fit just right though.

        • Yes, the rubber fits a little proud of the wood. I guess I thought that was a feature not a bug though. Doesn’t seem to bother me, at least not with the checkered grip panels.

  4. If someone gets their head bashed in with a rock, can you sue the quarry? If some kills a person using a board with nails in it, could you sue the lumber yard? Also, if the shotgun cleaner’s accuser isn’t an ex-wife he has other problems to deal with.

      • Yes, absolutely. You may file a lawsuit against anyone at any time for any reason. That’s the American way of it.

        The court can toss it out of course, and that does happen.

        Maybe not often enough.

    • Yup, and having a beer while working on your vehicle in your garage on a Saturday afternoon is now drinking & driving in Ohio according to this “logic,” my, how far we have advanced as a society!

  5. When perps have no money or assets it’s inevitable the attorneys go after the secondary and tertiary parties which have substantial assets. It’s then up to judges and juries to limit the scope of these practices. The left would like to skip over straight to corporations they hate and sue them out of existence however in the future there won’t be a target for them.

  6. “And last but not least, Levine makes the hilarious claim that the AR-15 is a descendent of Nazi technology, despite the rifle having been invented by Eugene Stoner, who I feel pretty confident was not a Nazi.”


    Like most gun designers it is likely Eugene Stoner was very much aware of earlier developments. I mean nobody starts from a point of knowing nothing at all. It is more likely that whatever inspired him, it was the gas systems of earlier French designs, along with their rotating bolts. Not the tilting bolt design of the Nazi STG-44.

    The French had direct gas impingement designs for crew served machine guns as early as 1900, and by 1920 for individual rifles. Complete with rotating bolt and a similar arrangement of box magazine in front of the trigger group, gas system above the barrel. Obviously all of this long before the Nazi menace arose, or their later firearm designs came along.

    Virginia Delegate Mark Levine is displaying what most hoplophobes display, a supreme ignorance of the topic of firearms, coupled with a desperate certainty of being right about every damn fool utterance to leak out of his pie hole.

    • Stoner wasn’t the only American working on select fire. You already had the M2 Carbine and John Garand was working on a select fire version of the M1 before anybody heard of the STG 44. The idea of a select fire infantry rifle had been around a long time.

      • Yup, for that matter such efforts were all over the world. In 1895 Italy, the Cei-Rigotti rifle held up to fifty rounds and was select fire. Never adopted by any nation, it was tested in and out of Italy and examples exist in a few collections. It had troubles with over heating on automatic fire, and the magazine was fixed, loaded from stripper clips. Because of the fixed magazine it doesn’t qualify as an “assault rifle” as we understand the concept today.

        But hey, there it was, 125 years ago, a select fire rifle that came pretty darned close!

        • There’s a report the British tested it for possible use in South Africa as the Boer War was happening at the time. They noted there were a lot of misfires with the ammunition that had been exposed to seawater while in-transit.

    • The only thing with nazi roots is the name “assault rifle” and as twisted by gun grabbers who love to toss it around – “assault weapon”.

      • Just slightly before my time, a lad named Able learned about an assault rock his brother Cain had obtained without a background check…undoubtedly due to the Rock Show Loophole…..which Ole’ Bernie was actively fighting back then.

        In 1958. the late Col Jeff Cooper, handgun expert and founder of Gunsite Academy, stated, “Killing is a matter of will, not weapons.
        You cannot control the act itself
        by passing laws about the means employed.”

  7. Mark Levine, Virginia Delegate…..A politician with a law is a greater threat to citizens than any bad guy with a gun. The bad guy with a gun poses short term danger. The politician’s danger grows constantly and lasts forever.

    NAACP opposes 2A Sanctuary movement. You bet. Gotta do what the Government Plantation Masters want. Less they not be gettin’ their free shit. Isn’t that a Quid Pro Quo….as is everything with government.

    NAACP….National Association for Advancement of Controlling People??? As long as organizations like this exist, there will be racial bias. There’s big money, power, and control in “racial bias.” It’s what pays their salaries and keeps them from having to find productive jobs. And, which is what keeps their subjects down on the Government Plantation…..where the Dem/Libtards/Socialists/Elitists want them. Where is our NAAWP for white peeps?? Oh, don’t need. Predominantly practice personal responsibility, self sufficiency, and personal initiative. When blacks quit hiding behind and making issues of skin color…and start being Americans rather than African-Americans, maybe they will be taken seriously as just another American like everyone else. For example, take Whoopi Goldberg on The View. What the hell is she made up for….perpetual Halloween?? Why would one take someone that looks like that seriously??? Color her skin white with that hairdo and she still won’t be taken seriously. Compare her “do” to everyone else on the show…Lib or Conservative….she is still a weirdo. Birds of a feather flock together. The more different one is from others, the less they will be accepted. Yeah, I know about PC Diversity…..Libtard for dilution. It isn’t about skin color. It is what is between one’s ears and in one’s heart. Don’t like how you are viewed? Change your damn brand. I don’t want to see your skid marked dirty undies, and won’t waste my heartbeats trying to understand mumbles speech. Be known for positive traits rather than being featured on the evening news for negative reasons. People do positive things for others they know, like, trust, are similar to, and with whom they make a connection. Be someone others want to connect with.

    • Quote: ” Yeah, I know about PC Diversity…..Libtard for dilution.”

      I think “diversity” is one of their procedures to divide people. Force differences then use those differences to attack people.

      When all citizens of America were “Americans” the left lacked tools to reach their goals. They have created numerous tools, including diversity, and are succeeding in destroying American culture and creating Babylon.

      • On the same page. United we stand. Divide and conquer. Segment American society by every unique trait….sex, religion, race, age, et el…..then pit them against each other.

    • NAACP = colored people
      United Negro College Fund = Negroes
      But I thought…I was told… oh never mind.

      Then the little known INCF. Ignited Negroe College Fund. Started by Richard Pryor and Michael Jackson.

      • Tom in Oregon……re. NAACP…. “Controlling People” vs “Colored People”……let me introduce to you the concept of sarcasm, see it works like this……Never mind, wasting heartbeats.

    • PA is in the minority in that respect, even compared to states that are far more firearms friendly.

      On the other hand, if you give alcohol to a minor in PA you could be charged with Contributing to the Delinquency of a minor, a Class 1 misdemeanor which is a Federal disqualifier for firearms as the max sentence is over two years.

  8. Levine probably found out that Assault Rifle comes from the term Sturmgewhr. It is classic case of how a little knowledge can steer you wrong. The US, Russia and Germany were all looking at intermediate cartridges in late 30s to replace submachine guns. The US was actually first off the mark with a weapon, fielding the M1 Carbine in 1941/42. The M1 carbine was intended to be select fire but the Ordinance Corps didn’t perfect it until 1944 and deployed the M2 in early 1945. The M2 and STG 44 are contemporaries. The SKS was also introduced in 1945. The 30 caliber cartridge is the weak sister of the three and while most people do not consider the M2 an assault rifle its ballistic performance is the range of an M4. You can find YouTube videos of accurate, i.e., minute of bad guy, fire at 300 yards.

    I almost sent Mr. Levine an electronic copy of Army FM 23-9 so he can see that you hold the M4/M16/AR just like any other rifle but decided against it out of concern that he would claim it was a threat

  9. Nat Turner? You may want to read about that particular insurrection before putting that in a positive light. Slaughtering women and children is not a good thing.

  10. Wow the wife narcs on hubby and potentially ruins his life. I’m predicting an unhappy ending to marital bliss…a freakin” steak knife. Oh wait aren’t they illegal in jolly old England?!?

  11. Is it Legal to Clean Your Gun After Drinking?

    Could be illegal, yes. Depends upon the details, the specifics of the incident in question. Having a pile of gun parts in front of you along with cleaning tools and chemicals plus whatever intoxicating beverage you prefer is certainly not illegal, or should not be, anywhere.

    But be drunk as a skunk and assemble and load that now “cleaned” gun and suddenly you have transitioned to a different situation. That’s where the question has to come in, did the wife rat on the husband for cleaning and drinking at the same time or did he finish up by recklessly loading and badly handling the firearm in a state of polluted inability to handle it safely?

    Details matter, and we have none here to make any sort of informed opinion.

      • It is of critical importance that you ignore what I wrote and imagine something completely different so that you have something to complain about.

        That’s one of the behaviors of a Snowflake, just so you know.

    • Apparently you cannot read. “The appellant for this case wasn’t pointing the barrel of his shotgun at anybody. He didn’t make any threats. Sure, he may have been slurring a bit, but the firearm was unloaded and being cleaned.”

    • Details matter, and the story clearly states the shotgun was unloaded, shut up and pay attention when the adults are speaking and you may learn something.

    • It’s a free country, use whatever you wish to clean ANYTHING you own. We wonder why your stuff is all covered in blood.
      Law abiding firearm owners usually use Hoppes 9 or similar products, and their firearms usually NEVER see a drop of blood.
      I guess racists such as yourself are unstable killing machines.
      Keep voting D psycho-racist.

      • …writes the ‘man’ who edcs a gun made by a company that until very recently stamped a swastica on every gun it produced.

        • Reality check.
          The Third Reich was running Germany, and set the requirments of firearm markings.
          How do you feel about VW automobiles moron?

        • More on topic Heil JC (first time poster).
          Please explain the “recent” in your comment, HOW recent? Around 80 years ago recent?
          Also, both of my parents families experenced losses during the reign of the Reich. In Europe and sending US members to fight the Nazis.
          So go fuck yourself shitbags.

      • “I use beer to clean the blood off my knives, gunms and KKK outfit. Can I do that in Americant”
        Yes, TEXTBOOK racist.
        Making comments connecting responsible firearm owners to the KKK (white supremacist asshats), AND having to clean blood off their firearms and clothing.
        I’m willing to bet you don’t even own a firearm you troll.
        On the slight chance you do, your comments are manna from heaven for the gun grabbers. So what group are you with? Everytown for gun safety? Demanding Mommies?

  12. This kind of crap started with the Millennials never having the threat of being drafted and fighting in a real war. They lack the basic understanding that there are people out there, “in the world” who would do us harm. The honest working citizen who has a permit for his firearms, is the last person that they should fear, and if anything happens they will be looking for one of those “Men with guns” to hide behind.
    Our Country lost it’s footing during the past 3 Presidents, and needed the reboot that Trump gave it. Now it’s too late for this ridiculous movement to strip legally armed citizens of their arms. If someone wants to kill another person, history has taught us that they probably will. Having a gun isn’t going to make a bit of difference. There are hundreds of other methods one could use to accomplish the same end.

    • “The honest working citizen who has a permit for his firearms, is the last person that they should fear”

      The honest citizen who has firearms, is the last person that they should fear

    • So you were all hands on deck for Reagan selling weapons to Iran to fuel war in Latin America and the CIA literally selling drugs in the US to fund these programs?

      It’s those damn Snowflakes!

    • From Wikipedia

      “On 2 July 1980, 39th President Jimmy Carter signed Proclamation 4771 (Registration Under the Military Selective Service Act) in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the previous year of 1979, retroactively re-establishing the Selective Service registration requirement for all 18- to 26-year-old male citizens born on or after 1 January 1960. As a result, only men born between 29 March 1957, and 31 December 1959, were completely exempt from Selective Service registration.”

      Last I checked millennials were not born in 1957, 1958 or 1959. That said, I agree with the sentiment of your comment.

  13. “the AR-15 is a descendent of Nazi technology…”???
    The US’s entire space program is “… a descendent of Nazi technology…”.
    Goddard, an American, started the whole mess with liquid-fueled rockets. The Germans took his idea and made them work well enough to became “weapons of war” (or “weapons of mass destruction”). The USA brought Verner VonBraun over after the war, along with a bunch of V-2’s. “Nazi technology.” was the real start of our space race.
    So does that mean we scrap ALL of our liquid-fueled rockets? Maybe we can convince Boomberg et al to buy up all the AR-15’s and clones, and dispose of them with a one-way ticket to the sun, aboard our “descendents of Nazi technology”. two problems solved.
    And the VW. can’t forget the Nazi technology Beetle!

    • Good point made in this thread.
      The left is so quick to make absurd “purity tests”, like owning a firearm from a manufacturer that has a checkered past can only mean YOU believe in all those things from that past. Obsurd logic!
      I guess I can play this game too. If Heil JC owns ANY clothing item made of cotton, he MUST agree with ALL the views/opinions/actions of the plantation owners that condoned slavery.
      What a walking/talking racist turd Heil JC is, TOTALLY agrees with ALL things slavery related.

  14. ‘“assault weapon’ proscriptions, when separated from “high capacity” magazine bans, have no impact on mass shootings.”

    I’m having trouble understanding why the author thinks this statement is a good thing. To me it says there it no point in instituting “assault weapons” bans without magazine size restrictions. Am I reading it wrong?

  15. The sportsmen club i belong to has a bar 50 yards from the range. You see guys all the time put in their dollar and sign in grab a beer or two and hit the range no biggie. I do the same put in my dollar grab one drink then hit the range and then after I’m done shooting I safely secure my gun in my truck and hit the bar for a few.

    • Where I live, being in possession of alcohol while in possession of a loaded firearm is a felony. I’m surprised that your bar can keep a liquor license by serving armed citizens. My local FFL gunrunner learned the hard way. Went to dinner with wife and another couple. Not thinking, he ordered a drink while carrying. Ended up losing his FFL, all his guns, and right to have guns…..and a whole gigantic shit pot of money.
      Although never an accident thus far, large group I hunt with all have alcohol in their hunting shacks while in possession of loaded guns. Just waiting for Conservation Agent to come on property and end everyone’s fun for ever. Broached the subject several times without positive influence. Because I’m a zero drinker, they see it as “holier than thou” preaching to the sinners.

  16. If cleaning an unloaded gun at home while having a beer is “using weapons while intoxicated” then it follows that washing a car in your driveway while having a beer would constitute “using your vehicle while intoxicated”, in other words, operating while intoxicated (OWI). After all, how else do you “use” a car?

    Cleaning a weapon (or car, or whatever) is NOT using it!

  17. no one ever points out that while they think the ar-15 type are assault rifles and they think they are evil, why then are these ” democrats” ( the new name for communist) ok with the police having them ( just like the military). sort of shows there true colors , doesn’t it?

  18. Utter stupidity.

    There is a difference between “using” something and “servicing” something.

    If I change the oil in my vehicle after a few beers, is that considered “operating” the vehicle while intoxicated?

    This is the problem with nanny-state laws that are written by lazy legislators.

  19. Hopefully man does not end up with any charges and doesn’t lose any gun rights.
    Next step, get rid of useless cunt wife as she is and will be nothing but trouble and will probably call about him for something else.
    Man, I’ll contribute to his bitch-away fund.

  20. I had to quit drinking years ago after a valve job on my ticker. It’s a mechanical valve, so I’m on Coumadin (Rat Poison) for the rest of my life, and blood thinners and alcohol don’t do well together. I was never a real big drinker, as I got that out of my system in my 20’s. This type of Law and Lawsuit is Just another tool of the Anti-Gun crowd. They equate Gun Owners as Rednecks and all Rednecks supposedly drink, so they’re ”profiling” us and we should sue the Lawmakers for that.


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