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Two of my four daughters live in The Land of Hope and Glory. Given the UK’s anti-gun jihad, the chances that my UK-based progeny will muck about with guys with guns are about the same as the odds that they’ll take tea with the Queen—in a public urinal. And yet they know about trigger and muzzle discipline. They know to treat all firearms as if they’re loaded and always wear ear protection. This caveat has the added benefit of disincentivizing the girls from grooving with gun-safety-challenged chumps; hormone-infused males are more likely to bring rubber penis protection than any sort of ear gear. To wit: this video. With the help of her “friends,” Jeaniegirl24 demonstrates how you can permanently damage your hearing with a single rifle shot. The really sad part: the camera dude clocks the fact that his subject’s hearing is hurt, and stands by while she lets loose another round (at least). Even worse, this isn’t the only occasion where Jeaniegirl24’s hearing is hurt by gunplay . . .

Here’s another one. In this video, Jeaniegirl24 shouts “Ow!” when her homie fires a handgun at a rabbit. Question to her parents: Now how much would you pray? Wait! Don’t answer! There’s more!

The guy sitting behind her in a Jeep with a rifle lets his finger dally on the trigger (:23). In a vehicle that subsequently bumps and jolts off-road. And ends up stationary—with his finger on the trigger again (1:04). And then one of the boyz disappears into the bush, out of the line of sight of his fellow “hunter” (2:04).

In the debrief, does his muzzle swing across her body? It’s not clear. But it does move an awful lot.

OK, so why am I blaming Jeaniegirl24’s parents for the irresponsible behavior of two young gun owners? Because gun safety is everybody’s responsibility and that responsibility starts at home.

America is a gun culture. Judging from the terrain in the video and the boyz’ over-familiarity with firearms, the twenty-something sometimes videographer is living in a gun-friendly part of these gun-enabled United States. So we can assume that Jeaniegirl24’s parents are gun-aware—or should be. And if we make that logical leap, it’s not entirely unreasonable to suggest that they have failed in their duty to teach Jeaniegirl24 about gun safety.

Of course, children don’t always do what their parents tell them to do. And they’re pretty good at hiding their irresponsible behavior (although posting it on YouTube isn’t the best strategy in that regard). So if Jeaniegirl24’s ‘rents contact us to protest that their daughter was ignoring previous advice and WILL NEVER SEE THOSE BOYS AGAIN, well, fair enough.

Meanwhile, a word about Eddy the Friggin’ Eagle [not his real name] . . .

The NRA’s education program is designed not to offend people who can’t stand guns. The only thing the furry teaches children: don’t touch that God damn gun! [paraphrasing].

Although I can understand that you can’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, I believe that all children should be taught proper firearms safety—including handling and firing and the need for eye and ear protection. Further, I believe that the NRA should create a safety program for pre-teens and teens.

Even if a child never even sees a non-cop-belted gun until they reach adulthood (welcome to Rhode Island), they will, someday. And when that day arrives, they should know what to do to keep themselves safe. Gun-aversive parents should suck it up. ‘Cause Darwinism isn’t some elegant theory. It’s a fact of life. And death.

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