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 And the winner is . . .? (courtesy

People of the Gun! There are idiots amongst us. And? While no one wants to arm a-holes it’s better to risk occasional ballistic douchebaggery than it is to remove Americans’ natural, civil and Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. That way criminal dominance and government tyranny lies. Besides, we have more than enough data to conclude that irresponsible gun ownership is a black swan deal. Every day, more than 150 million American gun owners don’t shoot (or shoot at) the wrong person or, indeed, any person. This undeniable fact makes the occasional concealed carry license holders’ firearms-related stupidity all the more remarkable and, in this case, spectacular . . .

Two Milwaukee men — each with a state permit to carry a concealed weapon — traded dozens of shots in a rolling shootout through two sides of town and down a freeway, the kind of Wild West scenario concealed carry opponents warned would turn road rage incidents deadly.

See? There is a Wild West scenario! Toldja! Toldja! We should restrict gun ownership! ‘Cause next time it might be cops! I mean, someone might get hurt! Anyway, there are two versions of what went down in Milwaukee published by, neither of which brings glory to the participants. Version A:

Adamany said he’d had just left the Taco Bell near S. 14th and W. Burnham streets and was pulled over to send text message when a gold Dodge Magnum pulled. A passenger said, “What are you looking at, white boy?” showed a chrome handgun and fired at Adamany’s car, striking the driver’s side mirror, before speeding off.

Adamany told a detective he reached for his gun immediately but the safety was on. He said he called 911 and began following the Dodge as it headed for the freeway, and that someone in the Dodge fired a few more shots at him. He said the two cars were swerving around other traffic before the Dodge left the freeway briefly, then re-entered at W. Fond du Lac Ave.

That’s when Adamany began emptying the magazine of his gun, shooting out the window with his left hand while driving and using the phone with his right hand, he told police.

That’s some fancy shootin’ Tex! I’m a little skeptical about the plausibility of someone who shoots and drives and calls on the phone all at the same time pulling over to text in the first place, but otherwise . . . uh . . . that’s his best story? I reckon Roy Scott’s is better—if equally damning and bone-headed.

Scott told a different detective that he and a friend were driving near S. 27th and W. Howard Ave. or W. Morgan Ave. when a blue car passed him. The other driver, Scott said, “mean mugged” him and showed a black handgun.

Scott grabbed his gun and showed it back before speeding away. Soon the blue car was chasing him, Scott said, firing shots. So Scott fired back out his driver’s window, pointing backward over his shoulder with his right hand, while steering with his left.

Scott said he finally had to exit I-43 at North Ave. because all his tires had been shot out, and his car came to rest on King Drive. He said the other man was still shooting, so he and his passenger ran away until they saw the deputy on N. 4th St.

Is mean-mugging a part of gang-banging? Who knew? And while it seems absurd that neither man had a criminal record prior to applying for their concealed carry permit, wait, it is preposterous. In the interest of trust but verify, would someone please confirm these knuckleheads’ CHL-holdership?

Anyway, as I said, this incident doesn’t make any difference in the grand scheme of things. At least it shouldn’t.

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  1. While this story WILL provide fodder for the anti-gunners, if someone mean mugs you you gots to represent, yo.

  2. I don’t think any law abiding citizen has ever used the term “mean mugging” before. And I just moved out of Milwaukee…

    • Cmon meow, mean mugging isnt a generally used term now? I like to call it my “warface” in an ode to FMJ but alas, Ive never been to WI.

  3. I think I got the clear and unambiguous moral of this tale: Ban Taco Bells.

    It’s prolly a two-fer as it bans White Hispanics, too.

    • + infinity!

      Everybody knows that Taco Bell parking lots are hot beds for gun sales too! If you want to buy a full auto AK with cop killer bullets, a high capacity assault magazine clip, a shoulder thing that goes up, and a baby head auto target red dot sight then you just roll up to your nearest Taco Bell. Just ask the Huffington Joke, they will tell you…

      • Don’t forget the barrel shrouds. Taco Bell sells those increased lethality devices in vending machines in the bathroom.

  4. Last time I ever heard anything similar was in the 1940 movie Grapes of Wrath when Ma Joad asked her son Tom if they made him ‘mean mad’ when he was in prison. And I’m pretty certain these two jokers NEVER got anywhere close to a movie that old in their lives.

    Eediots indeed!

  5. My first question would be who their political party is, wanna guess? Second, juveniles who turn adult often have records that are closed as juveniles, are these records looked at in a background check?, bet not!

  6. 27th and Howard is a pretty crappy part of Milwaukee, in case anyone was wondering. These two strike me as folks who would be carrying whether they had permits or not. I could be wrong about gang affiliation, but these two don’t strike me as model citizens.

    Regardless, S. Chicago is a few hours away by car, and gangbangers have been carrying in Engelwood for decades. I don’t see them stopped by gun laws or criminal records when they continue to rack up murder rates.

    • Couldn’t get approved for permits with a record though…

      Something isn’t adding up here.

    • Indeed. This is the basic problem with the lack of mandatory gun safety training prior to being able to legally purchase a handgun, and showing an operator’s permit before being able to purchase ammunition. The police can’t act until AFTER the armed idiot does something dangerous.

      Would passing a law alone solve the problem? Of course not – we’ve laws against unlawful discharge of a firearm, reckless driving, texting while driving … and these activities continue regardless. The point of having such laws is to allow the police to arrest people for acts likely to cause injury and death, rather than to wait until after some innocent bystander is injured or killed. (The police can ticket you for texting while driving, rather than waiting until after you’ve hit a parked car.)

      By the way – if it’s legal to carry a weapon everywhere, the police don’t have probable cause to stop and check someone just because they see a weapon. This means that if you see someone wearing a hoodie walking down the street – they must be presumed to be acting within their rights as a citizen even if you can see that they’re carrying a weapon.

      • Sigh, Repubanon, it’s what you just said , it would not stop idiots from being idiotic while simply increasing the governments control over a basic human right.

        Come on, again, look at Chicago, the gun free paradise( hell hole) where it has been illegal to own a gun let alone carry one out side of the home for decades, does this suggest that your Ideas would have no effect in stopping the bad guys?

        Just say no to more government control of our lives and our freedoms.

      • In a free country wearing a hoodie and carrying a weapon should not be a concern for the citizens. I’m an OFWG and I wear a hoodie. A hoodie only raises concerns with people that have other issues than just guns.

        • I dont like being profiled as a comfy sweatshirt wearing sort of dude. Sure makes it easier to carry a full size M&P though hah

      • Mike Bloomberg, is that you?

        By the way – if it’s legal to carry a weapon everywhere, the police don’t have probable cause to stop and check someone just because they see a weapon. This means that if you see someone wearing a hoodie walking down the street – they must be presumed to be acting within their rights as a citizen even if you can see that they’re carrying a weapon.

        As it should be. When you get up off the fainting couch, try to imagine what it would be like to live without a rule for every possible thing that could go wrong. I know it’s scary, but give it at least a couple minutes.

        • @CarlosT,

          Everything you said I was going to say until I read your post. It’s worded probably better than I would have written it:

          As it should be. When you get up off the fainting couch, try to imagine what it would be like to live without a rule for every possible thing that could go wrong. I know it’s scary, but give it at least a couple minutes.

          Kudos to this ^

  7. It’s plain to me that the answer is to ban cars. And faces. Mean mugging? Think of the children.

  8. Stupidity is. Stupidity was. Stupidity forever shall be. Just like urine in a public pool.

  9. The term is “Mad Dogging”… All the made up language we see these days is annoying… But hey it’s in the urban dictionary so there you have it…

    What a couple of delinquent Man-Children… I’m glad no one got hurt.

  10. This wasn’t “Wild West.”

    This was a vigorous competition for the Darwin Award.

  11. Well, isn’t it fortunate that after “mean-mugging” Roy Scott, Eric Adamany didn’t make it worse by calling Scott a “dooty head”…that would have forced them into a fight to the death.

    • Good thing there was no double dog dare involved. Heaven forbid the TRIPLE dog dare would have to be brought forth into the fray.

  12. So…1. They both had MANY rounds on them? Multiple magazines? Within reach of the driver’s seat? Typical CCW handgun would have 6 – 10 round mag (In the Summer, I usually have my CCW with 10 round mag loaded up and a 17 round spare on me. Can’t say that my spare magazine would be very easy for me to access and reload while driving but that’s just me. 2. They both accomplished reloading WHILE driving and on the phone to the police? 3. One of them shot out tires on a moving vehicle WHILE shooting from a moving vehicle? Damn. I guess I should be training with them. They sound extremely proficient. Maybe they only shot a handful of rounds but were extremely accurate. Smells like a lot of BS to me.

    • I don’t think these two are good for anything.

      Online Eric’s bail was only 1,000 cash where as Roy’s was no bail. So I’m guessing Roy was the instigator who fired most of the shots. So if you are going to have one of these two train you I’d pick Eric.

      • Discharging firearms in a shootout in public and bail is 1000 meanwhile a 19 year old makes sarcastic comments on facebook and spends 4 months in jail with a 500,000 dollar bail…. Wtf!

    • That’s why I love my XDm. I just rock it with one full mag. If I ever need more than 17 .40’s out and about with the fam, I’m probably going to have bad day regardless of my spare mags.

  13. Sounds like a road rage incident, not a gun incident, being road rage is what probably started this duel.
    I know 21 is the age one can own a handgun but maybe we need to make carry at least 25. Would that even help? IDK. There are a lot of irresponsible people who are gun owners of every age I guess but those under 30 mostly frighten me being I know what I was like at that age group. But what CCW class did these guys go to? Brandishing a firearm while driving, and reacting like the other guy did to having a gun brandished at you while driving, is not what the carry classes teach nor is it even basic gun edict.
    If I’m driving and if what dummy #1 says is true that he did not provoke dummy #2 to brandish a firearm at him, if someone showed a gun to me on the road like that I would call them in, maybe follow at a safe distance but I would not react by pulling out my gun. Even if dummy #2 began shooting at me as he was driving away I would maneuver and evade before I would pull my weapon.
    This just isn’t the behavior of typical carry people so this is one of them stories that will give juice to the gungrabbers and those attempting to overrule carry laws here in WI and elsewhere. It’s now up to the courts to punish these guys to the max, I’m talking years in prison, or this will just be more fuel to the fire that shines a bad light on all of us gun folk. Just as police are held to higher standards(even though some police don’t follow this creed) folks who carry should be held to a higher standard as well, me being one of them. Gun crimes MUST be prosecuted to the harshest degree.
    And being these two A-holes don’t seem know how to behave driving either take their right to drive away to.

    • Carry at 25? Are you serious? Never mind that stupid can ( and often DOES) occur at ANY age, why 25? Why not 30? Hell, 45-50? Your suggestion is a very dangerous and slippery slope. I have carrying since I was 19, which is legal in AZ as long as you open carry, and I have never shot at anyone. ( I was involved in an incident, when I was working as a armed guard, where I had to draw on someone. That person is currently doing time for armed robbery, assaulting a police officer, felon in possesion of a gun, and a few other charges. I was not charged with anything. )
      This incident between these two particular individuals has nothing to do with age, it has more to do with where our sociaty is heading in general. I know many 20-24 year olds whom I would trust with a gun before I would trust many 30-50 year olds. Age has nothing to do with this, it is mindset and attitude.

      • ^ What he said. Read the oringinal post – government has no authority to decide who can have and/or carry a gun, even when idiots like this make life difficult for all of us.

  14. Concealed Carry advocates are always talking about confrontational avoidance. This is a big part of the training, Individuals carrying concealed weapons in public places must be held to a higher standard of conduct.

    The only reasonable action when confronted by some idiot who would flash his firearm at you is to stay calm and not overreact. Think clearly and rationally. And then carry on about your business like it never happened…

  15. Mean mugging? Is that when they take your wallet, then punch you in the crotch or boob just to rub it in? Or is it making a mean face?

    Either way… Wow. That’s… Dumb.

  16. What we need is commen sense measures to stop mean muggery. We can’t have children making mean faces.

    • If schools had a zero tolerance policy for mean muggin’, they’d suspend kids for making the lemon face.

      • I don’t know… they already punish them for sculpting food with their teeth to match the shape of a gun.

  17. To be fair, actually shooting out ALL four tires of a moving car while driving and talking on the phone is a really impressive feat. Did he somehow reload too or did he do it with one magazine? Horrible judgement aside you can’t say he wasn’t proficient in the use of a handgun. A requirement for lengthy pistol training for CHL’s won’t fix stupid people, it will just make them into really good shots.

  18. Pardon my skepticism.
    Can anyone at TTAG do a little investigative reporting about this story?
    Does anyone know if ‘sealed’ juvenile criminal records are used when
    granting, or not granting concealed carry permits in Wisconsin?
    Do either of these honor students have previous arrests that were plea bargained down to misdemeanors, or not prosecuted?
    Was this an actual failure of the permitting process?
    Should these ‘youts’ actually been entitled CC permits?
    I know I’ll be accused of profiling by some,
    but I find it hard to believe that neither of these two young gentlemen
    have any priors.
    Frankly, I do not trust the media’s reporting of this case.

    On the other hand, when out on the street, or in your car, it’s always good to remember that half the folks you see around you have an IQ below 100 and 16% have an IQ below 85.
    In a nation of 300 million people, that is a lot of people who will never be rocket-surgeons.
    Thus it is important never to underestimate the potential for really stupid things to occur.
    Thank you TTAG for a great site.

  19. “more than 150 million American gun owners”

    where does this statistic come from? Most quote 300 million guns owned by 100 million people in the US with less than 5 million being members of the NRA.

  20. I never told officer that the incident began on Burnham Ave. Scott Was not the shooter his passenger Was. They fired their first shots on 10th and Morgan . I called 911 and pursued suspects to provide information to 911. They continued to flee and fire shots. I wondered when they would run out of ammunition. It was not to the end that I fired shots to disable thier automobile to ensure police would be able to find out who and apprehend. This man, he passenger Tried to kill me for “fun” And Scott is protecting him. I am willing to take a lie detector test. I have nothing to hide. I am terrified that these people are getting away with attempted homicide and that my actions were for nothing. The criminal complaint is so skewed and that fact that these men are not charged with anything leads me to believe there is some major corruption going on. If it was not me it would have been the next person these Thugs encountered. They were out for trouble that night. If I did not have a gun I would most certainly be dead. They should not be charging me, I saved my own life and that of my fellow citizen I am sure. Please Help Bring these issues to light. This is a failure of our justice system that we are allowing people to get away with attempted homicide.

    My gun saved my life I was attacked. These people Tried to Kill me. This may not have been random states some sources.

  21. Here is some truth. Everyone should be supporting ADAMANY. You are safer because of him and Milwaukee Authorities are trying to cover it up.

    Roy Scott has been charged with Armed Robbery about a week prior to his run in with Adamany. People were severely injured. It appears that himself and Walker were on a robbing spree when they encountered Adamany who was picking up his girlfriend at the time. When they tried to Rob Adamany he told them to get lost they fired a shot and then were chased down and had their asses handed to them by a real MMA fighter.

  22. Not safer because of him. He is robbing people too. Just has money for an attorney and not a public defender.

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