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“Donald Trump supporters are exercising their Second Amendment rights as election results continue to roll in favoring the Republican nominee,” reported last night. “Twitter users have said they’re heading outside with their guns to fire off a few rounds in celebration.” Oh brother. Firing a gun into the air is the height of irresponsibility (so to speak). A round descending from the heavens can kill. Don’t do it. Ever.


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  1. whatever. don’t get your panties all in a wrinkle over a few tweets. Of course that’s stupid and illegal…

    I did just realize though that there is one down side to all of this, guys… The ranges are going to be packed again with all of us folks looking to burn off that extra few K of stash rounds we put back 🙂 See you all on the range! Gonna be a cel-a-bration, come on! *do do do do –… wahoo!*

  2. Tempting as that is in theory, its not at all a good idea in reality.

    On the other hand, let me the first to say this to “Everytown for gun safety”, which strongly supported Hillary as an anti-gun candidate..”.TTTTTHHHHHHHHPPPPPPPP!”

  3. No comment on the California or other “protests” RR? When does a protest turn into a riot? I don’t condone shooting into the air either…

    • I don’t shoot into the air to celebrate, and I won’t shoot into the air if a bunch of sore losers try to torch my city, either…

  4. So if it’s in USSRToday it must be true?

    I just tweeted that I’m going to drop a 60,000 pound Tsar Bomba on California from a rented Piper Seneca. I can’t wait for the article.

    • Yes, McPravda and (allegedly) People magazine have been banging the drum for gun control loudly in the run up to the election. Maybe they will shut up now – we can hope.

  5. Yeah, uh, I live in Solid blue Washington State. If I had gone out and did that, not that I have never done that, because I have, I would have all my guns seized, gone to jail and the cops would make a motion to the court that I am a nutcase and shouldn’t have guns, (that law passed here last night)


  6. I was talking to my friend in Ohio last night and her neighbors did this exact same thing. In Columbus, OH of all places. And one of her neighbors is a police officer. We wonder why there’s traction for control laws…

  7. “Firing a gun into the air is the height of irresponsibility”

    I have several boxes of .223 blanks which say that comment is pretty ignorant.

  8. Ya, except you completely waived your right to b1tch with your lack of similar complaint regarding gunfire on Cinco de Mayo (which is FING INSANE BY THE WAY).

    Disparate B1tch = Waived right to bitch. Plus the media hasn’t been pulling for anyone but itself in more than 40 years.

    btw – didn’t I say there’d be immediate talk of impeachment? Yeah we see ya you dumb UT attorney mf. YOU TOO HAVE WAIVED YOUR RIGHT TO CLAIM ANYONE’S VIOLATED ANY LAWS. STFU AND GO HOME.

    • No, they really are that stupid. Not to mention that a gunshot is pretty much just as loud pointing down into the dirt (or hopefully at one of these idiots’ foot).

  9. I am in far southwestern McDonald County. About 1:45AM this morning, I still watching the coverage when someone nearby let loose what had to have been a 30 round magazine.

    That was the start because within seconds, literally, it sounded like I was in the middle of an Iraqi wedding celebration

  10. Pennsylvania is a RED STATE now, wooo-hoooo! 🙂

    (sorry, off topic, but had to get that in somewhere)

    • Dammit. Al Sharpton said the same thing, and we don’t see him packing, dammit. I do admit to getting my hopes up.

    • Awesome. I think I’m going to finally build out my 700 SPS in a Magpul Hunter stock with a Timney 510 as my celebration. Life is good!

  11. I can’t dance, but my girl just had me dancing to that jam: ‘Cel-a-bration. Woo hoo!’ and I was actually starting to get the steps! 🙂 Far safer than shooting in the air! What a glorious day! I can’t even concentrate. I think I’m loopy, I was up until 4 AM, got about 3 hours sleep and am loving life today! For years now I feel like someone has had me pinned down poking my forehead and rubbing my face in the dirt while they laugh in my face and preen like snobs. Finally, I am free and back on my feet and they’re laying on the ground crying like little babies that it’s all so unfair wahhhh. HAHAHAHA! We WIN!

  12. If we want to be recognized as the adults in the conversation then we had better:
    – act like it; and,
    – talk/write like it.
    Some of us, tragically, are not up to this level of exercise of self-control and responsibility. So, the rest of us have to remind them often and firmly. If we neglect to do so then we are simply making our fight for the 2A that much harder for ourselves.

    (BTW, we should also be on the alert for false-flag speakers/writers who are anti’s simply trying to make all PotG look bad. Maybe some of these people we presume are our fellows are really antis.)

  13. Some people are so far out in the middle of nowhere that they can go blast anything they like into the air or into the side of a hill and be 100% safe. I’m surprised my relatives aren’t cracking explosive targets half a mile from here but its rained so much that they would probably be stuck in the mud again. HA.

    • Terminal velocity is almost completely irrelevant to the lethality of bullets fired into the air, because it’s very unlikely that many at all will be going perfectly straight up. Instead, they will follow a parabola, and will retain a lot of their energy, especially if the angle is a little shallower.

  14. Sounds like fake accounts, but who knows? Nevertheless, if you’re so excited about a candidate winning an election that you even consider going out and shooting into the air, may I suggest a different target?

    That crap just reeks of primitive 3rd world tribalism. Same goes for the weeping, despondent Hillary supporters: give it a rest, lamers. You can try again next election to resume your statist assault on America. For now, just deal with the new Carnival Barker-in-Chief. You’ll survive the experience.

  15. True story. Knox County, Ohio. Hunter discharges his muzzleloader in the air. Shot came down and hit a young Amish girl driving home in the family horse and buggy. Killed her. Don’t do careless, stoopid shit.

  16. Also a WA resident and watching the anti-2A folks chip away here and elsewhere. No, I would not shoot into the air, but one local shoots a shotgun once at midnight every New Year. He uses a blank so where’s the harm? Yes, it’s illegal but none of the neighbors complain, we all tend to MYOB.
    Strongly agree that all of WA isn’t blue, certainly not in my area (wayyyy out of Seattle/Tacoma/Olympia).

    • Unfortunately, the people in my area (Seattle), want to live everyone’s lives on their behalf. I find it extremely disturbing, but I’m vastly outnumbered. It has me thinking about whether Washington is a viable option for the long term, which is a hard line of thinking since I grew up here. But I don’t know what to think anymore.

      • Yes, I also fear for my adopted state of WA. First the country’s worst “UBC” law (although that may have changed with this election), now the dumb ass “extreme protection order” referendum. That “there was nothing we could do” advert made me yell at the TV. I call BS – you just didn’t want to get your hands dirty.

        Now Utah and Idaho are looking more attractive with each passing year.

  17. Some people don’t live on a postage stamp sized peice of land….maybe they fired a round off in the middle of their 100+ acres…think people.

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