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As someone who can sing about as well as Brooklyn Decker can overhaul a diesel engine, I’ve dodged a few beer cans and heard the cries of horror from those on whom I’ve inflicted my voice. As Harry Callahan once said, a man has to know his limitations. Mumbling along to the Star Spangled Banner while safely drowned out by 18,000 fellow hockey fans? No prob. Grabbing the mic on amateur night for my rendition of American Girl at a local watering hole? Not even at gunpoint. Some, however, are blissfully missing any capacity to objectively judge their own warbling ability (have you watched American Idol’s audition shows?) and — despite all evidence to the contrary — never miss a chance to belt out their favorite ballad. And it’s just that woeful lack of self awareness that got William Oller, Jr. shot . . .

It seems his dear old dad, William Oller, Sr. just couldn’t abide Junior’s penchant for karaoke. According to, Senior was at Junior’s house back in January when young Oller’s holler became more than Senior could bear any longer.

…the shooting erupted after (Junior) and his father argued over his playing of karaoke music.

At one point, a sheriff’s report says, the elder Oller left the Sites Road residence and made a statement to the effect of “I’m going to shut you up.”

The senior Oller then went to his pickup, grabbed a semi-automatic pistol and pointed it at his son, who had gone outside to talk to him, the report said.

The younger Oller retreated into the residence and locked the door but later opened it after he believed his father had left the front porch, the sheriff’s report said.

But dad hadn’t left after all and directed his heater at his progeny again. A struggle ensued and junior was shot in the arm.

Despite his wounds, Junior’s a forgiving soul and didn’t want to see Pop prosecuted — even though he’s let him languish in the hoosegow for seven months awaiting trial. So this week,

In exchange [for a no contest plea], William Henry Oller Sr., 71, was sentenced to time served in jail and placed on informal probation for three years, Redding defense attorney Aaron Williams said. Unlike formal probation, those placed on informal probation are not required to report to a probation officer.

In light of the leniency shown toward Senior, we can probably agree that there are lessons in this disturbing incident for both Ollers. Senior needs to know that shooting your children makes for awkward Thanksgiving dinners. And Junior has to learn when to stuff a sock in it. But despite mostly skating on the attempted murder charge, Senior won’t be able to dodge our IGOTD trophy quite so easily when it’s tossed his way. But if he uses it to pound Junior’s karaoke machine to smithereens, we’ll understand.

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    • mildly humourous. i lmao. you gotta figure that if sr. is 71 then jr is probably in his 40’s at least. the best way these 2 could deal with a family squabble was gunplay? sr must have been pro choice, he was going for a retroactive abortion.

      • I figure he actually intended to vent his frustration on the karoke machine, not Junior- tagging him in the arm was almost certainly a ND, not an attempt at a 129th-trimester* abortion.


        • Well, discharging a firearm in a dwelling (absent a compelling and lawful reason, and no, shutting up karaoke isn’t) is a no-no in just about every jurisdiction I can think of.

  1. I think Senior might have been more satisfied if he had shot the karaoke machine until slide lock, or more personally, beaten it with a ball peen hammer.

    And yes, like many of these wonderful IGOD posts, it is funny, in a tragic way.

  2. None of the articles on this incident ever said so, but I think the two Ollers were both well oiled when this fight took place. And I am sure they are very 2A–they hail from up in the pine woods on the flanks of Mt. Lassen where there’s plenty of critters about. Hell, I’d be surprised to find folks up there who don’t own guns and fishing rods (great trout stream close by).

  3. They are living in the same house? Betcha a nickle they were boozed up. Dad’s 71 and boozing and shootin’? Wonder when he will grow up and get a place of his own or send junior out into the big cold world to fend for himself? 80? 95? Probably never. Stupid to the grave.

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