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A member of TTAG’s eagle-eyed Armed Intelligentsia sent me a link to this story about a not so intelligent armed security guard’s negligent discharge. Quite what happened is a bit of mystery—which Aaron helped me analyze. First, the windup, courtesy Utah’s “A security guard at West Valley City’s driver’s license bureau accidentally fired his gun into the bathroom floor Wednesday morning while trying to fix a problem. About 7:30 a.m., a 23-year-old employee from Chapman Security was at the Driver’s License Division, 2780 W. 4700 South, when he noticed the thumb safety on his handgun was not engaged, said West Valley Police Sgt. Mike Powell . . .

The man went into the bathroom to fix the problem, but for an unknown reason kept his finger on the gun’s trigger while attempting to remedy the situation, Powell said. He accidentally fired a shot into the tile floor, he said.

No one was injured. Powell said charges would not likely be filed.

Simple question: what the hell happened? Aaron weighs in . . .

Your guess is as good as mine. However, when I lived in Utah, the only handguns I’ve seen on the security guys’ hips at DMV offices were either Glock 17s or a Baretta 92f. Of course a Glock doesn’t have a thumb safety, so that’s out. Still, if it was a 92f, engaging the safety de-cocks the hammer, thus putting it in DA for the first trigger pull (eliminating the need to carry it with the safety on). To accidentally pull the long and heavy 92f trigger would scream negligence, if you ask me. Supposing he had a 1911, that was cocked and locked, the only scenario I can envision is drawing with the trigger finger on the trigger and then gripping the gun with all four fingers so as to move the thumb up to reengage the thumb safety… then, boom.

Either way, pretty poor “owning” of the gun.

Similarly, there was a story about a year ago in Utah about a Concealed Firearm Permit holder in Utah who shot a hole through a toilet in a restaurant. The article said the guy had a Kahr and that it discharged when it dropped out of his IWB holster. I think I remember doing a milk spit when I read that. If THAT was true, I’m sure it would be the very first instance of a Kahr firing after being dropped from just a couple feet. Ever.

Funny how all this negligent discharge stuff happens in the bathroom. And, lest we forget, TTAG has run plenty of stories about cops who leave—and then lose—their gun in the bathroom.

At the risk of going all potty-mouthed, a responsible gun owner must have a routine for answering the call of nature without losing control of their weapon. Or their gun. Or guns.

Check the video above; it’s longer than any three bowel movements you might make but there’s some helpful information therein. And consider this tip from

Once you have a reliable holster [i.e. one that doesn’t dump the gun if it’s not vertical] there’s a little trick that helps keep the belt and holster in place. Simply take the end of your belt on the holster side and double it back through the first loop. With most belts this will keep the belt from pulling back through the belt loops. Try this first with an unloaded weapon to make sure this works with your particular weapon, holster and wardrobe combination.


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  1. West Valley City is actually where I took my driving test 10 years ago. I don’t remember the security guards looking particularly competent, but then again does any adult look competent to a 16 yr old?

  2. I know what happened. The security guard in question must have been a little hard of hearing. When going through training, he misunderstood the instructor and probably heard rule number three as, keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shit.

    Anyway, if he wasn’t hard of hearing before, he probably is now after letting one fly in a ceramic tiled bathroom.

  3. FWIW, a guard at the Utah Public Health Dept. I talked to the other day carried a Springfield 1911 of some kind. It’s not all just Berettas and Glocks.

  4. Glad you posted that vid… she’s amazingly cute – I’ve seen her other stuff here and there on YouTube. “Vault Day” is a good one…

  5. Great post… for my day job, I usually have gear on my belt (no gun) and I’ve used that belt loop trick when I use the bathroom to prevent my gear from falling off my belt. Awesome and informative post.

  6. Becuase of this rash of bathroom shootings, I am going to write my congressman/senator to propose that all restrooms be “Gun Free Zones”. The only reports hear in the potty should be “organic” in nature!

  7. Ok first if your gun goes off its because of you its called neglect. This woman in the vid does not have any kind of training . I carry a fire arm for work for 20 years when I went to the bathroom my gun never went off at all or fell for that matter. If a person shoots his or her gun in any restroom she should never have a gun. If your gun goes off its your fault you pulled the trigger and you are a threat to the public.

  8. I do believe guns are great but the vast people should never have a gun. Like I said before I carry for work for 20 years never had a problem at all. If your gun goes off its your fault. Most of the people I work with are real good at gun safty. Now we have a couple of women as well and the women are the worst with a gun. One woman went to the bath room did her thing then left. # hrs later she looked at her rig and felt light yes in deed she left her gun in the bath room. How was this possible then I relized she has no need to have a gun. The gun was never recovered. Thank god she was fired. Threat to the public, Another woman was in line to get food and some how she shot her gun in her holster thank god she was fired she never should have had a gun. Then we had another female she shot her taz getting money from her front pants. she still has her job but we all know she should never have any kind of gun. All these women are a threat to the public. Bottom line in if your gun goes off you have no need or right to carry a gun. Women should never have guns they just don’t have the skill


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