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Is that a real GLOCK 19 or an Airsoft gun? At the end of this “comedy” skit, the teen playing COD racks the slide and ejects what sure looks like a cartridge. If so, whoa. Not only is he pointing the gun in an unsafe direction, his finger’s on the trigger. If not, if it is a toy, still no. This channel is popular with the whipper-snapper set; setting a bad example on gun safety on the Interwebz is never a good idea. In fact, it’s entirely irresponsible. And Facebook bans people selling a legal product legally. Go figure.

[h/t M and AF]

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    • Another vid from his page. They’re both real. He also claims to have a concealed carry permit, which is truly frightening.

      • I’m not saying that I hope they both get Lou Gehrig’s disease, but if they were to both be diagnosed with ALS, I would be happy

      • Its hard to believe that there are people who have normal levels of intelligence, which is i believe the case with him, but are so incredibly stupid.

        The other thing is that males in their late teens and early 20s are incredibly stupid. We are. Lets face it.

        In 15 years he’ll be married with a kid (if he survives) and wondering how he survived his stupid youth.


  1. I don’t know, if someone kept muzzling me with an AK even after I told him not to I think I’d react in a similar fashion.

    • I think the AK is fake, while the pistol is real.

      ETA: I didn’t watch the video more than once, or super closely, so don’t flame me if I miss-identified either of these guns as real or fake

      • I am about 90% sure that AK is real, because you can’t rack an airsoft AK like you can a real one, and that was definitely a real sounding and looking bolt rack. If the AK is real very probably the Glock is as well.

        • Well if they’re both airsoft guns, or they’re both real then I would consider drawing on the muzzler perfectly acceptable. But if the AK is airsoft and the Glock is real that would be disproportionate display of force, and if the AK is real and the Glock is airsoft that’s kind of like bringing a rubber knife to a gunfight – better tool up next time.

        • Unsure. I have a gas AK replica that is identical in form and function to a real one, you’d have to see the top of the magazine or the guts to tell them apart. Racks like one, has the safety clack, all of it. And recently a couple companies have put out pistols that feed from cartridges that hold bbs, and a gas resivoir in the gun. It’s all in the name of realism for countries that can’t own real guns.

    • There is no reason to draw on the AK holder – because they are just ignorant arrogant uneducated kids. The AK holder is obviously his friend/guest/visitor. He is not a stranger presenting a threat. He is an idiot annoying guest that the kid shouldn’t have invited over – but it doesn’t matter much, as they appear to gauge equally on the character scale.

      This whole video I attribute to our public education system and an epic parental guidance failure.

  2. Well if its an airsoft model they do make shell ejecting glocks. Buuuut. Still seems dumb to me.

    • If thats the case then it is probably fake, because when he racks the slide the first time the shell flies out (but the magazine was still inserted… dohhh), so then he drops the mag and racks the slide again as he is putting it away and I dont believe anything comes out that time.

      So its probably still fake, but also still really stupid.

  3. Seems fake to me. The guy has an almost identical video from two years ago with a different person holding the “glock” and the cameraman holding what looks to be an “AR”. Glock still appears to eject a casing. Only in that video and obviously much, much younger kid knows to drop the mag first before ejecting the “round”. There are other airsoft videos and paintball videos. He also has some other pretty messed up stuff like a reaction video from a kid that looks about 10 watching 2girls1cup. And lots of really crappy pranks.

    • The kid used to own airsoft only guns if your looking at his past videos, but has transitioned to real firearms. If you look at his video “haters gonna hate” he shows his real g19. Which it seems he is now using in his youtube videos.

  4. The AK sounds very real; I own one, and I can’t imagine them going to the effort of exactly replicating that “clickchinkkachlank” of an AK bolt carrier. However, I’d just about guarantee that the whole thing is acted out; they sound like they are trying to act out a script, and not being very convincing about it. Idiots trying to look like tough guys on YouTube, and who’ll probably end up killing themselves through stupidity, whether guns are involved or not.

  5. Is this genius saying alahu akbar at 14 secs in? I can’t think what else that sounds like.

    Lovely gents.

    • If you’ve ever played the battlefield or call of duty series it revolves around teams of military or special forces fighting terrorists, so if he’s playing as a terrorist and talking to someone in game that wouldn’t be terribly out of context.

      • No I haven’t, but that would make sense then as what he does say sounds like he has no idea how the words should be spoken.

        What is this kid 13? I’ll bet he’s gonna love seeing this stuff 30 years from now, if he makes it that far.

      • True. I play Counter Strike Global Offensive and there is the counter terrorist side and the terrorist side. When you’re playing on the terrorist side, it isn’t uncommon to shout some faux “allahu ackbars!” In the team or global chat.

        I’d be more worried about the fact that these guys are morons as opposed to real life, plotting, islamic terrorists.

  6. The AK looks fake to me, but I’m not super familiar with BB guns I mean airsoft…I have only ever shot real AK’s.

    • Its a yugoslavian AKM (look at the rear trunion rivets and flare at the top edge of the front trunion). They dont make airsoft versions of that rifle. That and the unmistakable bolt racking sound as mentioned above.

  7. Edit* nah the AK is real, we have morons here. Maybe they will do the world a favor and have a negligent discharge into each others nuts.

  8. I’d venture to say the AK is real. The glock, more than likely. The unidentifiable AK owner has a problem holding the rifle up by one hand. Dumb, very, very dumb.

  9. He better take some lessons on handling a semi-auto, besides all the other lessons he should be taking. That is NOT the proper procedure to unload the weapon. Yes in the end, he ejected the chambered round, but having the magazine inserted, pulling the slide back ejecting a round and chambering another round, THEN dropping the magazine and then pulling the slide back again to eject the round is poor weapon handling and shows unfamiliarity with semi-auto weapons.

    People have accidental discharges doing that. Any semi-auto that does NOT have a magazine safety would fire if a person ratchets the slide with a loaded magazine, then drops the magazine, the weapon has a chambered round and can and will fire

  10. Who really cares if his guns are real or fake. I know for a fact he’ll never see a REAL vagina! What a lame.

  11. Worst comes to worst, two less idiots in the world, a clean up crew gets some overtime, and we got a story for next weeks irresponsible gun owner. Is this kid even old enough to have a pistol?

    • No, the worst is when they shoot each other “by accident”, miss, and the 7.62×39 round from that AK goes through a couple of walls and hits someone on the street or in the adjacent apartment.

      Quite frankly, the kind of firearm handling that is seen on this video should be considered reckless endangerment in its own right, and they should not ever own a gun again. That’s not what RKBA is for.

  12. He racks the glock to eject a round… it would slide lock if the magazine is empty… if not empty, he just chambered a round.

    Let’s say he chambered a round. He ejects mag.. re-racks the slide… but where did the chambered round go? He doesn’t palm it and it doesn’t land on the floor. No evidence of a 2nd round going anywhere. He doesn’t throw it on the desk but picks up his controller right away..

    Fake glock… fake AK.. 2 posers

    • At the end you can hear a casing fall after the gun returns to battery on the final rack. At 1:25 you can see there is clearly a round still in the magazine that is being removed, so the gun was definitely loaded with another round, which is why he cleared it twice.

  13. Eh, this is a bit iffy. The guy behind the camera is IRGOTD no question. But the focus of the camera had a firearm aimed at him. I can’t blame him for aiming his own weapon at the perpetrator who was putting him at risk of death or grievous bodily harm.

    The finger on the trigger, though, cannot be excused, and he definitely deserves a refresher course on the four fundamental rules of firearms safety.

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