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“An elevator operator at Trump Tower claims a billionaire office tenant threatened him with a revolver after the employee refused to wait around to take him down to the lobby. Stewart Rahr [above left], who sold his drugstore-distribution company for $1.3 billion in 2010, told The Post he was with Sen. Charles Schumer outside the mogul’s 24th-floor headquarters on Nov. 1 when ‘I told the guy, ‘I’m in a hurry. I’ll be back in 30 seconds.’’ But the elevator man already had a passenger and shut the door.” Wait. Congressional gun-grabber-in-chief Chuck Schumer has his HQ in Trump Tower? The skyscraper owned by Donald Trump, recently lionized by Emily Miller for his [alleged] pro-2A stance? Huh. OK. Another question . . .

Why is the Post telling this tale from Rahr’s perspective? Surely it should be based on the elevator operator’s account. Far be it for me to suggest that the Post is kow-towing to The Big Apple’s one percenters. But they so are. To wit . . .

Rahr, a pal of Donald Trump and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, said he later tracked down the employee and chewed him out.

The worker, Rahr said, accused him of going ballistic and drawing his revolver.

“He lied,” said Rahr, the married dad of two adult children.

“His union rep called the police and said I pulled a gun on him. I never pulled it out. I have no idea how he knew I had a gun.”

Rahr, who now devotes his time to philanthropy, claimed the weapon, a licensed revolver he has owned for years, wasn’t even loaded.

“They opened it and saw there were no bullets,” Rahr said of cops.

Holy ballistic billionaire bias Batman! What isn’t wrong with this account?

First, we hear that Rahr is a “pal” of NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly. That explains how the former drug store tycoon secured a concealed carry permit when millions of law-abiding New York City citizens haven’t got a hope in hell of legally exercising their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms.

Second, Rahr tracked the employee down? While there’s nothing wrong with complaining (note: I’m Jewish), a concealed carry license holder who initiates a heated confrontation with anyone for any reason is asking for trouble. Literally.

Third, Rahr’s assertion that he had “no idea” how the elevator guy knew he had a heater and his revelation that his wheel gun “wasn’t even loaded” asks us to choose between two equally implausible statements. I choose number two, which leaves us wondering what kind of idiot carries an unloaded gun around for protection.

Police confiscated the gun and took him to Roosevelt Hospital to see a shrink.

“It’s protocol,” Rahr said.

He was sprung an hour later following his psychiatric evaluation.

So now you know: if a NYC elevator operator’s union rep accuses a concealed carry permit holder of brandishing the cops frog march him to a shrink for a psych test. SOP. Or not. Anyway . . .

Cops did not charge him, but revoked his permit for that gun and a second weapon he had at his home after looking into the matter — as well as at an Oct. 24 altercation at Nobu Fifty Seven.

He said he expects to get his permits back by the end of the week.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not angry because NYC residents don’t enjoy the same firearms “privileges” afforded Mr. Rahr. Carrying a gun isn’t a privilege. It’s a right. And unless and until the cops arrest Mr. Rahr they have have no business revoking his concealed carry permit.

But no matter how you look at this, Rahr earns TTAG’s Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day hardware. His obvious arrogance and well-documented anger control issues bring aspiring concealed carry licensees into disrepute. With friends [who have friends] like these, who needs enemies?

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    • Hanging out with Schumer the Goomer; even BIGGER fail. I’m surprised ol’ Chucky was able to control his sphincter when that pistol appeared.

      • You’ve never seen that picture of Chuckie firing an UZI? He’s not afraid of guns; he just ACTS like it for effect.

        ” I have no idea how he knew I had a gun.” There’s only one logical conclusion, and we ALL know what that is.

  1. A prime example of why may-issue systems are a disaster for rights and social order. Friends of those in power get licenses, while the rest of us may feel free to rot.

    • It’s also a clean example of how easily a man can be disarmed when the authorities maintain records of all his licensed weapons.

      As always, two wrongs do not make a right.

  2. “I never pulled it out. I have no idea how he knew I had a gun.”

    Oh. Sure. Right. There is the community of the elites and then there is the rest of us. American Royalty: you don’t need to be born into it to be a member. All you need to do is amass enough wealth, power, and connections to become a prince or princess.

    • This, exactly. The dude on the left with the nice teeth is a perfect example of folks who inhabit the capitol, as exemplified by The Hunger Games. Privileged, elite, soft, ignorant, soft, stupid, soft, weak, soft and entitled. Who’s the inscrutable mannequin chick to The Donald’s left? Thanks for the comic relief.

  3. Trump Tower has to have a plethora of CCTV security cameras, theres no way in hell this wasn’t recorded, especially being near an elevator. I say demand the footage and if it does show Mr. Rahr brandishing/drawing his FAIL (unloaded) revolver, arrest and try him accordingly.

  4. In all my years in LE – 18 and counting. I never heard of or saw a person carrying concealed with an UNLOADED firearm. Ever. I’ve seen unloaded FA’s in vehicles, personal bags and even on a bicycle once. But never on an individual carrying it. So I call BS on Mr Rahr and his NYPD buddies who either stood by and watched him unload or unloaded the wheel gun themselves before reporting that he was carrying it, unloaded.

    BS, BS, BS and quadrouple BS.

    • That’s basicly what I was thinking, he wised up after the incident and unloaded incase it was reported.

      It’s a little like a kid saying they didn’t steal any cookies from the cookie jar, but if they did it was a broken/burnt cookie anyway, so it’s okay.

  5. There was no way for the elevator operator to know about the concealed weapon unless the owner unconcealed it. Which supports the operators side of the story. And rich dude should have been arrested for at least brandishing.

    • Note that NY doesn’t have a crime known as “brandishing.” This is, however, pretty clearly menacing in the second degree.

  6. Just goes to show how you can be put up on a pedestal in NYC if you have enough money!!
    No brains, just money. He, at the least, should have been smacked on the head repeatedly!!!

  7. Hate to sound like a broken record, but these questions or concerns need to be addressed to the New York Post, Trump Towers, Mayor Bloomberg, and Police Commissioner Ray Kelly. Posting here only gets us riled up about the hypocrisy of gun control and who can or can not own or carry.

    You and probably everyone that will respond to this story all have the same doubt about Mr Rahr’s story and what is probably the truth. But until all of the officials, politicians or news organizations have their collective feet held to the fire about what really happened and the preferential treatment Mr Rahr seems to have received, compared to us lessor folks, this doesn’t get any traction.

    Yes, I know this needs to be stated here, but emails and calls from you folks here at TTAG to get to the truth, is just as important, if not more! Just saying.

  8. “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.”

    It’s starting to stink of tyranny, and you’re a fool if you think the GOP isn’t in on the fix too. Where is our security from men like Rahr and Trump? They want us disarmed.

    • “if I was rich my girlfriend would look like that hot brunette too!”

      Never been rich, but I did marry a ‘hot brunette”. I have to wonder about guys who need to buy girlfriends and special privileges.

      But then again, my guns are always loaded.

  9. This sounds like there is enough information to prove that the may issue B.S. is a violation of the 14th Amendment, which provides equal protection of laws for all. Obviously, the law isn’t being applied fairly in the state. If you pulled a freedom of information act to see all of the owners of permits, I bet there would be a trend that would demonstrate unequal enforcement. If you take that with Mr. Rarh’s comments, you can see favoritism. A good lawyer should be able to win this case.

  10. Loaded or empty, it really doesn’t matter with the law. Brandishing a firearms is a crime and the fact if it’s loaded or not doesn’t enter into the charges.
    That is unless NY. NY. has passed a law where stupidity is a criminal offense. If they have, they need to immediately arrest ex-mayor Bloomberg!


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