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Context is everything. There are occasions where it makes perfect sense to take a big-ass machine gun from the trunk of your car, walk down the street a bit and fire it into the air. It’s hard to imagine a situation in which going full auto squares with the school run (Russian Man Shoots Machine Gun While Dropping His Kids Off For First Day of School). Wait, I got one! You’re a Syrian tax collector. You’re worried about your sprogs getting bullied by kids whose parents are suspected of being part of the Free Syrian Army. Hang on; did I hear gunfire before the full-auto demo? Even so, it’s still not a great idea to fire bullets into the air you know not where. Or to do so without seeking cover/concealment. Or proper eye and ear protection. And that’s the truth.

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  1. I got to get me one of those cars with the big trunk and all the amenities. That’s what I call a spare tire.

  2. That not a Russian thats Dagestany(or how ever you call them, they’re muslims) , that in Dagestan or Caucasian part of Russia. Long time ago my Russian friend showed me that video, year or so ago and pointed that out. He said that he’s either a bad guy, basically he(my friend) kind of said he probably dead now or he’s part of Kadarov(again I cannot get the spelling or the person right probably) group or who ever the leader is there and still probably dead today.

  3. Yes, it sounded like someone was shooting before the man with the machine gun opened up.

    I was stunned at how many people froze, stood around watching, or kept walking slowly like nothing was happening.

    • Seriously, America the land of the free complaining about a guy shooting a machinegun? Tsk, tsk I am dissappointed.

      • lolinski, it’s not that he’s shooting a machine gun. It’s where he’s shooting it.

      • I enjoyed it, I must say. And sometimes it’s not helpful to compare cultures, point-by-point. Especially if you don’t know the story behind it.

  4. Can someone please show this to the pro-gun zombies so they can understand the difference between full-auto and semi-auto?

    • “Pro-gun zombies”? You meant “anti”, right? (My turn for the face palm)

  5. Feinstein would have a heart attack. All that firepower, all those innocent schoolchildren, and no one hurt. Still, pretty damn irresponsible to just let er rip with all those people nearby.

    • NO video is in commieland so all is good with Difi. It’s only the US/West she hates.

  6. Are my old eyes deceiving me, or was that MG loaded with blanks? I didn’t see much recoil or muzzle lift, even when he switched to a one-hand hold. Or is that a Russian variant of a .223-size round, with little recoil?

    Admittedly, I can’t recall ever using an M-60 in training where it ran that well on blanks. They would usually jam after 20-30 rounds.

    • That’s what I was thinking too. He either has the wrists of Superman or is firing blanks. Seems like he just wanted the other shooters to hear him, that would be a waste of useful ammo if it weren’t blanks.

      • If I had to guess it looks like it initially knocked him a tad off balance, but once he got settled in he was able to balance the full auto off his hip.

    • Please explain:

      Relatively proficent guy with PKM vs. Police with 12 pound triggers

  7. Mikeybnumbers, frustrated that the TTAG crowd wasn’t buying his load of bilge about gun control decided to vent a little.

  8. This is what was forecast if those evil, ‘full-auto assault clips’ are allowed in America.
    The HORROR!

  9. Shooting up your kids’ school is, in my opinion, a wee bit excessive. Perhaps a harshly worded note would have been a better choice.

    • Where’s the evidence the school was “shot up”? Looks like he was firing over it, to me.

    • They know the value of vodka, and demonstrate it early and often. Besides, if this was the Caucasus, calling them “Russians” is fightin’ words! I wouldn’t do it to a chap with a machine gun.

      Maybe someone said, “hey, there’s that Russian dude again!”

  10. What I find most amusing is the lack of response from the people nearby. They’re just “Whatever!” and only check to make sure they’re not being fired AT.

    • Хотя все талибы являются мусульманами, не все мусульмане (или чеченского) являются талибы или другие экстремистские. Будьте здоровы, товарищ.

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