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College town cops comport themselves in one of two ways. One: don the mirrored shades, strut when you walk and assume the hard-ass mantle. You go the full Nuke LaLoosh, hiking up your gun belt and announcing your presence with authority at every opportunity because those snot-nosed little shits need to know who’s boss. Two: go-along-to-get-along. What you don’t see (or smell) isn’t that important. You don’t insert yourself into a situation unless a budding scholar puking his lower intestine onto his Air Jordans becoming so obnoxious that cuffing the little punk and getting him off the street ensures the kid’s safety, improves the town’s hygiene and promotes the general welfare . . .

From a recent report at, it seems that the Pullman, Washington police  force – the people tasked with patrolling around Washington State University – has its share of the latter.

Still, Ronny Washington managed to get himself arrested, but it wasn’t just for being a drunken, insufferable idiot. At least, not at first.

Robinson had approached several officers outside Valhalla Bar and Grill, verbally harassing them and refusing to leave when asked. They asked him to take off his jacket and remove his hands from his pockets, but found no indication he was carrying a weapon.

He told multiple Pullman PD officers they were “f—ing up their lives” and asked if they believed in what they were doing. Officers told him he was acting in a threatening manner and was making them uncomfortable. He later told an officer to “shut the f— up,” and left soon after.

Not content with somehow managing to avoid a richly deserved hickory shampoo, he moseyed on down the road, ultimately re-directed his commentary toward the boys chillin’ on the balcony at a nearby frat house.

According to witnesses, he was involved in a verbal altercation with members of Phi Delta Theta, then took his gun out from the waist of his pants, cocked it and pointed it straight in the air.

The brief account on the college newspaper’s web site doesn’t go into a lot of detail (“Officers tackled Robinson, confiscated his gun and handcuffed him”), but at that point Robinson may have finally been introduced to the otherwise remarkably patient officers’ night sticks. We can dream, anyway. So in addition to to arraignment and a trial — not to mention losing his gun rights — Robinson can also look forward to receiving a piece of IGOTD hardware. Some guys have all the luck.

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  1. I was in Phi Delta Theta when I was in college; Our house was stocked like an armory. If that guy Robinson pulled a stunt like that at my old house, the police would have been scooping him off the lawn instead of arresting him.

  2. guns and booze don’t mix. guns and stupid don’t mix. the boys in blue and the frat house showed great restraint in dealing with this dummy. kudos to both.

  3. Some guys are instant a-holes, just add alcohol and POOF! the transformation occurs right before your eyes. I don’t know whay some guys drink and just get happy and mello, and other guys get nasty, and start looking for a fight. Never made sense to me.

  4. Well, here’s to you, Mr. Robinson. You seem far more lucky than you know, ho ho ho. What’s that you say, Mr. Robinson? College cops are putting you away? Hey hey hey. Hey hey hey.


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