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“According to the Alachua County Sheriff’s Office (Florida), a group of church members was [sic] shooting skeet with shotguns at the church, located at 22575 NW 94th Avenue,” reports. I know what you’re thinking: huh? Shooting skeet at church? God did not approve. Well, Patrick A. McCall [above] wasn’t down with it. Mr. McCall walked out of his house and “randomly fired a handgun in the direction of the church.” Scary factoid number one: as far as we know, there wasn’t any alcohol involved. OK, so, it gets worse . . .

McCall said he was inside his house when he heard gun shots coming from the direction of the church. He retrieved his 9 mm Sig handgun that had a loaded magazine and grabbed another magazine that was loaded.

I don’t suppose there’s much in point grabbing an empty magazine. Although, in this case, that would have been a good thing, not a bad thing.

Standing four feet behind his house, he fired quick, successive shots until the magazine was empty. He reloaded and fired again, but could not remember if he emptied the magazine.

I’m thinking yes.

He said he was pointing the gun in the air in the direction of a pecan tree that is in front of his house. McCall said he fired rounds because he heard other people firing rounds. It is something he has done in the past.

So that’s OK then? Maybe if you’re a member of the police department, where sympathetic firing is considered muy simpatico. And how does the reporter know that McCall’s done this in the past? Did McCall say so? Or was there a previous run-in with Johnny Law? Hmmm.

Meanwhile, what did that pecan tree ever do to Mr. McCall? Nothing as compared to what Mr. McCall did to one of the skeet shooting congregationalists. Rewind and start from the onset of Mr. McCall’s fusillade.

As they reloaded their shotguns, there was a lull in the shooting. They heard a succession of shots and saw Judah go down, saying he had been shot.

Jackson did not see the suspect. He took his two sons inside for cover. His vehicle was hit by gunfire, shattering the back windshield . . .

Jayde Roof went over to help Judah, seeing that he had a hole on one side of his stomach and a graze on the other side. He applied pressure to [Robert Matthew “Matt” ] Judah’s wounds while telling the others they should shoot the suspect if he approached . . . The victim was air lifted to Shands Hospital with life-threatening injuries.

Judah lived to tell the tale. A SWAT team needed just three hours to get Mr. McCall into custody, where he remains.

It’s tempting to wag TTAG’s metaphorical finger at the church, contemplating the wisdom of holding a shotgun social near a man with a history of indiscriminate gunfire. I also suspect that the local constabulary bears some responsibility for failing to disarm Mr. McCall on a previous occasion. But the IGOTD nod must go to Mr. McCall.

Patrick A. McCall is a poster child for gun grabbers. Which sucks. But all responsible gun owners know that the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arm is an individual right, with individual responsibilities. Pretending that we all live up to those responsibilities is as wrong as pretending that none of us can.

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      • With the right gun a .45 will kill pecans from 600 yards…

        And a REAL Operator can crack a second pecan while using the same shot to bring him the meat of the first one.

  1. We’ve had some church shooting events, but we hold them at a local outdoor range. Although, there is no city ordinance prohibiting discharging a firearm in city limits – we figure it’s not polite to ruin the Sunday afternoon naps of the neighbors.

  2. Oh, dear. How embarrassing. I’ve actually been good boy lately, [waits for laughter to die down] and this machine is only shared with people who are -frankly- much more reliable than me.

    In any case, just for my own peace of mind, I wiped my browser– cookies, history, downloads– everything. The ad still comes comes up.

  3. So he walks outside and cranks off rounds. Spectacular.

    This is the kind of story you wake up and see on TV before rolling your eyes and going back to bed in disgust.

  4. “Harvesting pecans occurs from mid October through November, and occasionally into December. For home harvesting, gathering falling nuts can be an option, but you usually have to fight the squirrels”….. and the occasional gun-blasting nut.

    At least he was hunting pecans in season.

  5. I don’t see how you people can make jokes about something so horrible. I pray for you all that God forgives you. RIP Matt Judah.

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