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Ah, the pride of ownership. Who hasn’t brought home a new heater and wanted to show it off to everyone they know? Harrisburg, PA Officer William Owens (not pictured above) sure did. In fact, a report from says Officer Owens couldn’t wait to peacock around a Memorial Day BBQ over the weekend, letting all of his friends and neighbors check out his new service pistol. He forgot one thing, though . . .

Actually, he forgot four things. Damn, those rules are pesky little bastards.

Authorities say a central Pennsylvania police officer shot his wife in the buttocks as he was showing his department-issued gun to family and friends during a weekend cookout at his home.

Now there’s a family story that’ll be told for years to come. “Hey, remember when aunt Madge bitched at Uncle Bill for burning the hamburgers and he shot her in the ass? Wonder if he ever found another job…. Man, those were the good ol’ days!”

(Dauphin County District Attorney Ed) Marsico said he believes the shooting was an accident but charges could be filed if an investigation determines Owens acted recklessly.

If he acted recklessly? We’d have thought the bloody bullet hole in his wife’s buttcheek was kinda prima facie evidence of that.

But we’re pretty sure Bill’s going to suffer enough without facing a criminal charge. He’s never going to be able to grovel enough make this one up to the old ball and chain. All we can do is give him one more thing – a lovely IGOTD trophy – to dust while he’s doing the housework for the next ten years in penance for plugging her. Hey Bill, you missed a spot!

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  1. Has anyone else noticed that ALOT of these IGOTD are going to our “trained” police officers?

    Everyone loves to bitch about your average stoopid joe citizen gun owner that does some numbskull things with loaded weapons, but these cops are TRAINED by professionals at our expense in gun safety over & OVER again and again and yet they are some of the very worst offenders of poor weapons handling.

    Don’t even get me started on all those dog-shooting cops……

    • It’s illegal to be carrying while under the influence. You can’t conceal carry into a bar if you are going to have even one drink. But enforcing existing laws and punishing people for breaking those laws clearly isn’t enough! We must ban all alcoholic beverages! If people aren’t allowed to inbide then we certainly won’t find any drunk people anymore in this country! Problem solved.

      • “It’s illegal to be carrying while under the influence. ”

        Citation to Pa. Code section that makes this a crime, please?

        • Ill answer this one, No it is not illegal. In PA you can carry in bars and consume while carrying. There is no law on the books against it. It may not be advised, but it is not illegal.

        • And that most likely needs to be addressed in PA. Some other states like Ohio allow carry in a bar but NO consuming of alcohol. The rest like Texas, no entry in the bar or anywhere where 50.1 % of sales is alcohol. Less like restaurants that serve is OK for entry but NO drinking. Legal limit of alcohol in Texas while carry is 0.00000%, period.

          Really, carry, NO drinky! Drinky, NO carry!

      • Location, location, location.

        In Florida, it is OK to carry into place that serves alcohol, except which portion of the establishment is primarily devoted to such purpose Fla. Stat. § 790.06(12)(a)12

        So, Chili’s: OK, Chili’s at the bar: Not OK, Chili’s “lounge area”: Gray area, no case laws, don’t be a test case.

        It is not prohibited to drink while carrying concealed in Florida, however it is illegal to “use a firearm,” which is defined as to discharge a firearm or to have a firearm readily accessible for immediate discharge (that means loaded and in your hand) while under the influence when affected to the extent that his or her normal faculties are impaired… This section does not apply to persons exercising lawful self-defense or defense of one’s property. Fla. Stat. § 790.151

        The lesson is: know the laws where you are, or where you’re going to be. I would say “Ignorance of the law is a poor defense” except that for the “carry restrictions” statute, the law requires you to “knowingly and willfully” violate it before it’s punishable by a second degree misdemeanor, so I guess ignorance is actually defensible in this case.

        • I would think if you get in a gun battle after having a drink at a bar, the prosecutor is going to be all over the fact you were drinking. Doesn’t matter if it’s legal or not, more than likely, in court, it is going to be an issue, no matter how righteous the shoot.

          Personally, I don’t care if someone has a drink while carrying. Prudence, though, suggests it’s probably a bad idea.

      • Around here, you can’t carry in a bar, period. Doesn’t matter if all you’re going to drink is water.

    • Don’t piss on the parade, Chas. The guys were having a good old time laughing it up about this one.

      Gun negligence should be taken more seriously. Loss of gun rights should be the first result, after due process, of course.

        • Bob, what you have to understand is, with Mikey, it’s an “all roads lead to Rome” kinda deal. To him, the punishment for everything, from the most egregious to the most minor, starts with “loss of gun rights.” Several months ago he suggested that anyone who ever has a negligent discharge of any kind should lose their gun rights, regardless of whether or not there was property damage or injury. Any excuse that gets the guns out of our grubby little mitts is just fine with him.

    • damn you, broken edit button!

      suspended without pay pending a outcome of a investigation. what is there really to investigate? whether the gun magically went off all by itself?

    • Because it was a cop, they are doing everything they can to not charge him, that’s what the “investigation” is for. If it was an ordinary citizen there would be no investigation, there would be immediate cuffs and a cell.

  2. “(Dauphin County District Attorney Ed) Marsico said he believes the shooting was an accident but charges could be filed if an investigation determines Owens acted recklessly.”

    That’s a DA’s way of saying that he needs to find out if Owens has any strong political connections before the DA decides to prosecute.

  3. A loaded weapon at a family/friend outing with beer present. tsk, tsk, tsk. Bit of a macho man, ain’t he? Look at my gun, look at my gun, boom. Maybe he doesn’t need to be armed. A nice job checking packages at Sam’s club or Walmart seems to be more fitting as long as he only has a crayon to check the receipts with, no sharp pen.

  4. If the young child of a civilian accidentally kills someone with a gun owned by the parents left unsecured the parent(s) get arrested and prosecuted. If the child’s parent is a cop then charges are usually not filed.

  5. Yup -proof positive that some police officers aren’t as smart, especially common sense wise, as they look, eh?

  6. Theory: Have you ever heard “I do this all the time” or “I am a professional” followed shortly by “Someone call 911!!!”

    The saying “fear keeps us safe” is true. Once you lose all your fear of an object or situation you tend to ignore simple safety rules.

  7. OK, I am going to assume quite a bit here, but a full size service pistol is typically in a major caliber like .40 S&W, 10mm, .45 ACP OR the not so lowly 9mm. Since the events took place at his home, I’m assuming the distance from barrel to buttock was 40 feet or less. I am also assuming that the issue rounds are jacketed hollow points. My point being that this usually creates a very serious wound. So I am left wondering just what size buttock we are talking about here? Sorry, but my engineering trained mind wanders to details like this.

    • There’s more than one way to transect a buttocks, not all of them leading to life threatening or even necessarily serious injuries.

  8. Hey now, Dan! I think we need to get the full facts before giving him an IGOTD award. If it turns out that she was being a royal bitch an he “accidentally” put a hole in her ass, I say he needs to get a medal of honor for having the balls to put a pain in the ass (no pun intended) in her place.

  9. If people want to see my firearms, I’ll open the door to the safe and they can look, but not touch. I have that rule, because every single one of my pistols is loaded. And we’re not talking “treat every gun as if it were loaded” loaded.


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