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Sometimes the jokes, they write themselves. Joe Santy (not pictured above)  of the Plantation, FL PD managed to shoot himself center of mass while cleaning his Glock. OK, fine. I’m sure everyone here can count the points of fail along the timeline that led officer Santy inexorably to the ER. And he richly deserves his newly minted bust in the hallowed halls of the IGOTD shrine. But that’s not the funny part…

No, the funny part is the feeble attempt made by Plantation Chief Howard Harrison at making a stinking turd smell like a rose.

There is no evidence Santy acted recklessly, Chief Howard Harrison wrote in a letter to Santy. “I remain convinced that this incident involved an unfortunate and personally embarrassing aberration,” the chief wrote. “The injury you suffered, while serious, could have been more tragic.”

No, nothing reckless about failing to clear your gun before cleaning it, then pointing it at your own breadbasket before pulling the trigger. Nothing at all.

Pardon me while I wipe the coffee off of my screen. There. That’s better.

If Chief Harrison and Officer Santy are ever in need of another gig, I can think of at least one place where they’ll be received with open arms.

So welcome to the IGOTD fold, Officer Santy. And take copious notes during your remedial weapons training class. We’d love to hear what you learn. You might also want to take Chief Enabler Double H out for lunch. He seems to be doing all he can to keep you from looking stupid. Er.

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  1. Actually, there is no evidence that the officer acted recklessly. Stupidly, yes. Dumb as a box of hammers, yes. Like a schmuck with earlaps, yes. But not recklessly. Besides, if there was any evidence, it would have disappeared by now.

    What really happened was that Officer Krumke thought the gun was a cell phone. Cops make that mistake all the time.

    • No, it was reckless.

      Reckless: Adjective: (of a person or their actions) Without thinking or caring about the consequences of an action…

      He didn’t think and/or didn’t care about the consequences of his actions, therefore they were reckless.

  2. Darwinism has seen fit to give him another chance. Let’s hope he has learned something from this incident. If he is married with children, I hope his better half is the smart one for his kids sake.

    • Darwinism would have ensured he be left to die from his wounds, or make a miraculous recovery, man intervened giving him a second chance. And for some unusual reason, his bosses decided to give him a second chance as well.

  3. These are the people we’re supposed to trust with our lives? Ha! I’m from south Florida and can honestly say that there’s a lot of incompetency there anymore. I’m only two hours from plantation too. I think cops where I live now are just bored all the time

  4. Officer Santy is very lucky he was given the chance to reconsider his suicide attempt.

    Unfortunately for him that opportunity did not arise until after the projectile had lodged in his body.

    • “Officer Santy is very lucky he was given the chance to reconsider his suicide attempt.”

      Suicide was my first thought.
      Either inept at suicide or gun safety.
      Maybe both.

  5. This is one of those accidents which give me pause and make me wonder if it was intentional. I can more easily imagine someone putting a round through the wall , but to point a weapons at yourself and pull the trigger? I couldn’t bring myself to do that with a gun I cleared 30 times. I’d just wonder what bad habit I would be starting.


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