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Father Kevin Murphy (courtesy

“On Sunday, September 13th the 8-year-old victim and several family members arrived at the church for Sunday services,” reports. “Prior to the mass beginning, police say Father Carter asked to see him in one of the rectory rooms.” Note: it’s not what you might think but still not entirely advisable behavior. Just sayin’ . . . “Once in the room, Father Carter allegedly had the victim stand against a wall. He then retrieved a [functioning civil war style musket] from nearby and pointed it at the child with an indication that he would shoot him. Police say this was witnessed by several people that were standing outside of the room.” Cops arrested Father Kevin Carter, despite the fact that . . .

The episode appears to have been a prank over football.

The Giants were scheduled to play the Cowboys later that night; prosecutors say the priest was apparently disappointed when the boy said he would be rooting for Dallas.

But the charges are serious and a major embarrassment for Father Carter who was sworn-in earlier this year as the chaplain of the Little Ferry Police Department.

Simple rule: never point a gun at something you’re not willing to destroy. Otherwise you run the risk of destroying the wrong thing. In this case, Father Carter’s rep. Still, it could have been worse. It always could be worse. Until it isn’t. Shudder.

That said, we’re glad that a new Jersey priest – of all things – appreciates our country’s firearms history. Let’s hope that the gun gets returned and the IGOTD hardware headed his way becomes a similarly important educational artifact.

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  1. Not sure the gun SHOULD be returned. Who points a gun at an 8 year old and then expects nothing to be said about it?

    I recognize this is the age when everyone makes a big deal about every little thing and i don;t go along with that, but what about the kid’s fear factor here? Will he ever trust his priest again? Will this be another black eye for responsible gun owners for the Libs to capitalize on?

    It was a stupid thing to do. Period.

    • In >Jersey<, where ANY gun requires registration/licensing, in a likely gun free building. Priest gonna have a crappy NJ legal ride, lest his connections allow him only ones™ status.

  2. [functioning civil war style musket] from nearby and pointed it at the child

    The nicknames guys come up with for their dicks…

  3. Another example of the corruption of the Left*-

    1. sees no problem with intimidation of those with less power
    2. believes itself above the rules of law and common sense
    3. separates children from their parents
    4. believes in its own morality, when in doubt, over 1-3

    * Why “the Left” in this parish?
    a. One need only read about the latest incarnation of the Pope to understand where the Catholic Church is, on the scale of totalitarianism vs individual rights.
    b. Chaplain for a typical 100% union organization- Fire Department.
    c. Its New Jersey.

    Enough said. Any parent who leaves their child, boys especially, alone with a priest is guilty of neglect.

    • FYI…Handgun Control Inc., the predecessor of all anti gun groups, was started with a grant from the UMC (United Methodist Church)…I resigned from the UMC after finding out what a leftist, anti gun organization it is,
      although I never experienced the outright leftist propaganda from them, like my Catholic friends tell me they hear every Sunday. I wonder how many Muslims hear anti gun propaganda in their place of worship…my guess is zero.

  4. So, there’s definitely no IQ test for becoming a priest, then?

    Seriously, who thinks lining an 8-year-old up like he’s in front of a firing squad and pointing a gun at him is a hilarious prank?

  5. Did they really use muskets in the civil war? I thought they were pretty much all muzzle loading rifles, with a small supply of newfangled, cartridge-fed stuff.

    • The soldiers used rifles, muskets and something called a “rifled musket,” which had a musket-type lock and ignition mechanism and a rifled barrel.

      • The rifled musket worked its magic with the minie ball, which was a rather nasty bullet for the time.

        • The Minie bullet wasn’t invented until 70 years after the American Revolution. The vast majority of American soldiers carried smoothbore muskets; they were quicker to reload, and they were much more available than rifles of any sort. Some Americans did bring rifles with them into combat, and they did achieve some significant results from time to time, not least the sniper killing of the British general Fraser at near Saratoga. But these were the exception, not the rule.

        • OOops! Read that and responded without engaging my mind! Registered that he had written revolutionary war.

    • Muskets were the common issue weapon for the first years of the war. Even after the Union began using rifled muskets and breach loaders, many Confederate units still used muskets.

  6. A cop would get a pass because he’s a cop. Why doesn’t the cop chaplain get a pass? Is it because his shirt isn’t blue?

  7. Setting aside the Catholic Priest/8 year old boy angle, this guy pointed a firearm at a child and indicated that he would shoot him. Isn’t that Assault with a Deadly Weapon? Isn’t that a felony? This priest should have his ass tossed in prison. “Let’s hope that the gun gets returned”? Why?

    Robert, put down the bong and think about this. This is not importing bananas under 7″ long, or incompletely documented mahogany (both of which are felonys, go figure). It is assault with a deadly weapon. As a person of the gun, and a person who grew up catholic, I am embarassed by this priest’s behavior. I will not defend him.

    • +1. Could have more easily pointed any number of non-real options if he wanted to play a prank (water gun, Nerf gun, maybe a pop-cap gun, etc.).

  8. This priest should be in prison and should have his gun taken away, I’m sorry to say. If you wanted a prank, you’d have pointed a water/Nerf gun at him, everyone else who saw would have laughed, and we’d have never heard about it again.

  9. Another Priest and a little buddy victim?
    Pontiff is up at UN and White house preaching Holier than Thou, will kill you to save you! power hungry SOB! can’t even keep his own house in Order!
    They should Outlaw Priest’s or have padre Control reviews!

  10. Not what I usually think of when told a priest was pointing his gun at a little boy. This time it wasn’t a euphemism.

  11. Let’s hope they keep the priest’s gun, and throw the book at him. What the hell do you mean “prank”.

  12. A prank over football? And this is a man that’s supposed to help people sort out their priorities in life.

  13. But the charges are serious and a major embarrassment for Father Carter who was sworn-in earlier this year as the chaplain of the Little Ferry Police Department. Am I the only one interested in whether he got bail, paid leave, charged with a hate crime for routing for the wrong football team.
    No double standards put DC politicians on Obamacare and SS.Thanks for your support and vote. Pass the word.

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