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That old saying is a good ‘un – the gun you have with you really is better than the one you don’t. That probably even applies to flare guns, I guess. Though I’d rather be carrying an “underpowered” .22 than an orange firebringer, any port in a storm, no? Of course, just like a gun that goes bang, brandishing a flare gun is never a good idea. And adhering to those four rules seems a good way to go, too. Unfortunately, Nicholas Richer wasn’t thinking that way. In fact, due to a nasty bout of road rage, he wasn’t thinking much at all . . .

After Richer cut off another driver, the two mad motorists engaged in a spirited bout of fist-shaking, f-bomb hurling and other primitive displays as they tooled along Interstate 93 in scenic New Hampshire. That’s when, as details, Nicholas added some flair to his threatening gestures.

Several minutes into the incident, Richer pointed the flare gun out the window, Johnston said.

But after Richer waved it around, the gun went off in his own car, with the flare “ricocheting off the windshield,” according to Johnston.

“It’s unclear whether he attempted to fire the weapon outside his vehicle with the round . . . going off a few seconds late after it went inside the car or if he inadvertently pulled the trigger,” Johnston said.

That pesky rule three gets ’em every time. Evidently chastened, Nicholas tried to get rid of the evidence. He was found by a cop trying to stash the flare gun in a bush. As if the broken windshield and the smell of charred upholstery wouldn’t have given him away.

Young Mr. Richer is poorer today after posting a $7,500 bond to get out of the hoosegow. Of course, while waiting to face a couple of felony charges, he’ll have the consolation of knowing that he’s been named our latest IGOTD. And we certainly hope the experience hasn’t singed his ego. Much.


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  1. Never understand how these “encounters” get this far. De-escalation, people. It is not that hard.

  2. Mr. Richer is a flaming a$$hole in every sense of the word. However, he can’t be the IGOTD winner since he didn’t have a — what do you call that thing again? Oh, yes. A gun. He didn’t have a gun.

    So I propose that Richer be given a new award –the Irresponsible Non-Gun Owner of the Day award, or NONGOTD. Just to be fair, no Senators, Congressman, clergymen or American ex-pats living in Italy can be eligible for the NONGOTD, ’cause that would be too easy.

    • Ralph: “He didn’t have a gun.”

      Well, he had a firearm. But Irresponsible Firearm Owner of the Day just doesn’t have the same ring to it.

      “A ‘firearm’ is defined by 18 U.S.C. 921(a)(3) to include any
      weapon (including a starter gun) which will or is designed to or may readily be converted to expel a projectile by the action of an explosive, and the frame or receiver of any such weapon.” -ATF ruling 2009-2

  3. Who in the world stores a flare gun within reach of the driver’s seat? Not that you shouldn’t, but… why would you? Having one in the trunk is understandable, possibly even a good idea, but this is just weird. Are flare guns considered firearms in most states?

    • Are flare guns considered firearms in most states?

      Various states may come to different conclusions on the legality of flare guns.

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