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Gun control advocates like to say that gun rights advocates think everyone should have a gun. Not true! While everyone has a natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms, they do not have a natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to use those firearms in any way they see fit. Murdering someone with a gun, for example, is a no-no. The antis like to conflate ownership and misuse, implying that regulating ownership is the best way to curtail or eliminate misuse. Yeah right. Anyway, here’s a very bad man doing bad things with a gun who’s proven – at least twice – that he shouldn’t have a gun [via]. . .

Just before noon on September 17, landscaper Robert Hendrix was working at a home on Palo Verde Drive in Avon Park [and] accidentally got grass clippings on Max Horton’s vehicle. Horton, of Avon Park, started arguing with Hendrix, pulled out a gun and ordered Hendrix to get on his knees. Horton told Hendrix he was going to kill him.

At the same time, fellow landscaper Johnny Barnes made a move towards Horton. Horton fired off one round from the handgun at Hendrix then turned his attention to Barnes. At this point Hendrix was able to get up and disarm Horton. Hendrix and Barns tackled Horton and held him until police arrived.

See? Now that’s a flat-out irresponsible gun owner. No two ways around it. Should the government have stopped him from owning a gun before this incident? Well yes. But only because this wasn’t his first firearms misuse.

Horton received minor injuries when tackled and was transported by EMS to Highlands Regional Medical Center’s Emergency Room for treatment. Hendrix could not be taken to Florida Hospital because he had previously made verbal threats to staff members in September 2013, telling them he had a gun in his vehicle and they would be sorry if he went to get it.

If true, back in 2013, Horton should have been charged with a felony of some sort, tried and convicted. Then he would have been a prohibited person. And then the grass clippings incident would have never happened. Oh wait. Unless Horton was in jail or under some sort of supervision, how could the government have stopped the nonagenarian from getting a gun?

There’s your trouble. And there’s our Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day. One of very few, but a sterling example of the fact that sh*t happens – a reality for which legal, law-abiding gun owners should not be punished.

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  1. Um yeah I guess-unless merely being accused bars you…could be the old-timer has a touch of alzheimers…

  2. Try reading the story for the facts, thoroughly please. The homeowner is the one who is the thug, elderly and beaten.

      • What about “I Don’t Know” obviously he was on “………………………….3rd base” in the backseat of a car at the end of the block with a local hootchie”

  3. Most generally making a verbal threat with nothing else is a misdemeanor, not a felony. I think I prefer it that way.

    • But, if that gets you prohibited from returning to one hospital ER, why not to any ER, anywhere, curl up and die if you need help?

  4. Wow, a 91 year old schmuck. I guess it’s true — there’s no assh0le like an old assh0le.

    He should be sentenced to life or two years, whichever comes first.

    • I don’t trust someone that says they don’t trust anyone with a firearm, except themselves.

      Myself, I trust pretty much anyone with a gun, until they act in a way that shows they can’t be trusted.

      It’s called innocent until proven guilty.

      And this is why I carry a firearm, for those that can’t be trusted.

      • Yup…and the fact our guns are the great equalizer and carrying such is a serious responsibility…a 90 year old hot head can squeeze a trigger just as easy as an curious 5 year old. Hot heads and guns are not a good mix. This guy has proven not to be trusted to carry outside his house.

  5. So it seems the supposed landscaper “Hendrix could not be taken to Florida Hospital because he had previously made verbal threats to staff members in September 2013, telling them he had a gun in his vehicle and they would be sorry if he went to get it”.

    The only thing Horton, the homeowner, needs is a new set of eyeglasses with a stronger prescription and additional range time..

  6. Horton should’ve been charged with a felony because Hendrix made a verbal threat to hospital staff in 2013? That doesn’t seem like a well thought out position.

    • If you find an article written by someone who knows how to read, it clarifies that it was Horton that made threats and not Hendrix.

      • I just reread it, and you are wrong. Maybe you should reread it. According to the article, “Hendrix” made those threats, which factoid several different commenters have questioned.

  7. With his age and increasingly agreesive behavior, this looks like rapid onset Alzheimers. He will likely be in diapers before he can even be brought to trial. So his end of life care will be at tax payer expense.

  8. He should’ve lost his gun rights when he made that threat to the hospital in 2013. If anything, one reason we can’t get rid of all the bad apples is apparently either they didn’t report this in 2013 or the judicial system sucks. Making a threat to go get one’s gun is a threat to kill.

  9. These jerkwad landscrapers who spray grass all over somebodies property like morons deserve a good beating with their damn weedeaters. Not shot but a good damn beating.

  10. Stupid son of a bitch……. He needs his ass whooped by every responsible firearms owner from every state, even by the gun control states !!!!!

  11. “Hendrix could not be taken to Florida Hospital because he had previously made verbal threats to staff members in September 2013, telling them he had a gun in his vehicle and they would be sorry if he went to get it.”

    This must be a misprint? How does his threat have anything to do with Horton?

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