Judge Jeff Young has sentenced South Carolinian Aleisha Wheeler [above] to five years in prison for fatally shooting Matthew Fultz. Wheeler is not our IGOTD for one simple reason: she didn’t own the weapon. Here’s the original day-after crime scene report from gwdtoday.com: “The victim, Matthew Wayne Fultz, 21, of the home, was found laying face down on a bed in a back bedroom, with a gunshot wound to the right side of the face near the temple area (approx 1 inch in front of his right ear). A black semi-automatic pistol was also found laying next to Fultz-on his left side. Upon further investigation and questioning, Wheeler indicated to deputies that the pistol belonged to the victim (Fultz) . . .

She said that previously she was shown how to partially insert the magazine into the weapon and work the slide to give the appearance that the weapon was loaded and ready to fire when it actually was not. She stated that she had done this several times and that on her last attempt the weapon fired and struck Fultz in the head.

So Fultz was teaching Wheeler how to pretend to load a gun to scare the shit out of someone when Wheeler actually loaded the gun and killed him. Bet he didn’t see that one coming. Or maybe he did. Meanwhile, there’s only one gun “trick” worth the risk: demonstrating marksmanship in a safe environment.


  1. Every time I read this make me sick to my stomach for one simple fact that Matthew Wayne fultz is my first cousin I miss him every single day it’s a damn shame it’s been fucking 10 years he didn’t deserve to go out that fucking way


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