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Here’s an equation a Colorado Springs man never learned in Mr. Merello’s seventh grade finite math class: handgun + ammo X cleanliness impulse ÷ BAC = truncated digit. From “Joshua T. Crabtree [not pictured above] called police around 11:15 p.m. to his home on the 500 block of S Hancock Ave. Crabtree said he had been cleaning his gun when it accidentally went off, shooting him in the left index finger.” See? It wasn’t really his fault . . .

It just went off. Josh, who’ll now need to wear sandals to count all the way up to ten, apparently bought one of those pistols that fires itself from time to time. Guess his gun dealer left that feature out of the sales pitch.

Crabtree was arrested in connection with the incident, but police have not said what charges, if any, will be filed. Police say Crabtree had been drinking at the time of the shooting.

Since he’s now down a finger (or a portion thereof) we’re hoping he can use the IGOTD trophy he’ll be getting soon to make sure that chamber is clear in the future.

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  1. Doesn’t answer the question I always have about stories like this:


    Lots of NDs by idiot owners have the Glock “pull trigger on empty chamber to field strip” requirement as a contributing factor.

    • “…Lots of NDs by idiot owners have the Glock “pull trigger on empty chamber to field strip” requirement as a contributing factor…”

      As opposed to following directions and removing the magazine, then insuring the chamber is empty by three different methods.

      • I see a niche market for Ashley and friends. There used to be a housecleaning service in the bay area that billed themselves as “Naked Housecleaners” or something very similar.

        Ashley can open up a lingerie gun cleaning service. Guns serviced at home.

        • I’ve been visiting this site too frequently. I was momentarily distracted from Ashley when I saw that she put the cleaning brush directly into the bottle of Hoppes. That I was momentarily concerned about the Hoppes solution being contaminated is really, really sad.

      • Maybe, but I’m sort of thinking if you’re a big enough boy to read a blog dedicated to one the least politically-correct interests in the world, you probably shouldn’t be getting your panties in a wad over a little PG-13 boobage.

  2. Everytime I hear the phrase “it just went off” I can’t help but think of Dennis Learys’ rant about his son and the peanut butter and jelly sandwich in the VCR.” No it doesn’t! Peanutbutter does not dock!!!!” Please tell me someone knows what I’m talking about.

  3. Springfield XD’s require the trigger to be pulled while stripping also. Never had it go bang because I LOOK in the chamber before pulling trigger even though I know it’s unloaded.

    Drinking does not help ones concentration. I stopped drinking when I started to shoot years ago. One or the other but not both…..

  4. As noted, pulling the trigger is necessary to field strip quite a few striker-fired pistols. I’ve said it before: it’s a design defect. Yeah, I know you haven’t shot yourselves. I’m happy for you. But other people have, and the the design of certain guns makes it far too easy.

    Fortunately, M&P pistols don’t require a trigger pull to disconnect the sear. Ruger SR pistols too. So why can’t Glock design a pistol that doesn’t facilitate an ND?

    • Springfield took that flaw out of the XDm. Then unfortunately reintroduced it in the XDS. Really, it’s only an additional part or two, and it should be as standard as a gun being drop safe.

        • Another thing that should be standard? Always making certain the freakin’ chamber is clear. No little piece of metal or plastic in your gun is a substitute for the safety device between your ears.

          This might sound callous, but I don’t care: I have absolutely no sympathy for idiots who hurt themselves with negligent discharges, only for the other people they might hurt with their carelessness.

    • I don’t own a Glock so I was unaware it had to be dry fired to disassemble. That’s an invitation to trouble.

  5. Not that idiots don’t occasionally shoot themselves, but I’m of the opinion that 9 times out of 10 when you hear about someone being killed when he was cleaning his firearm and it “just went off” it’s a suicide.

  6. call me weird, but i do this thing where i remove all ammo/mags from said fire arm to be cleaned, and move to a completely different room to clean it….then check it again before i start….idk guess i just have a bigger house than some folks.

  7. Yes, I learned a lot from “double barrel” Ashley, could have used some more info though. /// Don’t listen to em Josh, a real man only needs one finger anyways, Randy

  8. OK – am I the only one that thinks that the recoil spring looks more like a solid piece of plastic rod?

    Leave the “I gotta solid rod right here for you, baby” comments out of this.

    Notice that she never racks the slide (ok, ok, leave the “rack” comments out too) and lets it slam forward. She rides it forward (again, leave it alone). And at the end, too, after re-assembly – no evidence that there is an actual recoil spring there. Is she not physically strong enough to work the action of a Glock?


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