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Molon Labe’s announced that they’re now shipping their new SCARmag FN SCAR 17 7.62/.308 platform magazines. You can get them in a variety of capacities and in black or flat dark earth to keep everything nicely coordinated . . .

LARGO, FL (May 2013) – Molon Labe Industries, manufacturers of polymer magazines and accessories for the FN SCAR and AR rifle platforms, has begun shipment of its patent pending SCARmag to its pre-order customers.

“The SCARmag has undergone some great improvements since we initially announced the project in late 2012, making these new SCARmags even more reliable and indestructible than the original models,” Chris Gleason, Founder and CEO of Molon Labe Industries stated. “Our production is increasing every day to fulfill the many orders we have received over the past several months from our very excited customers.”

The SCARmag is designed to operate in the SCAR 17, SCAR 17s, SCAR H and MK17 rifle systems and is compatible with 7.62 mm / .308 Win. At half the weight of a factory FN SCAR magazine, the SCARmag will prove to be a great advancement in the world of FN SCAR magazines. The SCARmag has a zero-tilt, low-friction, self-lubricating follower system, so unlike the factory FN Herstal SCAR 17 magazine, it does not bind. The magazine spring is made from the highest quality stainless steel spring stock. The SCARmag is made of proprietary polymer that is virtually indestructible, exceeding Mil-Spec extreme temperatures parameters. Another unique feature of the SCARmag is the Stealth-Tex IR Signature Reduction Technology. The SCARmag also has enhanced grip protection.

The SCARmag is available in Black  & Flat Dark Earth in 5, 10, 20 and 25 round capacities.

For more information on the advantages of using a Molon Labe Industries magazine on your rifle platform, visit “Like” Molon Labe Industries on Facebook or check out the YouTube videos on the Molon Labe Industries advantage.

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  1. 70 bucks for a experimental 10,20 or 25 round mag, just awesome. -sarcasm

    Better a SCAR than a Bullpup at least.

    • I have to agree, I just bought 3 FN scar mags for $37 each, I don’t think I am willing to pay a premium for these

    • These mags are garbage. They misfeed every other round and will get you killed in a firefight. The company is run by crooks that will ask you to send the 1st gens back so they can replace them but be prepared to never see the mags or your money again. I should know…It’s been 8 months now since I send them the 1st gens back… lie after lie and excuse after excuse from these criminals.

  2. Nice website. When the hats and patches are a bigger priority in the retail store than the magazine, it tells you something about the company.

    Aren’t these guys the same ones who’s website was mostly Tactical Bikini Girls for months and months?

    Magazines are hard to design properly. The company doesn’t seem to have the sense to inspire the confidence that hey have this ability.

    • That seems a little unfair. Perhaps they spent that time actually developing and testing the magazines instead of taking preorders for vaporware?

      Would it be fair to describe your position as being that MLI shouldn’t have had any website up, and not generated any revenue of any sort, until they had magazines to ship?

      NB: I have no dog in this fight — I don’t own a SCAR much less a SCAR-17, and don’t know the folks at Molon Labe Industries.

      • You obviously don’t know the ‘preorder’ history on these mags and this company. They took folks money back in the late fall of last year, made promises of mags that had already shipped (but hadn’t actually), then strung folks along with slipped shipping dates, redesign, subcontractor issues, material issues, etc. These delays were probably real and part of the process, but they happened AFTER people had paid for the mags.

        There are many that are surprised these mags ever saw the light of day, but you are wrong if you thing they spent time developing, testing, and finalizing before taking orders.

        Take a look at some of the forums around the net (especially the ‘FN-centric’ ones) and you’ll find plenty to read about this company…..

    • I’m curious, how do you get all of that from looking at our website?

      especially this part?
      “Magazines are hard to design properly. The company doesn’t seem to have the sense to inspire the confidence that hey have this ability.”

      • Funny I read these comments did not listen to myself. I am currently waiting for 4 magazines.
        I was not told there was a delay nor any problems so when I waited a week and did not receive a ship notification I called.
        I was told nicely that they were in the middle of changing to gen II magazines and where going to ship me those when they got them.
        I asked why I was not notified and why my card was charged if the product wasn’t even there to ship to me and received a lame answer.
        that’s the way they do things. So I guess all the naysayers here are still correct and I am a fool for ordering.
        I was told two weeks to ship. I will wait another week then call my credit card company. Hopefully I will get magazines I do not regret.

        • Molon Labe (come and take it) is an appropriate name for this outfit, because that’s the only way you’ll get your magazines. THEY DON’T SHIP AS THEY PROMISE. I ordered in February 2015 too. Got the “Gen 2” story, waited two months, then was told in response to an email that a deploying unit had taken all they had and their need was “more important than mine to punch holes in paper”. I asked for a refund if they could ship. They didn’t do it. So after 4 months and only after contacting my credit card company and the Florida Attorney General did I get a refund. They never had a product as far as I can guess.

  3. I’m going to try a few of them out. I ordered the 25 rounders. We’ll see how they perform.

  4. SCAR is kind of a weird place to start a new magazine company, then again, I guess it would be hard to differentiate in the AR mag market.

    • Well keep in mind that Scar Mags were and in some places still are selling for $100 each. So at their $79 price point they are more than competitive and have a pretty nice margin I would suspect.

  5. IR Signature Reduction Technology. So that’s what I’ve been missing. No wonder my LEO friends always win at high-speed low-drag hide ‘n seek….

  6. Let someone else beta test $70 mags.

    What, none of their Facebook stripper pics with the uber “SCARMAG” in the press release…?

    They love trying to use sex to sell their untried mags…

    I’ll give it 6 months and a $20 price point, then maybe…

    • Rhino……proves you just couldn’t keep away…..nice to see that the obsessed never change.

  7. Just so TTAGers know….

    MLI has managed to alienate one of its largest, potential, fan bases: the FN Forum crowd. Why?

    MLI promised these were coming at a price VERY competitive with the stock mags, no way would they cost a lot, not us, no not us, we are NOT going to price these high, in fact, they will be LESS than FN OEM mags. So, what happens? They announce they are coming finally and…they are $70 each. FAIL.

    MLI promised delivery in Fall of last year, long before end of last year, they took people’s money. They took credit card orders and charged the card for the mags. So, what happened? They did not deliver any mags, in spite of taking people’s money. For days and days, for weeks and weeks and finally, for MONTHS, they did not deliver. What they did deliver was a lot of excuses, empty promises, baloney explanations and lame comments. Finally, not, toward the end of May apparently they are delivering magazines. FAIL.

    MLI set up a spiffy Facebook page, they hired slutty looking models to put on skimpy clothes and trot around holding SCAR 17s with the MLI prototypes stuck in them. They shot photos of said girls to pose with the mags. Did they actually produce a high quality video demonstrating and showing the magazine? Nope, not yet. FAIL.

    MLI has made all kinds of claims about their magazines, but so far there has not been one single independent test/review/ demonstration of the magazine actually functioning with a SCAR in full auto mode, have not even shown a full mag dump. FAIL.

    In other words, watch out TTAG folks, Molon Labe Industries, at this point, has managed to convince a whole LOT of SCAR 17 owners/users that they are not to be trusted.

    And, besides, since SCAR 17 OEM magazines work fantastically and the prices have dropped back down to around $38-$44 bucks, who in their right mind is going to shell out $70 for a plastic wanna-be, unproven, untested magazine??

    Just so you know…MLI is just a whole lot of FAIL.

  8. Hell….take one of the 25 round mags…..put a roller skate on the bottom and you have an MLI-SCAR Urban Assault Vehicle….the mag is what…..14″ long?

  9. $70 mags? Are they made of gold or is this to off set the money they had to throw at the models?
    I bet Magpul will step up and produce a $25 SCAR 17 mag in a minute or two. Or a lower that actually works for the AR-10 they already make.

  10. Congrats on bringing a new product to market. Since it’s release, the Scar 17 has been plagued by mag shortages. It’s really good to see someone with balls big enough to take a risk and bring another option to the table. I would love to see more people taking risks and giving us (consumers) more choices in the magazine market.

    Now if we could just get someone to start producing more ammo we’d be sitting pretty good.

    Good luck guys.

    Obviously many of you have never taken a firearm product from napkin drawing to reality, there is a bit more to it than many can imagine. We have always been up front with our customers about the long road to get here and the bumps along the way, we understand there will always be doubters and naysayers, We just want to put out a quality product and if that takes a little longer than expected, so be it. There are men overseas that will be using these magazines, I would rather get it right and miss a few ship dates than rush so someone can have it “Now” and give our nations finest an inferior product. As far as our customers, All whom have waited patiently and been understanding are being generously taken care of as we are grateful for their support and patience. A lot of what has been said about us is speculation with no fact as we have kept much of what we have done under tight wraps, Have we missed some dates, yes, have we posted a girl in a bikini on facebook, Sure, do we sell t shirts on our website, shame on us. We are Veterans trying to produce a quality American made product and we are proud of what we are doing so I really don’t understand why people like Paul are so bent on speculating on what we are about, As a matter of fact Paul if you are a customer and have a problem please email me through the MLI website and I will personally take care of you, but if you are not a customer I really don’t understand why you are upset and where you get your information from, but then again we have all seen those people on the internet haven’t we. Take care and God Bless.
    Pepper, Director of Operations, Molon Labe Industries

    • Pepper, it’s great that you took the time to respond to this. I placed my order today and after all the comments here (and research on various forums) immediately began to regret it. It’s impossible to get in contact with your company. What are you doing to improve the customer-facing aspect of your business? Emails, phone calls, etc. are immediately diverted to “we’ll get back to you.”

      • I realize that our customer service is not the best, but it isn’t that we don’t care, our first priority is to get our product to the customer and with a VERY small staff it is hard to answer every call, I am getting caught up on the emails this week so that is the best way to get through. I don’t believe in making excuses but in reality We are growing very fast and working to keep up.
        I promise this will improve very soon.

        • Chris is a really good guy..and I hope he does succeed…it is REALLY unfortunate that the way this was rolled out it generated a HUGE amount of negativity among the core group of FN SCAR shooters…..and now that the prices of OEM Mags have come down and they are available….I have around 18….and sold off close to 60 more at $45 each to members of several of the FN related forums……..why on earth would I spend $70…………I hope you guys succeed but you need to recalibrate your pricing.

        • I made my order in January I was sent an email that I will be receiving another email regarding tracking numbers. I have not received any. Will I get my order this month? Have you actually shipped out mags to anyone? I’m so excited to get mine please let me know.

        • Conrad, we have begun shipping, and depending on your order date we are naturally shipping the first orders first and working back, we are working as fast as we can with our small staff and promise you that no one wants to get these magazines into your hands more than we do.

    • I had ordered the sr25 mags about six years ago on pre order this company is not trustworthy they are vets alright veteran crooks that will scam you out of your money look up chris Gleason on linked in and tell me if you see any military service scammmmmmmm!

  12. $70 seems like a high price point for (what looks like) an injection molded, polymer magazine. Hopefully the price will come down as they are on the market longer. I understand that there are startup costs associated with the beginning of manufacturing a new product, but right now, the price is just too high.

  13. I’m all for more aftermarket products, but MLIs “unveiling” of the SCARMAG back in December 2012 was an absolute train wreck and a great example of “how not to do it”.

    But hey, they got lots of people to buy $69.99 mags that, at the time, didn’t exist.

    Seeing as Black and FDE 20rd OEM mags are readily available at FN Estore and MGW for $39-41 each, I’m not sure how long the $69.99 price point can hold. Yes, FN OEM SCAR 17 mags have been in stock for DAYS at MGW AND FN Estore.

    • We ship where ever it’s legal to sell but Not to you Rhino, lol. But then again you can always get 25 round SCARmags elsewhere can’t you?..don’t mind me I have a Grunts sense of humor 😉 but I digress, These are NOT OEM mags, so comparing them to ours is an unfair comparison, The Polymer we use is not being used by anyone and the properties make it quite expensive, these aren’t your fathers Magpul magazines. They are the next generation of polymer technology. I know that sounds like a line, but it is in fact true we have put these things through the ringer and they will last you a lifetime, advanced technology never comes cheap, what happens to your FN mag when it gets stepped on? or a heavy gun case falls on it, How about combat? when its crushed or damaged its junk. Our Mags stand up to all that and more. My Momma always told me “you get what you pay for”.
      One more note, I find it quite strange that our biggest critics are not our customers, My first post pretty much say it all, so statements like “train wreck” and “how not to do it” doesn’t really mean much, especially if they come from someone who has never done what we and millions of American Entrepreneurs have gone through since the industrial revolution. taking an idea and turning into reality no matter what the obstacle or difficulties.
      Molon Labe Industries is here to stay and we are just getting warmed up. Pepper

  14. “The Polymer we use is not being used by anyone and the properties make it quite expensive, these aren’t your fathers Magpul magazines” – your words…

    Well, then if the polymer is the main cost, why are 10/20/25 rd magazines all the same price… $69.99..? But SR-25 mag “Pre-orders” are $40… If you get my drift… Even someone with a “grunts” humor should understand that… Plus the AR mags, which are $30..?

    Not to mention, mags are expendable items… If it can be easily fixed, fix. If not, discard and replace. Its not rocket science…

    And if I step on my FN mag, nothing really happens. Drop a weapons case on it? Nothing really… And if it gets shot in combat, I’m probably not really concerned about it, more about staying alive…

    And since you bring up the point of shooting the magazines… Wouldn’t the magazines be loaded with ammunition most of the time when they get shot? Aka, in a magazine pouch, on someone’s body, and loaded with ammuniton? So your test of shooting an empty magazine doesn’t really hold much water… And since you only need to file down the holes and find a spare magazine spring to get the MLI magazine back in the fight (we all know that spare magazine springs are just laying all around…), I’m kind of lost…

    Not to mention, for the price difference I’ll take two FN mags for one MLI mag… Instead of spending time buffing out the bullet holes and procuring a new MLI magazine spring, I’ll just replace the magazine with a spare…

    Away, you’ve got your marketing gimmick, congratulations on the dawn of a new era 6 months late – those 3rd party vendors can really bite you… Some people actually remember what your boss Chris Gleason Facebooked to people about those vapor mags shipping in December… You can spray your pretty perfume and skatly clad ladies all you want… But the stink is still there…

    But since you made it clear you and Molon Labe don’t care what anyone thinks unless they give you money… It’s a moot point…

    Cheers – Rhino

    • Rhino maybe you need to find a hobby,seems that you have way too much time on your hands :), I stand by everything I have said, And I stand by Molon Labe Industries.

      • Pepper……Rhino’s comments are a bit strident….but, there is much valid in his points….perhaps rather than being critical and rebutting everything there are some points to be considered.

        • Beecher, it’s like a liberal… “ah, you’re too stupid to understand”, “get a life / hobby / whatever”… Uh huh…

          No attempt to explain is telling…

          Pepper, I’m sure magpul is quaking in their boots… 😉

          Some actual independent testing of how MLI mags $hit gold would be nice…

          • Rhino….I have a client in Chicago that is headed by a guy that is a PhD in Materials Science and was a VP at Haliburton. Currently he is the head of a company that has a multi-year, multi-million dollar contract with the Dept. of the Army TO MEASURE AND TEST THE QUALITIES OF POLYMERS FOR THEM. Back in December I offered Chris Gleason that my client would be glad to run tests on the SCAR Mags…in exchange for my getting a few mags….no $$ involved. He turned down/never followed up on the request.

            What more needs to be said???

  15. And pepper, lets be honest. Until recently you didn’t have any SCARMAG customers, you just had capital donors… Since the whole “customer” thing is money in exchange for goods or services… Been that way since oh, before the industrial revolution… Probably since time began… 😉

  16. Wow, You guys got us, A couple of Veterans Chasing the American dream and Starting a new Firearm magazine company and hitting some bumps along the way, Guilty as charged.
    I hope you guys have a great Memorial Day Weekend, we will be donating our time by placing flags on tombstones at our local veterans cemetery to honor the friends and heroes we have lost, We encourage all of you to remember what Memorial day is all about. Take care and God Bless.

  17. Don’t wrap yourself in the American flag Pepper, you certainly don’t have a monopoly on service, sacrifice, or dedication.

    And certainly don’t address the questions posed to you, directly. Just talk about apple pie and the good old USA…

    Have a great Memorial day weekend, true vets don’t need to tell people what they’re doing with their time…

  18. And if you post a pic of your flags at a cemitary on Memorial Day with a MLI patch on Facebook, you’ll have truly lost every single shred of credibility you might have ever had…

    • I will extend the same invitation to you that I did with Paul, If you are a customer, email me and I will personally call you and address your concerns. if You are not a customer, I’m confused but I will still offer myself to address your concerns. You question my integrity, my loyalty and intentions towards our veterans , and to question that I am a “true vet’ I tend to take that personally. We are professionals and I work for one of the most passionate dedicated honest men I have ever met. And before you even say it, “why don’t you talk about it here” well, because I am a professional. So Rhino…[email protected] , I will send you my personal phone number, Or if you prefer we can have lunch, unfettered without all this data and code in the way. You want customer service? I am offering it to you. and that goes for anyone if you want to talk to me send me an email I will gladly answer your questions about our products in depth. And Rhino, I will not be responding to your posts any longer, I am sure you will have a field day with that but it’s OK, I think you’ve made it pretty clear that you are from the Troll family, I will be waiting to hear from you. Pepper.

      • Pepper, is the email address you provided available for anyone to use? I sent an email a week ago and haven’t received a response. What’s the best way to guarantee a response?

        • Yes , that email is the best way, we are currently spending 12 hours a day in the shop putting Magazines out the door, so please be patient with us.

  19. Well, I’ll get in touch with you shortly Pepper with questions, hope you are past name calling and actually up for providing answers.

  20. More independent reviews…

    “I’ll do a quick post here, I received my MLI mags, I posted my initial review in the piss and moan thread. Needless to say, I don’t share the same viewpoint as the video review. Each of my mags had two springs in it. Not sure why, but they are harder to load. I had problems with the rounds nosediving in the mag. Bolt would get stuck trying to push a round out, sometimes the bolt would just ride over the top. The mags do come apart easily, and the inside of the mag was shiny and super slick. Maybe the friction on the follower was caused becauses of the extreme pressure of the two springs or the springs were binding together. The mag is longer than my DSA 30 round Fal mag. The molding of the mag was clean, and they are a good looking mag. I think a spring redesign could help reliability and maybe increase capacity too. They should examine the rectangular wound factory FN spring. I oiled up the follower (since I didnt have graphite), loaded 20 rounds, the first 5 rounds would not feed at all, but once I got down to 15, they fed fine. Maybe using graphite instead of oil will improve feeding even more. Perhaps this is why I haven’t seen a video of one mag shooting all 20 rounds. The feed lips swell as you insert a cartridge, but seem to snap right back once the round is fully seated in the mag. Fully loaded, the mag still inserted fine, no apparent swelling to make it “stick” in the mag well, which is good. In further testing, I will try the mags in a few different Scars, try graphite and such. I’m not an engineer, but i bet a follower and spring redesgn could help a lot, and maybe get an extra 5 rounds in thst long mag body.I am unable to post pics, but maybe someone could post a pic of this mag next to a factory 20 round and a Fal 30 round for comparison. And a pic of the dual spring setup. I hope others post their results, maybe I just got unlucky. I try to call it as I see it, and I hope others have better results and prove me wrong.”

    Sorry Pepper, I’ve considered the fact that MLI will never admit their business scheme and am not sure it’s even worth my time to ask the questions which I already know the answers to…

  21. What the heck, emailed you three questions with references Pepper, looking forward to hearing from you… Let me know if you don’t get it….

    • It is clearly evident that for some unknown reason, you have a problem with us. I will address your email when I have time, I am spending most of my time working for our paying customers. As far as this customers review, he can contact me directly. It would be nice to hear a reveiw from YOU and not something second hand as all your info seems to come from,I have a feeling that if they were made of gold you would find something wrong with them, just a feeling…

      • Not to mention, I must say your style if arguing is right out of the liberal play book… Demonize your enemy, don’t offer any factual, substance to counter the argument…

        • Rhino, I have work to do, I’m not going to argue with you, I have no reason to and calling me a liberal is severely laughable. I will address your email tomorrow while I am at work. my last email demonizes no one, it is clear and concise. actually it is the liberal that only sees what he wants to and not the facts.

  22. Maybe if your price point was anywhere near reality I’d buy one to test, run side by side with FN and Thermolds, but with plenty of FN OEM mags, that cost half of what your new, untested magazines do, and can easily be used when shooting prone, I really don’t see the need to bother…

    I’ll be waiting for your reply, but as I haven’t given you any money, only pointed out inconsistencies and possible deception, I’m not holding my breath…

    • Rhino….a very fair comment….I would be quite interested in trying them out..but when I can pay $38 for an OEM magazine there is absolutely no incentive to spend $70 for an unknown. Its too bad that they wouldn’t be willing to make one sample mag available at $40 for those of us that signed up to buy…waited MONTHS, and then had to get refunds……might be a way to bring back some of the goodwill from the FN community that they pissed away.

    • Rhino…
      Midwestgunworks – Sold Out
      Fnhusaestore- could be ordered for 15 minutes yesterday
      So, Rhino, as usual…your information is unreliable.
      In the future, kindly get your facts straight or STFU!
      Hugs, Kat

      • Kat,

        Wow, must have hit close to the mark to get you all riled up and liberal like, as your facts are wrong as well…

        Still in stock at FN Estore… and have been…

        MGWs is in fact sold out.

        Truth is for the past six months it has been easier to get SCAR 17 Mags from FN Estore, MGW, and OBM Guns than MLI…

        Although MLI gladly would take your $$$s the whole time…

        But then again maybe you probably profit from MLI, so that is no surprise…

        When the facts fail you, start name calling…

        Keep it classy Kat… keep it classy…

        • Rhino…
          I do not recall any name-calling.
          I’m neither Liberal nor do I profit from MLI.

          You don’t seem to have much use for capitalism, which often begins with a small start-up company whose aim is to provide a service and make a profit . Maybe you need to brush up on the Constitution.

          I understand your misgivings.
          It’s your meanspiritedness that I don’t get.
          Why the ongoing rant? You have made yourself perfectly clear, and many of us disagree with you.
          End of story. Time for you to move on.
          Go see where else you can spread your happy, joyous and free spirit.

  23. Can someone just tell me what “Stealth-Tex IR Signature Reduction Technology” is? As in, what benefit does it purport to provide, and how does it do it? And by benefit, don’t just tell me it’s “less visible to IR devices,” please. What does that mean? Is the IR visibility of magazines a real concern? Somebody educate me.

  24. Kat – I’m all for a capitalism, but not at the expense of the consumer. We have a difference of opinion, obviously.

    There is also that truthfulness and deception issue that I have a problem with. Maybe you don’t, but I do.

    If you read my posts here and elsewhere, I don’t think you’ll find a single instance where I wanted MLI magazines to suck or I wanted them to fail as a company. I simply challenged their claims in the past where they failed to ship for 3 weeks with no word going to customers, no reason why, nothing… eventually they came clean… and of course there are other inconsistencies… which some fail to look at, but certainly not everyone… as I’ve received plenty of messages thanking me for pointing out the truth about things and people finding FN OEM mags for far less, saving the consumer $$$ with a proven reliable magazine.

    I disagree with their comments on a number of levels, which I view as simply a means to an end, to make money, with comments that are half truths. Pepper has my email outlining those concerns and maybe she’ll respond. Maybe not.

  25. And Matt, if you don’t like what I write, don’t read it. It’s that whole constitution thing Kat and Pepper trumpet…

    But maybe my words ring true to a truth you don’t want to acknowledge…

    • Yeah, sure, that’s it. I’m afraid of the truth. Or something.

      I don’t own a SCAR, and I don’t have a vested interest in anything except peace and quiet. And your “crusade” isn’t going to convince anyone. You’ve ranted enough that whatever little credibility the internet allows you is gone now, so no matter how much value or accuracy your points originally had, it’s gone as well.

      • Actually Matt….while I don’t agree with all of it Rhino makes a number of good points and it screams volumes about MLI’s credibility. Both of us own multiple SCAR firearms, and are active within the FN community….rather than defending comments…wouldn’t it make business sense for MLI to actually try to improve its credibility?

        • I can agree with that. And MLI’s responses (in this thread, as that’s my only exposure) could have been better, I suppose. But on the flip side, RHINO’s responses have been, from the very first, combative to say the least. Combine combative comments with admitted non-customer status, and I can kinda understand Pepper’s response of, “I’ve got work to do, I don’t have time for this.” And while the original comments (questioning price and its relationship to polymer costs, etc) were on point, now it’s devolved into a shouting match with Kat over who’s got them in stock RIGHT NOW OMG! That’s where my original “let it go” comment came from, and it was directed at Kat as much as RHINO.

          I’m done with that rant. But while I’m typing, Pepper, if you’re still reading this, I do have a comment for you: Early on in the conversation, you had a hefty comment about taking a product from “napkin drawing to reality,” and it was making sense, but then you went and said, “We are Veterans trying to produce a quality American made product…” and you completely lost me. I don’t care that you’re a Veteran. It’s great that y’all served, because we need you on that wall, but it is completely irrelevant to the subject at hand, and wrapping yourself in the flag to gain credibility on a completely irrelevant subject makes that credibility nosedive, in my view. You went on to lay it on even thicker with this comment, and then a couple more incidental mentions as well. When people do that, to me it feels like a cheap crutch stuck in to hold up an argument that they don’t have better support for. Just my .02.

  26. Matt,
    Pepper was only trying to let you know that they are good and honorable men. He has no way to prove that to you, except to work harder and longer to get those mags out….which is what they are doing.

  27. Matt,

    That is part of MLI’s “Modus operandi”, wrapping themselves up in the flag and all that. I’m a veteran and it strikes me the same way it did you – “Who cares? I’m not paying for your bio, I’m paying for your product.”

    MLI has already been bitten once by their napkin drawing to reality concept with the SCARMAG… Of course I have my theories to why they did that but have addressed that to Pepper, but obviously taking 5 months of orders at $69.99 net MLI a healthy capital investment.

    Anyway, I’ve always hope these would work from the time MLI posted them on FN Forum and aftermarket options for weapon systems are a good thing. I just think that there has been a lot of “cart before the horse” by MLI, saying they’ll ship, preselling them on their website and unbroker, “ready to ship”, then failing to ship,mover, and over, and over, multiple redesigns / production changes, then they are the best thing since sliced bread… Hmmmmm… Gonna need some proof before I believe that… Especially for nearly twice what a readily available factory magazine costs…

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe Pepper is a woman, not that it matters.

  28. I ordered some because of difficulties getting any sort of SCAR mag back in January. Knew this was risky, going blind on a first-article prototype.

    First impression – what is this, a 30-round Mag?! It’s huge!
    The Factory SCAR 17, which is pretty much identical in length to the MAGPUL PMAG20LR (6-1/4″), compares to 9″ for the MLI.
    Argh! Right there I’m just putting these aside. It doesn’t help shooting prone at all.

    Overall quality doesn’t quite look as robust as Magpul. The Magpul has a nice frosted matte black finish. These are a bit glossy, despite the textured surface. The mag spring resonates inside as you put an empty one down. Makes it sound even more fragile. (and noisy)
    Spring tension is high as you load at about the 15th round. Sharp edges at the feed lips makes it more difficult.

    I haven’t had a chance to shoot yet, but I’m in no hurry as the overall length is a show stopper. I have to extend my bi-pod all the way out to set this on a bench.

    Oh well. I’m in Colorado and the clock’s ticking down to stock up on mags so I took a chance. Since I placed my order I’m glad I was able to find extra SCAR mags, in stores and on-line for around $40. So I’m set.

    Too bad Magpul didn’t step up with a version of their own.

    “You pay for an education, one way or another.”
    Two stars out of Five

  29. Pepper replied but generally plead the 5th… I wasn’t with the company, I already explained that to you, etc… I guess it was too hard to ask the CEO Chris Gleason what happened… Oh well, about what I expected.

    Not surprising they have C/S issues.

  30. Didn’t realize you were such a follower, A!
    And following SS of all people! Heil.
    I have friends in 4 states who have received their mags and all 4 love them!
    Hate to start name-calling and sounding all Liberal like, but you are one of the biggest a$$holes I’ve ever met on the forums.
    You must be all hunched over from carrying that huge load of nastiness and resentment.
    Want to do lunch?
    Hugs, -Kat

  31. Wow, some heated opinions in here. Well I just paid 3k for the gun at Cabelas so I’m not worried about the $40 cost for an FN mag or even the $70 cost of this extended mag. For the $30 premium it is worth it for me to have the pleasure of 5 more rounds. I’m going to give the company a shot and see what happens. Sucks that it sounds like maybe several people had issues on product launch and I’ve been there and would feel the same way. But if the magazine performs I really don’t care about facebook girls and their past; I’m buying nice looking composite extended mag, period. “We’ll see how it goes…”

  32. What ever you do not buy these mags.I purchased 5 of these mags and they are not what they claim.I emailed the company about cancelling my order and I received a call the next day.But I email the company to find out why the product I over paid for doesn’t work the way they claim and I cant get an email or call back.My complaints are: loaded mags don’t lock into the receiver,the mags bellow out when loaded,every other round jams now leaving me with junk rounds.Just a few of my complaints,personally I would say buy the pmags and modify them for the great low price of 20$ per mags instead of 80$.If you don’t want my opinion at least buy one before pissing away 350$ like I did.

  33. I ordered 2x 25 rounders and 2x 20 rounders. I am extremely disappointed in them. Here’s why (from my experience with them so far):
    -They cost same or more than the factory mags.
    -They have a glob of glue or melted clear plastic on the back of each mag. Not sure the reason, but it makes it extremely difficult to put in mag well. Will not free drop when changing mags. However, I removed them with a knife.
    -When fully loaded, the sides bow out a bit. Also makes it hard to put in the mag well. Would not drop free when I hit the mag release unless mag is empty.
    -Cannot use a SCAR 17 LULA mag loader/unloader with these mags since the feed lips sit much lower than the factory mags.
    -Applies to the 25 rounders only: fully loaded mag can get jammed up. While unloading mag by hand, rounds were slow to cycle up the mag. Had to shake/tap the mag to get them going again.

    The metal factory mags do not have any of these problems in my experience. They are more available than they used to be, so I would just stick with them. I will continue to use my Molon Labes, but only at the range. I will not take them out hunting or other situations where I would need to depend on them functioning. If anything, they should cut the price to $30 or less.

  34. I purchased 4 of these mags (SCAR 17) from Molon Labe as a test and had an issue with them loading. When I would put rounds in the mags, the mags would expand in width. I have loaded thousands of mags and I have never had issues loading cartridges and operating my firing platform. After several cartridges, I had to stop loading the mags as the follower would not move any more without an abnormal amount of force, which would be catastrophic in the field. I wrote back Molon Labe and they quickly replaced the mags and threw in another one for my trouble. Looked forward to running them through their paces but the same thing happened again. Not able to load to capacity, magazines would expand in width, difficult to insert into mag well, second round would jam and the mag would not drop when released. Unfortunately I spent a couple hundred bucks on some light but non-operational magazines. I wish MLI could deliver but I would not bet my life or the life of my team on these parts. Last note, I contacted MLI but have not yet received a reply. My advice is stick with FN factory mags if it matters and they are about the same price.

  35. I just wish they would send the magazines I ordered shitty mags that don’t work would be better than being ripped off

  36. Dont buy the molon labe scar 17 customer service….wont ship…no emails back.. no phone calls back.. over 30 days and nothing.. scammers!!

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