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Pro tip: if you’ve made the mistake of trying to slip a heater into your waistband sans holster – and then shot yourself in the process – telling the po-po a fanciful story won’t do much good. See, it’s that whole angle-of-entry thing that puts the lie to the old, “I was just walkin’ down the street and some guy shot me!” story. Unless you were ventilated by a dude shooting from above as you were walking under an overpass, the fact that the bullet traveled down through your leg tends to give you away. It did for Jonathan Manuel, anyway . . .

Besides the whole shooting himself in the leg thing, Manuel’s biggest problems were 1) he was in New Jersey when he decided Mexican was his carry method of choice and 2) he had loaded the gun with hollow-point ammo – decidedly a no-no for anyone in the Garden State.

But he probably knew that, which is why he got all creative when the cops asked him how he acquired the new orifice. As tell it,

Police discovered Jonathan Manuel sitting on the front steps of an Ellison Street home after responding to a report of shots fired at about 1:15 a.m. Saturday, said Sgt. Patrick Murray of the Paterson Cease Fire Unit.

Manuel had suffered a single gunshot wound to his left upper leg, Murray said.

At first, Manuel told police he had been shot while walking in the area of Broadway and East 18th Street but further investigation revealed he accidentally shot himself while either adjusting the 9-mm handgun in his waistband or removing the gun or putting it back in his pants, Murray said.

We’re guessing the “Paterson Cease Fire Unit” is the group they call when the shooting stops and it’s time to figure out who capped whom. But that’s neither here nor there.

Manuel is reportedly in stable condition, recovering from his wound. And once he’s ambulatory, he likely won’t be the fastest resident of the Passaic County jail. But at least he’ll be able to wow his roomies with his freshly issued IGOTD award. We hear that’s one helluva status symbol among the orange jumpsuit set.

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  1. I don’t think someone, even if he is an idiot, should be thrown in a cage for injuring himself. He didn’t harm anyone other than himself.

    • Depending on the particulars of the case (carrying in an “unlawful” area, etc.), I think they could be. This particular case, though? Nope… unless “lying to the police” is what they’re charging him with.

    • Carrying most guns sans holster is reckless and has a high probability of injuring yourself and those around you.

  2. Why be even more stupid? Why say anything more than “I was shot” then exercise your Fifth Amendment rights?

    “…nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself…”

    Then again, who said it? “stupid is as stupid does”. Wouldn’t expect someone who shoots themselves like that to even know their constitutional rights.

  3. The owner of one of my local gun stores carries a 1911 sans holster all day, has everyday for fifty some years. I guess that’s what all those extra safeties are for….

    • your comment is hilarious! i live in paterson has to be the very worst state.corrupt,lying politicians,officials/employees dont do their jobs, you should see how our courts operate,judges simply say “i dont want to see it” to evidence you try to submit.prices here are so high,you basically choose to pay rent OR eat (not both).

  4. I have always carried my Colt New Agent without a holster. I am a thin guy and holsters tend to make it obvious that I am carrying. I do however use a product called a ClipDraw. I feel much more secure that way and it keeps a low profile.

  5. I live in paterson nj.there are so many guns on our streets,that you really are left no choice but to carry one,legal or not.people regularly jumped,robbed,on every corner.going to the local corner store has become a “risking your life operation”.its literally the wild west here.police are overwhelmed with calls.don’t show up until way “after the fact”.in the meantime,you have to do-it-yourself or die.
    think I’m exaggerating?google ( ).go to the police and fire “see all police and fire” at the bottom of that box.and thats a small fraction of whats going on here.they conveniently scatter the great number of crimes all over,in different places,so we don’t know how bad it really is,unless you research.also google ( ),( ),type paterson in the search box.
    as a journalist/activist,including that,FOR ALL THE IDIOT OFFICIALS IN THIS CITY THAT TELL ME “its all lies”,”its not so bad”,QUICKLY DISMISS FACTS AND DO NOTHING,EVEN IF FACTS ARE THROWN IN THEIR FACE.i’m in the streets,talking to the people,hearing their stories that never make the news,so I know.
    regular people,feel free to contact me.(no officials please,i don’t have time for your ignorance,ineptitude, or political games).( [email protected] ),text only (973-337-3494).


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