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“Jason Morel, a sophomore from the East Village, told police he brought the .38 caliber handgun to the Leadership and Public Service High School, at 90 Trinity Place, on the morning of Sept. 19 because he wanted to show it off to friends, sources said.” So where, according to, did the lad show off his cool new toy to his friends? In the bathroom, naturally. He assumed it was empty, pointed it at a urinal and pulled the trigger. Guess what happened next . . .

Students and school officials heard the boom and initially thought it was fireworks — until a school safety officer found a shell casing on the bathroom floor a few hours later and told the school to call the police, sources said.

Guess the shattered porcelain wasn’t much of a clue.

After speaking to students and reviewing video surveillance, police arrested Morel in Gramercy Park that afternoon and charged him with criminal possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment, treating him as an adult, according to the criminal complaint.

But mom says he’s such a good boy!

Morel told his mother he picked up the gun after he saw two men toss it in a trash can, and then he put it in his backpack and brought it to school, Cherrez, 48, said. “He’s not a troublemaker. He’s a good kid,” she said. “This is just something stupid. He said, ‘I didn’t know it would go off,’ Thank God he didn’t hurt himself or no one else.”

She said her family was rattled by the incident, but she hopes Morel can now get back to focusing on his studies.

Yeah, we’re sure he’ll be able to focus on his studies real hard on Riker’s Island. New York’s famous for the leniency it shows anyone caught illegally carrying a heater. Especially in schools. We’ll be sending Jason an IGOTD trophy and hope it helps him further his gunhandling eduction. Somehow. Some day.

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  1. What a pisser he is in!!!
    And what a dumbass!!! You can tell by the picture he really know’s all about gun safety.

  2. I wonder why a .38 shell would end up on the floor if it was fired from a revolver? He is old enough to know (no excuses please) to see if the gun was loaded and not to pull the trigger which is how guns fire so shovel-it Ms. Morel that he is a good boy. BTW, is he making a gang sign in the photos? That emblem over his left side covering his heart looks like a gang patch. Anyone know if it is one?

    • I saw that too. Maybe a .380 ACP is what I’m thinking. Or, judging by the intelligence level of the individual, he may have opened the cylinder after he shot it and dropped the casing. If so, he needs to go back to crook school 101…oh wait, that’s where he probably is going.

    • Indeed, my first thought, too. .38 super, maybe? .380 perhaps? More likely an ignorant reporter or ignorant PD/PR flack. I highly doubt Jason opened the cylinder and dropped a single case on the floor, but maybe there was just ONE round in just the RIGHT place in the cylinder.

    • Not sure on the gang symbol. The shirt has a 024 on it. I don’t think it is gang related. He is throwing a sign though. Guess he will learn what it is to be all gansta in jail. I called Bubba and told him I got him a gift! 😉
      Also they said they had video surveillance. Are they taking in the bathroom?

    • Clearly, he got it from a disgruntled NRA bullseye shooter that discarded his S&W Model 52 in the trash after a poor centerfire score…

    • No, that patch is just a logo. His hand looks like a gang sign though. I did some nosing around, but I couldn’t find that sign exactly..

  3. don’t know much of the backstory, like if gun is legal, if jason morel was a problem student, etc, but maybe charging him as an adult shouldn’t be appropriated.

    • It said he picked up a gun he saw 2 men put in a trash can. If that wasn’t enough for him to call police, I’d say he was a criminal in training if not already accomplished.

  4. “Thank God he didn’t hurt himself or no one else.”

    She could use a little studying as well…

  5. Again, have to call BS on this being IGOTD. This was a criminal act from start to finish. Even if it went exactly as the poor yoot explained it he was a minor in possesion of a technically stolen handgun and he had no permit to carry and taking the gun to a school was a felony.

    This was Felony Wannabe Gangbanger Stupid.

    • Hey what a cool new offense.. FWGS! I say we give it a new designation on the blog! Then again I don’t think we could keep up with it…

      • Before it gets set in stone, I’d suggest it be Wannabe Gangbanger Felony Stupid. Better grammar and WGFS trips off the tongue easier.

        • I could go with that. My complaint with IGOTD is that the title suggests that a legal gun owner has a brain fart and does something bad.

          In cases like this nimrod he should never have had a gun by all the laws already on the books.

  6. I thought they didn’t have guns in NY? Guess its time for a gun buyback program. Bloomberg can finance it.

  7. You know, from the sound of it, I thing the story was accurate. The young lad found it and of course wanted to be cool and show off to his friends. And of course he didn’t expect it to go bang. Who would knowingly shoot a toilet in a school and think nothing would come of it?

    This is a perfect case for why we should teach basic firearm safety to all children in schools. The training would take less than two hours.

    • This is a perfect case for why we should teach basic firearm safety to all children in schools

      They should learn marksmanship, too. The schools could use new toilets.

  8. Interesting that the dear boy was arrested in Gramercy Park. That’s a private, two-acre, key-locked park open to residents only and not to the public. It’s one of only two private parks within NYC limits. The Gramercy Park area is kinda toney and not usually associated with guns or gangs.

    • Generally, its a sexual reference… i.e. “two in the pink, one in the stink!” If anything, he looks he’s got a reverse shocker going on, assuming that is the intent.

    • Wrong fingers for the shocker. “2 in the pink, one in the stink” is first two fingers side by side, ring finger folded back, and pinky extended. I feel like a generational translator..

  9. He assumed it was empty, pointed it at a urinal and pulled the trigger. Guess what happened next . . . he shit his diaper

  10. If he had a cousin, he’d look like Trayvon…. another asshole. Another “innocent” gangsta wannabe.

  11. Supports my theory that basic firearms safety is in the same category as sex ed for adolescents — kids are a danger to themselves and others without it. The only difference is that kids need firearms safety education MUCH earlier than sex ed, and like sex ed, it can NOT fixate exclusively on abstinence if it’s to be effective.

  12. He saw two men throw a perfectly good handgun in the trash and he picked it up? That’s like buying a brand new Escalade off some guy for dirt cheap, with no title and just a few bloodstains on the upholstery.

    • I hate this new .09MM sub-caliber fad. Real men use .9MM, and if it was good enough for our forebears, it’s good enough for us.

  13. I don’t have to look any further than that photo. Classic Dumb@$$ and not worthy of my time.

  14. The hand sign he’s making is “one in the pink, two in the stink.” groogle it. Not so good for the “good boy” image mommy is trying to sell.

  15. Thats whats wrong with kids today. Their parents and adults in charge are to soft. He is old enough to know if the gun was loaded and the rules about bring it to school. What is it with the gang sign. The gang who uses that sign should kick his butt just for using it. If he wants to see a real gangster he needs to go check out the history of the 20s and 30s. He needs to be sent to jail. That’s my rant.

  16. This arrogant 15-year-old punk has just brought ruin to his own life. Hope his 5 minutes of fame amongst his punk friends will sustain him through his jail term.

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