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Sometimes you have to do something that’s counterintuitive to accomplish your goals in life. Kinda like fighting a forest fire, for instance. Sometimes crews will actually set another fire to stop a bigger, uncontrolled blaze. We don’t know if Danny Way has had any experience fighting forest fires in the great northwest, but that’s sort of what he did yesterday when he was annoyed by the racket coming from a couple of rambunctious kids playing outside his trailer in Medford, Oregon. He must have figured, since sound was the problem, it would take a little more to quiet the noisy little nippers. So out came the 9mm handgun . . .

What better way to shut up a pair of screechy brats than sending a couple of rounds over their heads from close range? Well, that was Way’s way, anyway.


During the investigation, officers learned Way had become angry at the noise two children, ages 9 and 14, were making while they played outside.

Way came out of his trailer with his gun, a 9 mm pistol, and fired two shots over the children’s heads from about 10 feet away. Both took off running. Neither was injured.

Danny’s now facing menacing, reckless endangerment, disorderly conduct and unlawful use of a weapon charges. The real bummer: he may not find things much quieter in the county jail than he did in his trailer. At least he’ll be able to look forward to the pride of ownership that comes from knowing our IGOTD award is waiting for him when he finally manages to make it back home. [h/t Tyler Kee]

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  1. I hope at least one of those charges against Mr. Way that sticks is a felony, so that this imbecile will be unable to legally possess a firearm in the future. We’d all be better off.

  2. “Think how stupid the average person is and realize half are stupider than that”

    – George Carlan

    • George Carlin was a master at squeezing the most truth possible out of the Bell Curve, and forced people to see the obvious without their skipping straight to the mainstream narrative, especially re politics. Miss him.

  3. Teens and preteens get on my nerves, too. But shooting at them? No way. Around here, they’d shoot back.

  4. Mind-bogglingly idiotic, and I’ll also take issue with the “Neither was injured” statement. Since I’m guessing that the two didn’t have hearing protection, firing a 9mm handgun from that distance likely caused at least a small amount of hearing damage.

    This guy should also consider himself lucky that the parents (or someone, at least) evidently decided to let the police handle it.

  5. This the reason people who have a gun in their trailer should also have a canned-gas Boating Fog Horn. Even Hunter Thompson stuck to this rule. Well, at least in Manhattan restaurants. Even my wife’s snoring never drove me to such an extreme act, relative to which this guy had no excuse in the world.

  6. It’s people like this for whom jail is too good. Shooting at kids? This guy needs to be tied to a buoy and set adrift.

  7. Danny is “Way” out of line… I bet it was a Hi-Point…. (Sorry, slow day at the office…)

    • if it was a hi-point he shouldve dipped the end of it in bright orange paint and said its an airgun.
      a crossman Beeman or something. Hell, he probably could have melted it before the cops got there.

  8. I think Danny watches too much TV.
    On the other hand…Grandfather ( on Dad’s side ) blasted Uncle ( on Mom’s side ) with rock salt while dumb Uncle was trying to scare Grandfather ( who was in WWI ).

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