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Anyone who reads TTAG for any amount of time knows we advocate carrying a weapon wherever and whenever possible. Armed self defense is an inalienable right and if you have the means and the inclination (and it’s legal), go right ahead…pack the particular piece that pleases you. Whether it’s the mini-est mouse gun or a gold-plated Deagle, we’re good with that. Which is why you won’t catch us throwing Boonsong Kowawisarat under the bus for taking his family out to dinner along with his favorite Uzi . . .

Boonsong’s a Thai senator and as avers, he owns the full-auto Israeli fungun legally. That being the case, why would we slag him for slipping one under his coat before strapping on the feedbag with his nearest and dearest at a local eatery? Not us. No, the only thing we have a problem with is the fact that his ex-wife (with whom he still lived) never got to sample anything from the dessert cart.

Boonsong Kowawisarat fatally injured Chanakarn Detkard, 46, when he mistakenly fired the 9mm Uzi as he tried to put it away after placing it on the table.

Chanakarn, who worked as the senator’s secretary, suffered a bullet wound to the stomach and died on the way to hospital, according to local police.

Chalk it up to bad child rearing. Momma Kowawisarat never taught little Boonsong that the dinner table’s no place to leave his guns lying around.

The senator’s PR staff is gonna be burning the midnight oil spinning the hell out of this one, what with the negligent homicide charge and all. So while we certainly don’t want to pile on, we’d be shirking our sworn duty if we didn’t usher Kowawisarat into the band of brothers (and a few sisters, too) who comprise the IGOTD fraternity. And we hope he’ll pardon us if we sit somewhere other than across the table from him during the banquet following his initiation ceremony.

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  1. A Thai Senator owning an Uzi? The average person in Thailand is lucky to own a pea shooter. Placing one’s firearm on the dinner table is always a nono. That is why God developed “MAN CAVES”! I would like to know if this guy is related to the Kennedys? Ted’s car killed Mary Jo, this guy kills his ex-wife. Must be a dummy-crat!

    • I agree with Sako. In order for the Uzi to have fired the operator would have to move the bolt to the rear (open bolt sub-machine gun). Additionally the operator would have needed to depress the grip safety, and moved the safety selector to the semi-automatic or fully automatic position, followed by pulling the trigger. Firing an Uzi requires several deliberate actions.

  2. Perhaps he wanted to terminate his secretary without having to pay to settle any claims or other issues?

  3. typical arrogant pol. flash his gat to show the peasants who’s the boss. helps to pop a cap in one every now and again. i was done with thailand back in the 70’s. we used to refer to thai tanks and armor as “voting machines” when you saw them on the streets a new government was taking over.

  4. I love the flavors of Thai food. Last night I went to one of Portland’s food carts and had Thai Drunken Noodles with Chicken. My favorite Thai noodle dishes are Pad Se Ew and Pad Thai.

    Otherwise, it would be interesting to learn what the Senator Boonsong’s views are on the average Thai citizen owning a gun.

  5. I have to agree, an uzi is not easy to just have go off, hence why the Israeli army uses them even today, but who knows he might have had the safety off and one in the chamber so it was ready to go. Lord knows if this was an older model or not, and yeah he pretty much threw the four rules out the window.

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