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North Carolina has a constitutional proposal (Amendment 1) coming up for a vote that would define marriage as being between a man and a woman. According to, it would also outlaw domestic partnerships and civil unions. As you’d expect, the measure has been fairly contentious among Tarheels on both sides of the issue. Apparently completely unencumbered by the thought process, someone named Alex Wiles has now uploaded a video of himself expressing his feelings about an anti-Amendment 1 (therefore pro-gay marriage) sign that was put up near his property. Since Alex doesn’t appear to be able to articulate his, er, thoughts in any meaningful way, he decided to blast the sign with his shotty while his buddy recorded all the action. . .

Wiles has since taken the video down from YouTube, probably because someone informed him that he’d managed to advertise some illegal activity. But you can see the action in all its glory at the Gawker link, above.

After spraying the sign with a couple of blasts from his pump action, Wiles – against all odds – managed to form a couple of actual sentences to sum things up. “That’s how we deal with it ’round here. That’s all, folks.”

According to, by pulling the trigger Wiles, who lives in Cabarrus County, NC, violated local laws against discharging a firearm in a residential area and vandalizing a campaign sign. Both are misdemeanors. But the pro-2A community, no matter what they may think of the measure on the ballot, have plenty of reason to be more than a little peeved at good ol’ boy Alex. This is exactly the kind of public asshattery that gun grabbers love to point at when they caricature all gun owners as toothless sister-humping rednecks.

So for making us all look bad, we’re going to express our undying appreciation for Wiles’ dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks gunplay in the only way we can – by naming him our Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day by acclamation. For your benefit, Alex, that means we didn’t actually need to hold a vote because we couldn’t find anyone who was opposed to the your nomination. Besides, no one would volunteer to put a sign up in your neck of the woods.

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  1. So, it’s okay to make babies with your cousin, but two guys (or girls) enjoying the tax and death benefits of marriage is completely unholy and worthy of disdain. Got it.

    • No kidding. Of all the dire issues we face it’s somehow worth the time and effort to intrude on folks’ private lives and give a dipshit like Alex an opportunity to show the world what a dipshit he is. No doubt he would’ve eventually proved it though.

  2. I’m not going to make a statement on the Amendment 1 issue or what defines a marriage. Responsibility comes with gun ownership and Wiles’ gun-related behavior provides anti-gun propaganda to our foes. I’d like to see Wiles prosecuted as an example to others that might be motivated to do the same.

      • and when somebody uses an example to make themselves look good/others look bad, it’s propaganda.

        ergo, it has the capacity to be both.

  3. This entire same-sex marriage issue would be completely irrelevant if government stopped stealing from people through legislatively-justified theft.

    Incidentally, so would the entire illegal immigration issue.

    People get upset when they are stolen from more than others. How about instead of working to spread the theft around “equally”, we start advocating that no one be stolen from?

    • I agree. Neither guns nor marriages should be subject to licensing.

      The problem has nothing to do with who sleeps with whom; it has to do with a tax code that is insane.

      We know it’s insane, because the most irrational behavior imaginable becomes perfectly reasonable when we tack on the phrase “for tax purposes”.

  4. Ah. My guess is that he’s the North Carolinian most likely to earn a Darwin Award in the next five years as well.

  5. Nitwit definitely makes legit and responcible gun owners look bad. There are other ways to protest things you don’t like, without looking like a fool.

  6. you say “dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks “…I say the box of rocks is smarter than that clown…..

  7. I think everyone should have the right to marriage. Why should only straight people be allowed to be miserable?

    • 1. So, it’s okay for the state to meddle in relationships, and not okay for the state to meddle with gun rights?
      2. I would characterize willful vandalization of someone else’s property with a firearm in a residential area as more than simple “disagreement”, but that’s just me.

  8. Voter intimidation? I think in some places this could be construed as such.
    I do have to say, political yard signs make great target stands for small paper targets. Just saying.

    • They are pretty good for paper targets.
      Generally I spray paint them white,
      then apply a shoot-n-see once dry.

      For airguns, these signs are absolutley wonderful,
      and last quite a while.
      Not so long with shotguns, though.

  9. This is exactly the kind of public asshattery that gun grabbers love to point at when they caricature all gun owners as toothless sister-humping rednecks.

    Big effing deal. No matter what we do, the gungrabbers are going to hate us anyway. We could all walk on water and heal the lepers and it wouldn’t matter. Nobody in the pro camp should waste his or her time worrying about what the Brady scumbags think.

    So the gungrabbers point to this joker and say, “see, that’s your average gun owner.” I point to a woman who’s been raped and say, “see, that’s your average gun non-owner.”

    • Ralph says:

      “Big effing deal. No matter what we do, the gungrabbers are going to hate us anyway. We could all walk on water and heal the lepers and it wouldn’t matter. Nobody in the pro camp should waste his or her time worrying about what the Brady scumbags think.

      So the gungrabbers point to this joker and say, “see, that’s your average gun owner.” I point to a woman who’s been raped and say, “see, that’s your average gun non-owner.””


      I’m calling a foul on this one. First, I think any concern over the Brady Bunch is a red herring. They are very unlikely to ever change their minds about guns. But I submit that the BB is a small number and the “unaffiliated” (centrists, maybe?) are the ones we need to worry about. It is that group that will make our lives harder or easier, and irresponsible nitwits like Mr. Wiles can feed a stereotype that can certainly make our lives as gun culturists harder.

      Second, anyone who has been raped is a victim. Can we please just leave it at that?
      (Otherwise, I foresee a big, ugly can of worms being opened.)

      • anyone who has been raped is a victim

        Of course. And probably unarmed, too.

        Maybe the two go together.

        • Ralph, slow down, my friend. What if the victim is a nine-year old girl snatched off the street in her neighborhood? Not everyone can carry a gun everywhere. We all know that.

          IMO, this is a 3rd-rail topic we should stay away from. I think we can just support the victims and “stick to our guns (topics)!”

  10. UGH this asshat is in my neck of the woods. I think whats really funny is that he used proper safety equipment. Guys we are not all that stupid in NC really most of us went to skool and graduated from the 6th grade on our 4th try.

  11. I’ve never quite understood how someone can be pro-freedom but only for themselves and people like themselves. If we have to protect the institution of marriage then why don’t we ban divorce and punish infidelity with serious prison time. Otherwise that whole protecting marriage thing is BS.

    Anyways this guy is a moron and makes us all look bad, just like the loudmouth racists with guns.

    • I am ALL for punishing infidelity with PMITA prison time but banning divorce doesn’t work – whether you have to go the annulment route or not, even those who disagree with divorce understand that there are rare circumstances that require the dissolution of a marriage.

      Regardless, the fairer sex clamored for divorce (especially the lucrative “no-fault” type) for years and it’s impossible to put that genie back in the bottle. If I could I definitely would, though.

  12. At least he wore protective eyewear while he sprayed lead pellets all around his neighborhood at 1300 fps. He didn’t anyone want to lose an eye from all those flying pellets, and by ‘anyone’ he meant ‘himself.’


  13. Let’s just get the state out of the business of marriage, mmkay? The only real difference between civil unions and marriage is religion, and I’m pretty sure we can all agree no religion should be forced to perform marriages.

    So, that said, let’s just have contracts between people arranging the particulars of their relationships. It would take care of all that “no fault” nonsense, bickering in court over who gets what when the relationship breaks down, and everything else. There could be standard forms to fill out (kinda like the standard forms for a will) that would cover just about everything under the sun, and if both parties wanted to change the contract in the future they could do so. If any issues arise, the courts are more than equipped to handle contract disputes. (And we could replace those inane “family” courts with simplified relationship contract courts or something similar.)

    At any rate, I’m proud to live in Florida, where we passed Amendment 2 back in ’08 to clearly define marriage as what it was meant to be – a union between one man and one woman. The fact that I got to cast my vote for the measure the very first time I voted made/makes it even sweeter. =D

  14. I think it’s high time we recognize the fact that all marriage is gay.

    Seriously though, this guy’s a moron.

  15. The real test of someone who claims he’s pro-freedom and a real American, etc etc, is whether he supports the government staying out of everyone’s business equally, even when it comes to the issues he disagrees on.

  16. “I see nothing specifically irresponsible about a man placing a sign in front of a berm and shooting the sign with a shotgun while his friend shoots him with a camera…in contrast to say, the man having his friend sit on the berm and hold the sign while he shoots his friend, the camera and the sign with a shotgun.”
    “Nothing holy about matrimony and few civil unions ever stay that way for long.”
    “Remember this always and you’ll never forget it, every marriage is legally actionable.”

  17. I don’t think government should be involved in marriage at all, and I don’t think shooting a corrugated plastic sign is a big deal.


    • Shooting at a cardboard sign is not a big deal. Senseless vandalism of another person’s property is a big deal. Enforcing the stereotypes of gun owners as gay-hating violent rednecks is a pretty big deal too, since it feeds the liberal propaganda machine and as usual, totally skips over the Libertarians and Liberal Republicans whose numbers are steadily increasing. What do these people not understand? Marriage is a social and religious institution that the government had no business ever getting involved in. You want the government to recognize your marriage? Then you have to play fair and let the government recognize EVERYBODY’S marriage. Freedom: it’s an all or nothing package.

  18. Couldn’t you be shot in that state for discharging a firearm on another persons property? wow what a dumb move!


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