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We’ve all had days when things just don’t go our way. I get that. But a heated petty domestic dispute between a man, his wife, and their shared romantic partner doesn’t excuse violating basic firearms safety rules. Firefighter Christian Ball, from Manchester, Tennessee, unfortunately found himself in that very situation. The Times Free Press reports that Ball was suspended without pay after “allegedly dry-[firing] a pistol at his and his wife’s girlfriend during an argument between the three.” . . .

The suspended firefighter…was charged Jan. 25 with aggravated assault in the incident on Old Manchester Highway when he reportedly got mad at both 22-year-old women and then dry-fired a .40-caliber Glock pistol at the car belonging to the couple’s girlfriend after spitting in her face and threatening her, according to Coffee County Sheriff’s Office Detective Jason Dendy.

Authorities did not release the women’s names.

Dendy said the three were romantically involved.

According to Manchester Mayor Lonnie Norman, no decision has been made yet on Ball’s future with the department, in a follow-up article.

“As far as I know, he was a good fireman,” Norman said. “But you’ve got to be careful. You can’t make mistakes, it’ll haunt you.”

Gee, ya think?

There are so many lessons to be learned here, but let’s confine ourselves to the firearms-related one. If the facts in the Times Free Press article are correct, and Ball was dry-firing to show how tough or angry he was at his wife and their mutual girlfriend, he’s lucky a phantom round didn’t magically appear in the chamber of his GLOCK, as they’ve been known to do when rule one (never mind two and three) is so brazenly violated.

He’s also equally fortunate one of the ladies wasn’t packing heat, too, and returned fire with live ammo. So we’ll be sending Mr. Ball some hardware to commemorate his lapse in judgement. The question is, will he share this with his female friends, too?


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  1. my sister in law has this in here future since they like to do gangbangs as well and have already run into something like this. trash is trash.

    • You do realize that there are numerous examples of stable and committed plural marriages? Right? Just because the government decides that I can’t marry two (consenting and informed) women at the same time does not make it wrong. The key phrase in the article is “his and his wife’s”…

      • “You do realize that there are numerous examples of stable and committed plural marriages? Right?”

        Yes, in cultures and societies where women are second class citizens.

        • Tell that to JCLDS. The reality is that just because some people don’t understand the concept, does not make it wrong. In fact, it is far more natural than homosexuality ever was.

        • Well it works for Warren Buffet, Will Smith, and did work for Albert Einstein. It does work in the 1st world just as it does in the 3rd world.

        • @LarryInTX

          I believe you are correct and if I had to guess I would say the grrls in this story were probably more into each other than him. Thus his epic butt hurt. 🙂

      • nobody understands poly relationships unless they are in one or know someone in one(as bad as explaining BDSM ones to vanillas)
        hence why they miss things like that

        • HES, they make perfect sense to me
          but I was in a relationship with a swinger at one point, know a couple poly people, and am in a BDSM relationship so I am the exception

        • Good point and probably true. No wonder such societies typically prey on little girls. Get ’em locked in before they know any better or can do anything about it, right?

      • On Dr. Phil about 8 years ago there was a lady named Tracey Petoskey. She and her husband Chris are into “lifestyles” (aka key parties and swap meets) but they totally insulate their daughter 7 at the time I think from their interests. She is also a gun club member and shoots informally with her block , I mean Glock.

        She got more grief from the “good people” at her church and her in-laws than from any folks she went to parties with and made that clear. The situations that go bad fast usually involve some kind of white trash NOT to be confused with rednecks who are the current incarnation of the beloved good ol’ boys of yore.


        • I think someone lacked a bit of discretion in that case. She got grief from her church? No shit!

          Around that same period, one of the first episodes of Dr. Phil I ever saw, there was a woman who gave her sister permission to perform an oral sex act on her husband because the sister was apparently good at and proud of her talent. It involved a mango fruit if I am remembering it correctly. Anyway, the family was forever destroyed having consented to the act.
          Note to men: When she says no, it means no. When she says yes, it still means no.

        • Michael,

          You reminded me of a funny story. A couple of my married buddies and I were going to go out for some guy time. For one of us, it fell on a special day. He said his wife was OK if he ditched and hung out with us.

          My other friend and I had the same response:

          “IT’S A TRAP! IT’S A TRAP!” 😉

      • Well, let’s see….Abraham had multiple wives and 4,000 years later, throughout the Middle East, the descendants of Ishmael are still hell bent on exterminating the lineage of his stepbrother, Isaac, and his nephew, Jacob. Go ahead and sow the wind with your “stable and committed plural marriages” but don’t be surprised if you reap the whirlwind somewhere down the road.

    • So, let me get this straight: An irresponsible gun owner does not represent gun owners whole sale, but does represent ALL poly-amorous groups.

      Because logic.

      • No.
        Irresponsible gun owner is to all gun owners as polygamist is to human beings.

        It’s like you are saying that Communism is a good thing as long as everyone involved consents to it.

      • I guess if it was all steel 1911, it wouldn’t be a Poly relationship now would it?
        All Glockers are Poly-amorous.

  2. If someone is dumb enough to actually have a wife and a girlfriend an action like this does not surprise me. I’d hate to see their trailer.

    • “If someone is dumb enough to actually have a wife.”

      As a confirmed bachelor, I stopped right there.

  3. “He’s also equally fortunate one of the ladies wasn’t packing heat, too, and returned fire with live ammo.”

    I’ve related this story before, but it’s relevant here.

    Worked an armed robbery where the robber was rendered deceased by an armed guard. The robber entered the exchange with an unloaded firearm (loaded magazine was in his pocket).

    It’s one thing to remember “Treat every gun as it’s loaded” as a safety rule; it’s something else to handle unloaded guns in a way that another person cannot assume it’s unloaded and therefore not an “imminent threat to life.”

    This story has “stupid” written on it at many levels.

  4. Everyone is missing the point. He was clearly trying to clean his glock and had to pull the trigger to disassemble.

    If only he was using an M&P he would not be in trouble.

      • Normally I just pull the trigger unless I’m missing an inside joke here somewhere. There’s nothing preventing you from dry-firing a Glock.

        And wouldn’t it be “Glockophile” as a “-phobe” would be disliking of all things Glock.

        • I’m pretty sure Mud was poking fun at the Glock because he deems it unsafe to have to pull the trigger to field strip the gun.
          You must be new around here. There is an ongoing argument between “Glock fan boys” and Glockophobes (my term first used here).
          My point is, how often do you dry fire for practice compared to cleaning your gun? But for some reason, the haters think you can’t clear a Glock safely in order to field strip it but somehow they are able to dry fire their “anything but a Glock” pistol.

        • Now I’m following. No, not new here just rarely post and I agree, never really saw the big deal about the “pull trigger to field strip thing”. Unless you’re deserving of an IGOTD award, ammo should be far away from your cleaning area and damn straight NOT IN THE GUN. I would think decocking the gun prior to cleaning would be common practice.

          • Glad to clear that up for you. I own one pistol, a Glock 19 and it is the only handgun I have ever owned. I have had it for two years and I appreciate the simplicity from a defensive weapon and at the same time respect the potential danger. If it means I need to take extra precautions while handling it then I think I am better for it.
            I just get frustrated at all the BS on a site called The Truth About Guns. If I want to get chastised for having the audacity to carry a gun sans thumb safety, I’ll go to
            For the most part, it is all in good fun and I don’t mind the banter, but some of those Glockophobes can get nasty.
            My favorite comment from more than one reads, “If you are too stupid to manipulate a thumb safety, then you should not own any guns”. Nice.

  5. The poly relationship has exactly zero to do with the result here. PLENTY of mono relationships suffer a similar, or worse fate.

    • +1

      But it’s a great excuse for the judgmental, square-vanilla OFWGs on here to feel superior to anyone different than themselves.

        • Cultural norms.

          I definitely don’t think there’s anything wrong with commitment. I just don’t think there’s anything wrong with other forms of commitment either.

          Polygyny was the cultural norm throughout most of human history… well, for men who could afford it. A woman nor her family was generally very keen on giving her hand to a guy who could not take care of her.

          Sucked to be broke.

        • I thought that was laying one’s life down for one’s brothers/sisters. But I suppose doing what BILLIONS of people do on a daily basis is pretty honorable, too. Have fun with your insulated, narrow worldview!

          • Read stupid. I said “one of the most honorable”. The fact that so many people are capable of such discipline does not detract from the honor in the practice.

        • I’d say “committing to anything and meaning what you say”. Married 48 years in Sep. Not completely standard rules. But rules.

  6. Emotionally unstable perverts and guns don’t mix well. You need a firm understanding of what is and is not yours to be a responsible gun owner.

    Every swinger I have ever met was a slovenly, hard drug addicted, pathological liar… with kids.

  7. It’s official. I have nothing in common with most of the commenters but guns. I’m really happy to be an OFWG with a beautiful wife. You reap what you sow…and Abraham married his half sister. So much for a family friendly blog.

    • Lot banged his daughters too…

      And David killed his best friend to marry his wife after banging her while his friend was fighting for him in a war. The subtext of course being that he raped her after seeing her bathing on a rooftop.

      • Don’t forget Lot offering his daughters up for rape. And then they had sex with him later on.

        Such a moral book.

  8. There must be a ton of Mormons that read this blog. I never imagined so many people would pipe up to defend this sort of lifestyle. I’m not being judgmental though. I’m a staunch Libertarian. I believe that consenting adults are free to do as they please so long as they don’t infringe on others life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

    That being said…. Two women? Who needs the grief?

    It’s like owning two identical boats. That’s a lot of upkeep and maintenance for what amounts to basically the same ride.

    • Mormon? Nah I think you’re just seeing a lot of your Libertarian brethren speak up. Why others have a fascination with what goes on behind behind closed doors between consenting adults continues to mystify me.

      • ^This.

        I am not Mormon, I am pro-freedom and I think it’s ridiculous that the anti sex, Quaker way of thinking still affects our culture so strongly today.

      • I really don’t like Mormons, but the amount of judgement against the ploy-amorous here is just amazing. So-cons really are ate up about sex. Course, Larry Flint himself says his best sales come in the deep, deep bible states.

    • “It’s like owning two identical boats.”

      Oh, hell no!

      You don’t take your flats boat that draws one foot of water offshore and you damn sure don’t run a 40 foot offshore boat on the flats looking for snook.

  9. Personally I feel like relationships like the one above are disrespectful to partners involved (Male-Female/Male-Male/Female-Female). I just don’t believe someone wholly if you have two spouses. Though those are my views and I would want to impose them on others. Like and let live.

    • See and I can dig that. Anything out of the mainstream may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I like your approach to it.

    • Being disrespectful can be a lot of fun, assuming all involved have their eyes open and are not being lied to. And, at least to some of us, life is all about fun.

      And Justin, I am assuming you meant to type you would NOT want to impose your views on others, or my response would have been somewhat sharper.

      • Yes I absolutely would not impose my views on others. I also messed up the sentence “I just don’t believe someone wholly if you have two spouses.” I meant to write “I don’t believe someone can wholly love but one spouse.”

  10. Wether or not he he/his wife were fooling around with a consenting adult is not relevant. If in fact he threatened an innocent person with a gun, that is strong eveidence of a serious threat to society, and he should be convicted of a felony, and spend time in jail. He crossed the line. But, we need the facts first, as always.

    • Yeah. But if we stuck the just the gun aspects of the case case this would have been a short discussion.

      • Pretty much, yeah. The writers at TTAG know that which is why the relationship particulars of the situation were included in the article. 😛

    • Maybe I missed something, I heard he waved an unloaded gun around inside his home, which most certainly is not a felony or anything else. Oh, and that he threatened a car.

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