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Charles Shisler

To the Editors of TTAG,

Click here for a link to an article about someone that I think deserves the IGOTD Award:

1) The alleged shooter accidentally fired the weapon while holding it and managed to kill his neighbor. Thus, he broke all of Jeff Cooper’s four rules for firearm safety.

2) He is a felon who was previously arrested for carrying concealed without a license. But of course he still had an illegal gun.

3) He is quoted as saying, “The damn gun doesn’t usually shoot… You have to squeeze the hell out of the trigger to shoot it.”

4) He also actually told deputies that he was trying to “pick the gun up by its trigger.”

5) He appears to have been intoxicated at the time of the shooting.

In short, he’s a winner. He totally deserves TTAG’s prestigious IGOTD award. [Signed AM]

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  1. I’m sure that Mr. Shisler has a great career ahead of him as a male model. Perhaps if he added a teardrop tattoo and a little throat inkage, Shisler would be as beloved by the girls as Jeremy Meeks, the “handsome mugshot guy.”

    • Actually I think it would be good if he represented the anti gun side. Its not like his vote would matter any way because he is a felon.

      • In Michigan voting rights are restored after “term of incarceration”. He will be able to vote until he is sentenced and after he is released.

        I wonder what excuses he gives when he is pulled over drunk for speeding. “The car doesn’t go over 25mph Officer”

  2. Liberal grammar is creeping in…
    “2) He is a felon who was previously arrested for carrying concealed without a license. But of course he still had an illegal gun.”

    Should have been:
    “2) He is a felon who was previously arrested for carrying concealed without a license. But of course he was again illegally in possession of a gun.

    Guns are NOT illegal.

    • Wait. I’m confused. What were those mayors against if there’s no such thing as illegal guns? Were they just wasting Bloomberg’s money? 😉

    • The biggest thing that stood out to me was the description of it being an accident. None of my firearms have gone off on accident without me depressing the bang switch. This is what annoyed me more than anything else in the article.

    • Since you called this time out to avoid a rush to judgement, this sounds like a good time to point out the guy is white, middle-aged, and to start complaining about the social inability to make broad, defamatory, poorly-sourced insinuations about middle-age white guys as a group.

      But then again, I would never do that, because I can spare the brain cells to judge individuals.

  3. I almost wish I hadn’t clicked on the link. What a horrible preventable tragedy. My condolences to his wife & baby. However the so-called 1 in infinity odds of a bullet killing him(have to link) are nonsense. This s##t happens ALL THE TIME in Chicago. This POS should fry.

  4. I really object to labeling him a gun owner. He was a convicted felon who illegally possessed a gun. That makes him an ILlegal gun owner, not a gun owner. Don’t lump us in with this idiot

  5. One look at that mugshot, those simian features, tells you the numbers to his right are his IQ—not his height.

    • Absolutely.

      No one who looks like that has a fully functional brain. Almost everyone who looks at him has an instinctual “do not trust” response.

      Some people are truly not fully “human”, . They do not function on a level higher than an animal. The actions they do that seem normal are usually just mimicry. They can do base things, just as you can train a horse or dog to help you run the farm, but they aren’t fully aware. They are just stimulus response creatures that turn food into waste. Nothing more, no higher thought comes from them. It’s like a combination of a smart ape and a parrot. They have thumbs and can speak, but aren’t capable of achieving the level of “human” thought that got us out of the stone age.

  6. Putting aside how much of a waste of life this guy is, there are some seriously dense commentators participating on there. At least there is one dude trying to talk down to them explaining hard facts about basic law, definitions of words like “murder” and pointing out their typical summary execution trash-talk…all the normal, massively hypocritical stuff they would be allowed to do as more civilized, non-gun worshiping folk.

  7. Heh. Igotd should be for legal gun owners who use their legal guns irresponsibly. You wouldn’t blame the crips and the bloods for not following the 4 rules, so why this criminal? This kind of reminds me of when liberals put “law abiding citizen” up in air quotes.

  8. I still haven’t figured out how you “pick up a gun by its trigger” such that the is in a horizontal orientation. Sounds bogus t me.

  9. Is there an IGONTD award. N being for neighbor. Would you live next to this guy? I’m sure this wasn’t his first “stoopid pet trick”. Yes, I know that is not the correct spelling, but it seems very appropriate for this brand of stoopid.

  10. It is amazing how many criminals will announce themselves by their appearance. We can all learn from this.


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