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“‘Unfortunately I cannot say what was in Tammy’s mind,’ (police Lt. Ray Steiber) said. ‘Tammy is the victim.'” Yes, that’s true. The Tammy who Officer Steiber speaks of is Tammy Myers of Las Vegas who, along with her daughter, was stopped by another driver who then screamed at her in an apparent road rage incident last week. It’s what she did next that raises questions about her — and her 22-year-old son’s — actions. As reports, “Tammy Meyers had her teenage daughter run in the house to fetch her armed son, who then went with her as she drove to find the driver” . . .

Anyone see the problem here?

Steiber said the initial road rage incident happened while Tammy Myers drove slowly home from a school parking lot, where she had been teaching her teenage daughter to drive. The girl didn’t have a learner’s permit.

Steiber said the daughter told police a car sped up to them from behind and then pulled alongside. The daughter reached over from the passenger seat and honked the car horn at the car as it passed.

That’s when the other driver took exception, stopped his car in front of the Myers and let them know what he thought of their motoring skills. Myers then drove home, collected her son — along with his 9mm — and cruised the neighborhood in search of the other car.

“Mrs. Meyers (was) scared, but she’s upset,” Steiber said, adding that the intent appeared to be “so they can find who frightened them on the roadway.”

The obvious question being, to what end? A bad one, as it turned out. Ms. Myers and her pistol-packing son Brandon found the other car and its driver, who apparently followed them home. The police are still sorting out exactly what happened, but shots were fired by both parties.

Tammy Meyers was wounded in the head and died Saturday after being taken off life support at University Medical Center. … Tammy Meyers was behind her son, and Steiber said police don’t believe he was responsible for the fatal shot. … Husband Robert Meyers, who was in Southern California at the time of the shooting, said Friday that his son, Brandon Meyers, told him he believed there were three people in the car and his shots with a 9mm handgun hit the car at least once.

Do we really need to sum up here? Loading up the family car like a posse to go after a road rager isn’t a formula for happiness and success. The trouble with trouble is that when you go looking for it, sometimes you actually find it. As Brandon says in the video (click the image at the top to view it), he did what he did to protect his family and he had a reason. We’re sure he did. It’s just hard to come up with a good one.


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    • So many pros, so few cons. At minimum it’s a very nice way of saving $6-10K+ a year just in rent alone, while living with loved ones.

      • They’re some really goddamn big cons, though. I had to stay with the folks for a few months when I moved back down in 2009, and swore I’d knock over a bank and let the state house me before I’ll ever do it again. Out in public and at work, there are people I have to answer to, but no amount of savings on rent will ever be worth having to answer to somebody else at home.

      • I really enjoyed living at home with the parental units in my mid-twenties. Lived with roommates in college and had an apartment of my own for a year, then decided it just made sense for us to pool our resources. We’re all pretty laid-back, and we get along well together, so it worked.

        I paid a token amount of rent and helped the parents with yard work and home repairs and improvements. I had my own car and paid my own insurance, and I saved enough money to pay for my own wedding and honeymoon *and* make a down-payment on a house for me and my new wife.

        It was a pretty good deal all around, one that I’ll be happy to extend to my own children. Teenage problems notwithstanding, they’re turning into pretty nifty people. And with the economy being what it is (and my salary buying a *lot* less than my dad’s similar salary did 25 yrs ago), I have to admit that I might need my children at home if I’m going to stay afloat financially.

        As for the people featured in this IGOTD post, well, be careful what you look for. You just might find it.

        • Pitched that one right down the middle for you, didn’t I. (You can thank me later.)

          Point is, there are a lot of different ways to be a responsible adult, and independence comes in a variety of degrees and flavors.

        • “I think I saw some of your work as “Pajama Boy””

          You’ll never see Pajama Boy pushing a lawnmower.

    • While less than ideal, 22 isn’t THAT old…and this isn’t unusual at all. There are many possible reasons for people not moving out on their own the moment they turn 18.

    • Haven’t you heard? You’re a child until your 26 in O’bama’s Amerika. He probably just graduated college and was just starting his very first job at McDonald’s.

      • better than george bush’s amerikkka though, right? Obamas america is the one where gas is $2 / gallon, havent had a terrorist attack on american soil, and he lowers the budget deficit. But im sure you dont like him cause he’s black and muslim. moron

        • Gas was briefly $1.50-$2/gallon under Bush, too. 7 or 8 months ago, gas was over $4/gallon in many places. What does that demonstrate?

          Budget deficit, though? Seriously? It’s substantially larger than the highest under the Bush administration, even with all horrendous WoT spending, and only projected to get larger.

        • Work-place violence, and murder. Calling those event’s terrorist attacks don’t fit the narrative. Mentioning the fact that the perpetrators just happened to be muslim makes you an islamophobe, and a racist. Funny. Any form of opinion that disagrees with this administration is considered racist.

          Also, if you really think the president’s policies are the reason for these reduced gas prices, please, in the name of all that is holy, don’t breed. If you’re going to thank anyone, thank OPEC for trying to run it’s competition here in the states out of business.

        • Rob, you truly don’t get it do you? The administration IS responsible for low gas prices, at least this time. They sent Biden to Saudi Arabia late last year to convince the Saudis to keep oil production high in spite of low prices. Normally the Saudis would lower production to keep prices high. Why did the Obama administration do this – because they are punishing Putin and the Russians for invading Ukraine. The Russian economy depends on oil and natural gas revenues, and low energy prices are currently ruining their economy. It was a brilliant move by the Obama administration to stick it to the Russians for their expansionism, and to Putin in particular. As a result we also benefit from low energy prices.

          I hope you got a good chuckle out of that “don’t breed” insult, because there are some very smart, knowledgeable people in the world you seem to think are stupid. That says a lot more about you than it does about them.

    • LOL, I laugh at this because yes, I was out on my own first at 17. I did come home in my early 20’s for a bit (after moving back from WA from a job) and then once back on my feet and back out, I never lived with my parents again. I do however have some neighbor’s across the street with sons in their mid to late 30’s (for God’s sake) that still live at home. When I moved here 5 years ago, I got the story; “I’m saving up for a house…”, yadda, yadda. 5 years later they are still having garage parties EVERY NIGHT, with their loser friends. Beer, baseball and likely bud is their entire lifestyle. I guess some parent’s don’t care but man, IMO they aren’t doing their adult kids any favors. Also, have some self-dignity and GTFO on your own. IMO, waiting for your parents to die so you can finally live on your own ;), is not most respectable career path. Talk about a lack of motivation and aspiration.

        • LOL, yep…and I have to hear them often screaming constantly at whatever game they’re watching on TV in the garage every night. It’s awesome. One of their friends (I’m sure of it) is responsible for hitting one my cars as well. I’ve come to think that their parents must make them pay a bit of rent, and must need the income or something. I don’t see how they’d otherwise put up with all of that. They seem to be “nice guys” overall but I just can’t respect men that have never aspired to be anything but a live at home loser. I wonder why I rarely see them with girlfriends. 😉 Anyhow, back to the topic.

    • I see some other things wrong. The mother took the daughter joyriding at around midnight? Im from the Vegas suburbs but I cant be the only one assuming the mother was drinking.Her behavior definetely seems irrational and impulsive enough. Im also under the impression you can’t legally operate a vehicle with a drivers permit after a certain time like 9pm.

      • There is going to be a lot more coming out about this. Right now all we have heard is the husband’s constant stream of self-serving PR. Giving her 15-year old daughter a driving lesson at midnight – are we supposed to believe that? It all started over a honked horn – really? The wife was moving the car so it wouldn’t be recognized? That makes no sense because she and the other person knew each other. It makes more sense that she grabbed her son and his gun and went hunting. We only have the father and son’s word that the other person started the altercation, or even that they were shot at first.

        This is a defense lawyer’s dream case.

  1. Strangers. You just never who they are or what they are capable of. Go looking for trouble and you could get more than you want. Such a shame.

    • Yep. My Dad’s point to me about fighting, he grew up in the inner city, You Never Know How Far The Other Guy Is Willing to Take it.

    • Sun Tzu’s The Art of War instructs us …

      … if you know your enemies and know yourself, you will not be imperiled in a hundred battles; if you do not know your enemies but do know yourself, you will win one and lose one; if you do not know your enemies nor yourself, you will be imperiled in every single battle.

      Tammy Meyers didn’t know her enemy and she lost.

    • If TTAG has taught me anything that stuck over the last 4 years, it’s this:
      Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes.

  2. If the son turns out to have been the agressor and the other driver can claim self defense then it’s possible the son will be charged with the mothers murder. I don’t know Neveda law.

    Really stupid move.

    • I see your rationale; however, in this particular case, it doesn’t seem to apply. Let’s imagine that the son exhibited some belligerent act when they found the shooter’s car. Suppose he brandished. At that point, you would be correct. The son could be accused (even falsely) of assault. But these facts are that nothing happened in that moment. Mother and son returned to their home; the shooter pursued. Now, the shoe is on the original foot. The shooter wasn’t standing his ground defending himself. He was pursuing a fight – no less, a gun-fight.
      The son has an argument that he retreated. He could be charged with assault; aggravated assault. It’s harder to make a case that he is guilty of his mother’s murder.
      In any case, your point is very well taken whenever there has been a successful retreat. Nothing good – legally – will come from resuming a fight.

      • All we know so far seems to be from the son’s story, and it doesn’t make much sense. Why go out armed looking for the guy, only to follow him for a while then drive away? How did they not realize the guy had then followed them back to their house?

        I don’t know for sure and it’s possible the story will be exactly as stated, but I think there’s a good chance the truth makes the mother’s & son’s actions even less sympathetic.

        • Yep!
          “Brandon! Get your gun! There’s some asshole out here threatening us!”
          “A’ight Mama! Let’s go git that some-bitch!”
          “Hey motherfucker! You fukin with my Mama and my little sister you prick! How about I fuck you up, bitch!” (Brandishing gun)
          “Oh Shit mama! He gotta gun too! Let’s git the hell outta here!”
          (Chase ensues)
          We know the rest.

        • “Why go out armed looking for the guy, only to follow him for a while then drive away?”

          I can only think of one real reason that makes any sense and that is that they went out to find the car so they could write the license plate down and give it to the police. Is that what they were actually doing? I have no idea.

        • The source article indicates that contrary to early reports, detectives do not believe that the other party followed this family home. The story is still unfolding, but it’s looking worse and worse for the son. Whether he’s criminally responsible for his mother’s death, I can’t say. She assumed the risk, after all, of hunting down an alleged road rager and come what may. So far, I’m not seeing a legitimate DGU on his part, though.

      • I think it does apply. Contact was broken, mother and armed son re-initiate contact and appear to be “looking for” or “tracking” the other party. Other party defends himself (we don’t know who fired first, and I wouldn’t trust the father or son’s word that the Sun was up at Noon). Too many guns. What we do know is that no one called the Police.

  3. Once contact is broken between the two parties, it’s over, there is no more defense. If you, as the victim, reinitiate contact you have crossed from defense to retaliation and vigilantism.

    If a confrontation is over, let it be over.

    Also if you’re in the passenger seat, leave the damned steering wheel alone.

    • This entire family is showing every sign of being violent aggressive white trash, that got what they had coming as a result of their own actions.

      The only part that is surprising was that their car was on the street, rather than up on blocks.

  4. There was a time in my life where driving was so frustrating to me. I would get so worked up about “the idiots” on the road around me. I’m sure many years have been taken off my life because of it. Funny thing though, since getting my CWP and carrying regularly, my demeanor has changed radically. I take responsibility seriously, and though I look for trouble everywhere (situational awareness), I seek equally to avoid it. Driving is so much more a pleasure now. Maybe I can get those lost years back. Think?

    • My CHL didn’t change my attitude towards the idiots on the road around me(it still pisses me off to no end, and I probably burn a year off my life each way of my 110 mile commute), but the pistol on my hip hasn’t made me aggressive.

      • Agree with you. My CDWL didn’t turn me into Buddha, my blood still boils when I see terrible/jerkish driving.

        Amazingly enough though I can experience rage while carrying a loaded firearm and never even think about using it. Maybe my gun is broken…

    • This ^^^^^. The irony that the gun grabbers will never grasp is that for the sane, carrying a gun makes us LESS likely to instigate or invite a violent confrontation than if we were just young, dumb and looking for a fistfight. Having a gun with me makes me MORE likely to do everything I can reasonably do to avoid trouble. Just drive away, pull over and let the other guy on buy, refuse to pull over to fight, resist the urge to tell him he’s number one with your middle finger, or anything else that will defuse the particular situation, not light the fuse.

  5. –A bad one, as it turned out. Ms. Myers and her pistol-packing son Brandon found the other car and its driver, who apparently followed them home.—

    I’m a little confused by this sentance… did Ms Myers & Brandon follow the “road rager” to the road rager’s house?

    or at that point were the tables turned again and the road rager followed them back to the Myers home? Whose house were the shots fired at?

    Edit: Never mind – note to self, follow link to full article before commenting:

    “Tammy Meyers then drove home, Steiber said, where a vehicle described only as a four-door gray or silver sedan pulled up and someone inside opened fire”

    So Meyers went home, got armed companion (son) – drove around looking for car — Meyers went home, car followed them home & opened fire.

    • Quoted from the original article,

      “I would never say that anybody went looking for trouble,” Steiber said when asked to characterize Tammy Meyers’ five-to-10 minute drive through the neighborhood. He said she found, and for a time followed, the vehicle she had apparently been looking for.

      Tammy Meyers then drove home, Steiber said, where a vehicle described only as a four-door gray or silver sedan pulled up and someone inside opened fire.

      “All indications to us are that this unknown person fired first,” Steiber said. He said Brandon Meyers returned fire.

      Still looks like bad judgement all around.

      • Please note that this so-called detective had not even talked to the suspect yet. All we have heard is the father and son’s version. This policeman should not be trying this case on the sidewalk at a press conference.

  6. So…to sum up, sadly, Mom is dead in large part because she’s an idiot; Son’s mother is dead in large part because he’s an idiot; Son should likely be spending some time in the pen; the other road rager(s) should likely be spending some time in the pen; and they’ve all given the gun grabbers another chance to argue that we’re all like them.

    Think how many times you’ve been involved in a similar situation (on the front end) which could have led to an ugly road rage incident, and why you didn’t do what this bunch of nuts did. Sure, you were pissed, and you were glad you had a gun if the OTHER guy decided to do something crazy, but you didn’t try to pull him/her over, and you didn’t pull and brandish your gun. Why? You knew it would have been not only stupid, but dangerous and most likely felonious to do so. Because duh.

    • Not sure why the son, absent some more information, would spend time in jail. If the other guys opened fire first, then his return fire was likely self-defense. And, there is no reason that they shouldn’t legally have been able to do what they apparently were doing, which was looking for the other car. Even if he instigated it verbally, that still wouldn’t exonerate the parties in the other car, and wouldn’t work to his disadvantage legally.

      • True for the son, only IF it’s a clear self-defense situation. If in fact he hopped in the car with his Momma, and with his gun, for the very purpose of looking for the other road ragers, that makes his claim of self-defense harder, even if the final showdown happened at his mother’s house. If and when they catch the shooter(s), here’s guessing that his/their story doesn’t match the son’s.

        • Had the mother not died, we might be hearing from the shooter. As it is, Brandon has to answer for his action and of course he will paint it in a good light.
          The truth may be that Brandon shot first. The other guy is afraid to come forward now that the narrative is out there.

          I have only chased one person in a car and that was to get a tag number. I did not catch them as they were fleeing at 130mph and I was in a mini van.
          Another time, I had the tag number and when I called the police, they said that unless they catch him in the act, then there is nothing they can do. So why bother.
          The last incident on the road I was involved in, the asswipe was in front of me trying desperately to get me to rear end him. Then when I got around him, he ran up on me and beamed his brights in my mirror. That was the only time I was packing and I had a Nano and an AR15. Had he ran into my truck, I was willing to open fire. But don’t go chasing butterflies or assholes.

        • I would suggest that the son is probably safe from prosecution, unless the people in the other car (beyond a reasonable doubt) saw his gun in a threatening position before they opened fire. And, even if he had shown his gun before they followed him back to his house, that wouldn’t be sufficient. Why? Because the other guys would lose their self-defense defense when they followed the guy and his mother home.

    • “….and they’ve all given the gun grabbers another chance to argue that we’re all like them.. …..”


  7. The daughter sounds like she’s too immature to drive, reaching across the mother to hit the horn. Messing with a moving cars operating controls when you are a passenger is a no no.

    • Yes, and what’s really terrible is that now the daughter has to live with the fact that had she not honked that horn the whole miserable set of cascading events would not have left her mother dead.

      It seems like everybody involved in the whole mess screwed up big time and has wrecked many lives.

      This is not really about guns and gun control. This was about ‘stupid’ control and you can’t legislate that away.

      • Darwin still gets his licks in every once in awhile even though we left the Serengeti many centuries ago.

    • I agree with your assessment of the daughter’s maturity level. But it’s pretty obvious where she learned that behavior.

    • That entire family sounds like a bunch of out of control hotheads. A bunch of out of control ARMED hotheads.

  8. Well. That story sure deviated from the original account of 3 crazies menacing a student driver and shooting her mom dead in their own driveway.

    • Yep. When I first read the story, it sounded tragic and now it just sounds like it was totally avoidable. That’s why I take every news story with a grain of salt. Especially ones involving guns. There’s always more to the story that never makes it out or makes it out late and so it’s stupid to leap to conclusions on either side of a story without all the evidence.

  9. A better title for this should be “Self Defense Tip: Don’t go looking for trouble” Or better yet, “Self Defense Tip: play stupid games expect to win stupid prizes edition”

    I’ll wager, based on the incredible judgment shown by all members of this family, they left their house to go find this guy and teach him a lesson. I’m tired of mom being called the “victim”. This woman made a conscious decision to go out with a gun and find the guy who followed her, to do what exactly? As far as stupid goes, this about as bad as it gets.

    • My take is that she might have been hoping to get the other guy’s license plate number. Mom and son “followed for a while”. Was that a minute or two to read the plate, write down the number, then verify the number? Or, was it longer. If all they did was jot down the license plate number then their behavior was not unlawful; but, it was imprudent.

      • This is where my “What did they hope to achieve?” thought process kicks in, at least for me when I’m thinking of something like this. So you get the plate number, and then you do what– call the police? And they’ll do what with the information? Not much, it’s one citizen’s word against another over a road rage incident. You really think any police department has the man power to chase those down (absent some other mitigating factor like damage to property, brandishing a weapon, etc), much less a district attorney to file some kind of charges based on what would likely be the evidence?

  10. From honking, cutting people off, grabbing your gun and searching to wearing your best NASCAR jacket to the memorial everybody involved is clearly classy as f***.

    • Yeah, hate to judge a book by its cover but after seeing all the background and photos of the family members it’s hard to be surprised by the outcome of this story.

    • I thought the exact same thing – who the hell goes to a candle-light vigil for his slain wife in his oh-so photogenic Nascar jacket? And why did the father go over to the arrest scene – so he could get on camera again? I can smell PR a mile away, and this guy is full of it. The more I see of this family the less I like.

  11. As it stands a woman is wrongfully dead, murdered. Now, if you decide you are going after the enemy and you fail to kill them in the process of locating them, you do not want to drag them back to your area of safety, unless you have an ambush waiting as a plan. Obviously this was not the case. Sounds like they messed with some gang-bangers who have no problem with killing people if you piss them off, enough. Still, these are clearly some folks who would be best killed at the edge of an old mineshaft out in the desert there in the NV vicinity.

    • Claiming she was murdered is assuming this second story is true.
      I would not be surprised if there is another story (the factual one) that has not been heard

      • I would suggest murder, either 1st or 2nd degree, unless the three guys can show that they acted in self-defense – which may not be that likely with them following the woman and her son back to their hose. The following them home may be sufficient for premeditation. So, if they aimed at the woman, 1st Degree, and if they just shot into the car, possibly 2nd Degree instead.

        In any case, the woman is dead, and the only defense is self-defense. As I pointed out above, even if the son had shown his gun earlier, they lost their claim to an imminent fear of death or great bodily injury when they followed them home – if they had had such a fear, they presumably wouldn’t have followed. They are presumably now the aggressors.

        • What “three guys”?

          The only evidence that they exist is the ever-changing tale of bullshit we’re hearing from the family.

          Check the son’s Facebook page ( and you’ll find that he’s a tattooed thug who works in a shop that sells drug paraphernalia, and talks about how he likes beating the shit out of people for trivial reasons.

          This sounds more and more like mom got ripped-off in a drug deal and went looking for revenge.

  12. Oh, come on, guys, give them a break. What middle aged woman with an grown son hasn’t done something like this? I mean, the guys 22 years old, so he can’t possibly know any better; he’s practically just out of diapers!

    …Seriously, though, I wonder where all the nitwits are that always show up to spout off nonsense like that whenever there’s a new IGUotD? Did we finally find a case so open-and-shut that not even they can play Devil’s Advocate?

  13. Remove the gun from the equation, remove the 22 year old son from the equation and the story would still be:

    Mom goes looking for jerk. Finds Jerk, does nothing and drives home. Jerk then follows mom back to house and shoots it up.

    This wasn’t the guns fault, or the sons fault, the mom was shot because random road rager was a tough guy, didn’t like that he was being watched and retaliated. The mom or son didn’t break any laws or provoke the shooting.

    I call Bullshite on this award.

    • But you can’t remove the gun from the equation or the 22 year old son. And because of that you don’t know what would have happened. Now, if your question is who’s the worst here? Obviously, the killer(s). And who is the next? Mom, who went looking for trouble and asked her armed son to come with her. And the Son comes next, since he’s the one with the gun and should not have offered to join Mom’s posse. And then little Sister, who chose to honk the horn, comes last. Is the Son guilty of a crime? We don’t have enough facts to know for sure, yet.

      BUT none of that–none of it–changes the question of whether the Son did something dumb and irresponsible as a gun owner. And he did.

      Those who are just looking for any excuse to play cops and robbers or cowboys and Indians in real life with real guns (not forced to; I said those who are LOOKING for an excuse) are not only being irresponsible, but are helping the leftist, collectivist, gun-grabbing enemy that wants to paint all gun rights proponents like that.

      • Yes I can remove the gun, because it wasn’t a factor until he was forced to defend himself. There was no altercation, and the killers didn’t know he had a gun until he started shooting back.

        He didn’t brandish, he didn’t threaten, he defended himself with a gun on his property from armed attackers.

        Anything that happened prior to shots fired is irrelevant, as it was all perfectly legal. I’m not saying it was wise, but certainly not deserving of an IGOD.

    • I don’t think is a given at all that they didn’t break any laws. Everyone thinks they know who was right, but we have only heard the Meyer’s side of the story. And it should be clear to everyone that the entire family is populated with hot-headed manipulative idiots.

  14. It was stupid, and the guy’s mother is dead. But, he probably didn’t do anything illegal. The other guys did, and driving over to their house (or following them), and then shooting at them is indicia of premeditation, and therefore, probably 1st Degree Murder (though, they may get it downgraded to 2nd Degree). If they are ever apprehended.

    It does get iffy if the son pulled his gun, even if he didn’t fire first. Pulling a gun, and esp. if you point it towards (or, worse, at) the other party, is escalation to an imminent threat of deadly force in a lot of places. So, if the son did point his gun at the other guys first, then, maybe, they were justified in shooting back, using deadly force in self-defense themselves. Of course, with them on the lam right now, we don’t know their story…

  15. I live in a relatively small town of 12k.
    I would have way too many streets to go looking for someone that I didn’t know. Ha ha, maybe they did know them, how would they find “the car” in Vegas.
    Then they say that nobody was in the car when they found it, the owners of the car knew where they lived or that’s a lie and they had a brandishing incident when they found the rager and then the rager’s followed the Meyers back to their house where hell broke lose.
    The news report said that there was more to the story than initially thought, you bet and a whole lot more because there was at least three points of contact. Not enough break offs.

  16. As the saying goes, you can’t fix stupid… and no one in the family sounds like an MIT graduate, just a bunch of idiots who didn’t think things through. And this story sure changed from its initial telling, so I imagine the police are probably suspicious of both sides in this conflict.

    And as people commented above, just another chance for anti-gun idiots to stereotype all gun owners.

    • ” and no one in the family sounds like an MIT graduate”

      A ‘degree’ has ZERO to do with basic common sense.

  17. Yeah, this whole story reeks of bull droppings. This sounds much,much more like a rip off during a drug deal or some other shady transaction. No one goes out hunting after a road rage incident.

  18. Methinks there is much more to this story. I don’t think anything Mom did warranted her being killed, but I don’t think the story is as cut and dried as the son is making it out to be. I suspect there were some verbal threats and brandishing (on both sides) that we don’t know about. We also aren’t 100% sure who fired first.

    Waiting for more information on this one. Initial reports about Zimmerman were that he tracked down and murdered a kid in cold blood just because Martin was black. There turned out to be much more to that story.

    • “Initial reports about Zimmerman were that he tracked down and murdered a kid in cold blood just because Martin was black.”


      I live not far from where that shooting took place.

      The initial reports were that it was a cut-and-dried defensive shooting. GZ had wounds consistent with his sworn testimony and the testimony of those that eye-witnessed various parts of the confrontation.

      Local prosecutor saw nothing wrong. State prosecutor reviewed it and saw nothing wrong.

      Al Sharpton et.all started their B.S.. The rest was history.

      • My recollection is that the Sanford police chief declined to presecute due to lack of evidence of a crime, even though city officials pressured him to arrest Zimmemran to placate the black public. He was ousted an replaced with a “more aggressive” black police chief. REPUBLICAN Governor Rick scott appointed Angela Corey as special prosecutor, in order to avoid getting slammed with chatges of “racism”. Angela Corey made the decision to prosecute. The rumor is that she is spring loaded to the “hang ’em high” position, which Rick Scott surely knew.

        There was an awful lot of political influence to try to “get” Zimmerman coming from local blacks and polticians trying to appease them.

        Of course, the prosecution lost. Liberal Harvard defense attorney Alan Dershowitz even said that the case never should have been brought to trial and that Angela Corey should be disbarred for prosecutorial abuse.

  19. So the mom is the super calm type, no chance she walked in front of son while he was returning fire toward the other driver. The other driver scored a head shot on mom from the middle of the cul-de-sac.

    The police can’t find this gray/silver car, but mom and son could find the right car after mom went home to pick up him up? I’m sure gray/silver 4 door cars are super rare out there. Nobody in the family had phone that could call 911 during the first contact, didn’t think about getting the plate? Didn’t think about recording him while he was screaming at them? Again a 15 year old girl without a smart phone, is like finding a cheap HK or a virgin working in ‘ho house.

    My guess family knows the other driver, maybe even something along the lines daughter knows him very well.

  20. So, son brought a gun? What of it? To assume that equipping oneself with a firearm means you are out looking for trouble, and not just trying to makes sure that if something goes down because of some irrational crazies, you have a recourse for defense is a antigunner tactic. If they were unable to obtain a plate number, it would be almost impossible for the police to do anything. So, you have two choice: Hope the problem just disappear if you don’t think about like the antigunners, or go out and get the plate number and call the police. Or you could just hope the next time he swings by your house, he just going to yell and not shoot, and then try to get his plate number then. I mean look at it, cops can’t find the guy yet with the person description along with the cars. Now, if they had a plate number, homeboy would probably be or very to close to being in jail by now.

    Do I think that’s what happen? NO. Maybe they were looking for revenge, but until hard evidence of intent is proven, I don’t assume anything.

  21. Moral of the story — If you and your property survive a road rage incident unscathed and you arrive home safely, stay there. Call the cops if you’re concerned. Have a beer if you’re not. Either way, be happy that you dodged a bullet (figuratively speaking).

  22. Well this news changes everything. If they went looking for trouble (feeling all tough with her armed Son), they pretty much brought it upon themselves. BAD judgment. I wonder who may have brandished first. May never know.

    • The law is a bit more complicated. You can fairly easy go looking for trouble, and still not be liable if you (or, in this case, your mother) is shot. As I point out above, the mother being shot is a homicide (i.e. she died, and did so at the hands of one of the three men). It is probably either manslaughter or murder, unless legally justified (e.g. as self defense). But, the shooters will have a hard time proving self-defense, since they followed the mother and her son home (and, that likely also shows premeditation).

      Keep in mind that self-defense is somewhat of a dance. To work, you have to be, at that instant, the innocent party. But, innocence can be lost and regained. And, you are never excused for escalating to the use of, or reasonable threat of, deadly force, unless in response to the other party having done so first (but note that intervening time and actions can negate the other party threatening deadly force – which is why the son should be ok even if he had pointed his gun at the three guys earlier, before they followed them home).

      • Great description of the nuances of self defense. This screws up most people in the general public.

  23. So they found the car and neither genius had a cell phone to call the police and report that they had found the suspected vehicle and operator or take a picture of the plate and give it to the police?

    This second story smells fishy and kid attitude sounds like he is playing CYA.
    Either way this was an avoidable death.

  24. Stupid people doing stupid crap. Darwin Award candidate. Saw this earlier today on Inside Edition(?). Actually go looking for trouble? Sorry I have zero sympathy for anyone. And what’s with all the comment on living at home at 22? I had a wife and a kid at 22 and sure wished I didn’t 40years later. I also have a 22year old son who lives at home and goes to college…and I’m happy about it.

  25. I dont know why Mom and son even bothered looking for the guy… all they have to do is call the cops..cops find him.. shoot him for resisting arrest/ brandishing/ looking at them wrong… shoot his dog as a token gesture of fairness.. end of story…

  26. This was a drug deal (or some other shady transaction) gone wrong. No one arms themselves and goes hunting a random car in a major metropolitan area over road rage, that’s a load of bs. Mom gets ripped off, grabs some muscle and goes looking for payback OR Mom rips off the other party and when they threaten her over it she guns up.

  27. the story changed three times in 2 reports——it was also stated a similar 4 door car was seen—-is there more then one 4 door gray sedan in vegas——very poor reporting

    • it’s less about poor reporting and more about all the “noise” that occurs when multiple people are trying to put together the flood of information from multiple sources

      Hard to separate the “facts” from hearsay from pure speculation.

  28. Bad choices by the mom and son.

    BTW at 17 I was in the army – if they had urged the son to get out of the house maybe this would have never happened. Then again if the mom waited till her daughter actually got her permit, we wouldn’t see this mess.

  29. From the way the story sounded they may have been looking for the car order to get the license plate number and may have decided to retreat home only for Brandon to be forced to return fire after being shot at. The fact that Brandon only fired is gun after being shot at makes him appear more responsible than his mother.

  30. It was clear from the beginning that this whole story was messed up. None of that family is telling the whole story. I think we’re going to find out before it’s over that there is a lot of dirt and blood on their hands. Nothing they did in the scenario of simple road rage makes sense.
    Sounds to me like Momma wanted that boy dead for some reason, is why she went and got her armed son. Must have been something pretty bad for her to risk her own son’s life. Yes there’s a lot more to this story ……………

    • Also, Why would the girl and her brother sit through and artist rendering of a suspect as if they didn’t know him, when they knew exactly who he was.??? So many obvious secrets here …………

  31. There’s something gravely wrong with this family. The husband’s first pressing agenda after the death of the wife is to collect money for the funeral expenses- it does not look like they live in poverty. How much has the family collected? Every penny should go to a charitable organization. And the son,he should go to jail too. The provocation made by “the victim” and her family made the incident much worse. And the husband and family lied about everything initially. This does npt appear to be a case of road rage incident- it appears that there has been bad blood between the people involved and the final chapter was written while the irresponsible people were in the cars.She can not be “the mother of the year”.nor her family be “the family of the year”.

  32. The more details that come out of this story the more it’s starting to sound like a family feud(but don’t quote me on this though). But since the killer was a pothead & weed is still outlawed in Nevada, it does make you wonder if it was a drug deal gone bad. In any case, THIS is what can happen to you when you take the law into your own hands! And don’t accuse me of equating self-defense with vigilante justice….This clearly was NOT the case here. Mrs Meyers(and her son too) decided to play John Wayne and actively went out looking for the suspect to “settle the score”.The man who shot her didn’t take kindly to this and gave her a little firebrand vigilante justice himself! This reminds me of that idiot teenage girl from the Windy City who went with her armed teen friends to Gary, Indiana to score some dope and ended up biting the bullet.

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