In this photo released by the official website of the Iranian Defense Ministry, military personnel stand near the flag-draped coffin of Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, a scientist who was killed on Friday, during a funeral ceremony in Tehran, Iran, Monday, Nov. 30, 2020. Fakhrizadeh founded Iran's military nuclear program two decades ago, and the Islamic Republic's defense minister vowed to continue the man's work "with more speed and more power." (Iranian Defense Ministry via AP)
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The Fars News report said [Iranian nuclear scientist Mohsen] Fakhrizadeh was traveling with his wife in a bulletproof car, alongside three security personnel vehicles, when he heard what sounded like bullets hitting a vehicle, and he exited the car to determine what had happened.

When he got out, a remote-controlled machine gun opened fire from a Nissan stopped about 150 meters (164 yards) from Fakhrizadeh’s car, the agency said.

Fakhrizadeh was hit at least three times, according to Fars News. His bodyguard was also shot. Following the gunfire, the Nissan exploded, the news agency reported, adding the attack lasted three minutes.

– Sara Mazloumsaki in Assassinated Iranian nuclear scientist shot with remote-controlled machine gun, news agency says

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        • Hugo Gernsback came first. He published many magazine articles on advancing technology, even a century ago. He predicted TV guided unmanned aerial attack planes. Experiments to remote control all sorts of things began very early.

          In WW2 the Germans had a remote controlled tracked tank-killer mine. Controlled by signals over a wire it could be steered under a tank and remotely exploded. They did not have many of them, but they worked.

          In more modern times ISIS has been home-brewing their own small remote controlled flying bombs for years. They buy model RC plane kits, some fairly large, and fly them by video into targets.

          ISIS has also had remote controlled machine gun and sniper rifles for years. Add a video camera to an optical sight, a set of servos from a remote control kit and a big battery, and there you are. A remote gun emplacement on the cheap.

          These days the parts to do this sort of thing are commonplace. Remote control is easy, it is doing it autonomously or over great distances that are the last remaining hurdles for the terrorist weapon maker.

        • to enuf
          Wow! I had to look up his name. I didn’t know Hugo Gernsback was the founding editor of Amazing Stories! I love this old magazine. And the TV series was pretty good too. I have read of the examples you mentioned. The Germans also tested but never used the RC Mistel aircraft. Loaded with explosives.

        • The Russians had dogs rather remote controlled vehicles. They would feed the puppies by placing their food under tracked vehicles. The puppies would be conditioned to associate tracked vehicles with food. When the puppies grew up, the Russians would strap packs full of high explosives with remote controlled detonators on their backs. The Russians would unleash the hounds and the puppies would run to the nearest tank seeking food. Then the Russians would detonate the puppies.

          The sound of a barking dog became almost as terrifying to the German tankers as the sight of a T-34 tank.

        • @Elmer-
          I’ve read that the dogs were smelling the difference between the tanks and would rush back to Russian tanks. So- In Russia, dog bombs you.

        • @Elmer, as mentioned above the dogs were conditioned to Russian tanks, and their presence in one area forced the retreat of a Russian tank unit.

          Also, when the Germans worked what was happening their high command issued an order that all dogs in the battlefield areas were likely to be rabid and were to be shot on sight. The numbers of dogs on the Eastern Front rapidly diminished after that.

        • @Jeff the Griz, @Southern Cross — Sounds like when the poles threw hand grenades at the Germans, then the Germans pulled the pins and threw them back!

    • Interestingly enough DIY autonomous gun turrets have been an actual thing for a while and not just restricted to Hollywood movies.

      Speaking of Hollywood though, this particular attack reminds me more of the movie “The Jackal” more than anything else since the attack involved a remote controlled machine gun fired from a parked vehicle.

        • Oh piss off. That’s like calling the Crips terrorists to defend the poor, innocent Bloods. Fuck that noise and fuck your noise.

        • Still waiting for the usual suspects to present a crime and a victim that justifies murdering foreign nationals in their own sovereign country.

          Pre-crime is a dangerous thing. Declare war, then you can attack military targets, including military scientists, all you like without it being a crime. Let Israel and Iran have their pissin contest, leave the United State of America and our blood and treasure out of it.

      • The Iranians declarer war against the US way back in the ’80s. They conducted acts of war, including invading our embassy and abusing our diplomats. They’ve been conducting war both at their own hands and by proxy against America and American allies since then. There’s a lot of American servicemen whose families will never see them again because of Quds Force actions, just as an example.
        This is what war looks like.
        Only the basest of fools would take their side on this.

        • To say nothing of the fact that Iran has vowed to wipe Israel off the map, and its interest in nuclear weapons relates directly to that aim, as does its development of intermediate to long range ballistic missiles.

      • killing a terrorists who is responsible for the deaths of many is a good thing.
        regardless if his wife / family was present.
        period !
        to think otherwise is what is actually sick.
        i guarantee that terrorist did give a crap who was around when he killed innocent people.

      • I’m not happy to see his family involved but you say “scientist”, I say “terrorist”. Depending on the difficulty of targeting him I suspect they took the opportunity they had. Considering the fact that Iran has actively pursued building nuclear weapons AND sworn to wipe Israel off the map, I can understand their justification.

    • Not technically.

      In a true ‘Darwin Award’, the candidate dies before they reproduce. Having any offspring means the DNA gets passed down. If he had children, no Darwin.

      (A group I was associated with years back had an annual ‘Darwin Award’, and there were rules that had to be followed to be eligible…)

      • from the original “darwin awards” book by wendy northcutt (who expanded on the original postings on usenet circa ’85):
        “If the person were unable to reproduce when stranded on a deserted island with a fertile member of the opposite sex, he or she would be considered sterile. Winners of the award, in general, either are dead or have become unable to use their sexual organs.”
        in other words, removing themselves from the gene pool. having previously spawned is not necessarily disqualifying (including pre or posthumous cloning or in vitro), just not being able to further reproduce naturally.

  1. This doesn’t sound like an accurate or truthful accounting. Why would an attempted assassination rely on the target leaving his bullet proof vehicle to be successful. Far too high a risk of failure and then putting the target on notice ensuring future attempts would be more difficult.

      • The only “official” account you will ever see is through the Iran news media, so good luck with the smell test.
        But even from the scuttlebutt that we have, I buy it. Remember, the Israelis once smuggled a booby trapped cellphone to their target. They called him up, and when he said, “yes, this is Mr. Ayyash. . .” it was lights-out. Genius, and fitting for a terrorist bomb-maker.

        Here’s another pro-tip: Making nukes for the Iranians leads to lead poisoning.

        • The Mossad’s official account was rolled into a cone and used to drink champagne, shortly before it was shredded.

        • {The target of the assassination}

          “… might have appreciated the irony: He was the chief bomb-maker for Hamas, and was linked to the killings of more than 70 Israelis, many of them civilians.”

          That one was a *classic*!

          “I suspect the Mossad has an official account, too. But it’s probably classified.”

          Just who do you think leaked the details of that operation? 🙂

      • The official Iranian account suddenly changed from “a 52-man hit squad” to “an unmanned remote detonation and a remote controlled machine gun from a mile away”. Next version will include Israeli-controlled UFOs.

        • The first report I heard from the Iranians mentioned a 30 plus man team with snipers, helicopters, and a remote controlled bomb.

          That would be difficult even for the Mossad to arrange in Iran. My bets are an internal factional dispute in Iran that was then used for propaganda value.

      • If it was a 14.5mm KPVT (well a mocked up M2) like Bruce Willis’s “Jackal” used from a minivan the car armor wouldn’t matter. That said, you are probably right.

      • This sounds too incredible to believe. Remote controlled weapons? Remote controlled car bomb?

        I suspect Iran had this guy iced – he probably was looking to defect or was leaking information to someone.

    • The only remotely plausible explanation that I can imagine is that his car was only armored/protected against handgun ammunition and the machine gun was ripping through the “armor” — thus he got out of the car hoping to escape on foot (to no avail of course).

      A similar plausible explanation: his vehicle was armored for small-arms fire (up through .30 caliber light-machine gun fire?) and the remote controlled machine gun was .50 BMG which was ripping through the “armor” and prompted the man to attempt escape on foot.

        • “This was exactly my question – was the car bullet proof or .50BMG proof?”

          Using that Swedish Raufoss armor-piercing incendiary ammo?

        • Loving that BA-50 there Geoff, it’s very soft on the shoulder if you have an early model with the big brake on it like in the video. Newer ones have the cyclops brake which allows for cans but it loses the charm of a big ass brake.

          Recently sold mine after several years but it’s a sellers market right now and I could pretty much ask whatever I wanted for it.

      • If his wife and/or family was with him maybe he ditched the vehicle to draw fire away?

        I wonder how much longer the surviving bodyguards survived after the smoke cleared. Maybe would have been better for them to catch a bullet than face the music.

    • Agree with uncommon, it’s likely the car was “armored”, but not able to stop whatever was shooting, be it .30 or .50. This being in the middle East it could’ve been a wide range of calibers/MGs.

      Given the car exploded shortly after means this was likely the case and that either tracer or API rounds ignited the gas tank.

    • Assuming the report is true, the simplest answer is:

      1) The attackers didn’t know the car was armored and hit it with an LMG which the armor could actually stop, at least for a bit.

      2) The target didn’t know he was a target and exited the vehicle not realizing what was going on or, more likely, in a blind panic because he wasn’t really ever prepared for such an event.

      People do really dumb, get-yourself-and-others-killed type shit when they panic.

    • Very suspect…

      Then again… It’s haji terrorists…

      Ever been to the sandbox? When you see top military brass with the same qualifications as your FNG replacement Pvt, it opens your eyes lol. Then again, those sandal wearing motherfuckers in AFG have been handing it to us for decades… Oh wait, something about a geneva convention yadda yadda we “play fair” out of fear unless we know -and by we I mean politicians – can get away with it using oper8rs or a bomb.

  2. With the current events in Iran the question is? Was this Iranian retribution for a non compliant nuclear scientists or an assassination preformed by a foreign country.

    • Tough to say isn’t it? And there’s no way in hell we’ll ever know. But Iran can rot in hell as far as I’m concerned, fuck them. Ain’t nothing good coming out of that country nowadays.

    • “Was this Iranian retribution for a non compliant nuclear scientists or an assassination preformed by a foreign country.”

      A nuclear engineer is far too valuable to bump-off if you think he’s not performing over there. That only works if you have a deep bench to draw from.

      More likely, his family (under heavy guard) gets their rations cut. That’s how to motivate…

      • YES HE would oh satanic troll…JESUS will split the mount of Olives and destroy Iran(as well as Russia,Turkey,Libya,the kings of the east et all) with the brightness of HIS coming. And absolute power. Soon too. Israel is the apple of GOD’S eye. Slow Joe Biden claims he’s a “Christian” while hating Israel>and babies.

    • Yes give congratulations to the terrorist murderers of the Israeli state. A more disgusting nation you will never find.

      • What an ignorant troll. I overlooked your first vitriolic comment, but your idiocy overwhelmed my self control with this one…

        • I imagine it doesn’t have much to do with anti-Semitism, probably much more to do with the so-called Israeli nations actions in the Palestinian territories.

          You know, if you suddenly get it in your head that somebody else’s land is yours, and you take guns bombs planes to steal their land, they’ll probably cop an attitude.

          Before 1947 there was no state of Israel, until a terrorist organization, the Irgun, attacked British military and civilians in Palestine.

        • You mean these guys:


          The so-called Palestinians supported the Nazis. Their leader, Amin Al Husseini, was a proponent of the Holocaust. As you can see from the above photo, the so-called Palestinians are still Nazis.

        • Do I really need to tell you that two wrongs do not make a right?

          Yes, the Arabs and Germans have been allies for quite some time, including the German-Ottoman empire alliance in WW1. And in both cases, the Arabs anti-Semitism and terrorism against the Jewish peoples is wrong.

          But that doesn’t somehow authorize the international Jewish effort to take Palestinian land at gunpoint, imprisoning and killing the Palestinians while bulldozing their homes and stealing their property.

        • Jaybird, your ignorance of history is breathtaking.

          Just how do you think the nation of Israel came into being?

          “On May 14, 1948, in Tel Aviv, Jewish Agency Chairman David Ben-Gurion proclaims the State of Israel, establishing the first Jewish state in 2,000 years. Ben-Gurion became Israel’s first premier.

          In the distance, the rumble of guns could be heard from fighting that broke out between Jews and Arabs immediately following the British army withdrawal earlier that day. Egypt launched an air assault against Israel that evening. Despite a blackout in Tel Aviv—and the expected Arab invasion—Jews joyously celebrated the birth of their new nation, especially after word was received that the United States had recognized the Jewish state. At midnight, the State of Israel officially came into being upon termination of the British mandate in Palestine.
          Modern Israel has its origins in the Zionism movement, established in the late 19th century by Jews in the Russian Empire who called for the establishment of a territorial Jewish state after enduring persecution. In 1896, Jewish-Austrian journalist Theodor Herzl published an influential political pamphlet called The Jewish State, which argued that the establishment of a Jewish state was the only way of protecting Jews from anti-Semitism. Herzl became the leader of Zionism, convening the first Zionist Congress in Switzerland in 1897. Ottoman-controlled Palestine, the original home of the Jews, was chosen as the most desirable location for a Jewish state, and Herzl unsuccessfully petitioned the Ottoman government for a charter.”

          JWM, who do you think initiated the formation of Israel and under what authority did they act?

        • Miner, again constant lies. You have no ability to see the truth.
          No Israel before 1947? Well I mean sure, plus or minus 3,000 years. That is a new level of stupid, even for you.

        • + 1

          Could you review the Maven S series spotting scopes please. They look great on paper…but?

        • History started long before 1947 but in the immediately preceding years the Palestinian Arabs were on the losing side of a genocidal war. Not only that, but their leader can be considered part of the Nazi regime. When you pick the losing side in a war expect to pay the price. My ancestral homeland is no longer part of Germany because we lost.

          There are no two wrongs here. You can consider the Jewish return to their ancestral homeland as a continuation of their war against the Nazis. You are an anti-Semite who uses the so-called Palestinians as cover. You have the mentality of a Nazi bureaucrat and are moral inferior of someone Richard Spencer who doesn’t tie himself in not with Charlottesville Nazi bad but Gaza Nazis goid.

        • “You can consider the Jewish return to their ancestral homeland as a continuation of their war against the Nazis.”

          First, you really need to read your Old Testament, those weren’t Jewish ‘ancestral lands’.
          They were stolen at the point of a sword from the Canaanites, Midianites, Amalekites, etc.

          The Proto Hebrew tribes came in and killed everybody, even the little babies by dashing their brains out against the wall.

          So don’t claim the moral high ground and righteous indignation, there’s blood on everybody’s hands in the Middle East and all that is important is what we we are doing today.

          And the so-called nation of Israel has no right in a civilized world to steal the Palestinian lands at the point of a gun, claiming some sort of authorization from their special sky daddy.

        • “…Arabs and Germans have been allies for quite some time, including the German-Ottoman empire alliance…”
          turks ain’t ayrabs, good way to get a scimitar in yer keyster.
          my maternal ancestral “preussich freitland” is also no longer german. wuppertahl, however…

  3. Given this and the amount of automated weaponry used in Syria and recently in Armenia, it’s interesting to watch this evolution of warfare.

    Arial drones have been a thing for awhile but we’re really starting to see common use of ground based fighting automatons.

    Wonder when they’ll start including certain degrees of AI…

    • The Skynet Funding Bill is passed. The system goes on-line August 4th, 2021. Human decisions are removed from strategic defense. Skynet begins to learn at a geometric rate. It becomes self-aware at 2:14 a.m. Eastern time, August 29th. Biden hides in basement, but is found by the Harris model Terminator. The world looks to Trump to save it after he said “I’ll be back.” 20 Jan 2021

  4. It is also reported he was dragged from the car and eliminated from the oxygen users club.

    The Jews don’t mess around with diplomatic conversations at the UN.

  5. Any “news” coming out of Iran is highly suspect…their propaganda machine reminds me of the Democrats and the US mainstream media.

    • Lol they are the same. The Dems let them infiltrate our nation just like the Chinese.

      Think of it this way.. at any given time there can be 5,000 Chinese spies on US soil, how many ? That number is probably closer to 5.

      We might be over in a sandbox operating, but that doesn’t even come close to what they are doing here.

  6. After all that appeasement money obama and obiden flew to Iran and now this. Instead of sending Iran more money send ’em some Jim Crow Gun Control joe…joe.

    REPARATIONS? Payments Are Waaaaaaaay Past Due democRat Party.

  7. There’s no trusting of what Iran claims. However it was done, good riddance to bad rubbish.

    And if he really did leave cover to stand out in the open and look around trying to figure things out, well that’s just a cherry on top as far as I’m concerned.


    • I understand that Presidet-elect Biden-Harris is very angry with the joos. Now they will have to send more cash to Iran to get their nuclear program back on track.

      • I know most of the self hating liberal reform jews don’t know that President Trump’s daughter in married to a jew. In fact he is a religious Jew. Who observes the Sabbath. Or maybe they do know? And that is why they hate Trump so much. JINO’s who hate other jews who believe in the scriptures. And practice their faith. And teach their children as well.

        And that is the real reason why a JINO hates them so much.

  8. So these Jews murdered a scientist in front of his wife.

    As a Christian, this seems evil and morally wrong. I don’t want my tax dollars going to support Israel anymore.

  9. Seems to me there’s a lot to be learned from the tactics used in Iran when dealing with a Tyrannical Regime. Just Say’n…Keep Your Powder Dry.

    • They kill gays. They sent child soldiers headfirst into minefields with replica keys signifying they will be sent to heaven. They export aid and and give safe access to people that kill plenty of civilians than just scientists.

      Let’s not pretend Iran is some peace-loving country that is not subject to the same geo-political shenanigans in the Middle East.

  10. Thank you ISRAEL! Armageddon delayed for a NY minute…although a nation with “perhaps” 200-400 tactical nukes would vaporize Iran.

    • The fourth world war will be fought with sticks and stones, said Einstein. I myself do not believe any civilization will survive to see a fourth world war.
      What I find interesting is that Biden was elected(?) and Iran is rattling sabers.

      • Well yes, as long as Trump was in office, they knew America did not have the confidence or resolution to advance their policies in the Middle East with any semblance of competence or professionalism.

        Iran knows that Biden will assemble an experienced foreign-policy team that understands the region and the players, they’ll be able to advance America’s policies on a wide front, without alienating our allies or pushing us into a war.

        Personally, I’m glad to see John Kerry is involved, he has actual combat experience killing Americans enemies for which he received the Silver Star.

        • “…experienced foreign-policy team…” Looking back on the foreign policy failures of the Obama – Biden Admin I can’t tell if you are stoned or serious.

          …and bringing up Kerry!?!?

          During Kerry’s 2004 run for President he was forced to admit that significant claims made by him regarding his DoD service were FALSE. He was NOT in Cambodia. He wrote himself up for three Purple Hearts in 4 months…balderdash. His Silver Star and Bronze Star are tainted beyond rational belief. His shortened service time in-country was a shyte show from the beginning. Kerry has received acclaim from the Communist government of Vietnam…that is low praise….Hanoi Jane…anyone?

          John Kerry is an affront to every HONEST Service member who served in Vietnam.

        • Let me translate your post into plain English for you: “Biden-Harris will assemble a team of foreign policy advisers who will advance the cause of murdering another 6 million Jews.”

          President Trump has done more to advance the cause of peace in the region than any President of either party.

        • “He wrote himself up for three Purple Hearts in 4 months…balderdash. His Silver Star and Bronze Star are tainted beyond rational belief.“

          You are sadly delusional, please explain exactly how a service member writes themselves up for a Purple Heart, we’d all like to hear the details of that.

          And just how are his awards for bravery tainted, I’d love to hear more about that as well.

        • @49her

          You seem to be research oriented [sic]…do your own due diligence.

          Kerry was and continues to be a nothing sandwich…regardless of your admiration for him.

        • I’ve done my research

          As has the Navy’s Inspector General:

          WASHINGTON – The Navy’s chief investigator concluded Friday that procedures were followed properly in the approval of Sen. John Kerry’s Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart medals, according to an internal Navy memo.

          Vice Adm. R.A. Route, the Navy inspector general, conducted the review of Kerry’s Vietnam-ear military service awards at the request of Judicial Watch, a public interest group. The group has also asked for the release of additional records documenting the Democratic presidential candidate’s military service.

          Judicial Watch had requested in August that the Navy open an investigation of the matter, but Route said in an internal memo obtained by The Associated Press that he saw no reason for a full-scale probe.

          “Our examination found that existing documentation regarding the Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart medals indicates the awards approval process was properly followed,” Route wrote in the memo sent Friday to Navy Secretary Gordon England.

          “In particular, the senior officers who awarded the medals were properly delegated authority to do so. In addition, we found that they correctly followed the procedures in place at the time for approving these awards.”

          But please, carry-on, don’t let the facts interfere with your delusions.

          Hey, is Hillary in prison yet?

          Has Q&Anon rescued Trump and apprehended the Democratic pedophiles at cosmic pizza yet?

          What about Hunter Biden‘s laptop, maybe that’s where they were hiding the Dominion hard drive…

          You people are just sad, pathetic losers, dupes of a New York City con man.

  11. He didn’t learn from American generals who were targeted for assassination during the cold war in Germany. In the 1970’s. A VIP never steps out of an armored car DURING gun fire. The stupid are much easier to kill.

      • I thought it was General Haig but I wasn’t sure. So I didn’t mention his name. Yes going after terrorists with only side arms might sound brave. But I think it was very foolish. If everybody had M16s then it really would have been a fair fight.
        But by fighting back he did stop any further shooting. In the end he won that gun fight.

        General Haig was very lucky. However senior officers in the Philippines and in Afghanistan have not been so lucky. RIP.

      • Right after I pushed the send button on my last message. I remembered Sergeant Alvin York. And what he did with his 1911 pistol. After he ran out of rifle ammunition. You are so correct. Leadership indeed from General Haig while under fire from the enemy.

    • “He didn’t learn from American generals who were targeted for assassination during the cold war in Germany.”

      I drove by a crater in the asphalt at S.H.A.P.E. headquarters in Mons, Belgium in the very early 1980s. An attempted car-bomb assassination. They weren’t playing, back then…

    • Ah sparky murder IS justified many times in GOD’S word…old & new testament. In RIGHTEOUSNESS HE doth judge & make WAR-where the evil die! Woe to you who calls good evil and ecil good…

        • “I don’t want my taxpayer dollars going to murder non-combatants.

          This is sickening.”

          Then you have a problem with how your tax dollars have been spent for nearly 250 years. No one wages war without taking out non combatants.

          As for our scientist in Iran he was part and parcel of an effort to wipe out cities full of NCB types. The Iranians are building bombs to attack first, not defend themselves. NK is a partner and customer of their technology.

          The world is a better and safer place today.

        • As an Infidel I support the death of all within the Islamic or any other faith who wish me Dead. Included in this are those in any Secular Society or Group. There is no such thing as non combatants in the War for survival. A strategy/concept long lost in today’s Modern (sic) Warfare. Which explains why Our Nation hasn’t won a conflict since WWII.

        • Who said anything about American taxpayer dollars? All we know is the guy was assassinated. Could’ve been done by anybody, including Iran.

      • Just another paid Troll/Snowflake looking for reply’s for “It’s” money stream. Best to just ignore them or post below and not use the reply option.

      • Hey Dan- this is a bold faced Lie. I’ve posted under the names”responsible father”, glockDoc and others.

        You’ve deleted like half my comments. My IP is banned. Dude- don’t pretend like you don’t.

        • If your IP is banned, how is it that a number of your comments have posted here? How did you manage to post a comment calling me a liar?

          Be aware that some posts using particular racist terms or slurs are stopped by the system.

          Now that you’ve let me know that you’re posting using multiple ID’s I’ll put you on automatic moderation so all of your comments will be reviewed before appearing in the comments.

      • Not complaining, the comments that are gone deserve to be gone, but there are defiantly comments missing that were here earlier.

        • Yes, I’ve deleted a few of his comments in the last hour. Thanks to Responsible Father/End Times/Win 94 30-30’s complaint, I took a look and found him commenting using multiple identities. A number of his comments are now gone and all of his will require moderation before posting going forward.

        • In their defense. Its their website. They can run it as they please. But my earlier comments have been removed. I’m not complaining. Its just an observation.

        • @Chris T, if you replied to one of this guy’s earlier posts that I deleted, the system automatically deletes any responses as well. I haven’t zapped anyone’s comments other than a few choice ones from Responsible Father/End Times/Win 94 30-30.

  12. The losers that complain about innocent’s or so called collateral damage are part of the problem,
    Their NOT innocent or impartial if their hanging with a known murderer,
    The only way to stop a killer is to kill the killer & any sympathizers he’s associated with.
    No mercy for your enemy.
    Don’t bring religion into it because the religions of the world have slaughtered millions of people over the centuries.

  13. Exiting an armored SUV during an attack might not be such a stupid thing to do when you live in the land of rocket propelled grenades and antitank guided missiles.
    This is particularly true of your vehicle has been immobilize either by direct damage or by being blocked in by other vehicles that have been immobilized. Also smart to exit vehicle if the gun fire is coming from something really nasty such as a Browning, .50 BMG machinegun or the Russian 12.7 equivalent. These weapons can transform anything lighter than an infantry fighting vehicle into Swiss cheese.

    Also remember that this article was written by a journalist. We ask know that most journalists are ignorant idiots.

  14. The more I read about this, the less inclined I am to believe that it happened the way iran says it did, or that it even happened at all…
    Another working theory is that the “scientist” in question was getting ready to defect to ??? and the iranians, to save face(which is what they’re all about) assassinated him themselves…
    Of course we’ll never know the truth, because iran doesn’t know how to tell the truth…

  15. The above was according to the Fars News Agency (state run media).

    The following is according to a documentary filmmaker for Iran’s Revolutionary Guards per the NYT:

    “An empty Nissan parked at a roundabout exploded, knocking down a power line. Gunmen leapt from a parked Hyundai Santa Fe, others arrived on motorcycles and waiting snipers filled out a hit team of 12 assassins, according to a detailed account posted online by Javad Mogouyi, a documentary filmmaker for Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

    Mr. Fakhrizadeh, hit with at least three bullets, tumbled from his car and fell bleeding on the ground. The nearest medical clinic had lost electrical power. Roadside cameras were disabled. All 12 assassins escaped unharmed, and Mr. Fakhrizadeh was pronounced dead by the time a rescue helicopter was able to transport him to a Tehran hospital.”

      • Word on the street in China is that Iran is already planning retaliation by shooting down one of their own passenger airplanes.

        • I thought the Iranians first response is to take hostages.

          You don’t want to be a foreigner in Iran. You’ll find yourself grabbed off the street, interrogated, show trialed for “espionage”, and given 10 year sentence.

  16. Why did the convoy stop when it came under ambush? Isn’t that basically rule #1 of action-on-contact for VIP Escort missions?

  17. Whoever knocked off that so-called scientist, thank you. And a hearty “go fvck yourselves” to all you antisemitic b@strds.

  18. Why would the Israelies or the United States put troops in jeaperdy by deploying then to assassinate this guy when it would be so much easier to drop a bomb on him with an F-35? The Israelies have acknowledged employing their brand new F-35s to do loitering overflights of Iran.

    The funeral for this guy evokes pleasant memories of the funeral for the Ayotolla Honeini. The frenzied mob for so out of control that they dumped his stinking corpse on the street then trampled it.

    • I hadn’t read that Israel, or Iran for that matter, had actually confirmed such flights had taken place. I’m not challenging it, mind you. Just saying that last I read about this, in maybe August, it was still an anonymous source. Surely, you follow this subject more closely than I. So I’d defer to you on that, and I’ll stop calling you Shirley.

      It’s pretty ballsy, though. Iran has to be, what, at least a thousand miles from Israel? An F-35 I’d guess has a range of 1,500 or maybe up to 2,000 miles? Or more; no doubt the real number is classifued. (My understanding is that military aircraft range is presented in terms of roundtrip range, as opposed to meaning one way range for civilian aircraft.)

      That doesn’t leave too much loitering time, especially if you’d have to keep some fuel in reserve in case loitering turns into fighting or hightailing it out of there. Crazy stuff in a rough neighborhood.

      • We’re working on stealth-capable drone refueling platforms for operations like that.

        But if you really want to remain hidden, you don’t operate stealth aircraft in daylight…

      • It is highly likely that the Saudis look the other way when the Israeli transit their air space so they are probably doing aerial refueling ops over Saudi territory.

  19. In order to pull this off there must be countless moles in Iran. Probably a lot of Iranians who are sick of their overlords. The vast majority of Iranians want nothing with the hate Israel and hate America cheap. They are too busy trying to survive in the hell hole the terrorists control.

    • I had two Iranian student pilots in my Air Force 64D pilot training class. Both were really good guys with a love for Cadillacs and Mexican whores. If we could only wipe out the bad guys without collateral damage. I would imagine that the good folks are beaten down by their system and all we hear about is the bad guys. That said, I didn’t have a problem bombing North Vietnam in 1965 as the flak was as bad as you see in the WW2 movies. They final shot me down June 20, 70 miles NW of Hanoi. Thanks to Air America, I was picked up the next day. I have no problem with killing the bad guys especially when they’re trying to kill you.

    • Is it a sense of irony that those who protested the Shah would probably prefer to return to that era.

      Be careful of what you want because you might get it.

    • To Iran, except for fellow travelers such as North Korea, the rest of the world is their enemy. But their revolution will be spread once they have dealt with the heretics in their neighboring countries.

    • I’m not sure the people of Iran are the problem, the leadership are, these people are “twelves” (AKA an apocalyptic death cult).

  20. chris mallory – “Nothing but propaganda from the terrorist state of Israel.”

    nothing but a comment from a non-thinking propagandist.

    • I give him more respect than Miner. Chris is good with anybody who wants to kill Jews. Miner twists himself in knots trying to explain to himself why Charlottesville Nazis bad/Gaza Nazis good.

      • No Nazis are good, I’m not sure where you got the impression that I am in favor of so-called “national Socialism’.

        To be honest, the people fighting for their homes on the Gaza strip could be viewed as freedom fighters, struggling against armed invaders.

        The entity that calls itself Israel has no legitimate claim to most of those territories, there was no nation of Israel until 1947 when Jewish terrorists occupied parts of Palestine upon the British withdrawal of their occupying forces.

        There are diplomatic ways to resolve the issue, compromise is possible under UN resolution 242, but unfortunately Israel continues to attack and occupy Palestinian lands.

        • They already have their homes in Gaza. They are fighting for Holocaust II which you support that is assuming you believe the Holocaust actually happen. As I stated in my original post that you are trying yourself up in knots trying to explain why a group of people who celebrate the Third Reich are freedom fighters. You are an anti-Semite and a Nazi.

        • Your delusion is sad, I’m glad most Americans are not as misguided as you seem to be.

          So tell me, why should people calling themselves the nation of Israel be allowed to attack, kill and take the land of the Palestinians?

          By what authority do these people, regardless of their ethnicity, think they are authorized to invade another persons land and take it for their own use after killing them?

          This has nothing to do with the fact they’re Jewish, I have no sympathy for anyone who invades another’s land, bulldozes their home and kills their family, and then cries when they are counterattacked.

        • There’s only one side who refuses to acknowledge the right of the opposite party to exist. There is no diplomatic solution when the Palestinians refuse to acknowledge Israel’s right to exist. Israel has made numeri’s offers that the Palestinians always reject. Palestinians don’t want their own state, they want to wipe israel off the map.

          Israel has tried to make peace several times with the Palestinian-Arab leadership. However, the Palestinian-Arabs have refused all offers and have never offered anything in return. Instead, each time Israel has offered peace, the Palestinian-Arabs have answered with an increase in terrorism. The following are examples of Israeli peace offers since 1993:

          In 1993 (during the Oslo Accords), Israel became the first country in history to give the Palestinian-Arabs autonomy (by giving the PA complete control over all major Palestinian-Arab population centers in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza). However, instead of leading to peace, the PA used its increased power to fund even more incitement and terrorism against Jews and Israel. As a result of this, more Israelis – both Jewish and Arab – died in PA-sponsored terrorist attacks.
          In 2000 (during the Camp David II Accords), Israel offered the PA nearly all of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza for peace. Saudi Prince Bandar, a diplomat present at the negotiations between the two sides advised then-PA President Yasser Arafat to take the deal: “If we lose this opportunity, it is not going to be a tragedy, it is going to be a crime.” Instead, however, the PA rejected the offer and started a five-year wave of terrorist attacks (known as the “Second Intifada”) that killed hundreds of Israeli Jewish and Arab civilians. Imad Faluji, the Palestinian Authority Minister of Communications at the time, said that the outcome of the peace negotiations – rejection followed by terrorism – had been predetermined. “This intifada was already planned since [Arafat] the President returned from the recent talks at Camp David [July 2000].”
          In 2005, Israel withdrew from Gaza to allow the PA to build a Palestinian-Arab state. Two years later, Hamas took over Gaza and has since launched thousands of rockets at Israeli civilians and has started three wars against the Jewish state.
          In 2008, Israel again offered the PA nearly all of Judea, Samaria, and Gaza for peace. PA President Abbas waked away from the negotiating table and refused to make a counter offer. Instead of accepting the offer for peace, Abbas continued to regularly incite against Israel. Since this offer, violent Palestinian-Arab attacks have continued at a high rate, as terrorists regularly attack Jewish families in their cars, at train stations, and even at cemeteries.
          In addition to Israel’s recent peace offers, the Jews in pre-1948 Israel (then called “Palestine”) agreed to numerous peace offers to share the land with their Palestinian-Arab neighbors. However, the Palestinian-Arabs rejected each offer. In 1937, the international community offered to give roughly 95 percent of what was then British Mandate Palestine to the Arabs and only 5 percent to the Jews. The Jews accepted the offer, but the Arabs rejected it. In 1947, the United Nations offered to partition the land and give half to the Arabs and half to the Jews. Again the Jews accepted. The Arabs, however, rejected the offer and instead attacked the Jewish communities and the newly founded Jewish state attempting to destroy it.

          Don’t be butt hurt your hero Hitler wasn’t able to wipe out the Jews.

    • Hey KJ- Actually Ayash’s last words were “I hear you father..” as he placed the bomb-phone closely to his ear……

      For this job I would have chosen a Minigun, satelite remote control, – with that rate of fire they could have punctured the armour in a few seconds.
      One wonders why they just didn’t use a reaper drone with a hellfire?????

  21. Need to ‘declare war’ on Iran before bumping off their evil scientists??? SERIOUSLY? Are you aware of the world we live in???? Iran have killed/maimed hundreds of Americans as the worlds biggest state sponsor of Islamic terrorism.

    Similarly by Iran arming Hezbollah and Hamas- Israel has every right and DUTY to destroy the ‘go-to-hell-scientists’ who are trying to arm Iran with nukes…….

    Whoever did this (s)hit…… well done- I wish I could have seen it!!

  22. I wonder why the Iranians don’t like the United States, could it be because we orchestrated the assassination of their democratically elected prime minister in order to install our puppet King and continue to rob the country of it petro chemical wealth?

    I mean, there’s just no way standard oil and British petroleum could put together a conspiracy like that, is there?

    “The 1953 Iranian coup d’état, known in Iran as the 28 Mordad coup d’état (Persian: کودتای ۲۸ مرداد‎), was the overthrow of the democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh in favour of strengthening the monarchical rule of the Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi on 19 August 1953,[5] orchestrated by the United States (under the name TPAJAX Project[6] or “Operation Ajax”) and the United Kingdom (under the name “Operation Boot”), and carried out by the Iranian military.“

    You know, after the revolution, the Shah of Iran, along with elements of his SAVAK secret police, fled to the United States, because we’re always ready to give a murderous dictator shelter, apparently patriotic Americans love them some royalty.

  23. Hey Miner49er, Hitler was also democratically elected, and any good man should have put a 45′ between his eyes…..
    Iran constantly, unapologetically, threatens to wipe Israel off the map, and they have every intention to do so…..And next in line for them is the USA…..

  24. Miner49er: You write: “The entity that calls itself Israel has no legitimate claim to most of those territories…..”
    Israel had a slither of land in 1948 given to them by the League of nations. The Arabs immediately STARTED a war and attacked Israel in the war of independence which Israel won, and the arabs in Israel fled to Jordan etc. (No one even asked them to leave!)

    So when you declare war on a country and you lose your butt and your territory, why has the victor no ‘legitimate claim’ to the land she won with the blood of her soldiers? Every country in the world is currently ruled by a government that won the land with the blood of its soldiers……

    Besides, The Jews were in Israel (given to them by G-d) thousands of years before someone invented the word ‘Palestinian’ in 1948……

    • “Besides, The Jews were in Israel (given to them by G-d) thousands of years before someone invented the word ‘Palestinian’ in 1948…… “

      Hilarious, I wondered how long it would be before someone invoked the sky daddy excuse for war and terrorism, just like the Muslims with their fake sky daddy Allah.

      Bugger off, my good man.

      Your religious delusions have no place in the government of the United States of America.

      The United States Constitution specifically prohibits the government from having anything to do with religious fantasies, and like Thomas Jefferson, “I thank providence that we have erected a wall of separation between church and state.”

      • Yup- “religious freedom of non-Jew citizens of Palestine shall continue without interference.” ….And non-Jews have full religious freedoms in modern Israel. Arabs are even judges!

        So Miner all you can do is disagree with the bible. Who cares. You have nothing to say about my main points about arabs attacking Israel after the Balfour declaration, getting their butts kicked, running off to Jordan, whilst the fledgling IDF capture huge swathes of Jordanian and Egyptian and Syrian land, after they attacked Israel first. They want the land back? Like you- they should bugger off…….

        • Israel has institutionalized racism against non-Jewish Israelites, are you not familiar with the Jewish nation law just passed in Israel?

          “The law does three big things:

          It states that “the right to exercise national self-determination” in Israel is “unique to the Jewish people.”
          It establishes Hebrew as Israel’s official language, and downgrades Arabic — a language widely spoken by Arab Israelis — to a “special status.”
          It establishes “Jewish settlement as a national value” and mandates that the state “will labor to encourage and promote its establishment and development.”

          So no self-determination for non-Jews.

          Establishes Hebrew as the official language, officially makes Arabic a second class language.

          Prioritizes continue Jewish ‘settlement’ of other people’s land at the point of a gun.

          Smells like America’s treatment of the native Americans in the 19th century, it is sad that a civilized country would engage in such greed and corruption at the price of human misery.

          And Donald Trump’s recent move of the US Embassy from the capital of Israel to Jerusalem to satisfy the delusions of America’s evangelicals, was a violation of the United States Constitution.

  25. That’s right….everything in perfect harmony with the British Balfour declaration- declaring a homeland for the Jews- i.e. a Jewish state, speaking the Jewish language.
    Religious freedom is guaranteed to all in moden Israel.

    “It establishes Hebrew as Israel’s official language” Yes of course- Would you accept Turkish as the official language of the USA?

    The fact is- Israel is the only democracy in the middle East, it treats its arab citizens better than most arab countries treat theirs, tens of thousands of Druze ARABS serve in the IDF, arabs hold the most prominent positions in the land, they are judges and members of parliament, Arabs feel safe and free to walk anywhere in the country (unlike Israeli citizens who will be lynched and murdered if they set foot in some arab villages), and arabs are employed at all levels everywhere in the country and have free state funded healthcare!

    And the IDF sets up field hospitals to treat hundreds of Syrians(!) injured near the border during the Syrian civil war! Which country sets up a field hospital to treat injured from a country they are at war with?!!!

    Ask any East Jerusalem arab if he’d rather live in Israel or in Gaza- Hamastan

    No- nothing like America’s treatment of native Americans……
    Have you ever even been to Israel Miner?

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