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"Slight fall: But 1.3m is still a lot of shotguns" (caption and photo courtesy

The typical strategy among gun control activists is to point toward Europe as the shining example of gun control. It’s a hoplophobe’s Nirvana were most firearms ownership is banned, and Europeans seem to be happy relying on the government to provide police protection. That narrative, however, has started taking on water as the wave of Middle East refugees have started flooding into Europe. Reports are surfacing about Europeans — especially women — buying guns well above the normal rate expressly for the purpose of defending themselves against possible unsavory characters who have come in with the refugee population . . .

From (via Google Translate):

The Austrians have always been one of the most armed countries in Europe. But now all the dams are broken. More than 70,000 weapons over the same period last year were sold. The most common reason for the upgrade: fear of refugees and before dawn burglars.


The Tyrolean arms dealer Stefan Mair of Fulpmes confirms the boom, which has increasingly used the beginning of September. Because of the social changes, the people would want to protect. Especially women bought weapons.

The desire to protect one’s family is a fundamental and universal imperative, something that we encourage here in the United States with the Second Amendment. The idea of someone being self reliant and self sufficient is part of the American heritage. But in Europe the same concept is often seen as an anachronism. Reliance on the state is the modern progressive model, which explains why our gun ownership (the ultimate symbol of self-sufficiency) is seen as such an alien, incomprehensible phenomenon.

With a massive influx of undocumented immigrants moving into countries with formerly heterogeneous populations, some Europeans are changing their minds about their reliance on state-provided police. Many, it seems, would prefer to have the means of their own protection within their own control. Now that’s what I call progress.

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  1. Homogeneous population blocs has been what allows for European tranquility. Of course European tranquility is a bloody myth because the population blocks continuously get intermingled for various reasons and confrontation results, usually resulting in a lot of rape and death. That is the historic norm for Europe.

  2. I don’t think it’ll catch on beyond Austria and Switzerland. Western Europeans are so wedded to statism they couldn’t imagine living any other way, even with middle eastern barbarians breathing down their necks.

    I mean, those same people as “guest workers” nearly burned Paris to the ground 10 years ago and they did nothing.

    Terrorists attacked Charlie Hebdo and held an entire city hostage and they did nothing.

    An utterly alien culture and ISIS agents are flooding their borders and they will do nothing.

  3. First round to the cojones ladies, then a quick follow up to the gut, and then the coup de grace to the noggin. I’ll give up every medal I ever won in the police Olympics to see that news report.

    • Can’t hurt. You don’t buy a pistol or a shotgun to win a war. All you are concerned with is winning the fight at your door.

      • A shotgun, with adequate and varied ammunition, would be exceptionally effective in an urban and suburban environment.

        • Vhyrus,

          I disagree. I cannot see the following shotgun loads being effective at stopping human attackers beyond the following ranges:
          — birdshot = 20 yards
          — buckshot = 40 yards
          — slugs = 60 yards

          The limitation for birdshot should be self-evident. Beyond 40 yards buckshot patterns are huge and a .36 caliber, 53 grain round ball isn’t going to do much. Finally, an average person will have a really hard time hitting their intended target even at 40 yards with slugs out of a smooth barrel.

          While shotguns are fantastic home-defense firearms, I cannot see them being a good choice for urban and especially suburban warfare. Would they be good for clearing buildings in urban warfare? Sure, as long as those buildings are single family residences. Large commercial buildings with long hallways and open spaces, not so much. We don’t call them “scatter guns” and “riot guns” for nothing.

          A short barreled rifle or carbine is ideal for urban and suburban warfare where you could quite often have to take shots out to 150 yards. Too bad Europeans won’t be able to acquire such ideal firearms for defending their cities and towns.

  4. duh.

    S. Africa, 1980.

    History’s rolls are never purged. All you b_tches that whined about Apartheid, are still on that side. Good luck keeping your pelt after losing your peace, your security your country, and your property.

    “ONE SETTLER, ONE BULLET” – look it up.

      • The Dutch didn’t displace anyone, like Israel they took a harsh patch of dirt, extremely harsh near the sothern tip, and they made it their own it was what they created farms/industry/jobs that allowed/caused others to trickle in. When sub Saharan Africa suffered drought, because others hadn’t done, in their home countries, what the Dutch had done in S. Africa, AND BECAUSE THEY WERE WET TURD AND ALLOWED TYRANTS (THEI FING A-HOLE NEIGHBORS NEEDING JOBS) TO oppress them they moved in millions south where life was easier. When they got there they demanded citizenship, the right ti vote, and equal representation in gov’t. Apartheid was Afrikan’rs saying bs. This is our country. So FU. And if that’s what you are for in the US, then FU until I tell you to stop.

        • Funny too how non-caucasians hate caucasians cause we ruin the environment, rape the land, oppress all who we come in contact with, but when mother nature cracks a fart around them, they all can’t get to where caucasians are fast enough. And it ain’t because we stole every good thing on the planet and piled it up within our borders. We carve out an existence, supported by Societies Under God. And, Caucasians have taken their game on the road, and flourished by the very Grace of God, in every hemisphere/clime/land/and country on earth, and if THE LORD GOD (Whose Son is named Jesus, and Whose Spirit is called “Holy”, [’cause some of you are f’d up about that]) someday allows us to stretch out into the universe, we can likely make our way of life work, out there too.

        • To further my point, Africans wouldn’t even know the Dutch we’re there, if not for Dutch hunters with guns, and the trade and shipping lane support they provided at the bottom of Africa.
          Today, millions of square acres (in gaucho-country) southern tip of S.America [Peru, Chile, Argentina] could be occupied by the people illegally crossing our border each day, and they could likely carve out a nice life for themselves down there without anyone (who wasn’t borrowing US Military satellite time, or reading National Geographic) knowing they were down there (for several generations). Instead, it’s considered better to ride the sh_t-a_ _ express 6 people deep (on the OUTSIDE OF THE FING TRAIN – 3rd world style) or nearly die hiding in refrigerated tractor-trailers trying to sneak into the US.

  5. A shotgun won’t save anyone who is afraid to use it. I simply don’t believe that some fraulein or hausfrau will blow away the doods smashing down her door. And shotguns will be hard to carry concealed on the streets of Vienna, Graz or Linz.

    • And the birdshot they will be able to buy will be sub-optimal in any case. And almost useless at range. I read on a UK forum some guys talking about peeling the tips of shotgun shells and pouring glue in to make “slugs.” Guess the Europeans will have to get creative if they have any real trouble.

      Regardless, I’m sure if someone actually defended themselves against the cultural enrichment this new wave of diversity is likely to bring, the authorities would immediately throw them in prison.

      • Birdshot at less than 10 yards (home distances) only spreads about 3 inches. That will leave a nasty hole where some flesh was. Also, you can use a cut shell as a makeshift slug.

        • Agree. Sub-optimal, as I said. Not useless, especially at typical house or on-property distances (though close to useless range). If that’s all I could get, that’s what I would use, too.

        • Hadn’t heard of the cut shell trick. Nice to know. Never know when that might come in handy.

    • Competition practical shooting and 3 gun are most popular in Austria, the Czech Republic and Germany. A picture of an O/U doesn’t mean some people aren’t picking up CZ 75s and SIGs and rifles.

  6. In addition to the men raised in cultures which consider a woman wearing a short skirt to have implicitly given her permission to be gang raped, or which consider it fine to harm or steal from someone who is not a follower of Islam, there will be plenty of ISIS, Al Qaeda, and other terrorists coming in. And you better believe they will be recruiting among those already there and smuggling in weapons to arm them. The old Fudd special won’t be nearly as good against a pack of terrorists with AK 47s.

    • To attack a home, the terrorists still have to come through doors or windows. A double barrel would be enough to take out the first two. At close range, even small shot makes a nasty wound especially if it hits the face or abdomen. A chest wound from one of MikeP’s cut shells would be fatal without prompt medical intervention.

      • Of course, much better than harsh language and a kitchen knife. And better than some firearms for that purpose of defense. But not what I would choose to use if there were a group of armed terrorists in my neighborhood.

  7. I don’t blame these women one bit. Tool up, I say.

    I’ve travelled in Europe. More recently, my wife has lived and studied in Europe. She’s seen firsthand in Denmark the deluge of muslim immigrants and their approach to assimilation. It’s non-existent.

    Muslims there will stop random white women on the street and launch into tirades about how they shouldn’t be so exposed and that shouldn’t be in public without a male family member. In the classrooms, they browbeat female students just for being there.

    In this country, as recently as this week, we’ve started seeing large groups of muslims (yes, muslims, yes, you can tell just by looking) congregating by the sides of roads. No bus stops nearby. No shops. No parking lots. No discernable reason to be there. Just seemingly random groups loitering for undetermined reasons. It’s unnerving.

    I figure they’re either planning something like a mob attack, or they’re trying to provoke a police encounter so they and CAIR can go cry on CNN. Whatever their intentions, if they turn criminally violent, we’re prepared to defend ourselves.

    • When people see that, they need to photograph it and post when and where using a hashtag like #ArabsGathering or whatever..

      I could be invaluable if there are attacks…

  8. “Multiculturalism is our strength”.

    Along with, “GFZ’s keep us safe from homicidal maniacs with guns”

    Along with “a gun turns a law abiding citizen into a homicidal maniac”

    Along with “As long as I don’t carry a gun and think peaceful thoughrs, I’ll be protected from being attacked by a mugger”

    Along with, “White privilege keeps a high percentage of minorities poor, uneducated and in prison.”

    Along with “Islam is the religion of peace”

    Along with, “The knock out game where some blacks target random whites and Asians for brutal attacks is a myth”

    I could go on.

    Is there anything a progressives believes that is actually true and backed by fact, experience, logic and history?

  9. It’s not just Austria.

    I play a social game with several people from the UK – one of them (ex-military) went from “You bloody Yanks and your silly guns are crazy” to starting the process to get his gun permit. I’ve asked him to keep me informed on how the process goes. I would love to hear a first-hand account.

    His reason? The massive influx of “refugees”.

  10. It is not just the more hoplophobic European states. Czech Republic has been a shall-issue state for years (although we do have gun registration and you do have to jump through some loops to obtain your CCL) but this year, the number of applications for a CCL will likely surprise many a fragile soul.

    The fact is that no matter what the politicos say and what most media say, the greater the gap between reality and propaganda, the more people see the propaganda for what it is.

    • If I had to live in Europe, I would live in the Czech Republic. Their firearm laws are almost as good as ours. And in some cases their laws are even better!

  11. I can’t wait to hear the wailing and gnashing of teeth from the gun control crowd over the sudden proliferation of gun licenses. There’s nothing better for proving that such regulatory schemes have nothing to do with keeping weapons out of the wrong hands and everything to do with discouraging weapons ownership even by the “right” people.

  12. Jah fraulin! Send Jihad jamal to paradise. Better late than never. I don’t see this ending well…

  13. Right Wing Bigots in Europe are no different than the same ilk in the U.S. The real facts are that the refugees are fleeing war torn Syria and Iraq which resulted from Britain and the U.S. overthrowing Strong Man Saddam Hussein in Iraq. He was an evil Tyrant but he succeeded in keeping peace most of the time between the Sunni’s and Shiite’s. The majority of the immigrants are only interested in a better and safer life. Many are already thankful they are now in European countries that are not at war and give them many Democratic freedoms. They will do well in Europe as many of their previous relatives have done. This is not to say they will not be forced at first to take the lower paying jobs there. France did have riots 10 years ago but this was the fault of both the French Government not doing enough to integrate and train refugees for jobs in main Stream French Society. Police Brutality touched off the riots. Much to the credit of the French Government they did do far more in the last 10 years for the minority classes than the U.S . has ever done for its minorities. There have been no riots there for 10 years like there were before.

    The shame of it all is that Europe is being forced to bear the brunt of all the immigration when it was Britain and the U.S. that were responsible for it all. Britain and the U.S. have shirked their responsibility on taking in their fair share of the refugees. The U.S. could and should take in thousands more and not stick Europe with the bulk of the expense of caring for and assimilating the thousands of refugees streaming into its countries.

    There are 6 million Muslims and Middle East Christians living in the U.S. They hold down jobs, send their children to school and many have their own businesses. Many of them have children who have graduated from U.S. Universities and are part of American Society.

    Many immigrants have moved into formerly decaying small American towns saving the towns from extinction by buying up old houses and fixing them up and staring new businesses. They have done much the same in decaying parts of big cities.

    Two Thousand Years of immigration history has proven that far from being a burden to Society the immigrant is an asset. They tend to save more than the indigenous people and tend to be more successful when they start a business much to the jealousy of some of the indigenous people. When I myself visited Michigan and Cleveland I was amazed at the great quantity of business owned by Middle East People and they had hired many Americans to work in their businesses. This helps the American economy when people are working and not forced to be on welfare or unemployment.

    One of the major reasons Ancient Rome fell was when they banned citizenship to foreign immigrants during a downturn in the economy which was the fault of the Roman Government spending too much money on a large military and fighting too many foreign wars (sound familiar, it should). When immigration was cut off it was the straw that broke the economic back of the Roman economy. The immigrant back then was used as a scapegoat for failed Governmental policies and today 2,500 years later not much has changed as the immigrant is still used as the scapegoat and the boogie man who gets all the blame for a lack of high paying jobs or too many bats flying around during a eclipse of the Moon.

    It must be remembered that Bigots like Benjamin Franklin predicted the end of American Society when thousands of Germans flooded into America during and after the Revolutionary War.

    Bigots hated the Irish Catholics when they flooded into American in the late 1800’s and ditto for the Chinese workers who built the U.S. transcontinental railroads.

    Roosevelt imprisoned thousands of Japanese Americans during WWII who in turn lost their homes and business and had committed no crime other than to be of Japanese Ancestry. This created a great expense for the Government for now the Japanese were being fed and cared for by the Government where formally they were making money with their businesses and paying taxes.

    East European immigrants were cut off by the Bigoted Klu Klux Klan in the 1930’s with the help of then Congressmen Harry Truman who hated just about everyone that was not White, Christian or Anglo-Saxon. This was at a time when the Auto and Steel Industry was hiring East European immigrants as fast as they came off the boat and by cutting off this source of labor it hurt the U.S. economy. Truman’s prejudice also played a major role in his decision to drop the Atomic Bombs when the Japanese had already 3 months before volunteered to surrender unconditionally.

    Peoples prejudices, bigotry and racism through either lack of education or paranoia and xenophobia play the major role in their thought processes rather than face true economic realty and Historical facts. The economic well being of their own country and the scapegoats the immigrants pay the price.

    I would beg to differ than most firearms ownership is banned in Europe. Every country is different. There is hunting in Germany, Romania, and France as well as Greece. Greeks own many firearms including pistols.

    The French can buy a silencer over the counter where in the U.S. it is banned. The French own shotguns and hunt wild pigeons by shooting out of slit in the side wall of their hunting lodges and the lure pigeons in by using a live pigeon decoy that rides up to the top of a tree in a little elevator and they pull on the pigeons foot with a string to get it to flap its wings and lure in the wild pigeons. The French hunt deer dressed in Green not Red and they position the hunters in trees facing out of the forest towards an open field. The dog handler then goes into the forest to drive the deer out of the forest and the French Hunters shoot at the deer as they run out of the forest and into the fields as this way there is no danger to the dog handler or dogs. Ingenious eh what!

    In Hungary you can buy brand new machine guns while they have been banned in the U.S. since Reagan outlawed the sale of new manufactured fully automatic weapons in the 1980’s. So who really has more firearms freedoms. In some European countries like Hungary (full auto) and France (silencers) they do and not us.

    • Ah yes, the history of the “melting pot” in the greatest country in the world. I am part German, Scottish. French and rumored American Indian.

      Now we are “multi-cultural” and all those new immigrants are taught that “white privilege” will keep them poor, uneducated and poor. That america is the most racist, intolerant and hateful country n the world with a shameful history of slavery, genocide and oppression.

      So you new immigrants, hate america, Feel no pride od being an amercan. Be ashamed about the american flag, only respect the culture you brought with you from that foreign land, only respect the culture of your origin, and spit on the history of your new home.

      No, jlp, there will be nothing that will come from this poisonous “multi-culturalism” except internecine warfare and ultimately, mass death and collapse into a new Balkans.

      • Benjamin Franklin said much the same thing and after 239 years we are still waiting for Franklin’s warnings about the German Immigrant destroying the U.S. to become reality. Don’t hold your breath.

        • You seem to have missed the part where the poster you are replying to said he himself was of German descent, and haven’t actually replied to any of the core content of his post. A shame, because I was generally inclined to agreeing with your earlier post.

        • The thing with the Germans, Irish, Italians and such coming to America is they understand the whole bit about capitalism and that hard work (even for the mob) would get you ahead in life.

          Unfortunately, the new “refugee” population has zero interest in working and only wants to suck from the progressive tit for all it’s worth. Welfare, Medicaid and other systems set up in the US and Europe were done as a “safety net” for those folks who need a little extra help with hard times. Progressives, on both sides of the pond, have expanded the systems to the point where the new “refugees” will take their jizya and demand more to do nothing but sit on their a$$, demand more $$ because they can and stew for a time when their invading forces (via 8-12 children per-generation) are in charge and they can institute sharia. Why do you think they want to go to Germany, France, Sweden, etc? Because Croatia or Slovenia will give them fsck-all for “benefits” and expect them to find their own damn apartments and get a job or get out.

          The cultural system they come from does not honor hard work, treating customers right in the “long-term game” and treating folks fairly because that’s how they’d like to have others treat them (no “Golden Rule” for anyone besides other muslims). They are tribal – family, clan and then, if nothing else conflicts, nation. That is not America (or Europe) and the principles it was founded on. But that doesn’t matter, they didn’t come to be part of the “greater good”, be proud Americans (Austrians, etc). The “refugees” (let’s call them what they really are – the invading force) are there for financial reasons only. The money they get from the stupid and naive German and Swedish governments will go to their family or be used to get mama and the 14 offspring to Germany, where they can go from sucking on a single tit to the whole hog (barring the whole pork thing of course). They’ll collect in their own parts of the city (Dar al Islam – areas ruled by Islam), giving fsck-all about “integrating into western society” and then start berating their hosts because they embrace gays, treating women as equals and worse of all, put up with “those jews”. It will be “don’t upset the muslims” with bacon in supermarkets, because “we want to be welcoming to new cultures”. Unfortunately, there’s no tolerance preached in Islam. It’s the Imam’s way or the highway.

          From there, once they reach 20% of a local population, rape and assaults will go through the roof (look at Malmo and sexual assault rates in Sweden), they’ll set up roving gangs of vigilante terrorists (called Hisbah) to enforce sharia and the progressive governments will turn a blind eye under the auspices of “they’re just policing their own” or “isn’t multicuturalism wonderful? So many new and fascinating customs”. From there, it’s a lost cause as “your country” will no longer be yours.

          This is currently happening in Sweden with over 150 no-go zones for anyone who isn’t intimately familiar with the 5 pillars or the prayers of Allah. There are “Sharia zones” in the UK where the British government ignores “multicultural customs” such as female genital mutilation, polygamy, forced marriages, grooming gangs and honor/apostate killings. Just wait until Germany’s population opens it’s eyes in another year or two and those 1M “refugees” they expected to integrate into the workforce and help buoy up their aging native population (and pension system) have stripped the country bare with their expectations of “support” for being forced to live in Germany.

          You know jlp, I don’t remember the Germans, Italians, Japanese or Mexicans brings any of these wonderful treats to US shores. While you’re digging through your history books to dispute this, here’s a modern exercise in futility for you- name a single democratic (or representative republic, in the case of the US) government that has a majority muslim population. No? What about all those great muslim contributions to the world – writing, the zero, coffee? Um, no. Again, nice try. All stolen from counties they invaded. Heck, with ISIS as modern “true believers”, I’m surprised *any* bit of knowledge outside the Qur’an survived into the modern age.

          So yes, the Austrian hausfrau, American housewife (or any female for that matter), LGBT, Jewish of Christian has a reason to be concerned with the new wave of invaders, ahem, “refugees”.

          • A most excellent summation OODAloop! I might add one doesn’t have to look any further in this country than what has happened to Dearborn, Michigan.

        • I see you didn’t dispute any of my points jlp.

          Because you know the progressive lagenda as,well as I do.

          In the end multiculturalism is about divide and conquer. Make a bunch of people see each other as separate cultures, (multi-cultural) and they will be at each others throats, with a strong central government orchestrating and controlling the different factions by supporting one faction against another.

          Which is exactly what is happening with the “victim” industry of the progressives in supporting various minority groups against the rest of the established population.

    • Wanna know what I can do in most American states today that virtually no European can without either breaking the law or having super double secret government-ordained privileges? Buy as much ammunition as I please from any store that sells it; no registration paperwork or presentation of an arms license required, no ridiculous limit on how many rounds I can buy per year, none of that crap. The only limit is how many dollars line my wallet. You know what else I can do in most (but sadly not all) American states? Buy a gun from a fellow state resident at a gun show or garage sale with cash in hand as if it were nothing more than a pair of pants at a flea market. Again, no state-mandated license to possess firearms required, ever. So I’ll turn the question around and ask you this time, who REALLY has more firearms freedoms?

      • My answer is what I originally stated. It depends what you are buying. With machine guns or silencers the freedom goes to Hungary and France. As far as the amount of ammo, again that would depend on the individual European State, as I said before everyone of them is different.

        As far as your statement about freedom to buy guns with no paperwork? Lets not forget before we get to smug the days of buying a firearm at a gun show or from a neighbor with no paperwork really seem to be coming to a rapid end. Horror of horror’s not only is the State, Local and Federal Governments about to change that but I got in an argument with people at our shooting club that all thought this new restriction would be an excellent idea as it would stop crime and appease the anti-gun nuts.

        Now with misinformed gun owners siding with the anti-gunners this is really something to be concerned about as they do not seem to realize that closing the so called Gun Show loophole will not keep criminals from getting guns. Example: Just this week in South Carolina they found just one cache of over several thousand stolen guns ready to go on the black market.

        And as far as appeasing the anti-gun nuts its like feeding a bunch of sharks a bloody piece of meat. Far from appeasing them it only adds to their feeding frenzy as they are back the next minute wanting even more restrictions. The NRA found out all this back in the 1970’s when they tried erroneously to appease them. It did not work.

        The problem is as stated many gun owners are siding with the ant-gunners out of pure ignorance so it is beginning to look more like European style gun laws will come to pass. Then the freedoms will be more with some of the European countries like Hungary and France as I have already stated.

    • jlp wrote

      The shame of it all is that Europe is being forced to bear the brunt of all the immigration when it was Britain and the U.S. that were responsible for it all. Britain and the U.S. have shirked their responsibility on taking in their fair share of the refugees. The U.S. could and should take in thousands more and not stick Europe with the bulk of the expense of caring for and assimilating the thousands of refugees streaming into its countries.

      First of all, how is the U.S. and Britain responsible for the civil war in Syria? Second of all, how is the U.S. and Britain responsible for terrorists doing what terrorists do in the Middle East?

      Second of all, the U.S. paid the overwhelming cost of the recent war/s in the Middle East — both in lives and dollars. Seems fair enough to me that the European states can pick up most of the tab on the refugee situation.

      • jlp I think if you’re so concerned about the islamic invaders you should be the first to sponsor a couple and let them move in with you. At least you won’t have to worry about them borrowing your deodorant. Your dog or kids however may flee after your house guests have been there a week or so.

    • The important thing about firearms law isn’t what you can or can’t buy, it’s what you’re allowed to do with them.

      The ability to own a fully working machine gun is insignificant if you get reamed up the bunghole for shooting a home invader with it.

      • Your assuming they would get reamed and we would not. Nothing could be farther from the truth as each State in the U.S. can be as different as each State in Europe all with their myriad of differing laws and attitudes towards the use of lethal force. In Texas you can get away with shooting and killing people who stole a pink plastic dollar flamingo out of your front yard while in California they would burn you alive for doing such a thing.

  14. Jah fraulin! Send Jihad jamal to paradise. Better late than never. I don’t see this ending well…

  15. Jah fraulin! Send Jihad jamal to paradise. Better late than never. I don’t see this ending well…

  16. Idealism is fine, but as it approaches reality, the costs become prohibitive. William F. Buckley Jr.

    It is fantasy/idealism that this planets top primates have evolved to the point where they can exist without the need for firearms. It’s only when reality shows its hand, that anybody with a functional cortex is going to arm-up rather than trust, or expect, the government to protect them. The costs, which are the highest anywhere, the loss of your life, become not just prohibitive, but entirely unacceptable.
    If you only see people as victims, then you’ll probably treat them that way.

  17. Good on these women for tooling up, as it is always virtuous to un-couple one’s security from dependence on the state, but I think the threat posed by the migrants themselves is far less than that of those cultural agitators native to Europe. I know people form the Middle East who moved to the U.S. for a better life, and they are good people who not only accept, but embrace as they want to be Americans, our ways, customs, and tolerance. It is the “PC police” and modern busybodies we must fear. For a long time, you immigrated and your culture mixed and melded with the host culture, you learn and adapt the ways of your hosts and your hosts learn and accept the ways of their guests. Both sides made cultural progress, and everyone was better off. Its worked since the dawn of civilization. This process helped make the U.S. the land of diversity where we (generally) get along well despite our differing origins and beliefs. But now, looking at modern “PC” attitudes, it seems it has become fashionable to obstruct this process at every possible step. “Multiculturalism” brings about a sort of separate-but-equal state where there is supposed to be no need to ever integrate and mix and yet there is still supposed to be peace and love all around, “Cultural Appropriation” prevents and shames trying to learn about other cultures and customs by actively participating in them, and finally the rampant “cultural egalitarianism” of our day prevents us from ever coming to grips with the fact we are different as groups and individuals with unique heritages and quirks and punishes any attempt to recognize these differences for any reason. All those three things do is foment more separation, misunderstanding, and alien attitudes between cultures.

    • I’m starting to think that the harmless-looking “social justice warrior” is a grave threat to our freedoms because of those PC sentiments you outlined. They’re interestingly organized, and they’re very loud.

  18. Living here and having been to gun stores lately, talking to the dealers, I have seen and experienced first hand that guns and ammo are sold like hot meals. Some stocks of 9mm 1000s boxes are sold out. Depending on where you live (Vienna, Styria, Lower Austria, and a few other places) dealers ran out of Glocks and other handguns. Shotguns from Baikal and some Turkish makers are being sold for few EURs along with a box of ammunition. Leftish newspapers (mass media, or Lies-Press, Lügenpresse, as we nowadays call it) reports the gun-sales-surges as dangerous, terrific, terrible, fearsome, and such. High level police officers and police press sources warn people to buy guns – but when you talk to the officer on the street, they mostly talk very much different. Regarding handguns you need a permit-to-own this Category B weapons in Austria, and the law (yet) states that you have the right to get this for reason of self defense. Or sporting, or hunting. But, remarkably, compared to other EU countries, even self-defense! Actually I sold a Walther P99C AS to a couple recently, who never had any liking to guns before, but because of the development in our country got their papers. The P99C is fine for them, because he uses his left hand, while she uses the right hand. So, one gun, fits them both with the paddle magazine release. I live in an area in Lower Austria where burglary is not so uncommon, and a very large refugees camps/city is not very far away (Traiskirchen). There is a rise of concern and awareness nowadays here you wouldn’t have expected in sleepy austria some years ago. When I see people posting about gun sales in Austria I usually add a comment to “not just buy the gun”, but also to store it safely, to take classes if never fired before, to go to shooting ranges and train, train, and train, and join gun clubs, join the austrian version of the NRA (very much smaller though 🙂 ) and such. In some ways, like some of you US people say “Obama has been the best thing that happened to gun sales in the US”, the rising crisis here is also a cash-engine for gun sales here. However, I would like it for rather more civil, sporting or hunting reasons, as for the development we are seeing here in Austria, and Europa in general. Regards.

    • How are most of these refugees doing? Has there been friction between them and the locals? Are they looking to settle near where they end up or are they looking to go elsewhere from there?

      I too wish that a rise in interest in firearms be not brought about by dire circumstance, but by an awareness of the people for the need to secure their own safety for the future while they are still in times of relative peace.

      My regards to you as well.

      • The answer to your questions can be found out by watching French24News as they have been naturally following and broadcasting this story since they are directly affected by this. Its also Europe’s most outstanding news organization. Surprisingly, probably because of the horrors of WWI and WWII Nazism Europe today is far more tolerant i.e. Liberal that they have ever been. Many of the European countries were treating the refugees very well with the exception of the Hungarian Government that has not been offering even food or water to the refugees while the people of Hungary were for the most part giving the finger to their own Government and establishing volunteer food and water distribution centers to help the refugees. The Hungarian Government later closed its borders altogether becoming the shame of Europe with their own people calling their own Government a bunch of 21st Century Nazi’s. The latest concern is Poland as a Conservative Government has just been voted into power and no one knows if their treatment of the refugees will change.

        Much to Germany’s credit they have done more for the refugees than any other European country and except for the minority of pro-Nazi sympathizers the bulk of the German people have been very supportive and humane towards the refugees. Angela Merkle has led the fight to help solve the refugee crisis and get the Europeans to act in a more cooperative way to solve or alleviate the crisis as much as is possible under the catastrophic conditions that have not been seen since WWII.

        • Dude, it’s collective guilt on the part of western Europe. Eastern Europe (Hungary, Poland, etc) have a very recent (up to 1993) knowledge of what it’s like to have an invading force in their own country and want nothing to do with it. Angela Merkle is trying to keep the German pension system from collapsing with the hope the new population will work, have good paying jobs and pony into a system that was crashing with the drop in native German birth rates. Just wait until the new “refugees” come to understand the pension system (and government) they’re expected to support is a form of insurance which is Halal (forbidden) as a form of gambling or usury. So, they’ll stay on the dole and sell drugs out of their Fiat and do everything they can not to pay into the system. The islamic world’s pension is having multiple children, not having 1-2 children and then giving the government a portion of your earnings to save and take care of you in your old age. However, if you’ve got a great system like that which will also pay out to “refugees”? Heck yeah, they’re all for it.

      • As for the moment and regarding Austria alone there is some friction, but depending on your Point Of View or involvement, either too much, or very little. Fact is most people are being collected and transported to the german border, and friction is “higher” at either border side, not much inbetween. Not so many refugees have sought asylum in Austria itself. Officials in Austria and Germany are already critizing the transports as illegal because Austria is engageing in illegal migrants transfer! We have a lot of people in jails for this crime, yet the austrian authorities basically do the same: transport illegal migrants from our south-east border to our north-west border. The real crisis will start when germany closes its borders, or merely slows down the influx rate, then the whole thing can easily and quickly move into a terribly direction. The leftish, socialistic, greenish, goodhumans (gutmensch) people with the pink-red heartshaped i-love-you-glasses critize Poland, Czech, Hungary, Slowaky, and Slovenia for their treatment of the illegal migrants, and as in the case of Hungary for not even letting them in the country anymore. The realistic and normal people cherrish these countries and their politicians, because they actually take care of their own population first, and protect their state territory, their social structure, their believes and values Btw: As for Austrians and Germans this is not allowed, and this policy is in effect since 20 years, not just since the migration wave. This is another chapter of decline here. Back, between these two is the current state of affairs. Fact is, allmost all of these people come here illegally. Just imagine 10s of thousand people from South America walking every day over the “green” border in California, or Texas, into the USA, completely unchecked, uncontrolled, no luggage inspection, no personal data inpsected, scanned or taken, nothing! Even if they’d all be Jesuses and Marias, and never did, do, or will do anything evil, they’d still be illegaly in the US. Got the picture? The big difference though would be: a large percentage of these people would share a similar religion with many americans; some form of christianity. Fact is, more than three quarters of the people currently entering Austria and Germany, and more than three quarters of them being males, do believe in womens oppression, unbelievers slaughter, and other uncivilized ways of treating each other – also called Islam. So, yes, there is some friction, but again, once germany starts to close the border or slows down the rate of illegal immigrants Austria will have a very very hard time. And all the other countries on the Balkan, that are currently being flooded. And for some reason history repeats itself: some 90-70 years ago, the other european countries followed the Appeasement Policy, letting the NS regime do as they did, just protesting a little – until the war broke out. Now, again, many other european countries look again at Austria and Germany as they drown in illegal migrants, seemingly not helping the matter at all, and waiting to see what will happen.

    • Wait…AUSTRIA is out of Glocks! Wasn’t that a sign of the end times in the Book of Revelations?

  19. According to the libertarian godless Reason Magazine every person in the world should be able to travel to any country without restrictions. Socialist and libertarians both believe in a borderless world. There are consequences to having no borders or not enforcing them. European women and Kate Steinly in San Francisco have found out the hard way.

    When hundreds of thousands of people come to America who don’t believe in the 1st amendment or the rest of the constitution and they take over a city or two, how long will it take before people are stoned to death or attacked for not dressing correctly?

    Or perhaps the rape stories about muslims in Europe are all just made-up.
    Thank god for the founding fathers who gave us the second amendment, the only nation on earth with it.

    • The history of immigration has proven the xenophobe’s wrong on every count as the children of immigrants adopt the social morays of the host country. Many even cease to be able to speak their native language as well. Many Latino’s as far back as the 1950’s had children who could not speak Spanish. One of the most popular songs of that era “La Bomba” was sung by a Spanish American boy who had to memorize the Spanish words to that song because he could not speak Spanish only English. Once a population of immigrants both 1st generation and especially 2nd and 3rd generation quickly embrace freedoms of the host country that they heretofore did not have in their country of origin. As a matter of fact such immigrants because of this often appreciate America much more than the indigenous people who have taken such freedoms for granted so the immigrants become more patriotic than the indigenous people, something Right Wingers will not ever acknowledge as it goes totally against there rabid xenophobia.

      • I actually laughed out loud when I read “adopt the social morays” as I pictured people picking out friendly eels for pets. The word is “mores”, from the Latin word for customs.

      • “The history of immigration has proven the xenophobe’s wrong on every count as the children of immigrants adopt the social morays of the host country.”

        Northern European countries and France have a very different experience with the ‘Faithful of the Prophet’ where they have demanded Islam exclusion zones where only Sharia law applies.

        In those zones the national language of the host country is not taught in their schools. They are refusing to integrate into their host country.

        German P.M. Merkel has already (famously, I might add) publicly stated that “Multiculturalism has failed.”

        Merkel will never know how right she was on that as it applies to Islamists.

        Islam doesn’t ‘integrate’. Islam invades.

        • Your quoting her out of context as I expected you would. She was referring to the fact that the “peaceful Muslim community” had become isolated in enclaves rather than moving out into the general population. This resulted from discrimination in regards to the ability to rent or buy wherever they chose. I think too that full integration does not happen overnight rather it many times takes several generations with each succeeding generation moving deeper into the culture. I refer you to American society accepting immigrants such as the Irish, East Europeans, Chinese, Japanese etc. Did you know in America it was once illegal for minorities in many States to marry Whites. Now was this the fault of the immigrants? Cultural assimilation problems are not one sided by any means and blaming the immigrants is to ignore History. Right now Islamaphobia reigns supreme with the people who have not studied history, even recent history. If Middle East people were all out to get you so to speak Europe and the U.S. would be fighting street battles every hour but when you look at reality people get up, they go to work, they pay taxes and raise children. How can anyone ignore reality in regards to Middle East People living in the West.

        • jlp, assimilation and “the melting pot” idea works great with religions based on the 10 commandments or on equal and accepting treatment of others. Islam has no such basis, and is entirely about become the one and only religion. Take Qur’an 5:51…

          O you who believe! Take not the Jews and the Christians as Auliya’ (friends, protectors, helpers), they are but Auliya’ of each other. And if any amongst you takes them as Auliya’, then surely, he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are the Zalimun (polytheists and wrongdoers and unjust).

          Isn’t that just a wonderful bit of multiculturalism from Islam? Sound like good neighbors, eh? Muslims aren’t stupid, they won’t start enforcing sharia or their dislike of everything non-muslim until they have a large enough population to enforce it. Till then, they’ll bide their time and bite like a flea at the culture they’re in until they can change it.

          And here’s the quirky bit. The progressive media has “extremist muslims” entirely backward. Mainstream Islam believes in the superiority of the followers of Muhammad, the utter rightness of sharia and the subjugation of other religions and women. So in that case, ISIS is just following the playbook set out 1300 years ago, pretty much word for word, idea by idea. It’s actually the “extremists” that don’t believe in forcing jizya from non-believers, don’t want to take slaves, don’t wish to kill Jews and Christians and want to live a peaceful life praying 5 times a day.

      • Oh jlp, “rabid xenophobia, right winger”.

        It is obvious that you are a rabid relativist. You are an ideologue that refuses to make distinctions between ideologies.

        There are differences between beliefs, as shown by their actions. Communism, marxism, socialism etc Stalin, Mao, Hitler and Pol-Pot, all blood drenched in hundred of millions of deaths. Communism and all of it’s spawn are anti-thetical to all aspects of individual freedom, property and life.

        Islam is the same. There is no country majority muslim that is not a dictatorship, autocracy or theocracy.

        There is no country in the world that has a large muslim minority that does not have muslim terrorism in their attempt to impose sharia law. The larger the minority, the more terrorism.

        Buddhists, Hindus, Toaists, Sihks, Jews, atheists- (unless they are committed communists), chinese, vietnamese, etc. in this country or in other western European countries, in general, have assimilated or are assimilating without trying to impose their religious or cultural differences upon the host country by court of law, and/or by terrorism, except muslims.

        All beliefs are not equal, especially when they will commit mass murder or chop your head off to impose their particular belief upon us all.

        In all times of history, different beliefs have been used by those in power to rally the “useful idiots” to committ mass murder to impose the tyrants will upon the people, Christianity was one such belief in times past.

        Today,Communism/progressivism/statists and Islam is the beliefs that those in power use to rally the current “useful idiots” to impose, by law, blood and terror, mass tyranny.

        The current progressive governments in western europe and here in america, I believe, are using multiculturalism and the infusion of a belief system held by a people that historically will not integrate(islam) To create discord, chaos and terror, so that those in power can in the chaos, impose more tyranny.

        Higelian dialectic: problem, reaction, solution. Which means more government and less freedom.

        Those In power are evil, not stupid.

        • I suggest you start watching some Foreign News Channels as well as even some American News such as MSNBC News. There you would have discovered that if 6 million American Middle East People had not integrated themselves into American Society they would not have started businesses or graduated from College or raised children and paid taxes.

          In Europe they have gone “One Line” condemning terrorism in many of the European Countries in which they now resign. No amount of Xenophobia will change this, its reality. You pick and choose anomalies while ignoring the millions of Middle East People who commit no crimes while living in Western Countries and have assimilated very well indeed. Did I mention France where a Muslim saved Jews during the Charlie Hebdo attack? Did I mention London, Paris, Detroit, Cleveland just to name a few cities where Middle East People created jobs and employed people. Hide your head in the sand all you want but it does not change reality.

        • Yeah jlp. You as an ideologue really can’t comprehend what I am talking about, but you see me as an ideologue, so we are mutually incomprehensible to each other.

          In the end, history will out. There is a reason dark ages happen, we are seeing it now. A vigorous virile and war like people that has alot of children will replace the nihilistic, sophisticated decadent culture that sees marriage and raising children as too much trouble, and practices infanticide to avoid the responsibility of said children .

          The Roman people faced the same situation with those German immigranrs/invaders as western Europe is facing with those muslims /invaders. Westers civilization, in our nihilistic, decadent and oh so sophisticated culture, that sees family and children as to much trouble, and practices infanticide to avoid the respinsibilty, will fall as Rome did.

          Civilizations that think like you have littered the pages of history, unless we can awaken to this basic fact, western civilization will be just another footnote in history.

          • You have a rather warped view of History. Rome fell because they spent too much money on the military and war and not enough on their own people. Sound familiar, it should. Rome did not fall because of a couple of wild parties the rich threw, it fell because of graft, corruption, war and finally the banning of giving citizenship to immigrants who were invigorating the economy by bringing in trade and starting new businesses. That is historical fact. Scapegoating the immigrants led to the collapse of Rome’s economy at a time when they were desperate for cash for the army and their people. My how history repeats itself.

            While Xenophobes rant against the immigrant most are ignorant of the fact that the U.S. military has employed foreign people from South America into the U.S. Armed forces with the promise of citizenship if they survive their service time in the Military. So ranting at and denigrating the immigrant is showing disrespect to the people who are now populating the U.S. Military. Come to think of it Rome did the same thing. They hired foreign fighters because the average Roman Citizen would no longer fight for a rotten and corrupt Roman Government. Is there not a parallel here when the U.S. did away with the draft. Again history repeats itself.

        • Warped view of history? Sigh. jlp, you are so blinded by your prejudice and your bigotry, you can’t see the forest for the trees. . I agree with you that up until the last forty years, immigrants of all races and religions have integrated and become american citizens, and proud to do so, as in the “Melting pot”. It has made us stronger as a country and a people.

          So I welcome chinese, vietnamese, sihks, hindus, legal immigrants from south of the border and blacks from africa. I take pride in being Scottish, French, German and possibly american indian. I take pride in seeing that the chinese and vietnamese have earned more advanced degrees and started more private businesses than the white population.

          So while I welcome a multi- ethnic and multi-racial country, that honors traditional American culture; You call me xenophobe because I reject the progressives poisonous and culturally suicidal “multi-cultural” insanity and because I object to inviting into my country one particular culture proven historically to be hostile to it’s host country. Otherwise known as Islam.

          So be it.

          You call me xenophobe, I call you suicidal and ultimately, an enemy of western civilization.

          • You ignore the 6 million Muslims in are country that already have assimilated. Some of them were on MSNBC and were honored by the President at the White House to show people who are paranoid Xenophobe’s how warped they really are. Yet the Xenophobe’s will start screaming about an incident with mentally ill people if they are Muslim while totally ignoring Christians like the one last summer that went on a rampage killing blacks or 2 summers ago the white Christian man who went on a rampage killing American Jews. All this is conveniently ignored by the Xenophobes. Christians can do it and they are just branded as psychopath’s while a psychopath Muslim is branded as a member of an evil religion. I think it would take a true Xenophobe not to understand the difference and it seems like there are plenty of them around these days. Try telling the people of Cleveland or Dearborn Michigan to do without all of their convenient stores that are owned and run by law abiding Muslim Businessmen who by the way employ many Americans. I think they would all tell the Xenophobes to check into the nearest nut house and get mental health care.

    • Libertarians are pretty consistent: they usually believe in freedom of movement across borders, but then they also believe in no welfare whatsoever, so there really isn’t any reason for those people to come in the first place. And, of course, they also believe in individual gun ownership and stand your ground…

      • I have always known libertarians believe in allowing murders and rapist to freely come and go as they please. Thank you for your honesty in admitting that. Now please show where the have said they don’t support welfare? That I have not seen.

        Churches and ethnic organizations were the only help newcomers got when they came to America. But the godless attacked churches and ethnic organizations calling them racist. These godless people replaced private support with government welfare.
        Please show me where godless libertarians have supported churches in their private support of people who need help?

        There are many welfare people who live in government housing and are denied their civil rights to firearms. I have heard many libertarians make the case that if you accept government money you give up your civil rights if the government says so. Do you agree with this?

        I know the NRA has been fighting for the gun civil rights of public housing residents since the early 1990s.

  20. What kind of protection can they buy in Austria? Just over under shotguns and bird shot or can they get semi auto rifles and handguns?

    • Austrian laws classifies weapons in 4 categories: A) forbidden weapons (of war), including pump-gun, full-automatic-rifles or -handguns, tanks, machine guns, canons, etc. B) semi-automatic rifles, or handguns, C) rifles and D) shotguns. C and D can be bought freely, at I think 18+, with a 3 days waiting period – unless you do have a valid hunters license or permit, then you can buy C and D and get it right away. For category A) you might get a permit, in theory. Category B) is the one for handguns, or semiautomatic rifles like AUG, ARs and such. You can’t get all of them, but there is a list of valid ARs. To own any number of B’s you need a Waffenbesitzkarte or Weapons-Possession-Card. The law says you have to right to own up to two weapons of category B for reasons like sporting, hunting, or self defense. Any higher number depends of the good-will of the authorities, and your proving that you need more than 2 category B weapons. The holy grail, a concealed carry permit, is meanwhile near impossible to get, yet the law defines it, but it is almost considered dead law. Exceptions are if you work for a security company as a guard, or if you are a overseer ranger for the hunting grounds. The laws states that a CCL may be issued if the bearer has to consider violence and thus might need weapon force to counter it, but – well – the authorities – due to political pressure – never agree to this anymore.

  21. I am loving it.
    Remember modern civilized European countries have no need of defensive firearms and that violence does not occur in these advanced Western nations.
    I am gloating.

  22. By assimilating they’d slowly drag down Europe into an irreparable condition. By charging all at once they may awaken Europeans into defending European civilization. Masked men (presumably from the Greek coast guard) are already sabotaging their boats. We live in interesting times. Either the rebirth or eternal death of a great people is at hand!

    • Yup, not the first time muslims have invaded Europe either. The Ottoman Empire was beaten back from their siege of Vienna in 1683 as part of the Ottoman-Habsburg wars. This is just the beginning of a new invasion and Europe has elected to entirely forget history and it’s teachings. While progressive media displays Pegida as an ultra-radical nationalistic hate group, there is something to be said for vetting immigrants who wish to be part of your society. We interview recruits for a workplace, we’ll socially date a potential mate to see if “they fit”, we’ll check out the parents of our children’s playmates, yet somehow the media and progressives just naturally assume we should let anyone into our country because we can. As you say, this naiveté will be a crucible for european countries. Let’s see if they choose to live or die.

  23. What is the import/export like to get some guns over there? Could be time for someone to make some money. Not me, though. Sad face.

  24. Meh, they ain’t Gypsies. Considering how immigration historically leads to upswings in economic figures and national growth, let them come. Let the locals have guns, though. If any fanatic wishes to sow mayhem, let them reap lead.

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