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PBS’ Frontline has teamed-up with the Hartford Courant to promote civilian disarmament report on the progress of post-Newtownian gun control legislation throughout America. Notice how they use the word “mostly”; as if gun control is a matter of serious consideration in states like Utah, Texas and Arizona. If the map is heartening to supporters of firearms freedom, this statement isn’t: “Most of the movement on gun legislation has been at the state level . . .

Since Jan. 1, a raft of new bills has been introduced, with 574 proposed bills to strengthen gun controls, and 512 to bolster gun rights, according to a new [non-linked] analysis by the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, which tracks state gun laws. Connecticut alone has introduced more than 100 gun-control measures and as well as a handful of gun-rights bills since the shooting.

The battle continues. Click here for the latest state-by-state gun rights round-up from a more credible source: the NRA


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  1. Not to mention the fact that they kind of screwed up on the color for Colorado. Wonder how many other states they have color code goofs on.

  2. Judging by this silly color-coded map, I’d say we’re doing quite well. NY is the only state that is dark blue (passed gun control). The light blue (pending) means nothing. Most of the proposed bills are so draconian, they stand little to no chance of passing.

    I see this map and think, “WhatEVAR.”

  3. And what is the black for covering West Virginia. I know that over 20 PRO-Gun bills have been introduced in WV this legislature session. There are currently NO Pro-Control bills pending or being pushed. Recommend you go to to see the current bills and status.

  4. LOL! Florida is light blue and that is only because of the wacko senator that wants mental health testing to buy ammo, They are really wanting to make it look like they are winning. NOT!

  5. The Kentucky legislative session is in “veto” recess to see if the Governor veto’s any passed legislation. When they return it will be to consider over riding those he may have vetoed. While there were two anti gun bills proposed to the best of my knowledge they never made it to the floor for consideration so Kentucky really should be something other than blue.

  6. Illinois’ House has, a couple times this year, come within a few votes of AWBs and non-grandfathered magazine bans. Probably more in the ‘even’ category on that state.

    CCW is supposedly coming, but the antis want some flesh for it.

    • Yea, they’re blatantly lying about Ohio and Kentucky. Even the anti-gun people I know here in Ohio don’t support bans, they just don’t want to own or use guns.

      • This map is bizarre; it is likely only meant to spread FUD. Kentucky recently passed a bill granting right to open carry at government meetings and a nullification bill that would prohibit Kentucky from enforcing new federal gun control laws. SB150 is making its way through right now which loosens residency restrictions on CDWL permits. Part of why this life long Ohioan now lives in the Bluegrass state is because of Kentucky’s more pro-liberty stance on gun rights.

        • Part of why this life long Ohioan now lives in the Bluegrass state is because of Kentucky’s more pro-liberty stance on gun rights.

          Have you not seen the huge changes in Ohio gun laws over the past 8-10 years? We have a nullification law (makes it a felony for ANY government employee – state or federal – to enforce new gun bans) introduced and will most likely be passed.

  7. So is there any procedure for booting a state OUT of the Union? Constitution-friendly states don’t need to secede, it’s CA and NY that the lot of us could do without! I’m sure we’d even offer a refugee relocation program for those living behind enemy lines (that is, if their government let’s them leave).

  8. I think after it is all said and done, these latest gun-control legislations are going to make it even more complicated for CCW owners to travel across the nation. What is this going to do with State Reciprocity? If I am traveling across country, keeping an AR in my trunk and happen to get stopped and searched in one of the more aggressive states will they try to confiscate my firearms?

    • NY loves to drop felonies on air travelers (doing what is legal everywhere), I would be careful driving through there.

    • I have no idea, this was my thought too.There isn’t any push for any gun related laws that I am aware of in Louisiana for or against gun rights. So…pending what? False hope Louisiana will 180 on its majority stance?

  9. Since when did the Hartford Courant become less reliable a source than the NRA? This paper, the oldest continuously published paper in the USA… literally has the local fox news broadcast hosted in the Courant office every night… So there is even a conservative influence in the paper… Which in my opinion would make it biased as much so as the NRA. Throwing up some image without knowing the history of the company you’re bashing hurts your credibility. I visit this site because I expect more from the writers.

  10. As far as I know, there is no real legislative threat in Pennsylvania, but there may be some gun control legislation that I do not know. I believe the new Democratic Attorney General is moving to end reciprocity for FL CCW’s who are not FL residents, which may be the only action in the works. On the other hand I am not aware of any pro-gun initiatives.

    So painting PA light blue is possibly accurate, but not a true reality. In the worst case, it’s an attempt to “paint” a more blue picture on their map with has a definite yellow, i.e. pro-gun, appearance.

  11. I’d say the color coding for WA state and OR should be swapped. Mag capacity bill in WA is dead and it feels like there are more anti2A bills in OR. don’t have a hard count of bills between the 2 states though

  12. My family and I have spent time in New Mexico and loved it. We thought of moving there. What and or why is it more left leaning than its neighbors? Any insight would be great.


    • 1. Government labs which bring in a lot of people who seem play into the Demotard propaganda machine. They think that in order to be considered smart they have to vote blue.
      2. Sante Fe is full of hippies. Seriously, there were several communes here in the 60s and 70s.
      3. There are a metric shit ton of people here on welfare. Come to think of it that might have to go in the ‘effect’ column.
      4. Hippies

      • NRA Whittington Center is there. Hopefully there is a few corners of the state that aren’t covered by the blue blanket!

  13. How in the fuck do they think that Louisiana is even split? The managing partner in my firm (VERY pro 2A) is fairly well “connected” with the governor and legislature. There is nothing working on the books to limit gun ownership.

  14. PA is way gun friendlier than NC. I frequent both states. In PA you can carry almost everywhere (except schools, etc. ) with a permit. This includes places that serve alcohol, which is most eateries (never drink and carry – not a good idea). In NC you are very limited where you can carry (not allowed in places that serve, even if you don’t drink, and places that charge admission for attendance). I am not aware (I searched) of any gun control legislation pending in PA. Why is it blue? PA is a much more carry friendly state than NC. Seems like they’re trying to paint the northeast as an anti-area when in fact a large section of it is pro-2A.

  15. WTF? Louisiana is “Even Split Pending”????? That ain’t even forking close!

    Louisiana has some of the strongest firearms owner/user protection laws in existence already on the books. And I’m not talking about “pending”. I’m talking done deal signed and sealed!

    PBS is a clown show, and a waste of good money.

    Charlie (lives in the “Sportsman’s Paradise”, y’all 😉


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