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That’s a coffee shop bulletin board ad for paid volunteers — otherwise known as Astroturf activists —  to help “stop gun violence.” And with that 312 area code, that means Progressive USA is willing to pay $9-$11/hr for people to work for the Chicago machine’s chosen candidate to fill admitted felon Jessie Jackson Jr.’s Illinois 2nd congressional district seat, Robin Kelly. And, by extension, to work against NRA A-rated Debbie Halvorson. Which raises a question: if, “Double Barrel” Joe Biden is right and America really is on the side of the civilian disarmers, why do they have to pay people to work for them? And in, of all places, Chicago?

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  1. I’d really like the know where this said coffee shop is.
    It would make a nice addition to my blago-campaign posters/ target backers

  2. I’m not above ripping down flyers. Gotta fight fire with fire.
    Get some pro-2A stickers and slap those sumbiches everywhere!

    Raise hell, praise Dale.

  3. OT but Oregon has joined WA, MN, NJ, CA et al. They’re banning damn near everything and making it a requirement to register “assault weapons” and 10 round mag limits.

    New bill introduced:

    “Creates crime of unlawful possession or transfer of assault weapon or large capacity magazine.
    Punishes by maximum penalty of 10 years’ imprisonment, $250,000 fine, or both.
    Requires current owners to dispose of or register assault weapons and large capacity magazines.
    Directs Department of State Police to conduct background checks and maintain registry of assault weapons and large capacity magazines.
    Declares emergency, effective on passage.”

      • Well, the dems do control both sides of the legislature. It was tied last year and its still close so its not a guaranteed pass. Two days ago they said they were going to drop their other AW ban law they’d been talking about. This is mostly coming out of the very liberal Portland area reps/senators. The Oregon Firearms Federation has more info.

        • If this passes it looks like they decided where I will retire someday! Sorry Oregon, no tax money from me! Texas it is!

    • It is becoming very clear that our opponents have completely shifted tactics, and are using guerrilla tactics somewhat effectively. Per the interwebs, it looks like both the Oregon house and senate a democrat-controlled. The worst laws are all being pushed and presented in states where the blue team controls both sides of the state legislatures. This is no accident.

      The Democratic party correctly assessed that pushing too hard for these measures on the federal level would lead to a 1994/2010 redux. Unable to afford the losses, they launched their campaign on the states where passing those laws would be a foregone conclusion. They don’t care if some lowly state-level democrat loses their next election. They get to have their agenda passed on those captured states, which moves the goalposts further down the road to their final objective. The more states they can capture, the better. This is straight out of the Alinsky playbook, and they are playing chess in the long game. We are going to have to fight this out in the courts in many venues, and it will take time and effort.

      In the meantime, they get to make it more difficult to exercise our 2nd amendment right, which is the point of all of these measures. They are not stupid. They are corrupt. This has nothing to do with security, and regardless of what they say on TV, they know that’s the case (see Uncle Joe’s many admissions on this very issue). They have an end goal in mind, and I have to admire their tactics. It is working. We will have to spread our resources to fight this on the local level everywhere at the same time. From a tactical standpoint, I have to give them an A+. They have certainly learned from their mistakes. Can we learn from ours?

      Never underestimate your opponent.

      • You are correct. This is what they’re going to do from now on if they can’t get their way federally. They know it’ll take years for the courts to hear all this and they’re hoping to get more progressive justices on the bench.

      • I don’t see the current “assault” as something brilliant. So, there is a bunch of left-leaning States where they are passing as restrictive a set of gun laws as they can muster the political will for, depending on the State. If it weren’t for Heller, they would make handgun ownership discretionary with the police in some of these States too. If you look at the gun laws in NY, NJ, MA, and CA, it’s not a new thing for left-leaning States to pass fairly tight gun laws. It’s just that the list of such States is slowly increasing.

        The key is to not lose the spirit and to keep fighting. It’s not the first time things looked bleak. Some gun laws in the future won’t be to our liking, but we may still be able to preserve many of our gun rights and maybe even expand some. If we give up, then it’s only downhill from here, and fast.

        The more scary thing to me is the fact that the Democratic Party feels this is a winning strategy for them going into the 2014 elections, and I am not sure they are wrong. Still, we must keep fighting.

        • We certainly have to keep fighting, but some of these states are getting ready to pass laws outlawing semi-automatics (in clear violation of the ruling in Heller). The idiots proposing the laws may not know better, but these laws have a purpose, and since Uncle Joe has been calling the state representatives, there is definitely a message coming in from central command.

          The switch of tactic is brilliant, in my opinion. They have changed the battlefield over which this issue is fought. Instead of trying to do a one-size fits all solution, which would cost them dearly (we still have to make them pay dearly merely for brushing the subject, even if nothing passes), they spread us thin over many states and venues. It will take years to fight a semi-auto gun ban in the courts, even if it’s unconstitutional ON ITS FACE, per Heller…

        • AWB seems dead in Minnesota, they amended it to a two-feature test in Maryland (if I understood the blurb on correctly), and there’s more from various States – we are not just losing it all, we are pushing back too.

          They do seem to want to extend pistol-style licenses to (allowed) semi-auto rifles in CT, and there’s a bill to only allow fixed magazines in CA, but the former is not a total disaster, as long as the licenses are “shall issue”, and the latter has yet to pass.

          I recommend staying calm 🙂 and continuing to push back. Making us believe that all is lost is exactly what they want.

  4. Heard one of Kelly’s commercials on the TV yesterday, it included just about all the cliche gun grabber stuff one can think of.

  5. Halvorson has backed off almost all of the positions that got her that “A” rating.

    From National Review Online:

    “With the exception of an assault-weapons ban, she backs all of the proposals set forth by the president and Democrats in Congress. “I have always said, since running in this primary, that we need universal background checks, we need to end the gun-show loophole,” she tells National Review Online.”

    Complete article here:

  6. They can put up all the posters they want – 1st amendment.


    Tonight I’m drinking a Washington State wine with dinner. NEVER AGAIN FROM CALIFORNIA. Do your research. Only takes a couple of extra minutes. Buy stuff only from people in pro 2a states. Simple.

  7. If anybody on this forum who voted for Barry and the boyz in the last election and will STILL vote democrat (thereby not having learned their lesson), they are a libtard and therefore worthless and should leave this site and not come back.

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