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No,  the Borg haven’t invaded Los Angeles. Yet. That’s hitherto unknown Russian singer and attention whore Sasha Gradiva wearing a Transformer-like contraption on her right arm at last night’s Grammy Awards. Today Entertainment quotes her stylist, Leonid Gurevich: “The concept behind the weapon accessory was to take ALL the weapons and firearms of the world and use them for artistic purposes only. Not for killing,” he wrote. “Make couture — not war.” OK then. We’re just wondering how she managed when she had to visit the little girls’ room. [h/t]

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  1. Okay, I think the whole contraption is silly. And the overblown thought process behind making it…naive and silly. Half-a$$ed poli-art comments always make me chuckle. But by what metric are you labeling the young lady an attention whore? Can someone really be hitherto unknown and still deserve the demeaning sobriquet attention whore? I realize snark helps drive traffic, but from my viewpoint before you start throwing around offensive labels maybe you ought to establish your justifications?

      • Oh, there’s no argument that folks in show business are in the business of being seen, of drawing attention to themselves and being memorable. Being in the public eye is an inherent part of their job. It’s how they make their living.

        No, my argument is with the gratuitous insult that comes about when you tack whore on there. See, I don’t know anything about the girl. And in the absence of any additional information I’m going to assume she’s a young lady who wants to make it in show biz. A young lady who’s going to do like every other person on the red carpet has done, and wear an outfit some designer or stylist put together to get her noticed. I’m not going to use incendiary language like whore because I’m not into snark and gossip.

        The bigger distinction, it’s perfectly appropriate to attack someone’s ideas, or politics. It’s justifiable to question someone’s philosophy or assumptions. It makes sense to parse what people say and question their meaning. But calling someone a whore, even with the qualifier “attention,” just smacks of a condescending superiority and an assumption of the right to make moral choices for other people. I find it distasteful and would like to see TTAG stay out of the gossip rag business.


        • Like you, I wouldn’t presume to call her whore without the ‘attention’ modifier. Attention whore is a pretty commonly used descriptor and she seems to present a prima facie case. You’re right, they all march on the carpet in their designer gowns. That’s par for the course. The arsenal attached to her arm, though, puts her in an entirely different league as your run-of-the-mill celebrity.

          So I wasn’t attacking her personally, just her actions. Lady Gaga is another made member of the AW sorority just like her idol and role model, Madonna was before her. And the syndrome is by no means confined to women. There’s an extensive fraternity as well.

      • The filters keep snagging my comments. Is there a moderation process in place and I should just remain patient…or do I need to make a note each time it occurs?

  2. “The concept behind the weapon accessory was to take ALL the weapons and firearms of the world and use them for artistic purposes only. Not for killing,”

    Artists can be airheads. Would the model and her stylist be opposed to anyone firing a gun killing an attacker to defend their lives? Murder is wrong. Using weapons to commit crimes is wrong. Using weapons in a defensive killing to protect the innocent is justifiable and moral.


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