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The JPFO has delivered this fairly self-evident rhetorical shiv in the ribs of the Commander in Chief. Leave aside the question of the wisdom or efficacy of our forces’ continued presence in the sandbox. It should surprise no one that wading into l’affair ZimMartin clearly served a number of interests dear to the President’s heart, not the least of which is distracting low info-Americans from bigger problems that actually affect them — things like the economy, the cost of a gallon of gas, the slow-mo ObamaCare debacle and, oh yeah, a few worsening scandals. It’s clear that continuing operations in Afghanistan no longer (did they ever?) comport with Obama’s view of the appropriate projection of American power, let alone his political interests. But it might be refreshing if the 40,000 or so troops living and working in harm’s way every day commanded half as much of his attention as one dead Florida teenager apparently has. Just sayin’.

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  1. I typed a short comment on this post. It had a bad word in it and apparently the filter got it. Sigh.

  2. That’s for Damm sure! Obamba, Whats Afgana who Stan.?

    But TM was more interested MMA, skittles, Middle finger, skippin school, and Mary Jane rather than GOD, education and Country.. But not in that order, if there was order to his life.

    • Skittles and crack and Obama says he would look like his son. Its a good thing that Obama doesn’t have a son.

  3. i would guess that a larger percentage of Americans could identify a picture of a 14 year old black Floridian than could find Afghanistan on a map.

    Kind of a shame, isn’t it?

    • Its called GoogleMaps. Not hard to use. In fact you might be able to get directions from London to Kabul, something the British had a problem doing back in the 1800s.

      • I think what he’s saying is people here don’t look more than 300m out from their home. They have no idea where these conflicts take place, what the culture of the native people is like, or what is driving the conflict. Huffington Post states all of their thoughts for them.

        • It’s okay. The CIA doesn’t know native cultures or the driving forces, so the everyday American is in good company.

          So to speak.

      • The British had no problem getting to Kabul, but they surely got eaten up alive as they tried to leave Afghanistan.

    • Ho Chi Minh did get some of his ideas from the Founding Fathers, our Declaration of Independence, and the Constitution.

      However, he also was inspired by Lenin, Stalin, and Mao. I think part 2 kind of tips the scales. Unless your name is Obama or Kerry or Pelosi or Feinstein.

      • During ww2 what was then French Indo China was occupied by the Japanese. Naturally the Vietnamese did not like this even less than they liked the French occupying their turf. American OSS people contacted the Vietnamese people to see about supplying a resistance movement to hurt the Japanese. Ho was one of the leaders contacted by the Americans.

        One of the things the Americans did in exchange for the Viets fighting the Japanese was to promise the Viets that the Americans would do what they could to end the French control of the country when the war was over.

        When the war was over a British general, with little manpower or resources, was sent by the allies to govern Viet Nam until things could be sorted out. This fellow blew off the offers of the Viets to manage their own country and used the surrendered and fully armed Japanese troops as his police force.

        In the fullness of time the French came back. Not only did the Americans not stop the French from returning they made it possible by generous donations of equipment and financing. The French having recently been under the bootheels of the Germans would have had a great deal of trouble in reoccupying their colony without American Aid.

        Am I a fan of Ho. No. But I respect the Vietnamese people and their long struggle to be allowed to run their own country.

        • Adding onto to what jwm said, the point of this meeting is getting better relations with a nation who has even more to fear from China than we do. Hell, they’ve been at war with China more recently than they’ve been at war with us! With China throwing its weight around regarding the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands (sp?), everyone in the region would like the U.S. as an ally, Vietnam very much included. Bringing up our respective founders was trying to find some connection, no matter how weak, between our countries other than the third longest war the U.S. has been in.

          Obama’s mistakes are numerous enough that trying to play this little thing up is lame.

        • Gyufygy. I believe it was 1979 that China invaded Viet Nam. They got spanked and went home.

        • You got most of that right, but I just want to point some extra stuff out. Lord Louis Mountbatten was the British admiral (not general) who was placed in charge of transitioning all of previously Japanese occupied Asia, including Vietnam, Indonesia, and Malaysia, back into colonial hands. They did use Japanese soldiers as police in Indochina, but also heavily in Indonesia.

  4. Absolutely true, and no different than when Sean Hannity challenged that NAACP leader to identify just one of the 31 people killed in Chicago during the weekend of the Zimmerman verdict.

    Spoiler alert: He couldn’t do it.

        • Maybe not, but 99.9% of this blog’s readership are not fanning the flames of racial tension are they?

        • Nah, I’d put that figure at around 25%, give or take 10, depending on who is commenting and how inflammatory the post title is.

  5. Thank you TTAG for bringing JPFO to my attention earlier, and thank you JPFO for speaking clearly about this, again.

    Obama was critical of Bush on Iraq during the 2008 campaign, despite eliminating a mad-man who had done mass murder on his own people, and threatened the use of nuclear devices against Israel, Europe, and other weapons of mass destruction against the US.

    Obama had to look strong, however, so he posed the “real war” as being in Afghanistan, which anyone with any sense of history, the geography, the politics and the complete lack of strategic value or resources, would know was a side-show, and already done- over, mission-accomplished by Specops, after chasing the Taliban out, for sheltering OBL, when OBL fled to Pakistan.

    Obama had make the tar-baby of Afghanistan “his war”, so he could keep pretending he was doing something, and the MSM, who promptly got on their knees for him and reported it all uncritically. And he’s thrown the sacrifice of our treasure, and our young men and womens blood, in Afghanistan away for nothing, leaving if anything a more klepto-cratic regime in its place.

    History will judge him, if the weak sisters of the State Run Media will not.

    • Better yet! If Trayvon Martin was at a U.S. embassy in a traditionally hostile country and it was under attack by terrorist, barry obama (I REFUSE TO CAPITALIZE THE NAMES OF THESE CRIMINALS) would either give the order to leave him stranded with no help or protect the person who gave the “stand down” order and in either case, he would help to cover it up and call it a phony scandal.
      I truly believe with all of my heart and soul that if, and that is a BIG “IF,” the truth ever came out regarding “Fast and Furious,” Benghazi, the IRS targeting, AP wire taps, the surveilence of U.S. Citizens, etc. holder and obama would be in a Federal prison getting a** raped by same people/race that they keep trying to drive a wedge between with the white people, people who have money, people who work hard just to stay in the middle class, etc. The division that they keep fueling between race, “have and have nots,” social class, etc. is disgusting and as a white male who has studied THE GREAT Martin Luther King, Jr., I know that he would feel the same.

    • I think of Obama in terms of being a Mafia Don and Holder as his right hand Lieutenant who directs Obama’s domestic Enforcers. The real mafia would probably have done a better job running America.

  6. If Trayvon had been a cop, the same people who want Zimmerman’s blood would be calling him a hero.

    • Indeed, they certainly would. And, had Zimmerman been a cop, at least some of his supporters would be against him.

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