After a year-and-a-half of seven-day-a-week firearms-related blogging, I reckon I have a pretty good feel for what’s hip and happening in the world of guns. And anti-guns. The gun grabbers are still asking “Who needs an assault rifle?” and “Who needs a high capacity magazine?” Meanwhile, mucho macho big-ass revolvers like the Taurus Raging Bull [above] and the recently reviewed Smith & Wesson Governor get a pass. My take? Thank Dirty Harry, wherein Inspector Callahan wields the exceedingly cumbersome Smith & Wesson model 29 .44 Magnum as the ultimate expression of Old Testament justice. Even gun control advocates have their romantic side—if you know what I mean.


  1. I doubt if these revolvers are even on the radar of the gun control crowd.

    Also, in light of another recent discussion, please note your above passage, “mucho macho big-ass revolvers.” Firearms and masculinity are inextricably linked. The relationship is reflexive, atmospheric.

    • You often fire harsh words at the “gun loons” and present large-scale negative generalizations for damn near anyone who posts at TTAG. Yet you are a knowledgeable and experienced gun owner. Exceptionalist? Or just an elitist?

  2. It’s a very good point that gun control folks seem to be more interested in the magazine capacity and the “assault weapons” than they should be. I don’t go in for that argument that says “who needs it.” My belief is it’s a free country and “wanting” it is enough as long as you go through the proper channels, which unfortunately are a work in progress at this point.


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