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“The stark, black-and-white sign was erected in 2012 by the government of former (Mexican) President Felipe Calderon on the side of a bridge linking (Ciudad Juarez) to El Paso, Texas. The letters were formed by crushed, confiscated pistols and rifles, and the billboard was spelled out in English as a visible protest of the illegal trade in weapons from the United States.” But now our neighbors seem to have had a change of heart. “Mayor Enrique Serrano said Wednesday that the billboard was being taken down because Juarez wants to project a more tourist-friendly image.” These days, now that US-grown weed has changed the game for Mexico’s exporters and Juarez’s murder rate . . .

has declined significantly, they figure they stand half a chance of luring a few dólares over from El Paso if they comb their hair nicely and put out the welcome mat.

But if the goal of the sign was to really intended to protest the supposed “iron river” of guns that purportedly flowed into Mexico thanks to los gringos, it was located in the wrong spot from the get-go. Given that the real source of the vast majority guns that were shipped south of the border (as part of brainstorms like Operations Fast and Furious and Wide Receiver) was our friends at the ATF, shouldn’t the sign have been placed somewhere near their HQ building on New York Avenue where it might have done some good?

Then again, that’s some pretty expensive real estate in our nation’s capital. Still, you’d think that with all the graft flowing from the cartels to ex-prez Calderon and his cronies, they could have found a way to git ‘er done.


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      • “I think we need to “liberate” that sign, melt it down to make AR lowers.”

        Steel AR lowers?

        No fvckin way, thank you…

    • I’m surprised no one (in broad daylight) didn’t steal the bridge.

      Remember the Alamo.

      Remember the 60 years war.

      Remember, that when they finally get rid of all guns. . .


  1. Interesting. If the U.S. Is responsible for the guns in Mexico,

    Who would be responsible for the drugs here?

    No, such an argument would be stupid.

    • But the bottom line on both sides is dollars. American dollars flowing South by the ton.

      • Who is sending us all the peasant cultures and voters what want to reduce America to the same failed state?

    • Not to mention the use of grenades and other explosive ordinance by the cartels. I’m sure those items came from the local border gun shops too.

  2. I’m in El Paso and glad somebody is telling Americans Mexico’s sad Story. Keep up the good work. (for the irony: Ciudad Juarez’ murder rate dropped after the Army was withdrawn from the city!).

  3. Calderón put that sign up there opposite El Paso? For reals? El Paso is one of the lowest crime cities in the nation, but gets blamed for Juarez’s massive murder rate? It’s like Chicago blaming all the surrounding low crime areas for their own Saturday night slaughters.

  4. Hypocrites… “NO MORE GUNS FOR PEASANTS”. It worries those in power who already have them !!

  5. With America legalizing and growing it’s own weed, the cartels will be forced to lay some police and politicians.

  6. There is not, nor has there ever been, any “Iron River” of guns from the U.S. into Mexico. If anything, it’s the complete opposite.

    There are multiple reputable sources that are either hot-linked or in footnotes in each article, and are easily searchable and easily verifiable for yourselves. It’s absolutely unimpeachable evidence that thoroughly debunks that lingering socio-con myth.

  7. “This was the main diplomatic expression of its time, telling the United States not to allow more weapons in,” Serrano said. “But it is a topic that should be addressed more politely.”

    So… it is our fault that your border is porous and your police are corrupt and mismanaged? Okay, then I guess we get to blame you for the millions of illegals coming from your side.

  8. So all those full auto AK-47s came from gun owners in the United States? All those weapons missing from the Mexican military came from here too?

  9. Meanwhile, on the U.S. side of the border a “no more drugs” and a “no more illlegals” sign are being erected…

  10. New Colossus
    Peasants? Really, peasants? I’m sure most of the people commenting on this are not native Americans. How were your ancestors looked upon when they landed on these shores. Maybe it’s different if you came from Europe. Remember the words on lady LIBERTY:
    “Give me your tired, your poor,
    Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
    The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
    Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
    I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

  11. Maybe the next step is to legalize heroin and put the Cartels out of business in that area too. Maybe legalized prostitution also? After all, all the laws against these kinds of vices just seems to waste a lot of tax dollars and accomplish very little. Also creates a lot of corruption and drug related crime. Fills our prisons and tax dollars support that also. So much effort for so little gain. There must be a better way.

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