Nevada Expands Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity

The Silver State just did a major overhaul of its concealed carry reciprocity arrangements. They’ve added ten states to the reciprocity list, dropped Michigan and New Mexico, and will now recognize all permits from Idaho and North Dakota rather than just their enhanced permit, as before. Here is the list of states that Nevada will recognize, as of June 18th, 2015 . . .

From Nevada Division of Public Safety(pdf):

Pursuant to SB 175 and AB 488 of the 2015 legislative session, Nevada will recognize concealed weapons permits from the following states:

Idaho (both types of permits)
North Carolina
North Dakota (both types of permits)
Rhode Island
South Carolina
West Virginia

The newly-added states are:

Rhode Island
West Virginia

Both standard and enhanced permits are now accepted for Idaho and North Dakota.

It isn’t clear why Michigan and New Mexico were dropped from the reciprocity list, or why more states weren’t added.

Nevada has an unusual qualifier for its reciprocity list. It requires the Nevada Sheriffs’ and Chiefs’ Association to approve of any state on the list compiled by the Department of Public Safety. This is a very strange delegation of considerable power to a non-elected entity that is by nature, private. It seems a poor precedent to give an organization of law enforcers the ability to decide what the law is.

Update: As mentioned by Jared in the comments, AB 488 eliminated the requirement for the NSCA to vet the reciprocity list.

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  1. avatar Sian says:

    Still no Florida. =(

    1. avatar Pieslapper says:

      Looks like their prejudiced against most of the South.

    2. avatar Geoff PR says:

      “Still no Florida. =(”

      Yeah, as the kids say: “What up with Dat”?

    3. avatar BlueBronco says:

      I noticed that as well. Floridians need to stay the hell out of Nevada and let the crap hole called Vegas return to the desert.

      1. avatar Troy W says:

        Not to be biased, but ya’ll have alot of wackos running around Florida. Ya’ll have Atlantic City, go there, you wouldnt like the desert anyhow.

        1. avatar Me says:

          We are basically a desert as well, hell at least Vegas gets some sort of a winter and essentially no humidity. Although carrying in both places is a pain in the ass because of the damned heat.

  2. avatar Mike Crognale says:

    No Texas? That’s very curious.

    1. avatar Mike D says:

      No Texas is very odd – anyone have any idea why that would be ?

      1. avatar michael small says:

        Texas Gov Rick Perry signed into law on 24 Mar 05 a statute that allows permit holders from Nevada to be recognized in Texas.

  3. avatar Dirk Diggler says:

    Glad I have an AZ permit. 🙂

  4. avatar Chadwick P. says:

    Seriously no Utah? Nevada you are truly messed up. You won’t recognize one of the most universal carry permits… but you accept Idaho’s standard permit now? So Idaho trusts my permit and you trust their permit..? Idiots.

    1. avatar JK says:

      As of July 1, 2016, Utah is honored in Nevada.

      1. avatar Trevor says:

        That’s good news. I know that they ended reciprocity years ago. I travel to Nevada 3x every year for work.

  5. avatar Gov. William J. Le Petomane says:

    Still no Vegas trips for me, then.

    1. avatar Second Amendment says:

      Just carry openly, then. It is an open carry state.

      1. avatar Chadwick P. says:

        Yeah try that one while walking through a casino.

        1. avatar AllAmerican says:

          Watch out for Mr. House’s securitrons too. They don’t particularly like open carry on the strip.

      2. avatar notalima says:

        Except for a plethora of ‘not’. Casinos, North Las Vegas (where they don’t care about state preemption), and a minefield of other ‘no go’ zones.

        And, depending on where you are in Metro’s jurisdiction, you can enjoy being detailed by rooks (and some experienced officers) to see ‘why are you doing that’, calls from panicked NY, NJ, CA, etc. retirees who cannot understand open carry and ‘know’ that you must be a criminal. Open carry is a minefield here in Vegas.

        1. avatar Craig says:

          The silly restrictions in North Las Vegas no longer apply. State law now trumps local laws when it comes to guns.

  6. avatar Vhyrus says:

    Yay for me but I really wonder why they dropped NM, especially considering NM has much more stringent requirements than AZ.

    1. avatar John L. says:

      I was wondering that myself.

      For that matter, TX’s course of fire is more stringent than ours is, and they’re not on it either.

    2. avatar Troy W says:

      New Mexico didnt hand over enough turqoise like they were suppose to.

  7. avatar Mike Crognale says:

    Does Nevada have open carry?

    1. avatar Cliff H says:

      Yes, with very few restrictions. Even casinos, technically, allow open and concealed carry, but it is quite possible they will ask you oh so politely to leave.

      Also have it on good authority from my permit instructor that North Las Vegas are assholes about open carry, even though it is technically legal, and LV Metro will spend a lot of time talking with you, and maybe find a reason to shoot at you, if you open carry anywhere on the Strip or Fremont Street.

      1. avatar Dev says:

        Metro is fine with open carry. NLV had their hands slapped a bit in the past, there haven’t been any recent issues as far as I have heard on local forums.

        1. avatar notalima says:

          Until you get a rook (or even a number of experienced officers) who are NOT okay with it, or don’t understand, or know it is okay, but they just don’t like it and decide it is your turn to be detailed for fun.

          You can go all day some days without issue. Others, random NY, NJ, CA, etc., leftist retirees call 911 in panic because they saw and ‘armed man in 711’, or ‘prowling the street’ while armed. Whatever.

    2. avatar Troy W says:

      Why do you feel the need to open carry anyhow. There is no need to advertise, unless it makes you feel like a “Bigshot” Oh look at me , ive got a firearm.

      1. avatar Stephen Wood says:

        I find that many Open Carriers do so because they can’t qualify for a concealed permit: violent misdemeanors etc.

  8. avatar PeterC says:

    Arizona was dropped from Nevada’s approved list several years ago, but is now back again. As a regular SHOT Show attendee, I’m happy about the approval, but curious as to why AZ permit holders were dropped in the first place.

    1. avatar Yellow Devil says:

      From what I understand, it was money plain and simple. Too many Nevadans were jumping the border south to get their CC permit, because the process in Arizona was cheaper at the time and AZ allowed out of state residency to obtain it. Maybe Nevada stopped caring now, forgot about that, or they reduced the prices of getting a CC permit in Nevada.

  9. avatar ThomasR says:

    Seriously? New Mexico? They have some of the most onerous requirements of any state to get CCL. Sixteen hour class, eight hours in class, eight hours on the range, FBI back ground check, finger prints, the list of requirements is unacceptable! Which is why I OC.

    According to the NM DPS website, we accept CCL’s from Nevada.. That is strange!

    1. avatar Vhyrus says:

      Don’t forget the caliber qualification restriction and revolver/handgun/derringer qualification as well, along with the 2 year refresher course.

      On the plus side, you can get your AZ permit by mailing them a copy of your NM permit and it only takes a week.

      1. avatar John L. says:

        At least they dropped the derringer distinction, and just recently they eliminated the need to resubmit your birth certificate for renewals…

    2. avatar Arthur Grant says:

      You could be in California which is a no open carry, may issue state. 16 hours, mostly class room with a test. Only specifically approved trainers. In some counties that is the Sheriffs department with limited resources or maybe a dozen or so trainers. In my home county you are limited to three guns listed on the permit by serial number. Your range session is about 3 hours. Basic gun handling (direction following) 75 rounds on target from 4 distances, your allowed 3 miss. Repeated for each gun.

      Each gun is in the states DROS database, and may not be altered. No other guns may be carried. 2 year renewal. No reminder.

      To get the permit you have to apply, get an appointment (if your county issues) about 2-3 months. Go through the interview, residence check, approval to proceed to live scan (2 months for DOJ letter), training, permit. Total time 6-8 months.

  10. avatar Marmot says:

    That first sentence is a joke, right?

  11. avatar Jared says:


    You have an error. The NCSA no longer has to agree to the list. See AB 448 (if I remember correctly). This is a big change that changes everything, because the only reason Arizona was removed in the past was because some Nevada instructors were complaining about Arizona permits being easier and cheaper to obtain, so they dropped them. Since the NCSA no longer has discretion, Arizona is back on the list and will remain on the list.

    Michigan was dropped because they do not use NLETS to verify permits.

    1. I looked at SB 175, and this part of the law was unchanged:

      “(c) Prepare a list of states that meet the requirements of
      paragraphs (a) and (b). A state must not be included in the list unless
      the Nevada Sheriffs’ and Chiefs’ Association agrees with the
      Department that the state should be included in the list.”

      I would like to find that you are correct, but I have not found evidence that it is so.

      Found it! AB488 amended SB175 to eliminate the NSCA requirement. Thanks for the correction.

    2. avatar FreeInAZ says:

      For those curious enough to wonder what NLETS is:

  12. avatar Gary B says:

    I have four CCL or whatever the appropriate state designation is, Oregon (which has No reciprocity with any other state), Utah, Arizona, and Nevada. Nevada is the only one I had to actually shoot to get one.

  13. avatar Jonathan - Houston says:

    Basically, states recognize another state’s licenses if that other state’s laws pertaining to proficiency, eligibility, etc. are at least as comparable to their own.

    Nevada is notorious for routinely adjusting their reciprocity list, adding some and dropping others. If you plan to CC there on an out of state license, even if you were just there a few months ago, always check the latest list and know before you go. That’s smart with any state, but absolutely crucial with Nevada.

  14. avatar Coffee Addict says:

    I find this funny, because I happen to be vacationing in Las Vegas at the moment. When I got here on the 17th from California, my Arizona carry was not valid and now it is. Printed a copy of the updated list and statutes, pulled my shirt over my gun and all is right in my world again.

  15. avatar Michael says:

    Does this include AZ non-residents?

    1. avatar Coffee Addict says:

      it says Arizona..nothing about residency. I have a California as well, I agree with M9A1MAN, kinda ludicrous. Then again, it’s not the difficulty in obtaining one that is strictly criteria.

      1. avatar Keith says:

        I was wondering the same. With my CA CCW, the only reason I grabbed an AZ non-resident Permit was for traveling into NV. Then NV dropped reciprocity with AZ around Feb 2013. But now I can’t find any distinction between AZ Res and Non-Res in NV. Guess it’s time for a phone call to Carson City.

  16. avatar SteveInCO says:

    Dropping New Mexico and continuing to ignore Colorado? Yeesh.

    1. avatar DonS says:

      Yep. Because of that, my sequence when driving from CO to CA to visit family is this:
      1. Put gun in IWB holster and wear it
      2. Drive north on I-25 to Cheyenne, head west on I-80
      3. Before crossing into NV from UT, remove holster and place in cubbyhole in dash
      4. Before crossing into CA from NV, remove gun from holster, eject mag, eject round from chamber, place all but holster into locked case

      It would be nice if my CO CHP allowed me to skip step 3.

      (Upon reviewing what I wrote above, I see how it could be construed as “who cares if CO’s permit isn’t recognized?”, since my step 3 is pretty trivial. That wasn’t the intent. I’d really rather carry concealed on my person in NV.)

    2. avatar Brendan says:

      My guess is that CO doesn’t have a 24/7 accessible database of permit holders. BUT, I don’t know why FL and VA weren’t added-as I understand, both have accessible databases.

      The original bill called for recognizing all permit holders, but got pared down to states requiring training, 21 age requirement, and maintained the database requirement. At least they got rid of the requirement that the NSCA approve all additions.

      I’m hoping the 2017 session sees blanket reciprocity and campus carry.

      1. avatar DonS says:

        If NV only has reciprocity with states who maintain 24/7 accessible, statewide databases of permit holders, then yeah, that would do it. By statute (CRS 18-12-206 (3)(b)(I)), Colorado doesn’t have a statewide database of permit holders (“Any information concerning a permittee that is included in a statewide database pursuant to paragraph (a) of this subsection (3) shall be removed from the database no later than July 1, 2011.”).

      2. avatar JK says:

        I’m hoping that campus carry is permitted as well. Pisses me off that I can’t carry there.

  17. avatar JackieO says:

    NY, CT, Pa, Utah, and Florida and still can’t go to Vegas. They can keep it…….

    1. avatar JK says:

      Utah is honored as of July 1, 2016

  18. avatar davidx says:

    I’m all bummed out here. They didn’t include Vermont. Oh wait—

  19. avatar uncommon_sense says:

    Let’s see … Nevada doesn’t honor concealed carry licenses from Texas, Florida, Michigan, Utah, and New Mexico. Those five states probably account for about 1/3 of all concealed carry licenses. Is this a fruity way to eliminate a bunch of concealed carriers? Alternatively, since this is Nevada, did those states fail to contribute to the “campaign funds” of the politically appointed top cops who approve the various states on the approved list?

  20. avatar M9A1MAN says:

    Why no CA CCW? Its almost impossible to get one here. Took me 8 months to get mine. Would be nice if I could use it in NV when I go to Vegas.

    1. avatar Coffee Addict says:

      so get an Arizona…

      1. avatar Bob109 says:

        Exactly. I have both an AZ and UT CCW. Those cover any state I will ever willingly travel to. If I remember correctly, the AZ permit is pretty easy to get.

      2. avatar Troy W says:

        Just remember that AZ CCW as a CA resident is no good in CO and a couple other states. Must be a resident of AZ.

        1. avatar JK says:

          so stupid that CO only honors if you’re a resident of the issuing state. shouldn’t make a difference if I live there or not, as long as I can get one in that state.

    2. avatar IrishPrick says:

      We don’t even want your Kalifornia asses here in the first place let alone armed.

  21. avatar West says:

    Still no Missouri. I plan on a vacation out west next month. I had been considering a stop in Vegas but not honoring my permit was a deal breaker.

  22. Nv Dropped MI because in late December they changed the access to cpl information, it no longer appears when they run a name, a specific query for cpl information must now be made and they must list why they want it. “Just because” is not a legitimate reason.

    Nevada requires permit information be “openly available” for the state to be recognized

    1. avatar DonS says:

      That must be why CO and NV don’t have reciprocity:
      1. CO recognizes any resident permit from any state that recognizes CO’s permits
      2. NV only recognizes out-of-state permits where NV can check a database in that state. CO has no such statewide database. The CO Sheriffs have the info, but release it only at their discretion.

  23. avatar Rokurota says:

    No Virginia.

  24. avatar JohnnyMac says:

    Hmmm.. My HR-218 authority to carry concealed trumps state ccw requirements.

  25. avatar Stephen Brown says:

    What about Mississippi? Never been to Nevada and I never will now.

  26. avatar Brasstard says:

    According to document BDR78_15-0522 the text of NRS 202.3688 has been amended to remove all text referring to a “list of approved states”. It basically says that any state issued permit is valid. How could this be?
    “”Section 1. NRS 202.3688 is hereby amended to read as follows:
    202.3688 1. Except as otherwise provided in subsection 2, a person who possesses a
    permit to carry a concealed firearm that was issued by another state may carry a concealed firearm in this State in accordance with the requirements set forth in NRS 202.3653 to 202.369, inclusive.””

    1. avatar Brasstard says:

      I think I found the answer… looks like it got held up in committee or something. Too bad. This looks like it would be a great step toward national reciprocity.

    2. avatar JK says:

      It never made it back to the floor to be voted on because the committee it was referred to considered it to be a low priority (I live in Carson City and sat in on the committee meetings). If it had, it would have been a massive step to blanket reciprocity.

  27. avatar Mike D. says:

    Why would Texas not be honored in Nevada given that Tx CHL courses are more stringent ?

  28. Yall haven’t heard that the last America to LEAVE Florida please bring the flag…

  29. avatar Nate O says:

    Well they updated their reciprocity and dropped Rhode Island but added Virginia? Still no Texas, Florida, Utah, Georgia, etc. Don’t understand the reasoning but glad I have a VA permit. Seams like Nevada is bipolar and unstable at best with reciprocity.

    1. avatar JK says:

      As of July 1, 2016, Utah is honored. As for the bipolar/unstable, it’s because it was up to law enforcement to decide what states would be honored. Now it’s up to the Legislature, so should be more consistent (hopefully)

  30. avatar John Horton says:

    Curious! Nevada has one of the most layed back Gun law statutes and is open carry! No Texas reciprocity? Must be a political thing! Give me a break!

  31. avatar Frustrated Texan says:

    Frustrating that as a Texan and long time CHL and now LTC holder… I cannot visit my parents, two brothers and their families, son and daughter-in-law and friends ALL IN THE VEGAS AREA. We recognize Nevada permits but I cannot defend myself while I am there contributing to their economy. I’m stuck between a fart and a smell. Grrr.

  32. avatar Steve says:

    No Pennsylvania ??? The state where the constitution was signed ???

  33. avatar Daniel L. Cox says:

    The following site lists all of the states with Nevada reciprocity. Virginia is not on your list, though it is on the state site.
    Effective July 1, 2016
    Pursuant to SB 175 and AB 488 of the 2015 Legislative Session, the state of Nevada will recognize concealed weapons permits from the following states:
    Idaho Enhanced Permit
    Mississippi Enhanced Permits
    New Mexico
    North Carolina
    North Dakota (both types of permits)
    South Carolina
    South Dakota Enhanced Permits
    West Virginia
    For the circumstances in which a holder of a permit issued by another state may carry concealed in Nevada please see NRS 202.3688

  34. avatar Allen Nicholson says:

    Why no Virginia?

    1. avatar Keith says:

      Odd that CA is never on that NV list either, given the hoops one must go through to obtain a CCW here in Kalifornistan. I’m guessing bureaucratic pissing matches on both accounts. So, the AZ non-resident gets me into NV.

    2. avatar James Raleigh says:

      As stated by another commenter above:

      Effective July 1, 2016
      Pursuant to SB 175 and AB 488 of the 2015 Legislative Session, the state of Nevada will recognize concealed weapons permits from the following states:

      VIRGINIA; et al.

  35. avatar grant cavalli says:

    They did take a Utah ccw why not now

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