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Gun control advocates have this image of gun owners as emotionally retarded white guys who view their weapons as toys. The gun grabbers view gun rights guys’ protestations about self-defense and protection against government tyranny as nothing more than a smoke screen. Deep in their heart of hearts, gun guys just want to shoot stuff and blow shit up. How dumb is that?

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  1. “gun guys just want to shoot stuff and blow shit up.”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself.

  2. I’ve been to Knob Creek twice (late 2008, early 2009). Loved it both times, fired lots of “rental” guns at full auto, made two YouTube videos of my experiences there.
    It truly is the ultimate sensory experience for gun people.
    The attendees and Knob Creek Range staffers couldn’t be a nicer bunch of people.
    I’m glad I went… probably going back there in October 2012. (Rain/flooding happens more often there in the spring).

  3. Now that was the coolest video you’ve ever shown here. I love machine guns and this looks like a great event to attend someday.

  4. Each “night shoot” (Saturdays only) consists of about three “rounds” of gunfire directed at the barrels full of fuel. As I understand it, the staff strap a Tannerite bursting charge to each barrel, and attach a Cyalume glowstick to make it easier to find in the dark.
    As dusk gets closer and closer, the target crew brings out more and more barrels, and the shooters on the line seem to swing the ratio of tracers to lead increasingly in favor of “tracers.”
    When those barrels blow, you can feel the heat, even from the small roof deck of main building.
    An air horn sounds off to signal cease fire, and the shooters pretty much stop as ordered. The last shots echo, and the fires still burn.
    The guns are silent, but the crowd delivers three or four solid minutes of whooping, shouting and clapping.

  5. I haven’t seen anything that looked that fun in the states since Basic Training. At a couple of units we’d have shoot-a-ramas where each person would bring as many firearms with ammo as they cared to carry. Everyone would lay out their arsenals and we’d start having fun. Nothing more fun than shooting lots of guns and blowing things up. I may have to go to Knob Creed sometime.

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