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I recently railed against the anti-Muslin marketing schtick perpetuated by Florida Gun Supply, Spike’s Tactical and various gun ranges (who’ve banned Muslims). America is home to patriotic Muslims and Muslims have fought beside our troops in the so-called GWOT. ISIS, on the other hand, is fair game. Given the horrendous cruelty the Islamo-fascists have inflicted on Christians and other “non-believers,” I wouldn’t have a hard time giving those bad boys both barrels with my Benelli. Nor would I have any problem whatsoever equipping Big Ben with bacon-infused double ought buck. That said, I’m sure the antis will see this image as proof that American gun owners are a blood-thirsty lot. Which we are, when needs be. Just sayin’.

[h/t TP]

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    • Yes it is. Those shells are for the new Kahr 1 gauge shotgun designed to be towed behind your car. The caisson is optional.
      Objects in photo are larger than they appear.

    • Ahhh thats not effing 00 buck! If someone is going to put that much effort into being highly offensive at least get it right.

  1. I don’t much expect to ever see an Isis fellow in my range, so I’ll just stick with unflavored ammo.

  2. That is hilarious! Double 00 and bacon bits.!

    I have to buy me a box!

    And anti’s thinking this proves me to be blood thirsty?

    In their own mind, for me being a proud american that thinks we’re the greatest country in the world, makes me a a blood thirsty facist nationalist that wants to dominate the world.

    In thier mind, me being a Christian makes me a blood thirsty bitter clinger.

    In their own mind, me just being a white, heterosexual male makes me a racist, homo-phobic oppressor of all people not like me.

    In their own mind, me believing that the second amendment is an individual right makes me a terrorist.

    And then I OC!! A pistol! In the open! And I’m not a designated agent of the state! This proves in their own mind that I’m a ravening monster that dreams of mowing down people that cut me off on traffic.

    So am I going to worry about what they might think of me when I buy a box of ammo?

    Do I need to answer that?

  3. I don’t believe for one second there are or ever have been ‘patriotic’ muslims who put our country first above their murderous death cult. The preponderance of evidence shows otherwise. This ridiculous ‘most muslims are good people’ idea is going to get REAL good people killed and I wish you would stop perpetuating it. Open your eyes!

    Muslims have given us centuries of murder and conflict no matter where they reside. There isn’t a single place on earth where they live peacefully side by side others – NOT ONE.

    • I still think we should have had a good old fashioned Crusade back in 2001. You take down our building, we take down your culture.

      • You realize that the Crusaders also killed a LOT of Christians, don’t you ? The real historical Crusades was a jumbled mess where the Crusaders killed and raped many that were not Muslims. Probably not the best example of a strategy that should be used now.

      • “I still think we should have had a good old fashioned Crusade…”

        The Crusades? Nah, what we need is localized ‘Islamic Inquisitions’.

        Nothing organized, just ad hoc vengeance.

    • Well, that’s not entirely true. Historically, after they have imposed their political/religious/cult system at the point of a sword, they have had periods where they have been more tolerant of other religions and cultures, like in India, but then, they seem go back to their roots and end up using the sword again to impose thier belief on the surrounding culture, again, like in India.

      What is interesting is that during this Islam fundumentalist revival in India, in the civil war it created between the Hindu majority and the ruling Mogul (muslim) rulers, the British East Indian trading company used Indian sepoys as armed guards to protect their operations, but ended up using those private security guards to take over India in the ensuing chaos.

      Any way, you are essentially correct, there is almost no place in the world where the Muslim are a significant minority, but especially as a majority, where they can peacefully co-exist with other religions or cultures that are non-muslim. Well, for that matter, even other muslims, especially when you’re talking the Shia versus the Sunni sects.

    • A simple solution is to label all of a group your problem. In this way you do feed the anti gunners. You sound like them. “All guns are bad, all gun owners are irresponsible.” “The evidence shows that we will be safe if we take away your guns. The evidence shows their have been over 80 school shootings since Newtown.”

      Where is your evidence from? Where is their evidence from? You’ll find it selectively picked to tell their story. Or you’ll find straight lies like the cop killer ammo. Cuomo asking for stricter gun laws (in NY!!) when his legislators are asking for parole reform that would keep the bad guys in.

      If you really want to know the truth you have to be open to something you might not believe right now. Do the research with no preconceived ideas. Put them aside for thirty days and go to every source you can. While searching ask yourself, why is this source pushing this idea?

      • “If you really want to know the truth you have to be open to something you might not believe right now. Do the research with no preconceived ideas. Put them aside for thirty days and go to every source you can. While searching ask yourself, why is this source pushing this idea?”

        Okay, so my eyes are open. Where is the historical evidence that what he claims is not true?

        Serious question. Not sarcastic. Is there a place and multi-generational time the Muslims have lived side-by-side in peace with another religion/culture? India was mentioned above as a temporary counter-case. Are there others and longer term examples?

    • False. I serve with several Muslim airmen. One in particular deployed and rained death on ISIS shitheads in Syria. I don’t remember the exact figure, but it was over 40 JDAM and 100+ enemy KIA. He’s one of the best fellow airmen I’ve ever worked with.

      • The fact that Muslims seem to enjoy killing other Muslims doesn’t make them less dangerous to the rest of us.

        • What about Christians killing other Christians? Does Northern Ireland ring any bells? The amount of ignorance that the internet exposes daily is astounding.

        • I remember Northern Ireland.
          I remember both Catholic and Protestant church leaders pleading for peace, reminding their followers that vengeance is God’s job.
          It was ugly, and deadly, and eventually, cooler heads prevailed.
          Thank God.

    • Hi. Here I am, living peacefully with my neighbors, a supporter of human and Constitutional rights. I don’t appreciate your assumptions, but it’s your right to say what you will.

      • Everybody knows you’re just a sleeper cell for Al Qaeda! Just waiting for the code word to blow up a daycare!!!!!!

    • Really? I served with Muslims when wearing the uniform. Hell one of my buddies became a ranger and last time I met up with him he just made it onto teams, or in simple terms, is a Muslim in the US special forces… Thing is, he isn’t the only one.

      His father was born in Iraq, went to college in England, grad school in Germany and then moved here to work as an engineer for GE nearly 40 years ago. He is a proud American if ever I have met one.

      His son joined the Army as soon as he graduated High School because he wanted to serve and not for some bullshit GI Bill like most of the people who sign up.

      Thing is, you’re talking out your ass here. You don’t seem to know shit about the subject, just making assumptions based on religion.

      And “hundreds of years”? What? Go study some history. Up until WWI the biggest problems anyone had with Muslims were issues with the Ottoman Empire and in the last couple hundred years it was Europe that was largely antagonizing them, not the other way around. After WWI the empire collapsed and was carved up by outside nations. That is part of the problem, they did a bad job. It was only after the complete failure of the western powers to keep their promises that any sort of issues cropped up. Hell militant Islam wasn’t even a thing until the mid 1950s but outside a few incidents (largely with Israel, who were the first terrorists in modern times by the way, just look up Begin the most notorious terrorist of the day. Even Einstein wrote about it to the New York Times) it wasn’t even a thing considered by most Muslims. The spread of the terrorist network largely came about when we decided to use religion as a motivation to round up the craziest SOBs we could find and send them against the Russian forces back in the late 70s.

      Point is that Muslims aren’t the problem. Not only are there many good Americans who are Muslim but a fair number have worn the uniform honorably including service in the mid east. There are also many accounts of a Muslim helping US forces and saving lives of service men and women….

      Before anyone spouts some BS they may at least want to know what they are talking about. Guess it’s too much to ask for someone to be judged on their actions and character instead of something trivial like what group they fall into. Oh wait, that is our argument against the antis….. How ironic, or tragic, you decide…

  4. Um, guys, Muslims consider pigs unclean, but pork is not their Kryptonite or Holy Water. Also, if that’s real bacon and not just artificial bacon bits, then it’s a waste of good bacon.

    • The question is this: To your garden variety Muslim terrorist, is the thought of dying while full of bacon bits any different than dying without bacon bits? Would the possibility of being shot with bacon-laced ammo affect said terrorist’s willingness to attack me?

      That’s what I really want to know.

      • It does not affect anything. Muslims are even permitted to eat pork if they would starve otherwise. And nothing that is done to them without their consent would in any case violate the ritual purity laws between them and Allah. So all those ridiculous notions that you can “scare away” jihadis by bacon, dogs etc are just that – ridiculous.

    • True. Literate Muslims ( and most are) know that incidental or unavoidable contact with “unclean” substances, is NOT sinful nor will threaten their salvation. Tom Clancy notwithstanding, such nostrums are NOT any deterrent today.

      • Or even considering the fact that how are they even going to KNOW you’re shooting them with bacon? You going to announce it first?

  5. I got to wonder – is ISIS this decade’s new boogie man, one inflated in it’s importance by the government to justify their want to tax, spend and shred civil rights, including the 2A?

    • A yes the myth of the “moderate majority” of Islam…

      The only difference between a “moderate” muslim and ISIS can be described very simply.

      ISIS wants to kill you and rape your goat.
      The “moderate” muslim wants ISIS to kill you and rape your goat.

  6. First was the zombie craze, now it’s the ISIS/Muslim Extremist craze, what’s next for the gun industry, an anti-progressive craze? Getting real sick of marketing gimmicks.

    • Anti-progressive craze? Well, it is true, progressives are pretty crazed.

      After all, many believe a gun turns a regular law abiding citizen into a homicidal maniac.

      Many believe that a sign with a picture of a gun with a circle and slash over it protects the area from a homicidal maniac with a gun.

      Many believe that if you think “good thoughts’ and don’t carry a gun, that you will be protected from being targeted by a human predator.

      Many a progressive believes that by outlawing guns from a society, that this will protect society from “gun violence”.

      So, no, I don’t think the “craze”(d) progressives will become sane any time soon.

      • “It’s not ‘Progressive’ as in ‘Progress’ but ‘Progressive’ as in ‘Cancer’.”

    • Geoff,
      You are correct. A standard 12 gauge 00 Buckshot round contains only 8 pellets.

      Thats a 3 in mag so it could have a few more in it but not that many.

  7. This is called art. Just like a certain gun store in Tracy California. Apparently the art piece in the gun stores window offends people just as this shotgun shell art piece offends some people. I see no problem in either art presentation.

    It does seem there are many people who have a problem with the first amendment.

  8. It’s totally fake. There are pictures online where it says “ISIL” load instead of “ISIS”. Nothing on any Remington website either. Besides, that last ‘s’ on “ISIS” is one of the worst photoshop jobs ever,

  9. “I recently railed against the anti-Muslin marketing”

    Personally, I hate muslin. I’m more of a linen man.

  10. Patriotic muslim…lol. I have never met one, and in my area of work I am around quite a few. Not saying they don`t exist..but they probably go right along with 4 leaf clovers.

  11. I’m no prude by any stretch of the imagination, but I will say that the jingoism gets old at times. As for the Mahoundians…yeah, we gots problems. Big problems. I’m sure that the vast majority of Mahoundians are perfectly upstanding, fine citizens…until they aren’t. Since the vast influx of Muslim immigration, legal and illegal, amounts to boiling a frog in a slowly warming pot of water, I’m very disinclined to allow any more of it and what we’ve already let in needs to watched with a VERY wary eye. If that makes me racist, then so be it. But it’s my ass they’re wanting to kill, which tends to clear up any lingering questions real quick.


    • I’m sure that the vast majority of Mahoundians are perfectly upstanding, fine citizens…until they aren’t.

      replace “Mahoudians” with “gun owners” and you’re basically parrotting gun grabbers.

  12. Uh yeah. Mildly amusing. Poor Ben Carson opining that a mooos-lim shouldn’t be president. When we already have the Soetoro boy bowing to allah 5 times/day in Indonesia…bacon bits are the least of anyones worries…

  13. Normal folk will kill when the situation warrants such as in defense of self, others, or during wartime or during the taking of game for food.
    If you are blood thirsty when the need arises seek help.

    Just saying.

  14. I would take the battle to ISIS by using Spy satellites and predator drones. With no human victims they will have nothing to video.
    Thanks for your support and vote.Pass the word.

    • MOABs have a short shelf life. We need to keep our stock fresh by eliminating grid squares one at a time where they operate. That Syrian AB they just took over would be a start.

  15. “That said, I’m sure the antis will see this image as proof that American gun owners are a blood-thirsty lot. Which we are, when needs be. Just sayin’.”

    There’s a difference between being bloodthirsty and willing to defend oneself. A distinction worth making and maintaining. Those who joy in the shedding of blood should not be doing it.

  16. I’ll just point out, again, the Muslims that I served with and fought alongside with as brothers in arms. They understand freedom far better than most of the people in America, and proved their willingness to fight for it. They were respectful of me as an American but even more so as an open Christian. Pretty much every time this issue is brought up you’ll hear not just from me, but from other service members who say the same thing. In short, the people who have served with Muslims come away understanding that many are great, freedom loving people.
    So I’ll keep respecting the memories of the men who fought and died protecting me.
    Those of you who think that all Muslims are terrorists or hate everyone who isn’t Muslim can just continue on with your ignorance and your delusions. Everybody needs a hobby, I guess.
    Oh, and I’ll keep teaching Muslims to shoot.

  17. i am so glad you were able to see through this pathetic attempt at creating a marketing niche of anti-muslim rhetoric. Good on ya RF, GET’EM!!

  18. Images like this may extract a chuckle or two from most of us, but unfortunately, it’s not most of us that will see it, it’s everybody. What it does for the well educated,anti-firearm individual is conjure up an image of the members of gun culture as being nose picking, toothless, oversized truckers mesh hat, and sleeveless flannel wearing idiots who open carry a 12″ barreled 44 mag revolver out to brunch with the cousin they just started dating.if we want to insure a future in which we can still defend ourselves and our families, and participate in shooting sports, then we need to NOT fuel the fear and anger that keeps the gun grabbing fire burning. So as a hunter must blend with his surroundings to be successful, we must act like a non-issue to become one. ” Loud and Proud” is not a sound strategy in the adult world,and insulting half of the worlds religious practitioners is a great way to make enemies.
    We are all ambassadors of our culture and must govern our own ranks.

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