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Ain’t social media grand? From “Pictured above is Detroit internal affairs (heh?) officer Angelica Robinson, who tweeted this angsty self-portrait after finding out that her lover, Detroit Police Chief Ralph Godbee, was sexin’ on someone else.” Officer Robinson has since lost her duty gun and she’s been suspended. As the Wonkette story points out, the Motor City’s previous top cop, Warren Evans, was canned for sleeping with a subordinate. And now Chief Godbee’s followed suit. Anyone want the job?

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  1. Looks like one of those roast pigs, but instead of an apple in her mouth she’s got a pistol in it.

    Imagine how much money she would’ve saved the few honest taxpayers left in Detroit if she had a ND. I imagine her union is going to throw a fit and come to her defense, which will make getting rid of her an insanely costly endeavor.

  2. Do the subordinates come any better looking? If so, than I could be in the market for the gig. Hell, I’m only 15 crdit hours away from a degree in Poli Sci and have completed my CRJU course work for my minor

    • That is a well done PG-13 version of what I was thinking. Anyway, I wonder if her nickname is diesel?

    • I totally agree, that was just too yuckkkkkk to deal with today. If she feels that badly about loosing her “wumpty”, then she isn’t qualified to be a police officer, and especially an internal affairs officer. I’d be assigning her duty as meter maid.

  3. The Wonkette? Classy name: “Think I’ll stay in bed late this morning and read the Wonkette”. Detroit leaders are one mayoral and staff scandal following another.

  4. Not only was the chief having an internal affair with this chick, the one he was cheatin with was a cop too. I wonder what his wife thinks?

  5. Nope, I don’t want the job. I don’t care what it pays, it isn’t enough. Besides I’m too old, too fat, too country bumpkin, and too slow to be effective dealing with the HUGE urban problems they have. It wouldn’t be politically correct, and the mass media would crucify the guy that did the job right, which would be running patrols like they did in Bagdad, taking out “insurgants” at every oportunity, recapturing the city one block at a time.

  6. Perfect example of why only the Police should have guns….given their advanced training, only they are responsible enough to hold a weapon properly. Note picture above for example.

  7. “Perfect example of why only the Police should have guns….given their advanced training, only they are responsible enough to hold a weapon properly. Note picture above for example.”

    What’s the problem?

    Seems it’s understood the gun is loaded.

    Muzzle control seems correct.

    Can’t see the trigger finger. Does that really matter?

    Can’t really see the background. Maybe a wall. Really rude to do such a thing inside a room.

  8. All powerful and influential men feel free to sexually exploit their female employees – happens in every field, in every country, at every level of education and sophistication. Nothing new to see here, besides the usual race-baiting and anti-LEO stance.

    • You do a great disservice to the honorable police officers that frequent this site when you lump them in with the lower-than-scum Detroit cops mentioned in this article. Shame on you.

      Not anti-LEO, anti-****bags betraying the public trust.

    • How is this race-bating? I have no idea what the race of anyone in the story is after reading it twice. (If you know what ethnicity she is from this picture, I’m impressed). Should this story not be published because everyone involved was a cop and also a fool with poor impulse control?

    • “ALL” as in every one? How would you know besides reading stories (true or false) in the mass media? It is probably an equal amount with the number of women (married or not) that willingly spread themselves for an alpha-male they work for. …and Angelica was she just a poor, innocent, defenseless little lamb who was not a willing adult participant in the sex acts?

  9. Michael B.,

    If that is directed to me, you need to brush up on your reading comprehension. TTAG has a long history of anti-LEO sentiment, as do most of its commenters. I suffer no such defect.

  10. Do I want the job? That depends. I’d have no difficulty in avoiding improper (or any other kind of) sexual relations with the person pictured. The only question is how free I’d be to act. Do I get to hire officers based only on actual qualifications? Would I get a budget that would make real police work possible? (Detroit cops are suggesting that out-of-towners shouldn’t come for a visit, thanks to budget cuts.) Do I get to set patrol schedules and patterns? Beyond that, will it do any good to arrest thugs? Will the prosecutors do their jobs?

  11. That picture was sufficiently annoying that I felt compelled to hide it using Adblock on my Nth visit to the site today. (N > 3, but how much more I’m not saying.) Just don’t need the wife looking over at my laptop and asking me WTF kind of wacko sites I’m frequenting.

    • Tell her that photo is the illustration for a cautionary tale intended to educate men who are still figuring out why it’s a really bad idea to stick their *ick in crazy.

      • Heh. If I did that she’d probably make me show it to the 14-year-old. She has been doing her level best to warn him that girls are crazy, some just hide it better than others.

  12. What kind of job does one get as a former Chief of Police for Detroit?

    Director of the Las Vegas Anti Gambling Coalition?

    Ship’s pilot in Albuquerque?

  13. There’s little to say about the specifics of this sordid tale. I’ll make a much larger point about the entire political culture of Detroit, tho.

    Detroit, post-WWII, was the city in the US to look towards. It had wealth, a thriving middle class, culture and arts, a solid economic base, you name it.

    Sadly, successful cities and states attract the political parasites that have beshat themselves upon the US political landscape since just before WWII – the university-educated ‘intellectual’, who sees themselves as anointed to solve all the social injustices of American society.

    These people started worming their way into Detroit in the 60’s, and effectively took over the political culture by the 80’s. Now, the city lays destroyed in their wake. People, businesses and entire industries are fleeing the aftermath of two generations of graft, corruption and preening, unctuous racial pandering by these ‘intellectuals’ and the overall results resemble some amalgam of Clockwork Orange, 1984 and Robocop.

    The sad thing isn’t that such incidents as the above happen in Detroit; such bizarre incidents (sexual trysts gone wrong resulting in suicides or threats of same) have happened in both the private and public sectors forever.

    The sad thing is that such incidents have become commonplace in Detroit. Every month, informed Americans can read of incidents where, upon reaching the bottom of the hole they’ve dug for themselves, Detroit’s political class decides to call in a bigger drilling rig to go deeper.

  14. LITERALLY, fucking insane!

    (Does the rest of America know what’s going on in Detroit right now; or is the news media keeping everything hush-hush in order not to, ‘blow’ the election for Obama?)

    • I have two co-workers and one friend who escaped from Detroit.

      It’s not so much that I don’t know as not caring what happens there on account of Detroit being 1) 1000+ miles away, and 2) figuring people get the government they deserve, good and hard.

      If the Republicans aren’t smart enough to make Detroit (and California) the exemplars of what voting (D) leads to they deserve to be called “the Stupid Party”.

  15. I live less than 10 mi from the detroit city line . great city of great people runined by 30+ years of democrat one party rule .

  16. Wait, the internal affairs officer is sleeping/having a relationship with the chief of police? That sounds like a conflict of interest…

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