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[h/t DrVino]

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  1. I was just browsing a news site, and we aren’t really doing ourselves any favors either. Accidental shootings today at gun shows in Ohio, North Carolina and Indiana.

    • Only because the moronic masses can’t realize that three people are not a representative sample of 80+ million people.

    • Just coincidences. Everyone KNOWS that happens at gun shows all the time, right?

      And the twit who drew that “cartoon”. He needs a FAT KNUCKLE SANDWICH.

      • William here. I’m sorry. Somehow MY edit appeared under your name. Only not all of my edit.

        What happened?

    • Every demographic has their resident idiots. But the events of this weekend still beg the question – if guns are so godawful dangerous, how come gun shows do not result in massive numbers of dead people?

      • I was at a gun show last October in PA. One of the vendors had “larados” (those plastic things that are like the hand restraints the feds use) through all the breaches of his guns. When I asked him why, he told me (don’t know if it’s true) that anti gun creeps would go to gun shows, act like they were interested buyers and slip a fvcking live round in a gun, close the breach and put it back on the table hoping for a N/D or worse. This is what we are up against. I have no details about the shootings today so I don’t know if the guns involved were sale items, personal equipment, or what, but I have never been to a show that allows loaded weapons on the floor. Not that I’ve been to a billion shows, but the ones I’ve been to put one of those tie downs (I feel like Fienstine describing something she knows nothing about) through the breach of whatever I’ve brought to accessorize. Sabotage is not out of the question.

        • Yeah, actually common MO, and what I was thinking when I saw some of this. Animal rights activists used to do this staging gruesome scenes in labs for a photo shot.

      • How do THREE happen on the same day? I think the answer’s obvious. Yep this IS what we’re up against. Better cross all our t’s and dot all our i’s.

        Even THAT may not be enough. To say these people play dirty is a vast understatement. Everybody better study the Hegelian Dialectic, because that’s what we’re up against.

        DO IT.

    • I like your thinking, Randy. A little paranoid, but nobody will sneak something past ya…..and who ISNT just a bit paranoid these days with Kid Kenya running amok in the White House.

      • When is the last time there has been an injury at a show? Or does it happen and usually not get covered? On the other hand, there may be more inexperienced people at shows , and the shows might be more frantic right now.

    • I had that happen to me once the ash hat set the rifle down on my table with the muzzle pointed right at me, the was a round in the chamber and the safety was off

  2. And this is why we need to make it our mission to take as many new people to the range as possible this year…

    • I cant even afford to take myself much less find .40 or .223 ammo to shoot when I can. Still, I agree about bringing newbies

  3. Here is a local report from WRAL on the Raleigh, NC incident.

    I intended to go to this show “just cuz”, but after driving past the closed entry gate (due to the lot being full) that I would normally use and seeing the line at 9 am, I decided to head home. From what I could see of the line while driving around the fairgrounds, I would say that the crowd was easily four times as many people as I have seen waiting for any show I’ve attended at this site in the last two years.

  4. It is how the gun-grabbers want the rest of the non-gun owning country to see gun owners. The tactics are well-known and have been used by the politically-correct left and progressive social-engineers against people before: Shame. Label. Humiliate. Ostracize. Profile. Stereotype. Reject. Shun. Character assassination.

    The ad emphasizes and demonstrates the ‘divide and conquer’ strategy they are using against us. Notice the two men. One is depicted as a gun-dangerous AR ‘assault weapon’ survivalist-type sicko and the other just a simple nice guy with a revolver.

    • No offense, but survivalist aren’t all sickos. Like all gun owners aren’t nut jobs. Learn a lesson from Sandy, prepare thy self, cause nobody’s coming to help you.

    • Our opponents have it backwards. It has been Hollywood that has created a gun fetish, the belief in supernatural powers of a gun. Actual frequent shooters and hunters know better. Further, they still take Freud as a reference, “Sex is about power, and everything else is about sex,” but they blithely ignore Freud’s comment that “fear of firearms is a sign of sexual immaturity.” They think WE have THEIR fetishist conception of guns. In their mind bigger guns are bigger phalluses. We know better. “Sometimes a gun is just a gun.”

        • Personally I like Pink Freud, has his own t shirt on Ebay. Carl Young feared his imagination, Freud didn’t. He was the last word for decades & while no one is perfect I havent seen his superior yet, Randy

        • C: The Freud “quotes” were simply meant to throw the left-liberals’ still-favorite psychology in their face. The serious part of my comment is the creation of guns-as-fetish by Hollywood, the mysterious presentation of “the gun that shoots forever” without reload, the revolver that takes kills four outlaws with four shots, and so forth. Our opponents aren’t familiar with guns, but only with the guns-made-fetish. Or so it seems to me when conversing with acquaintances who are anti.

  5. My response if I’m the guy holding the revolver? Yeah, but mine shoots every time without me having to clean out its urethra after every shot.

    O.K., enough mockery of the AR-15 design…

    • If you’re the guy holding the revolver your response would hopefully be to drop it due to the fact that it’s melting and looks like it’s about to burn your hand off.

    • Greg: I hear that ‘cleaning’ is real painful if a disease and a cotton swab are involved…….er…..rust, residue, and a brush….gulp.

  6. Libtards use sex and comedy to great effect while indoctrinating our young. We got talk radio and they got Howard Stern.

  7. Keep those gun owner photos coming. Though, it is always more effective to make fun of the other guy than to defend yourself. Alinsky had that right.

  8. Leftists can’t understand what it means to be personally responsible, moral, and confident, so they perceive it as a power trip. After all, how can a peasant presume to take control of his own life when Dear Leader knows best?

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