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Reader Chris C. sends a pic and asks:

If federally designated gun free zones really work, what’s with all the bullet proof glass?

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  1. Hey, if you’re dumb enough to walk into a post office without your own bulletproof glass, that’s your own problem.

  2. Maybe?…’Ya think?…No…

    Do the Feds realize that gun free zones don’t work?

    Nah, they work~ You never hear about shootings at Schools, Theaters, Malls, oh wait…

  3. Holy crap! That’s some funny stuff right there.
    Being in a small town in Orygun, (pop 3000), I’m not used to seeing that.
    Ours has no cage, no glass… They just lock the door after hours.

    • I live in CT, I live in a town of 40,000 and we share a post office with a town of about 30,000 and we have none of that there either. None of the posts offices I have been to in my state has that bullet proof glass……..except… all the inner city post offices. That should tell you something right there.

    • I’m a window clerk at a post office in Denver, and we don’t have anything like the setup in the photo…we’re wide open.

      • Makes you want to be polite to the customers, doesn’t it. Especially the ones wearing trench coats.

        • “An armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life”

          —Robert A. Heinlein, “Beyond This Horizon” (1942)

    • None of the post offices in Tallahassee (State Capital) have that either. Our banks do, but we are allowed to ccw in those.

  4. They want to prevent anything and everything that “could” happen … futilely. That and it’s all about “feeling” safe.

    The solution is to give people respect and compassion.

    If an idiot performs a crime and goes to prison you should welcome him back into the populace upon his return after he has learned better. If you feel that he/she should not be welcomed back into the populace… then maybe he/she didn’t serve enough time. These days a criminal is sent to prison and can’t get a job after he gets out because of “criminal background checks.” Left between options of a high standard of living doing criminal activities or living in complete poverty flipping burgers which do you think they are going to pick? And… we don’t really give them an option. Ex-felons do not get decent jobs – no company is going to hire them.

    You might feel… they deserve it; they brought it upon themselves. They deserve being watched and “suspected” by LEO’s and their neighbors. However, those people should also accept that they are ostracizing and separating people who have “done their time/paid their price” and should also accept the consequences of continued resentment.

    • You are quite right. Criminals are left with very few options after doing their time, and none of them are good. Crumbs, mostly, and moldy ones at that.

    • I’m all for giving people 2nd chances, the 3rd chance should be very costly, with no 4th chance at all, by that point they have demonstrated that they have no redeeming social value.

  5. My local post office has a counter with a walk-through; no security whatsoever, and none is needed.

    That glass is just in case someone tries to rob the joint with an illegally long, heavy or sawed-off high-capacity wrecking bar with the thing that goes up.

    • The wall below the windows looks like wood. In an ER I worked in we had bullet proof glass windows, but security warned us that the walls around the windows were not even close to bullet proof. Don’t know how many people would try shooting through the wall instead of the glass, but I kept it in mind.

      • How many people shoot at ER’s? I guess it happens, though. Gang bangers, divorcees, dirty cops. I knew a truck driver that quit working as an EMT because he’d been shot, twice, by domestic violence offenders trying to finish off their victims.

  6. That stuff is only in Post Offices up north, where violent people with GURNS prowl the streets looking for unarmed prey. Down here in the south, most of the prey is armed, and our post offices are pretty open and unbulletproof for the most part. Go figure…

  7. You think that’s bad? The freaking local Dominoes Pizza on our campus has the same setup.

  8. +10

    A girlfriend of mine in Florida belonged to this bank near Orlando that was also very close to several highways. I guess they got robbed enough that by the time I visited you had to get buzzed in then go through a metal detector. Rules were no glasses period, no hoodies, no hats…just insanity.

  9. Silly man, gun free zones work just fine. Look at the theater in Aurora…umm…or maybe the school in Connecticut…umm…They work damnit! Stop confusing me with facts!

  10. I don’t spend a lot of time in post offices, but I don’t recall seeing any in Orlando like that. Of course, I’ve never been to one in any of the “bad” areas, so maybe they have glass.

  11. I went to a PO in downtown Philly once, I thought I walked into county jail visitor center. 1 inch thick plexiglass, they had little boxes they would put things into then spin them around for you to get the goods. I asked how they hand over big boxes, they pointed to a door where they would place the package inside a room, then buzz you into it. No contact with the staff at all. And they had an armed guard in the customer area.

    Nice big picture of Obama behind the glass on the office side, along with MLK. I was tempted to ask for a page of Ronald Reagan stamps but didn’t want to start a fuss.

  12. I used to be HPD officer and I can tell you three facts about Homestead.
    1. Homestead is a festering pile of animal dung
    2. The majority of the population is welfare and illegal immigrants
    3. The surrounding areas aren’t much better (Florida City, Ghouls, Naranja, etc…)

    The fact that they barricaded the post office simply shows the level of decay that is Homestead and it’s citizenry. If there wasn’t mutli-generational welfare families living there along with a mass influx of illegal immigrants then Homestead would be a good place to live. But it all changed when Hurricane Andrew came in and wiped it all out… you had a flight of middle class folks to better areas of Miami Dade County and there was move in by welfare rats from other parts of the county due to “cheap” housing.

    Also when the housing boom went bust you had a ton of new properties that were bought by folks trying to flip ’em. Since they couldn’t sell them for what they were invested in they rented them out to someone that would pay on time every time. The .gov (ie Section 8) and brought in a ton of welfare rat trash with it.

    Homestead blows and I’m glad I moved out of there…. the agency had good officers but as a whole… it had a ton of problems.

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