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The New Jersey State Senate is preparing to pass gun control legislation that further infringe upon Garden Staters’ natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. According to the sharp-eared scribes at, “The recording opens with what sounds like a senator or staff member saying, ‘We needed a bill that was going to confiscate, confiscate, confiscate'” To which Senator Weinberg remarks: “They want to keep the guns out of the hands of the bad guys, but they don’t have any regulations to do it.” And then the money shot: “One of the senators, who sounds like Cunningham, responds: ‘They don’t care about the bad guys. All they want to do is have their little guns and do whatever they want with them.'”┬áIs it me or do these anti-2A comments sound just like the racist and anti-semitic comments I heard in my youth?

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  1. Coming from living in CA, I am not the least bit surprised. Disgusted? Yes. But at our “public safety committee” hearings, we heard multiple times a committee member on open mic give out a big sigh as the pro-rights people started to talk. They don’t care about facts, these committees for public input are just a charade they put on to preserve the semblance of constitutional rule by the people, for the people.

  2. I hope they do pass some ridiculous unconstitutional law in NJ. That way Gov. Cristie can put the last nail in the coffin of his presidential aspirations when he signs it.

    • With all respect. I wouldn’t take bets on it preventing Bob’s Big Boy from becoming president.

      • Have you ever voted in a primary? No, well now it the time to register and vote to make sure that big f** f*** does not get the chance.

        Sorry, the hard work will be at the polls.

    • Why, Romney’s horribly unconstitutional laws didn’t hurt him much. I’d take Christie having a massive heart attack, it’s much more permanent.

      • Romney had to deal with a statehouse that was 85% Democrat and had something like 200 vetoes overridden in 4 years. His record on firearms wasn’t too bad considering. He signed an extension to an existing AWB but managed to get literally hundreds of weapons off the banned list in the process. Pretty good compromise under the circumstances IMO.

        Christie has publicly declared that he doesn’t have a problem with NJ’s blatantly unconstitutional firearms laws. It’s possible he could impress us all by vetoing the coming legislation, but I don’t trust him. I don’t trust him on a dozen other issues as well.

  3. Yeah, we have to go to the back of the bus now. I’m waiting for lawsuits to kick in, that will help them to see the light, Randy

  4. Our culture needs segregation and our own separate drinking fountains.

    Equal but separate.

  5. Yep. Growing up I was taught not to stereotype people. That was wrong. And, if you are grouping people by their race, then its racist. Now, it seems that it’s just fine to group gun owners as southern, toothless, uneducated, moronic, retarded, anti-government, NRA supporting, inbred, murdering people who like to watch children get mowed down by an “assault rifle of death”. They say gun owners are intolerant because they don’t want to budge on their pesky rights. However, the only intolerant people I see are the ones dancing on the graves of kids and waving bloody shirts in the air while trying to use the constitution for toilet paper. There is no listening to reason, common sense or, God forbid, acknowledging facts! Actual facts, imagine that. No, capture an emotional response, stereotype a whole group (millions of people) in the same category as a disturbed psychopathic murderer and try to get you agenda crammed through. After all, they are not idiots. They know guns are not the problem. It’s all about power with them and they know people are easier to push around when they can’t push back.

  6. I think likening it to racism is a little bit of a stretch.

    Reminds me of how we cling to our guns and our religion.

    • Have to disagree… It’s straight up bigotry from what I’m seeing… Bullies they are… That’s how these servants earn their stripes…

  7. It ain’t just you, and it ain’t just us.

    These guys hate the Constitution even more than did W.

    “I miss Ike. Hell, I even miss Harry.”

  8. between what we’ve seen in NY, NJ and Colorado (not to mention the ongoing rape of the California gun owner) the gun grabbers still wonder why we’re fighting them on these “so called” sensible gun control measures?

  9. They figure their system is a perfect thing of beauty: LIE. DECEIVE. MISLEAD. CONQUER.

    DESPOTS they be, through and through. DEATH to DESPOTS. Failing that, PRISON.

  10. At what point can someone make a citizens arrest for treason? Anyone but especially an elected official who is calling for blatantly unconstitutional laws deserves to be arrested and tried for treason.

    • If we really want to do this by the letter, it is a three step process. First, we petition the federal executive branch to pursue justice. Of course they won’t. So then we petition our state executive branch to pursue justice. (This is what Missouri just did.) Finally, if your state executive branch fails to pursue justice, then it is up to “We the People”. At that point “We the People” organize, convene a Grand Jury of the people, and seek an indictment of the wrongdoer. Upon receiving an indictment, then “We the People” set out to arrest and try the wrongdoer in a court before a jury of their peers. If necessary, “We the People” create the court.

      I hope that “We the People” always seek justice and civilized society. That means we observe basic Common Law principles and adhere to our federal and state constitutions. Thus the whole process I laid out above — which preserves justice and squelches anarchy.

      Caveat: “We the People” should only organize and convene Grand Juries when our current justice system and elected governmental representatives have failed to perform their sworn duties and pursue policies that violate our state and federal constitutions.

  11. I guess I’m not nearly as “sharp-eared”. I couldn’t make out any of that from the audio.

  12. Considering all the laws and restrictions NJ has already I’m surprised they think there are that many guns left in the state.

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