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Arizona Gun Contract (courtesy

The Flowing Wells Unified School District near Tucson, Arizona sent the above “contract” to parents as part of its 2013-2014 registration packet. [Click here for the full size image.] Students sign promising not to bring a gun or “any weapon” to school and “seek adult assistance when conflict situations begin to get out of control.”  In the bit highlighted by Gun Owners of Arizona, parents agree to “keep any weapons and guns I own under lock, away from school grounds and away from any children.” reports that “Flowing Wells superintendent Dr. David Baker [said] that the district did not mean to overstep its boundaries with the contract. He said it was sent home to parents by mistake.” Even so, the mere existence of the document is sure to raise the hackles of Arizonans who value their natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep arms, and suffer under Bush the Elder’s unconscionable Gun Free School Zone Act like the rest of us.

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  1. Tar and Feathers. Pitchforks and Torches. California is bleeding over to AZ. Nip it in the bud now or rue the day.

    • You nailed it there. While some people want to build the wall between Mexico and Arizona, I think it would be more productive to put one between CA and AZ.

  2. What a way to insult every single student who attends a school in this school district and their parents. If I were a parent of a student from this school district, I would be at every single school board meeting demanding they fire those responsible for the letter and every person in a leadership position above those responsible for the letter.

  3. Are these the children 24 years old and younger used in the studies of the CDC? Does that include parents of the same age? Can you keep your guns away from yourself as a child of 24 years and then your kindergartener who is also a child according to anti-gun studies? Heck just lock your whole house and make the family sleep in the yard while the guns occupy the living room.

    As a parent I would find a creative and humorous response to such form if it was sent home with my child. In the end a “Kiss My appendage” would be the sentiment.

    • Yeah I’d have some fun with that too. I’d have to have a serious debate with myself about whether or not to sign it with the same ink I use to sign toilet paper.

    • I have a toddler who has more sense of what not to touch than these crazy educators. She reminds me regularly what I have told her not to touch especially firearms and is proud of it. Will I leave a loaded firearm in her presence alone, no (she’s a toddler). Will I shoot targets or vermin in her presence with proper ears and eyes on, yes (she enjoys it). Some day, when she is old enough like her siblings, she will bring home her own string of rabbits or a bag of pheasants with her daddy.

  4. Actually, I’m even more concerned about the sentence, “I will teach, including by personal example, my teenager about the dangers and consequences of the misuses of guns and weapons.” So… If I sign this, I would be required to misuse guns and weapons so as to demonstrate by personal example the consequences of doing so? How about instead of me showing my teenagers examples of gun *misuse*, I teach them the basics of gun safety and *proper* use?

    • I’d like to see a parent cross out the ridiculous parts and send it back as:

      “I will teach my teenager about the dangers and consequences of the misuse of guns and weapons. I will instruct my teenager on proper gun safety and the proper handling and use of a firearm for self-defense and the defense of his/her family.”

  5. nobody sends a registration packet home to parents “by mistake.” Think of all the steps involved in the process. You have to write it, print it, budget for the printing, stuff envelopes… It is about on par with saying homicides are caused by guns when you have to go though several steps to acquire,


    • dwb, I retired from a school district. Stuff gets sent by accident all the time. Now that e mail notifications are routine the screw ups are more frequent. To err is human, to really fvck up you need a computer.

      Poorly trained and motivated employees. Sub standard management. Casual work ethic with no down side.

      People who believe in the government being capable of pulling off vast conspiracies have never worked for the government. I have worked at federal and state level for most of my life. I wish we were capable of such team work and precision.

      • i was half joking. Sure mistakes happen all the time. But an entire form? I didn’t know the envelope was loaded before i shot it off? Someone overstepped their authority and tried to sneak it in and hoped no one would notice.

        • Whole boxes full of parents and students personal data thrown un shredded into dumpsters with public acxcess. Star testing with the results and tests thrown out by mistake. When that happens the admin has to go to Sacremento and be grilled by the Board of Education. It’s endless.

          Wanna hear about the costly screw ups I saw as a federal employee? I could fill a book.

      • Not to be smug but honestly, few acadamias exibit “Hard Work Ethic”.

        You see others, however, that work their fingers to tye bone and give it their personal all out of genuine love & compassion.

        Those are the ones to be armed and we know who they are, as involved parents.

    • Agreed. This form was purposefully created. It was not a mistake. Mistakes happen by accident, omission, bad luck, fumbling a tool, etc. The other ‘mistake’ is being caught in purposeful malfeasance then claiming it was an error. At a minimum, someone purposefully made the form. Even assuming they ‘snuck’ it in the packet without other review, someone needs to have employment revoked and whoever was in charge, punished, regardless of their consent. When you are IN CHARGE it means you are responsible, regardless of your subordinate’s actions.

      Unless you are a liberal democrat. Then its just ‘a mistake’.

    • If this was my school district I would bulldog down that “sent home by mistake” crap. Was the form created by mistake? By who? What was the purpose of the form with parent signature blocks? Yeah, I could spend all day making folks lives miserable.

  6. Yeah that’s really smart…NOT!!! Yeah keep your kids as far away from your guns as possible, so that they receive no training or adult explanation of the proper way to use and handle firearms!! This will come back on anyone that follows this anti gun BS contract…Just another way to destroy RESPONSIBLE GUN VALUES FROM THE INSIDE!! I would get as many people PARRENTS together to set this backwards admin of school policy straight!! And they say this wasn’t supposed to go home, what you were just going to get the kids to sign it, like that’s binding!! We need to remind these people that teach our children that your the teacher, but im the PARRENT!! I MAKE THE RULES AND REGS IN MY HOUSE, UNLESS YOU ARE GOING TO COVER MY MORGAGE AND MEDICAL INSURANCE COST FOR MY CHILDS LIFE!! This is why public schools suck so bad now, they think there jobs raising our kids, NOTHING CAN BE FURTHER FROM THE TRUTH!! It seems these schools and politians have a real problem with HONESTY and TRUTH!!!

  7. THIS ISNT A PROM PROMISE CONTRACT, JUST ANOTHER OF ARE BETTERS TRYING TO TELL US HOW TO LIVE AND RAISE OUR CHILDREN, when did we pick up a Socialist Scholastic Programing o follow, UN American, and a little nauseating!

  8. How come it’s always a “mistake”, Oops.
    Do they actually think we believe them? They know dang well they meant to do it.

    That’s not a mistake, it’s called getting caught and then being a chicken sheee-it.

  9. “Sent home by mistake.” OK, assuming that’s true, what did they intend to do with the form? It came with this school years date printed on top, so was meant to be used soon. And they had enough for every student’s registration pack. Explain how they REALLY intended to use it. Love to hear that one!

  10. The problem with virtually every school in the Tucson area, from pre-school to the U of A (especially the latter) is that they are run by self-satisfied liberals who are only too eager to give you the benefit of their ignorance. Overall, AZ is a great state; Tucson, however, is Boston without a brain.

  11. “I will support the school’s policies…”

    What if I don’t want to support the schools polices. There is a difference between compliance and support.

    “I will keep any guns and all weapons I own under lock, away from school grounds and away from my children.”

    Keeping my guns away from my children is actually my family’s business not yours. If I want to train my child how to operate and use a firearm safely – I will. If I want to leave firearms under lock and key available for the use of my child (by providing him the key or password) in a defensive situation – I will.

    State governed schools prying into the private lives of citizens in their own home.

  12. Cali, stay the f^&k outta my state. You stupid anti gunners got your own states to ruin like New York and CA.

  13. OK, I’m not a lawyer, but last I knew (because when one is in business, one has to learn some basics about business law), minors aren’t allowed to execute contracts. They can’t be held to financial and legal obligations in court.

    So the first part of this contract is null and void from the get-go.

    Second, the school district has a legal obligation to school children in their district. They’re a public school, if the kid is in their district, the parent(s) would have to make an affirmative effort to school their children elsewhere other than the public school. The school cannot refuse to take the children in because their precious little contract wasn’t signed.

  14. Luckily this is Arizona and the parents could and did call BS on the whole thing . If it was the North East , signing the contract would be mandatory , and the children would be denied the right to attend until the parents signed .

  15. There’s a reason that I sent my kids to private schools instead of forcing them to endure the politically correct claptrap of the schools in Tucson.

    • Know of a good place I can research private schools in Tucson without you violating OpSec and telling me where a brother of the gun sends his kids?

      I’ve got a 3 month old, and now I’m trying to figure out where she should go to school once the time comes.

  16. That is one odious document.

    Among the actions I’d take would be to correct grammar and phrasing, then return it graded C- or D.

    I’d also sign an altered version, worded to the effect that I’d teach my child the responsible use of firearms, to respond to each situation in an appropriate manner rather than as an automaton, confidence in the face of officious stupidiousity et cetera.

    Finally, I’d consider moving.

    Qui erudiunt educatores?

    Ugh! Yuck! Bleah!

  17. Fine, it’s a mistake. Since students likely saw the notice and may have been given the wrong idea, make mandatory attendance of the Eddie Eagle program a necessity and fire the person who wrote the letter.

  18. This was clearly a mistake folks, as this contract was meant for the more *enlightened* states such as NY and CA. Move along, now, nothing to see here. Panic-prone soccer moms, limousine liberals, and coffee shop commandos clearly know how to responsibly ban – oops, I meant use – firearms better than we do.

  19. It seems like this paragraph was unintentionally omitted:

    I will actually teach something this year instead of filling my students’ heads with the usual retarded mush.

  20. All lower echelon members of The Collective are hence forth to be considered as second class citizens (except Islamists) and are subject to all whims of their Over Lords. Further edicts shall be disseminated via Friday Prayers

  21. Private school, or home schools looking better every day. I went to private school, and the admin of my high school sponsored us to compete in a paintball gun tourney! However my parents paid 4K a year to send me their. I think the best way to fight stupid people, is at their own game.. Hire a lawyer and join the local PTA and rally smart responsible parents up till you can get rid of the Obama ignorance of the BETTERS in this country!!! And in are schools, and yes you are right, a minors signature is worth nothing in a court room!! And a school cant refuse public education over such contract, breaks many laws… Not to mention very un AMERICAN as HELL!!!!!

  22. “I agree not to bring a gun or any other weapon to school”

    That way, if a kid shoots up the school, they can take him to court for breach of contract! That’ll show him!

  23. I would be at every single school board meeting demanding they fire those responsible for the letter and every person in a leadership position above those responsible for the letter.

    Well, yeah, but you need a media campaign to support that. Several comments mention the district’s parents telling the administration to sod off. That solves the immediate problem, but not the bigger one. They need to get fired for doing this, but publicly. Letting them just back off under pressure doesn’t teach them not to do it, only not to get caught.

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