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(courtesy Abby Martin Facebook page)

Plenty of people took offense at the movie American Sniper. They considered Chris Kyle a homicidal tool of American imperialism. Very few, however, broke cover to express this opinion, what with patriotic Kyle supporters being so passionate in his defense. D.C. denizen and artist Abby Martin has no compunctions about poking the [non-Russian] bear with her “F Chris Kyle” T-shirt. Scarily (predictably?) enough, the image has already garnered 615 likes on her Facebook page. “Chris Kyle was everything that is wrong with this country,” her Facebook friend Cynthia Tarana Cone comments. Something tells me Ms. Martin is going to get a LOT of friend requests from people who may not be so friendly . . .

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  1. She’s seeking attention and you’re giving it to her. Who the hell cares, anyway? She has every right to say what she wants. This is a non-issue.

    • She also has the right to live with the consequences of her words. A public flogging sounds appropriate.

      • Go to Iran. Here, in the US, we have the Freedom of Speech. Your violence is better suited with the anti-gun types.

        • Yes… Because freedom of political speech automatically equates to freedom to defame, harass, and abuse… Brilliant.

          Just like I can’t use my right to bear arms as an excuse to harm people, the first amendment does not protect harmful speech.

        • You need a refresher on what constitutes defamation.

          An actual example of defamation is what Chris Kyle did to Jesse Ventura.

        • You might want to brush up on the legal definition of defamation.

          An actual example would be what Chris Kyle did to Jesse Ventura.

      • I don’t know much about Chris Kyle. I never heard of him before the tragic story of his death. But I’d hope that if he respected that flag on the shoulder of his uniform, and what it stands for, that he’d disagree with you.

        If the military exists to protect our freedoms (like James Madison, I would argue that the reality is quite the opposite), then it should protect all of them, including her freedom to be an inconsiderate ass.

        • Again, freedom is not the same thing as a lack of responsibility. I can make a damn good argument that this shirt constitutes treason.

        • pwrserge: Let’s hear your argument. I don’t think you can make anything approaching a “damn good argument” that her shirt constitutes treason. She’s certainly a silly bitch spouting silly shit, but the idea that that shirt = treason is every bit as silly as anything she could possibly say or write.

          So let’s hear the argument.

        • It attacks one of the greatest American heroes of our generation and provides propaganda material to ISIS. Thus giving aid to an enemy of the United States.

        • @pwrserge
          Your ignorance knows no bounds, apparently.

          Article 3 Section 3:
          Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.
          I’m pretty sure she’s not levying war against any state. And the US isn’t at war with anyone, so there’s no enemy to aid or comfort. If you’d like to twist the idea of enemy to ISIS: I suspect seeing a woman use profanity, speak her mind, and display her boobs pisses off ISIS rather than comforts them.

        • pwrserge: you do realize that if that were to be a sound legal argument it could be extrapolated to mean that anything you say that goes against the official party line of the fed gov could also be interpreted to be giving aid and comfort to the enemy? Any lampooning of public officials would also qualify. I guess this whole site is littered with traitors.

    • You know what thank you Chris for your service, even though he was a shameless self promoting pathological liar and a sociopath.

      I should mention a jury of his peers found him to be a pathological liar.

      A sociopath because he admitted he got joy from killing, most people over there never killed anyone or got up close to it
      I know two people who did including ones body next to his post for 12 hours close enough to see his eyes stare off to space. It was kill or be killed , he felt no guilt but did feel total remorse.

      Chris kyle cared more about making up bullshit to sell books and was dumb enough to pressure a mentally unstable person to go shooting.

      • ok well i guess im not alone in thinking that the problem with american sniper is that it purports to be nonfiction while it used as its primary source material the autobiography of a habitual liar.

  2. They’re not wrong. People who blindly kill anyone a politician tells them to should not be praised.

    • He was a soldier. That’s what soldiers do. You can disagree all day about the motives of the war, but it is indisputable fact that Kyle had a hard job and did it exceptionally well. That is why he is respected and no other reason. To attach the political motivations of his handlers directly to his actions is unfair and misleading.

      • Except they shouldn’t.
        The oath every soldier swears requires that he follow the Constitution first and foremost.
        Also, courts throughout history have ruled that following orders does not justify unjustifiable acts.

        • In fact, we hanged Nazis who used the “just following orders” excuse at Nuremberg. Sadly, Republicans want to hold US soldiers to a lower standard than Nazis.

      • Fact and fiction are not something that go together on the big screen. It’s debatable how glorious his service record was and how much creative liberties were taken in the movie. He’s more legend than reality. War stories are like fish stories.

        • Implying today’s mercenary welfare queens have anything to do with the volunteer soldiers who freed their homeland from the British then went home to their farms.

        • “Implying today’s mercenary welfare queens have anything to do with the volunteer soldiers who freed their homeland from the British then went home to their farms.”

          Soldiers in the Continental Army was still paid (although not consistently because Congress had a very hard time raising necessary funds throughout the conflict). The individual militias depended on their communities for support, and though a necessary bulwark against the British, could not fight them off without the concurrent help “professionally” trained Continental Army.

          Another note, as someone who spent ten years both active and Reserve Army, it wasn’t at all like being on welfare.

      • >> He was a soldier. That’s what soldiers do.

        Go look up who used “My honor is my loyalty” for their motto, and ponder for a moment whether you want the soldiers serving your country to be like those guys.

    • Hey Publius, nice of you to drop by after spending the day reading Salon and Mother Jones.

      Here’s the thing: Solders follow orders. That’s how wars are won, and how our solders preserve your right to squirt out ignorant comments like diarrhea.

      • Yes, soldiers follow orders, but we haven’t had a conflict in 60+ years that had anything to do with preserving freedom. If you keep believing that, it makes it easier for pols to send off young people to die way too young in places that pose no realistic threat to the U.S.

        • Riight…

          Korean War… Totally not about preserving freedom. Just look how free people are in North Korea.
          Vietnam War… Totally not about preserving freedom. Just look at how free people are in communist Vietnam.
          Gulf War… Totally not about preserving freedom. Just look at how free people were in 1995 Iraq.
          Afghan War… Totally not about preserving freedom. Just look at how free people were in 2000 Afghanistan.
          Iraq War… Totally not about preserving freedom. Just look at how free people were in 2002 Iraq.

          You’re off your rocker.

        • eVAN – Human Nature and Physics are (at least) two things that have not changed since invented. Most of what the [U.S.] Military does is PROJECT POWER.

          Caesar in the Commentari de Bello Gallico ~ 58–49 BC somewhat codifed important aspects of human nature when he describes having to invade (what is now essentially) England little more than a year after his previous invasion BECAUSE THEY HAD NO RECOLLECTION OF HIM. You have to leave enough of the enemy around after a war to record the event (Prove you were even there). Further, you have to remain (as a conqueror/conquering force) for a period of two (2) “generations” [a generation = to 4 years], for this to occur.

          The U.S. is often asked to go project power in many places around the World, and no one bitches about it more than those who ARE NOT / WERE NOT “WITH” US.


        • @pwrserge
          Korean War…
          How did defending a fascist “republic” ruled by a dictator so popular that he died in exile in Hawaii, from a communist “republic” defend freedom?

          Vietnam War…
          How did defending the brutal French colonial government from an independence movement defend freedom? By refusing to assist the Vietnamese in gaining their independence peacefully, it pushed the independence movement towards the communists. Brilliant! And then when the civil war started, the US backed an unpopular, unelected military dictatorship in the south, pushing the people towards the VC. How’s that for preserving freedom?

          Gulf War…
          Who got freed in that one? The Saudis are still under the second most repressive regime in the middle east after ISIS (the most repressive at the time). Free countries generally don’t have police of vice and virtue that beat people for not praying, or beat women for talking to a man, or driving a car. The Kuwaitis aren’t much better off, nor are their guest workers, who live like serfs. And the Iraqis were under the same dictator (but under much harsher conditions) for another decade, until the US military replaced him with…another dictator. Brilliant!

          Afghan War…
          You mean when it was illegal for women to go to school? Oh wait…it still is. Or when it was ruled by Sharia law? Oops…that’s still there too. Hmm… At least they’re not communists. Oh wait…the northern coalition, which became the Afghani government, was made up of the remnants of the communist government and opium growers.

          Iraq War…
          Yeah, because ISIS is the shining light on the hill when it comes to freedom. Or are you referring to the puppet dictator that the US put in place after the invasion?

        • pwrserge, people aren’t free in any of those countries today, after we coerced and forced Americans to give up much of their resources and and many lives ostensibly to free those places. The US military’s primary objective should be to defend and preserve freedom here in the USA.

        • The ignorance of some folks is astounding.

          The Korean war is keeping 50+M souls TODAY out of arguably the largest gulag in the worlds history (N Korea). Probably another 40+ million S Koreans avoided that hell have since passed over the past 5 decades. So that’s 90+ million people who have had a helluva better life directly due to the US military.

          Vietnam was essentially the same moral rational as Korea. The only difference was the rise of the communist Left in the US which worked against a US victory.

          Here’s a brilliant little 5 minute video that shows how the Democrats stabbed S Vietnam in the back because they were mad at Nixon. The Democrats are such petulant little F’cks.

        • @pwrsrge

          I thought we were referring to freedom in U.S. History, but if we’re talking about freedom in other countries, why not go any place where there’s oppression? Africa(the continent) is not a beacon of freedom across the board why not go fix all of their problems? What about central and South America? How many people are you willing to send?

          North Korea has a complicated history, and communism was able to take hold because of the various superpowers who controlled it over the years. Also, the Chinese do not want the U.S. On their border if North Korea collapses. However, the Chinese hate the North Koreans but they don’t want to deal with the alternative. Look up Korean history, it’s interesting.

          Vietnam is essentially a capitalist country now.
          Saddam in Iraq wasn’t great, but compared to what? ISIS? BTW, Kuwait was slant drilling on Iraq. That’s why they got invaded.

        • @pwrserge
          (Using your treason “logic” from above).
          George Washington, arguably one of the greatest American heroes of any time, wisely warned against entangling alliances and getting caught up in colonialism. I could argue your statements about doing the opposite are treason.

          The “free” people the US defended in both of those wars were under the boots of brutal dictators. The main difference between them and the communists is where they got their orders from. Now the South Koreans are relatively free, and far better off than their northern neighbors, but that’s not a result of the war. They could have just as easily ended up under a continued dictatorship.

          The Trotskyites who got the US involved in those wars were Democrats. Up until Nixon, the Republican position was non-intervention. I suggest you read about Robert “Mr. Republican” Taft, the father of the modern conservative movement (not the neoconservative movement…they’re the political heirs of LBJ’s Trotskyite warmongers).

        • @jason …the South Koreans are relatively free, and far better off than their northern neighbors, but that’s not a result of the war.

          Yeah because “war never solves anything”…. except when it obviously does…like S. Korea.
          Gawd you’re stupid.
          Go back and ask your professor for a better response.

      • I don’t read liberal trash, nor do I read right wing trash. Anyone who blindly follows orders is mentally deficient and should be treated as such. Human beings have the ability to know right from wrong and decide their actions. Intentionally doing something that you know is wrong makes you a bad person, you don’t get to hide behind the cowardly excuse of “someone else told me to”.

      • Evan and Jason

        Most of the fighting and (dying) in Korea and Vietnam was by the locals. And yes the progtards moving Marxism (stop autocorrect from capitalization of marx) forward made a hell of a mess in every confltict/war we have entered in the hundred years. Have demonstrated the ability to make a win into a loss for at least the locals.

        Go smoke some more dope and reading Mother Jones.

        • Right. Hippies did it.
          Maybe these things failed because they were unbelievably bad ideas?

    • Kyle was older, but to be fair, at 18 I was pretty gung ho and probably wouldn’t have known any better than most guys who enter the military for a variety of reasons many having nothing to do with “I want to serve my country and preserve freedom.” So I don’t praise there actions, but I try not to criticize too much. It’s sad when they have to kill and be killed for political pet projects.

      • Well said. We need to remember that the soldiers who suffer physical or psychological injuries, or death, are the victims of the same lying politicians and plutocrats.

        • So does that mean 18-30 year old gang members who kill and get killed are victims of someone else? They’re not adult human beings with a fully functional brain who made their own choices?

        • All the dead/wounded/PTSD would hunt you though if you cumulatively labeled their individual ‘burden(s)’ as a LOSS for the U.S.

        • Not victim of politician-victim of yourself. As an adult serving in the military, you should be responsible enough to see through the façade-blindly believing that you served to protect freedom is wrong.

        • Serve in the [U.S.] military before you bitch about it Dave, you have no idea. I have never met or served with more conscientious people than those I did in the military, and their honor only matured and grew on deployment, under what I would consider very difficult ROEs and EOFs. I saw the people that I served with eat their last meal too many times, ignore the opportunity to call home too many times, and just throw up their hands and say f-it too many times, but they still did their job.
          You don’t have to have a CAR on your DD214 to have faced the enemy, have withstood the enemy fighting you in unconventional ways that prevents immediate fight-back. You still do the blood-sweat-and-tears thing, you still lose people, see people get dead, advance when given the command, drive down the road in the dark as though you were feeling with your toes for the next thing that goes ‘boom.’ Carry a back-breaking, bone-snapping amount of gear.
          All told, during my deployment, however, the live birth-rate of the indigenous peoples ticked up by whole percentage points, we turned the lights back on in most areas 24/7, we built or restored the only hospitals that actually provided healthcare. We ensured that utilities and water moved off the peg of “3rd World.” We [U.S.] killed a crap load of bad guys, most of those bad guys were Saudi, Jordanian, Syrian, Iranian. We took Russian advisors out of the field, we stripped GEN 1 – thru – GEN 4 Russian military equipment off our enemy and fresh was supplied daily. We encountered a strange landscape, only as big as CA, but, if you gave me a common flat-ware spoon, I could dig you a full 1:1 scale model of Grand Central Train station in ~ 48 hours [So #NaCl if you think you have any idea of what’s STILL buried there]. We found ‘caves’ and caches all over he place. We finished our tour, and we packed up our gear, and we find stupid sh_t being spouted here from people pretending like anyone asked.

  3. “Chris Kyle was everything that is wrong with this country,”

    Funny thing lady, I was thinking the same thing about you and the vast majority of your fellow D.C, residents.

    Two Americas indeed.

    • Oh this comment editing thing… Either way, I still support her right to free speech regardless of what she chooses to say, but I imagine this is one of those trying to get viral attention grabs of someone trying to gain some recognition.

    • Abby Martin is a member of the independent press. Do you think the mainstream beltway media in DC would wear that shirt? On the other hand, Chris Kyle was a willful, voluntary murderer for the Beltway politicians.

      So yeah, two Americas.

      • Killing Islamonazi terrorists (who target and murder civilians, and were responsible for most of those deaths) as a soldier is not the same a murder. Original Hebrew translation of Ten Commandments “Thou Shall Not MURDER” was changed to “Thou Shall Not KILL”. Huge difference.

        • “If you see anyone from about sixteen to sixty-five and they’re male, shoot ‘em. Kill every male you see.” – Chris Kyle

        • If proven that he (or any soldier) specifically targeted (murdered) civilians, than I would be with you.

  4. Unfortunately, these people are protected by our “imperialist” military as much as the rest of us.

    I bet she’d change her tune, though, if somebody was holding a power drill to her head. I’d bet she also has no idea what I’m referencing, either. Probably never saw the movie or read the book – just saw patriotic Americans celebrating someone and assumed he must be someone worth hating.

    • If anyone is going to hold a power drill to Ms. Martin’s head it would be a member of the federal government, not some ISIS bogeyman.

      Extra irony points for the fact that ISIS is the direct consequence of a US military action.

      • There was no ISIS until your boy barak surrendered Iraq. Proving that any demtard can make a win into a loss.

        • Didn’t Bush commit to the Iraq withdrawal plan in 2008? Is there any conceivable scenario for the existence of ISIS in Iraq under Saddam Hussein?

          Nice try though. 🙂

        • The person responsible for the Iraq war was Saddam, himself. He either hid the weapons real good or did a too good (for him, anyway) job of bluffing. In any case, the liberals screamed “No Blood For Oil’ made it impossible for us to pay for the poorly handled “occupation”. We won the war, by the way, but lost the occupation. Nation building in the hell known as the middle east was utopian insanity. Barry indeed snatched defeat from the jaws of victory by not having a small fire base left over which would have kept ISIS in check.

        • “He either hid the weapons real good or did a too good (for him, anyway) job of bluffing”

          And yet, the US never found any violations of the 1991 ceasefire. Weird how that works.

  5. One day, the Progressives will demand that the military come to save them from some despot that they previously propped up and supported, and on that day, in their final minutes on earth, these Progressives will learn the stupidity of their ideology.

      • The beautiful thing about our country, is that you can leave it if you choose, for something (you clearly believe) better. Your hatred for our nation is so vast, I mean, just a glimpse of you comments indicate that you must believe EVERY nation is superior. A middle eastern nation, perhaps? Sheesh.

        • Have you considered for a moment that he actually loves his nation, and it’s precisely because of that that he doesn’t want to see it do things that are supposed to be something the Bad Guys do?

        • The military is the nation. The nation is the military. Ein volk, ein reich, ein Fuhrer. Sieg heil!

        • You all need to read /hear Shakespeare’s St. Crispen’s day soliloquy. Too many of you need to find a set of tweezers to hold your manhood(s) [cheap]. Your bitching about stuff you aint the foggiest idea about. Yee especially, you just hate us cause you anus.

  6. Unfortunately the links do not work for me. I’m not on Facebook. The links tell me they’re broken.
    Since I can’t verify the particulars, I have to ask. Are you sure you’re interpreting her real intent. I mean, maybe she does want to ………

  7. Agree with Grindstone and John Thomas. There will always be those that revel in controversy. Why is TTAG enabling this behavior?

    Seems like there are more important things to publicize and ponder.

  8. I guess I should just throw down and say I’m no “fan” of Chris K. either. I never could stomach a liar.

    • You refer to the Ventura controversy? I don’t recall the details, or care, but Kyle is not around to defend himself while Ventura is, without a doubt, a POS.

      There were also, without a doubt, were not ENOUGH SOBs killed by the US military in Iraq. A very high concentration of those that need killin in that area. Moths to a candle 10years ago and even more so today. Appears that the overflow is now going to visit us here in the US in their outreach program. That will make you happy as you may be able to participate in what the US military (Obumer) didn’t finish.

      • “You refer to the Ventura controversy? I don’t recall the details, or care, but Kyle is not around to defend himself while Ventura is, without a doubt, a POS.”

        Never mind Ventura offered to drop the lawsuit and eat his own legal fees if Kyle would simply apologize and admit he lied in public, but Kyle decided to double-down on his slander and defamation.

        But no, Ventura is the POS. LOL.

        • Kyle did not “write” the book in question, and guaranteed relinquished full rights to releasing any contrary information to the publisher.

  9. I think Kyle was a complicated individual, not necessarily evil. I suspect like most Americans he had trouble seeing or accepting a perspective outside of the American one that might not see a U.S. presence as a beacon for all that is good and noble. Just as we wouldn’t be happy to see Chinese or Russian troops rolling down the street. Was what he did in the Middle East Heroic? I guess maybe in the sense that he saved the lives of fellow soldiers. On the other hand, those were also soldiers placed there in a mission that resulted in the deaths of huge numbers of civilians, and destabilized the region to the extent that Isis could rise and fill the power vacuum(saddam wasn’t a good guy, but he didn’t tolerate radicals either). I feel bad for young guys who get used for political reasons. Someone’s father/son/mother/daughter gone forever. I feel bad for Kyle’s wife and children who don’t have a husband/father anymore….

    Basically, no I don’t really care for the guy, but I don’t hate him either….like most things in life, it’s not a black and white proposition.

    • i don’t know about HUGE numbers of civilians, take a look at the numbers compared to any world war and tell us how HUGE they where. we have made HUGE strides in keeping civilians safe during a war though

      • As far as I can tell from the various numbers I can pull, it’s in the hundreds of thousands(looking at high and low numbers). Not the same as the world wars, but let’s see that many drop dead tomorrow in your home state, and tell me that’s not “huge.”

        I don’t mean just through “violence” although if that’s how it came across I misspoke.

      • I think an important point is, do those deaths have any meaning? i.e. have they died for something worthwhile?

        In case of the American involvement in Iraq, I think by now it’s pretty clear that the answer is a resolute “no”. And so those lost lives are pure debt, with nothing to show for it.

    • The power vacuum, was from the Obama pull-out (what your other father should have done you liberal blue stater). History will not forget that, and I will tell my great grand-kids.

    • Stalin was rather stable in 1932. Didn’t work out well for the world and in particular for Russia. The progs of today, like their ancestors, would line up to lick his toes.

  10. This and several of the comments are the reason a new civil war in the United States is inevitable. Too much unmerited regard for one’s intelligence and too much self absorption. Better stock up.

    • But it’s America’s new national pastime. Tied for first place with reacting to intentionally infuriating stimuli.
      If it weren’t for trolls, reacting to trolls and porn the Internet would be a ghost town.

  11. If she had 1% of the courage that Chris Kyle did, then she would wear this shirt while walking around Dallas.

    • Aggravating a horde of dumb violent animals isn’t courage, it’s plain stupidity.

      That said it hardly takes courage to murder children from hundreds of yards away by baiting them with bits of wire.

      • Yes… Because that totally happened. The fact that the Iraqis violated every law and custom of war by putting those children in the line of fire is totally irrelevant.

        • Never mind the entire invasion of Iraq was based on manufactured pretenses and the people of Iraq were resisting the soldiers of a criminal regime.

        • Yes… Because Saddam totally didn’t violate the terms of the 1991 peace treaty and totally didn’t have massive stockpiles of chemicals ready to be weaponized… Oh… Wait… He did.

        • Too bad the US military commission that was tasked to find evidence of this came up with nothing, as their report shows.

          But… but… Chris Kyle said he found WMD’s. 🙂

        • The Demokkkrat “commission” that conveniently ignored the hundreds of US troops exposed to chemical agents that allegedly didn’t exist?

        • There’s a fairly significant difference between US troop exposure to harmful chemicals (many of which could have come from their own munitions) and claiming that Saddam Hussein had an active WMD program with weapons ready to be used. But naturally you’re too stupid to understand that.

          Amusingly the GOP and Democrats actually agree on this, since the GOP decided it was bad PR to maintain support for an obviously mistaken war. 🙂

        • Yeah… That magical chemical weapons depot that ISIS totally didn’t capture last year. The one that popped out the south end of a north bound unicorn…

          Hint: We don’t use chemical munitions. Thus, our soldiers could not be exposed to them.

        • So Gulf War Syndrome isn’t real? Those vets must be just lying to claim muh benefits. 🙂

          Note that the majority of causes claimed to be behind GWS were medicines and chemicals deployed by the US side, not any sort of weapon used by the Baathists.

          Also LOL @ ISIS having WMD’s, a story that was proven to be literally nothing more than hysterical yellow journalism with absolutely no proof.

        • One question:
          If the Iraqis, and now ISIS, had these chemical weapons, why didn’t it make the cover of every newspaper in the world, vindicating the US government, and president Dubya, for attacking Iraq?

          Another question:
          How come nobody used them? Chemical weapons are incredibly effective. But the last usage of them in the region was by Saddam’s regime, back when he was a US puppet attacking Iran with US supplied weapons–including the chemical ones.

        • Dismissed by your very own US government, brah. Amusingly the ISIS-WMD claim came from the Shiite government in Iraq which is so very desperate for US aid.

          Iraq is Vietnamization v2.0. Truly delicious. No doubt you consider v1.0 to have been a brilliant success. 🙂

        • @pwrserge
          Wow…they took over a former weapons plant, where the Iraqis stored old, inoperative warheads before destroying them.
          Again, if they have functional chemical weapons, why haven’t they used them?

    • Actually, I think most Texans on seeing a lady wearing that message on a thin cotton t-shirt would assume she must really, really like Chris Kyle. With the curly feminine cursive, pastel colors, and *ahem* letter positioning the shirt seems really friendly. I am already imagining where the “I wanna” lettering is strategically placed on the t-shirt… Maybe the artist is a little conflicted herself on the love/hate thing?

  12. Abby Martin is only looking for publicity to sell her wares. This is how folks like her get people to look her up and get them to purchase her crap. The more we give her free advertisement the more money she makes off Chris.

    • I don’t think the publicity on this site is going to help sales. I suspect the feelings here range from “despicable people have rights, too” to “get a rope”.

      I’m not in the “get a rope” crowd, but if Kyle’s widow slugged her, I’d understand.

      • Which would still be assault. And she’d be fully in her rights, as most of the commenters here have stated over and over again, to use deadly force to defend herself. Aren’t rights funny how they’re two-way streets?

        Assaulting someone over political speech is just pure, unadulterated Nazism.

    • Funny, its the military that protects this country and protects your right to say pathetically stupid shit.

      • That’s cute, someone still believes the American military protects free speech.

        Please actually cite a war fought by the US military in the last 50 years that actually supports this claim.

        • The Iraqis were about to invade the US in 1991? This is what militarists actually believe.

          Didn’t the Reagan administration actually support Iraq against Iran in a proxy war in the 80’s?

        • 1. You asked about defending free speech. Kuwait is a much freer country than Iraq ever was.
          2. What Reagan did was attack an enemy of the United States that violated our sovereignty and attacked US diplomats. I would have nuked them into air pollution.

        • How did you infer that I am writing this from Kuwait, or that I have ever been to Kuwait?

          LOL @ nukes. You are truly unhinged. It’s great how you are advocating the nuclear annihilation of a former ally because of blowback caused by the US government’s own actions.

        • I am advocating the nuclear annihilation of barbarians who attacked an embassy and held diplomats hostage. You don’t negotiate with animals like that. You annihilate them.

        • Any word on what the punishment ought to be for the US government criminals and their USAF goons for obliterating the Chinese embassy in Belgrade?

        • The Chinese knew they were in a war zone. It’s called collateral damage. It happens. Their embassy was hit by accident, not deliberately seized and their diplomats held hostage.